Spotted: Owen Wilson Cradles His Beach Babe

04/20/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Starsurf/Splash News Online

Brand new and already loving the beach!

After touching down over the weekend, Owen Wilson and son Robert Ford keep their cool in the shade while hanging out in Hawaii Monday.

Ford, 3 months, is the first child for the actor and girlfriend Jade Duell.

“What they say about newborns, about not getting a lot of sleep? That’s true,” Wilson, 42, said recently.

“You look at every place now as a potential nap place … You’ve got to look for your chances to catch up.”

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BooBoo on

Is it just me, or does that baby look very skinny for 3 months??

Jennifer on

Every baby is different. I had long, lean babies. Mine never got that “chubby baby” look. They were perfectly healthy too!

It’s fun to see those male celebrities who don’t usually put out a “paternal vibe” holding their babies. Sweet!

Jillian on

Just you….

Gigi on

Every baby is different. He is a little slimmer than most 3 mos old I know, but he does have fat rolls on his thigh.

kaitlyn on

He is tiny!!

Brooke on

And that is exactly why people were comparing Orlando Bloom’s Flynn to Ford….they are worlds apart in their stature….

Sophia on

Ah, Ford is so beautiful! What a sweet little baby!

MKL on

I went to high school with his mom…she is super tiny..he might take after her..nothing wrong…not all babies are chubby

LisaS on

I think he’s precious. I have a soft spot for small babies since most of the ones born in my family are tiny during their first couple of years but somehow look kind of chubby with their baby fat which just makes them so darn eatable.

Rose on

Ford looks like his Daddy!

Alana on

I rearly reply to other people comments , but yours LisaS was too cute.

All babies are different. My daughter was tiny when she was born and she looked like chubby to me, but comparing to other babies her age she was really tiny. Healthy all the way and still very thin.

Ashley on

Ford is SO adorable!

Both my friend’s boys were super long and skinny babies. They ate like piglets, but they were still long and skinny. Her youngest is absolutely healthy, but her doctor labled him as Failure To Thrive, even though he was absolutely healthy in every way, ate well, and is now a happy, healthy, walking 12 month old.

Every baby is different.

Amanda on

He does look tiny for a 3 month old, my first thought was this picture has to be a few weeks old but maybe not. All babies are different and you can’t really tell by looks. My younger two were always 20-30% for height and weight, so technically they were small and everyone was always saying how big they were LOL

Allegra on

Ashley, no offense or anything, in case this offends you! “Failure to thrive” means they’re very underweight, so I’m not sure that your friend’s baby was exactly perfectly healthy? Obviously I’m not there and can’t see but my doctor has mentioned those words before, and they’re not “good” words to hear!

Anonymous on

Allegra, I agree. If the baby is “perfectly healthy” they are not labeled with Failure to Thrive. That is for babies who are not gaining weight appropriately and there are some concerns about why. The baby might have been otherwise ok, but definitely not gaining weight as they should.

That being said, I’m sure Ford is fine. Some babies are just smaller in stature.

Jillian on

Failure to thrive means failure to thrive…….which is not a good thing.

Allegra on

Oh, and I don’t think Ford is too skinny!

Judy on

He is so precious. God bless them always and in all ways. Owen will make a loving and caring dad,,,because he is a loving and caring person. So sweet!!!