Kate Hudson ‘Tempted Fate’ to Try for Second Baby

04/21/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy InStyle

Kate Hudson was willing to play her cards with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy and for the expectant couple, the odds were in their favor.

“It wasn’t like we didn’t know what we were doing. There were no ovulation kits involved,” the Something Borrowed actress, 32, tells InStyle‘s May issue.

“We were tempting fate and it worked. I didn’t think I was going to have another kid until I was maybe 33 … but we were so in love when it happened, it was just so exciting for both of us.”

Having already experienced pregnancy with son Ryder Russell, now 7, Hudson admits things haven’t gone quite as smoothly the second time around.

“With Ryder I gained so much weight. This pregnancy, I can’t look at butter or cheesy things, and I can’t even think about fried foods,” she says. “For the first three months I was sick as a dog — I felt like I was on a boat!”

One variable that has remained consistent? “I am going to wait to find out [the sex],” Hudson explains when it’s suggested that she may be having a girl. “We just want the baby to be healthy. I didn’t find out with Ryder, either, and I loved that. It’s the last real surprise left on the planet.”

Drawing on her prior experience — in both marriage to ex-husband Chris Robinson as well as motherhood — left Hudson with plenty of tips to help her tackle life as a mother-of-two.

“I’ve learned a lot about family and relationships and doing the best you can to keep your children happy even when things don’t work out, like in divorce,” she explains. “My priority — and Chris’s — has always been Ryder’s happiness, and whatever we’re doing, it’s working.”

— Anya Leon

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Kelly on

Love her!! She sounds so happy!

Kate on

I’m happy for her. Sounds like a girl to me. But did she really not use an ovulation kit? Maybe some preseed instead? :P)

bizzy on

I don’t understand her comment. Did she get pregnant intentionally or not?

Holly on

She may well just have fell without any prior planning Kate. With both of my children we simply decided when we wanted to go for it and bang first try. I do realise that I am very fortunate and not everyone can fall pregnant that easily but perhaps she is just one of those lucky ones.

Really happy for her – I was much sicker with my girl as opposed to my boy – so I wonder if she does have a girl (not that it matters)

Jillian on

Bizzy, I think the point is they didn’t do anything to stop it.

Tink on

Bizzy I think she just means they decided not to use protection and if they got pregnant than so be it, if not it wasn’t meant to be.

This kinda puts paid to the nasty commenters who said it was an accident…

Summer on

Hmmm tempting fate to get pregnant….It seems more like if you have sex when ovulating and you have no fertility problems you probably will get pregnant.

I know some people like to make it so higher, but seriously if a teenage girl has unprotected sex..is she tempting fate? Or is she just having unprotected sex which can result in pregnancy?

You can call it tempting fate, but to me it sounds like having sex without birth control, condoms, or pulling out. Which we do these things to NOT get pregnant, so I don’t quite agree with her whole ‘oh tempting fate’ comment. But celebrities are always making it like they are so superior anyway.

Mia on

I hope the baby is healthy + I’m glad she’s happy, but “tempting fate” just means they weren’t doing anything to prevent it-and they were happy if it went either way….but I still don’t see them lasting because she is a kind of personality that is all over the place + “tempting fate” or not-it just seems irresponsible.

Judith on

I was sick with both my sons. So, I guess it could be either way.. I loved finding out I was having a boy beforehand; his name is James Wyatt; now 16 years old..

Shannon on

I guess STDs weren’t a concern?

Nancy on

Ever notice how celebrities seem to split up and then when one of them has a child, the other one has to have one right away too?

I am wondering how long she knew him being that she said she was “so in love”?

Karen on

LOL @ Shannon!

So true, Nancy!

miameows on

the only thing that seems odd is she says “we WERE so in love WHEN IT HAPPENED” Are they no longer in love? Am I just reading that wrong? With her flakiness with men, that kind of seems red flaggy…

sbg on

I think that finding out the sex is no great surprise. You have a 50-50 shot of only 2 options, male or female (barring any gender/sex abnormality). The real surprise in reproduction to me is their personality — the flickers of personhood that fall into place and form an amazing human before your eyes.

jana on

If everyone took anything any of us said out of context and repeated it over and over and analyzed it, it may sound weird too! she was just using an expression. I think she meant that she was open to getting pregnant and wanted to, but not formally or officially.

Sasha on

Whether you find out the sex of your child during the ultrasound or at delivery, it’s still a surprise (IMO). I found out the sex of my twins prior to birth and I was surprised…I just got my surprise early 🙂

meme on

Sahsa, you are right it is a surprise either way. I have done both, did not find out the sex of my first two children, and did find the sex out the third time. I have to say there is a different element to the surprise. It is hard to explain. For me, it was a bigger surprise finding the sex out upon delivery.

Catca on


I think you are reading that wrong. She is using past tense because she’s speaking about an event in the past. To use past tense when speaking about a past event does not have any implication for the present time period. We have other verb tenses for that in the english language. I guess she could clarify that “we were and are still so in love” but seriously, how many people do you know who speak with that level of specificity? I think you should stop trying to read something negative and simply leave what she said at face value.

Jillian on

Catcalls, great explanation

Toya L. on

She seems really excited, I’m guessing a girl too. Congrats to them.

Lola on

She just made herself ” just another baby momma” she should have gotten the ring and hand in marriage before having this guy’s baby their relationship is probably already over as I type ..

Hea on

“I guess STDs weren’t a concern?

– Shannon”

Well, they’re not if you know you don’t have any. There are tests, you know?