Mark McGrath: Homecomings Are Sweeter Since Twins’ Arrival

04/20/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Ethan Miller/Getty

There was nothing like being greeted at the door by his four-legged friends for Mark McGrath — until his welcoming party grew to include twins Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace.

“I can’t even articulate my love for these children … to go away and come home and see their faces and see them recognize you. I mean, I used to be happy when I came home and my dogs recognized me!” the new dad, 43, jokes to PEOPLE.

“You can’t get any more unconditional than that. Now to come home to crawling babies going, ‘Ahhh!’ toward you, it’s just phenomenal.”

Having recently hit a major milestone — walking! — McGrath admits the wobbly tots have taken after their father in more ways than one.

“They’re standing now and doing that drunken two-step walk that I did so well in the ’90s,” the Sugar Ray frontman jokes. “What’s great about twins is they are trying to one up each other so they’re learning the motor skills together.”

And along with double the babies comes double the fun when the twins celebrate their first birthday later this month.

“[Carin and I] are doing the Peek-a-Boo, I Love You theme birthday party,” McGrath reveals. “It’s the first song that the twins reacted to and every time it comes on the TV — yes, my twins watch TV already — they sit and stare at the TV.”

But while the upcoming celebration may seem like a big deal, it’s just a small glimpse into the future.

“Yes, it starts early out there Los Angeles,” the Celebrity Apprentice alum laughs. “Wait until they got to go to preschool and do the 8×10 head shots and the auditions. It’s crazy.”

— Anya Leon

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guest on

his blogs are the only ones where I always laugh outloud-hes witty! thats adoreable story!

Marva on

So they’re not even one year old and already watching TV???

I didn’t watch TV until I was about six years old – and no, I’m not old (22), my mother has just always been against it and finally my father convinced her to buy one – it was tiny and hidden behind a curtain.

Now I live with my boyfriend and don’t have a TV, we wouldn’t even take one for free.

Bancie1031 on

I LOVE MARK MCGRATH! He is such a sweetheart, especially in person ….. I MISS his blogs as well ….. He has an adorable family 🙂

Melody on

Well Marva, aren’t you special.

Miss Ann on

o Marva, so boring. They probably don’t watch tv for more than 15 minutes at any given moment anyways. They have each other to play with AND don’t forget they are babies .. and they are probably on the move getting into other stuff.

Holly on

Well I guess not everyone can be as perfect as you Marva.

Shannon on

Mark please come back. We miss your blogs! 🙂

eh on

marva, marva, marva

Marie on


I checked your site & do not see your blogs about the babies. Please come back, so many of us miss them!

Allie-Rose on

Honestly, I’m with Marva on this one. I can’t understand why anyone would put a child under the age of 1 in front of a TV, even for 15 minutes.

Theresa on

I love that he said “yes, my twins watch TV already — they sit and stare at the TV.” Just funny he threw that out there knowing someone would have a fit about it.

Everyone parents in their own way, who is anyone to judge that? As long as the child(children) are safe, healthy and happy, really? who cares?!

Bancie1031 on

Marie – I check his website also …. I agree with you ….

Carin – PLEASE get him to come back 😀

fifi on

clearly the people who are against children watching tv don’t have kids…my daughter watches educational tv shows a few times a day, and you know what she’s sharp as a tac…it also gives you that little break to do dishes/laundry/house work in general…no i’m not saying turn your tv on and let your kid sit there all day in front of it, but a few minutes here an there is not going to hurt…marva i think that your mother must have been one hell of a mom to do the no tv thing kudos to her…that’s cool for some moms,but for others tv is alright in moderation…everyone has their own parenting style…let’s not judge how people do things

Capri on

Marva, seriously?! LMAO!

Love Mark, miss his blogs!!

Cortney on

By the looks of that picture, its either a bad picture, he isnt aging gracefully or he had some bad work done! In any case he looks weird!

Angela on

What’s the big deal with TV for kids as long as it’s educational? My three-year-old could say words in five different languages by the time she was 2. And my two-year-old son knows his alphabet and can count to 20. I work with them, of course, but I don’t know what’s so bad about educational TV programs for kids like what’s found on Nick Jr. or Sprout.

Cate on

Oh, to be as young and idealistic (and most probably childless) as 22 year old Marva again! I remember those days! Now, as a 42 year old proud mom of 2 fantastic, well-rounded, straight A high school students, I can speak with a bit more wisdom. My girls watched TV…still do. It is not about TV, it is about good parenting. Trust me, TV is not the enemy if you pay attention to what your kids watch. You just have to be aware of what media your kids are paying attention to. That includes TV, cell phones, computers, and everything else they take part in.

Allie-Rose on

There’s nothing wrong with Marva’s opinion. I am 30 and have a 2-month old son, yet there’s no reason why I would plop him in front of the TV before he turns 1. Granted, I’m a new mom and don’t have as much “experience” as some of you, but just because I choose not to put my baby in front of a TV screen, doesn’t mean he won’t learn as fast or as well as anybody else’s child. So far as I’m concerned, we speak 3 languages at home, we read Damian books, play him some music, and I think my kid will have as good a start in life as yours … without ruining his eyes!

Indira on

Marva, obviously you have computer and, these days for people OUR age it serves pretty much the same function that the television did. I barely watch television either but, I spend a whole lot of time on my computer.

I agree with the assessment that it’s not about the TV but, about the parenting. There are plenty of smart, well-rounded, amazing people who grew up watching a lot of tv. There are plenty of people who didn’t watch tv and are dopes.

Brooke on

I am a testament to watching television at an early age. My mother, while she was working around the house would plop me down in front of the tv for “Sesame Street” and “The Electric Company”. By her accounts, I was mesmerized and appeared to be deep in thought.

All that immersion and repetition assisted me at a young age. I could read at 22 months. My mother strongly believes that it was the television and the Sesame Street lessons that assisted me in this.

I am, at 40 still a voracious reader as I never stopped once the words got in my head. Its not the tv that is the problem, it is the type of programming you let them watch.

Tasha on

Brooke, I agree. Moderation and content are key.
Let’s give Marva a medal please.

Mia on

People-it’s TV…….there are far more harmful things to children than a television. As long as you’re monitoring what is being watched-it’s fine.

I’m 22 + I really don’t watch tv that much unless it’s a show I’m really into….but it is great to just relax + take some time-off–even if it’s not educational like PBS or Forensic Files, a guilty pleasure show is fun to watch too.

RKF on

Marva, hurray for your self-righteousness, though most of us are not living in the Stone Age. I feel sorry for a child who doesn’t experience TV until they’re six, or as an adult. You must be quite ignorant to the world outside of the internet. Regardless, I love Mark’s posts; They’re witty, down-to-earth, and he seems like a fantastic parent!

nelly on

Someone give Marva a meddle …PLEASE

Miss Ann on

@ Fifi… I don’t have kids but I ‘feel yah — 100%’… I DO KNOW the importance of educational programming. It was so helpful when I was younger if I did not understand something the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd time around I could pop in a cassette or a VHS and rewind it to my hearts content OR until I understood it. Consistent rewinding on my part did wonders… AND my parents still had their hair at the end of my childhood. Imagine that. TV is wonderful. Technology is great.

Miss Ann on

Nelly, the word you should have used is ‘medal’ not ‘meddle’. TV is also good for helping you to spell when you use the caption that flows across the bottom.

fuzibuni on

You all are crucifying Marva as if she committed blasphemy against your god.