Jennifer Lopez: Emme’s Fashion-Forward – at 3!

04/21/2011 at 01:30 PM ET
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Calling her new album Love? was a no brainer for Jennifer Lopez, who says the subject has always been “the question and answer for me.” But one thing she doesn’t question is her flourishing marriage.

“I am lucky to have Marc [Anthony],” the American Idol judge said of her husband at the Blackberry Playbook launch, held Tuesday in Los Angeles. “I’m lucky to have such a good partner.”

Parenting is a team effort as well.

“[Emme and Max] love to download games and go on the computer with Marc,” says Lopez, 41, who’s looking to play a gritty role in her next acting gig. “I don’t know how to do all that. But we watch Disney movies like Tangled.”

The ladies of the house also enjoy primping together — and 3-year-old Emme has picked up a few tips from mom.

“When I get ready for work we lay everything out – the pants, shoes, earrings, belts,” says Lopez. “[Emme] does that now in her room. She says, ‘Okay, I need pants’ and ‘That matches. I need a barrette.’ It’s crazy!”

Her son Max, on the other hand, is all boy. “He’s into breaking things, tearing things down, punching and then saying ‘I’m hitting in a fun way,'” she explains. “He’s that guy.”

— Jessica Herndon

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Toya L. on

The twins are so cute.

Laura K on

Three year olds don’t need computer games and Disney movies. How about just playing and being creative in their own way…

Holly on

Laura, how about letting them decide how they want to raise their children and what they feel is best for them, not you, someone who knows nothing about their children and personal lives. It’s not up to a stranger to decide how to raise someone elses children. Just a suggestion.

eribri on

Lauren, I wouldn’t say that’s not raising children wrong by having computer games…..its the new generation. Take it or leave it.

I’m sure she gets them outside too for quality fun out there and not in front of the computer.

JMO on

computer games can be highly educational. And kids start using them now in kindergarten!

Maddie on

‘I’m hitting in a fun way!’ I’m sorry, that’s just funny…some things that come out of kids mouths are hilarious.

Jillian on

Laura, she didn’t say they NEED them. She said that they use them. That is something they do as a family. Something fun for them to do. Not all children like to play at the computer. Sounds like her children do. There are plenty of educational computer games. AND who says they don’t do creative things as well?

Nella on

I love what she said about her kids, Emme and Max sound adorable! I agree that some computer games can be very educational, I am all for a healthy balance. Kids should play outside, do creative things and involve a little technology in there too in my opinion. She didn’t say they don’t play, or do creative things she simply said that they use computer games and watch disney movies. Some Disney movies are great! My niece and nephew love them and even I saw Tangled with them hehe.

Laura K on

She didn’t say they need computer games but they play what’s the difference? I cannot decide how they raise their children but I was simply stating an opinion (which seems to be too much for some people). Three year olds don’t NEED computer games, they learn by interacting with other people and through creative play.

m-dot on

I love the “hitting in a fun way”. LOL Too cute. It must be so much fun to watch twins, especially of the opposite sex grow.

Jillian on

What’s the difference? Ummmm…. Jennifer didn’t say her children NEED video games and Disney movies and can’t live without them! Oh boy! She said they have them and enjoy them. That is the difference. Children DO learn from educational computer games and from spending quality time playing them with their father, as she stated. i will bet ya they don’t spend all their time playing the games and watching the movies.

You are a little sensitive today! No one said you can’t have an opinion. People are responding to it and voicing theirs.

Indira on

I hate when women emphasize things in their lives and then, act surprised when it rubs off on their daughters…

Kelli on

Sounds to me like Laura may need an orgasm and a grip.

Madeline on

I totally get where Laura is coming from, I’m a bit old-school myself. However, per what JLo stated, the children are not wandering around on the computer alone they are being supervised. Everything in moderation

Lois on

Laura, you raise your kids your way, and she’ll raise her kids her way. Jennifer and Marc are not gonna come on people and read your comment and go “OH MY GOD, Laura is so right, we are raising our children wrong!” Besides, Jennifer is famous, I’m sure her children meet plenty of people. Bottom line, they’re not your children to raise, so shut up.

bethany r on

it sounds to me laura k needs a little more dinsey movies and computer games in her life 🙂

sandra on

Children are innocent and beautiful so I won’t say anything there, but as for the mom….ugh, she irks me

Princess on

I’m late on this post, but, Laura K. is an idiot.

eli on

It seems Laura may have read a lot into JLO’s comments. She never said her kids needed any of those things. Are you saying that you would deny your kids a movie or a game? How are those things harming them? Like one of the other comments said, everything in moderation. A kid really can’t just sit by themselves or with other kids all the time playing. They need other ways of interacting too.

Robert on

Her kids sound adorable :))

joanna on

what on earth is wrong with you people. Who doesn’t have a computer these days; obviously all of you fools who are writing in do. and secondly what is the BIG deal about her kids downloading games with their father on the computer–seems like you just look for miniscule things to complain about. I don’t care for J.L. either, but there is nothing wrong with their kid using computers with their fathers. computers, smart phones,ipods, ect are a fact of life; just like tv and radio were in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Find something significatnt if you are going to state your opinion.

Jeri on

Those kids are not good looking at all. They look like Marc.

Jeri on

Those kids are not cute.

Denia on

Tearing things down and punching at three…No good…..My son was not like that at three-sorry JLO

Denia on

Doesn’t anyone else think that tearing things down and punching at three…is NOT good…..Sorry but there is a problem if that is his personality……………

Denia on

I agree with Laura

D on

Some of you seriously need to get a life!!

Nicole on

Well Laura K, you would have a hissy fit as a school district here in Maine is giving an iPad 2 to every KINDERGARTNER starting this fall.

Jennifer on

I agree with Sandra!! J Lo is uggghhhh annoying and a little too self important.

deena on


deb on

I personally think moderation is the key. In this continually changing world I tink it’s probably to their advantage to get familiar with computers. Playing with your children, listening to them, keeping an open dialog from birth on is key. Teaching your children how to behave in a nice way, not yelling at them, is the way to go. Children learn how to respect others by being respected by their parents. Children will immitate their parents’ behavior. If you give your children the attention they deserve they will not whine or act out because they won’t need to get your attention, they already have it. When you are busy doing something else they won’t whine and cry for your attention because you have already spent “quality” time with them. They will have the self-confidence to entertain themselves if they feel valued and won’t “need” your constant attention.

I don’t know Jennifer Lopez but she seems like a nice, compassionate and intelligent person so I’m just assuming she is stepping up to the plate and being a good parent and role model.

Vera on

Jen, you are so much prettier now that you are a mother. You glow !

Mia on

Commenting is hilarious! Jennifer is highlighting a very minute aspect of her children’s personalities, the love computer games, her daughter is a girly girl and her son is a typical rough an tumble boy! Period.

She didn’t speak on how as parents, they have chosen to raise, them, so how anyone feels the need to comment about her children’s use of computer games or her daughter as a budding fashionista is beyond me! Lighten up, and stay in your lanes people, be content to raise your own children!

Nicole on

Laura K, You would be all up in arms as there is a school district in Maine that is going to be giving iPad2’s to all KINDERGARTNERS! Technology was the wave of the future. The future is here now.

Jazz on

I like Muniz-Lopez family.

Anna on

You are so right! Computer games are not suitable/ needed at their age. I’m not convinced about the previous comments (new generation, take it or leave it)…I find them arrogant and narrow-minded, exactly as I find the initiative to give IPads to kindergarteners. I am a teacher, with many years of experience in the US and abroad. And from this rich experience I know how little computer games help withe the kids’ development process. Even those educative ones.

jmdreese on

Wow, just because Laura gave her opinion doesn’t mean you all need to jump down her throat. That’s a little immature.

V on

@Laura, my niece is 3 yrs old and we never gave her an IPAD but the moment she saw my husband using it…she wanted to move her hands on it and even learned how to open the talking tom game. She loves that cat. Just cause they are into computer games, doesnt mean its bad parenting. And one of the ways u get kids to sit down and eat sometimes is by switching on cartoons and toon movies. so that they allow being fed without too much of a fuss.

Janey on

It’s very normal for a 3 year old boy to be more physical – it doesn’t mean they will grow up to be a bully or mean in any other way. It’s just part of their development and will likely go away by the time they go to school. They sound like very normal kids who spend time with their parents. It’s easy to tell that Mark and Jennifer love their children.

Lauren on

I totally agree with Laura K, point well taken. Enough of the games and videos, INTERACT! with your children people. J. Lo seems to be one of the most hands OFF mothers in Hollywood, how can you be involved with your family when you are on that stupid Idol show, selling your perfume, your clothing, your image, etc etc…She is part of the problem, stop defending her because she is rich and pretty, enough! Lets get back to the important things in life.

Carol on

How is the school district in Maine paying for all those iPad2s? Employees in my district haven’t had a raise in 4 years and our district keeps cutting back. Please let me know how it is possible – fundraising, Title money, rich parents? I would love to be able to have those at my school!

Sidi-Fadal on

Omg denia seriously jLO is JLo please stop hating on her jealousy is ugly and she has a boy with a mind of his own.

Rhonda on

“Hitting in a fun way”? I didn’t know there was such a thing.

BoFan on

OMG, this is a new age. We watched Disney movies with our kids 30 years ago! We didn’t have computer games, but we had board games, and they played them with us. What is the difference? This is an electronic world. Kids don’t play with pots and pans any more. And that’s just the way it is. There’s a major difference between playing “with” your kids, “watching movies “with” your kids, and just sitting them in front of a TV or computer unattended. Learning to use the tools we have today at an early age is a good thing and sharing and learning with parents who love and mentor you is fantastic!

Denia on

I think the interview was stupid actually. To say that your son is tearing down things and hitting things is not a 3 year old boy standard, it is a three year out of control. Her son happens to be cute. But seems troubled.The girl will grow into being cute at some point and is a diva at three…………… the story is another dysfunctional celebrity family……Two Suris for the price of one

mj on

Laura K, My son took his first computer class 18 years ago when he was 3 years old and was ready for school even way back then. Today we have so many educational programs for kids to use and as a past PTO president I know that we bought many programs for kids from kindergartners up. Today parents and teachers alike use the word “GAME” even though it takes the child to count, find a letter and many more educational uses.

What I don’t understand is why you and others feel the need to demean or tell someone how to raise a child when you don’t have the full picture of what they may be doing. If you wish to keep your children off the computer before they reach school, I wish them and you good luck with that…

Marlee on

@Nicole – my daughter’s Kindergarten class is already using iPads. Additionally, my older kids’ middle school provided an iPod Touch to each incoming student.

Julie on

@Princess……bwahahahahahhahaha!! well said, dear!

Halley on

My son loved computer games at three! He played them at school and at home. It doesnt mean he never went outside, or painted a picture, it just meant he liked computers too. And honestly, in the age we live in, its important for children to become technology savy, they will work with computers their whole lives! As long as parents supervise the content, there is nothing wrong with a three year old playing on the computer! My son learned to read from those games!

Kelly on

I agree with jmdreese.
You guys don’t have to be that harsh. Even one lady made the comment that told Laura that there was nothing said about having her opinion and others can voice theirs too and telling her she’s sensitive.
You can have your own opinions but you don’t have to be soo harsh to one another. You can make comments back and forth but have some respect. Gosh!!!
By the way, I’m not a mother so I don’t know anything about computer games for kids in that age group that are educational and good for their development and I’m a psychology major as well. But I’ll look into it.

I figure I should warn you guys before I got attack! Geez!

Sue on

I think they sound cute! But I do think that three is a bit young to start playing video games. They’re their kids though, so whatever.

Blankita on

My 3 year old son is all about computers if he had his way he would have a laptop lol it is a sign of times, what can I say… they want to imitate us that’s all.

kaitlyn on

This a very cute article. Obviously Marc and Jen love their adorable kids very much!! Such funny kids. “Hitting in a nice way” where do they get this stuff? As far as the computer debate I think it is okay as long as it is SUPERVISED and the kids are not exposed to inappropriate material. I loved using the computer at their age but my parents made sure that I had a time limit and still went outside and had creative play time. I remember through summer in Elementary School we had to be outside between 10am and 5pm but we were allowed technology in moderation at other times. I intend on doing something similar with my kids.

Renee on

I think Jennifer Lopez is amazing. She is beautiful,talented and a good mother. It is ridiculous to analyze and critique every word that she says. I once thought that I should not expose my children to technology. Guess what? My daughter started kindergarten and could not use the computer. Children start using a computer lab and are exposed to technology at a young age. I did not make the same mistake with my son and he uses the computer in moderation. As far as movies, we have what we call a family movie night and we watch age appropriate movies as a family.

Renee on

School districts are allowed so much money that is spent on technology. If they do not use it toward technology, they can write grants. I know one school district that just won 30,000 dollars in grants for technology. Also, the PTo or PTA can raise money and use part of that money for computers,etc. Schools also have a Parent Involvement Fund and if parents use the technolgy with their kids, things can be purchased. I hope this helps.

me on

WOW! Although I don’t agree with Laura K, I don’t think she deserves the hate coming her way. I mean, aren’t many of you doing the same thing to her that you’re accusing her of doing? Your reactions are mean and over the top. Let’s remember, that while it’s a right to express an opinion, it’s not a right to be hateful.

Jeri on

Jennifer loves attention and she is starting to use her children to get more attention. Those kids are not good looking to be in ads or commercials but because of who she is, they will be in used in ads.

Jeri on

I thought she did not want her children in the news. They are sure being used for her own benefit and attention that she craves.

Jeri on

I am sure her daughter will grow up to be abnoxious like her

melissa C. on

It’s weird how everyone gets so angry at other people and the way they raise there kids. Why does everyone feel the NEED to correct other parents or even give opinions about the way deal with their kids. I don’t like bashing on others but for those like Laura do u like it when people talk about how u raise your kids? Do you take what others say as “constructive” or do u get angry, thinking its no one elses business? I don’t think anyone has a right to say anything to a parent unless they are physically harming a child. I’m a mother of two and get offended when people say i’m not being a good enough parent. That’s all society needs is more “perfect” parents critizing all the others to socially conform to their “perfect” ideals. My kids run with me 3 times a week around a track. 1 day a week we do the playground twice a month we do the library. We do arts and crafts. I sing and dance with them. ANd they still have time to watch two disney movies a day or play pooh counting on the computer. I don’t understand what is so wrong with learning how to count or write or read on a computer game. It makes it more fun. I don’t have the energy to sit down with puppets and teach my kids sometimes. I have laundry and dishes and floors to wash give me a break!

caroline on

Well I think the three salient points here are: JLo mentions that the kids are with their dad when downloading and playing the “games” Time spent with children is important and that clearly states that is what he is doing. Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not being on the computer is healthy or not. She also states that when watching the Disney movies- she watches them with her kids. Again, time spent with kids is a good thing and frankly I don’t see where she states it is the only thing her children do. She says nothing that indicates her children only play computergames or watch Disney movies- those are just two examples of things she mentions her children participate in. As far as whether or not her son is a troublesome child- how anyone can possibly come to that decision based on two simple sentences is beyond me. Anyone who comes on here and bombastically states that their children were “nevere like that” or any similar claims is either highly delusional or in denial. every child goes through periods where they challenge or they misbehave. The parent then does what they deem necessary to correct or improve the behavior. Again, there is nothing to suggest that they are not trying to modify or show this young child a better way to behave. Many things in childrens lives are transitory and stages of behavior- good and bad are no exception. Why people feel it neccessary to criticize or poke at someone else’s way of doing things simply because it doesn’t match their own vision is astonishing. How you can judge this small boy with such little information and say that he is a problem I don’t know. Being “old School” does not excuse the fact that in todays times, computers are here and they are here to stay. Keeping your children away from them and not allowing them to learn to be adept at them is at minimum short sighted. Why would you hesitate to allow your children any opportunity to be successful in life in their chosen career paths? Very quick to criticize all in the name of doing the right thing for children yet you show yourself to be just as culpable in not providing the best for your young ones.

Jodi on

Jennifer and Marc…Don’t listen to anyone’s comments. You are the parents and you do what’s right. Don’t let anyone say otherwise.

Nicole on

@ Carol,
These teachers in this district and through out the state have not had a raise in years either. They are doing it all though a grant. Every student-state wide-grades 7-12 is given a MacBook Pro that our old governor got funding for. The school that is doing the iPad2’s is not a wealthy district whatsoever! In fact, one of the most poor. Myself having taught in Maine and New Hampshire, I can tell that the laptops are more harming then helpful!

HG on

Well said Caroline! I agree 100%

Kandee43 on

Wow the twins sure look like their mom and dad.

lucy on

kids are kids they play games laura you must be an idiot….

saralee1078 on

Once again, constant irrational defensiveness and backlash on someone who makes a critique about something a celebrity says. Quite frankly, even if Laura K IS judging JLo and trying to tell her how to raise her kids, so what? Someone commented while trying to criticize Laura’s comment that JLO won’t read it anyway…, “It’s not like JLO and Mark are going to read the comments and go, “oh yeah, we should stop doing this!” That’s right, they won’t read this, so I don’t see why everyone finds it necessary to get so upset about Laura K’s opinion. She’s not hurting anyone, least of all JLO and Marc. Get over it.

mari on

in the world we live today, technology is a MUST….my 3 have been using computers, video games since they were 3 and the youngest one earlier….they are excellent honor rolls students….there is nothing wrong when raising your kids in a time that if they dont know about it they will be behind. they both look like devoted parents, i dont think they are the kind of parent that will use the computers and games as a way of getting the kids on their own.

Stacy on

Wow, a lot of women here hating on two innocent babies. Just know that karma’s a biatch 🙂

Mia on

Jennifer mentioned one possibly very minute aspect of the day to day lives of her children. She didn’t say they only play computer ganes or watch Disney, its something they like. She mentioned that her daughter is a girlie girl and her son is the typical boy.

There is nothing in that article that says she doesn’t interact with her children or that they don’t lead very normal lives for 3 year olds. Well as normal as it can be with mega star parents like Marc Anthony & Jennifer.

You are definitely entitiled to your opinions, but do not judge these people like you know them. You raise your kids and let them raise theirs!

Katie on

My son is almost 4 and has been using computers and my iPhone since he was about a year and a half or 2 and it goes to show that in our family we are technology types of people who thrive on that. I learned to program my first computer at 10 so it’s nothing bad and good things can come out of it besides just games. There are educational apps for the iPhone I let him use and let him listen to himself sing while I’ve taped him playing Rock Band. Don’t knock it til you try it, Laura. And I am sure the Lopez’/Anthony’ are able to have fun with their kids not just computer games and doing interactive things such as playing with play-doh, movies, going outside, play-dates, etc.

Sarah on

Forget the computer games, how sick does a person have to be to flat out say children are unattractive? If you don’t like their parents, that’s one thing, but to comment negatively on a three year old’s physical appearance out of the blue? No wonder so many people have self-esteem issues. Celebrity or not.

Cameron on

Laura obviously isn’t raising 3 year old twins! I am, and I can say that sure, the kids don’t need Disney movies, the moms do!! And if you’ve ever spent all day long with two toddlers, you know that after all the “fun, creative stuff” has been done,and you’re left with a couple of whiny kids, a movie can be your saving grace at the end of the day!! And if there’s a mom out there that NEVER succumbs to the siren song of the tv, my hat is off to her, and she’s welcome to come raise my kids!!

marilyn on

There’s times people have misunderstandings. It happens. It
can be an honest mistake – or maybe not so much. It does seem like
somebody’s words are being twisted into something different
and unintended by the author.

So where in the interview did Jennifer say her children “need”
or “demand” computer games; nothing in the interview comes
close to meaning either. There’s nothing to correct here,
except by the one who has changed the vocabulary that she didn’t author.

PEOPLE and CELEB.BABIES should rethink their policy of
permitting publication of derogatory, personal comments
that are directed at children. Blog or not, I used to
think PEOPLE was better.

Niko on

“Those kids are not good looking at all. They look like Marc.”

Like you’re a beauty queen, Jeri*eyeroll* Grow up. You sound painfully immature.