Babilayers Keeps You and Your Baby Covered

04/20/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Babilayers

Okay, we’ll admit it. When we first saw BabiLayers ($60) we thought it was kind of a strange.

A cape-like pullover that keeps baby drool and spit-up at bay and shields your tot from allergens and germs? Excessive, maybe. But we have to admit after trying it, we’ve become converts.

Made from 100 percent organic cotton, it’s perfect for that before-work rush when mom and dad are running around in their work clothes, but also holding baby.

Just throw it on and you don’t have to worry about ruining your attire. There’s even an extra layer that you can unbutton when one side gets too wet — all manageable with one hand, of course.

So, while the concept may seem kind of weird at first (we’ve been using burp cloths and mini towels up until this point), BabiLayers is definitely handy.

It stylishly keeps your clothes protected, while keeping your drool-y little one germ-free. Talk about a win-win!

Stephanie Phoenix

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Angel on

ugly and unnecessary.

Amanda on

Angel obviously has never been spit up on just before leaving for work, a wedding, or a job interview. I think this is an awesome idea whose time has come for us moms who actually care about our children’s health and value our precious time during our hectic lives.

Jennifer on

I agree with Amanda. $60 is a small price to pay for the sanity and time saved getting out of the house without a mess of baby spit up or pureed bananas on me. The number of last minutes clothing changes I’ve had to make before rushing out the door is insane.

Andrea on

AWESOME IDEA!!! Perfect for moms, dads, grandparents and nannies. I was a nanny for over 10 years and I can’t tell you how many shirts I ruined with spit up, snot and vomit. Even though I used birp cloths they just weren’t big enough. This is a perfect gift to give new parents and to include in swag bags! They are very cute as well.

NM on

I have 5 kids and never used anything like this. They didn’t have anything like this when my kids were babies. I would still never use it. It’s ridiculous! You get spit up on before leaving for work, you change your clothes. It probably takes less time to do that, than it does to put one of these one.

Tee on

For pity’s sake, where do people get such crazy ideas? This product is so unnecessary. I can’t imagine paying 60 dollars for an oversized burp cloth!

Amanda on

NM has never used anything like this because there’s NEVER BEEN anything like this before! Duh.

Anonymous on

why not just put on an old sweater over your work clothes in the morning and take it off as you are leaving? wear it for a week then wash it…save yourself $60.

Olivia on

$60 for this? My solution was to wear a robe or different shirt until right before I left the house. No money, same result. Or if that doesn’t suit you, buy a salon cape and cut it short. I’m sure it will cost less than $60.

JM on

seriously 60$? you could just throw on an apron or an old t shirt if you’re really that bothered. personally i could never see why anyone would buy this, total waste of money. i also find the germphobia that seems to be the latest fad very disturbing. of course you don’t want to expose your baby to really unhealthy things but in general it is actually good for kids to be exposed to some germs, it strengthens their immune system. don’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool, you won’t be able to do it forever.

Meg on

I really appreciate the three comments above from the manufacturers of this product and/or their friends and family members. $60 is waaaay too much to pay for a product that essentially does the same job as a robe (though not as well) and makes you look like you’re getting your hair cut at clown college.

My apologies to clowns.

Jillian on

$60 is a little steep for something I would need five of! I inevitably get drooled on or spit up on every morning before work, so I would either have to wash it every night or buy five. I have been using a receiving blanket tucked into my collar:)

Miche on

I can appreciate the idea of this, but it’s rather expensive.

I used to wear a Tshirt when I was getting the kids ready/making breakfast. Then I would put my work shirt on right before walking out the door. I got spit up on and dirty almost everyday. You’d have to buy several of these to make it between washings and that’s costly.

rudi on

Wow, how did I ever get through the burping and spit up phase without an ingenious product like this one? Yep, I’m with all the other naysayers. To those of you contemplating such a purchase, there are tons of better ways to spend $60.

Aimee on

Totally agree with most of you an old t shirt would do the same trick and it doesn’t look as stupid and rediculous. Either wear a different tshirt until you leave or throw one of hubbys old ones on over your clothes.

Nancy on

Great idea!! Love the fact that I can protect my clothes and my baby from germs. And it’s 100% organic!!

Rusty on

Or for less than $10 you could buy a cobbler’s apron from an uniform store. That’s what nurses wear in nursing homes…

Nancy on

Sixty bucks for a big cotton bib?? Ridiculous. Go to Walmart, buy a half yard of some fabric on the clearance table, and whip one up on your sewing machine. Nothing fancy, just functional. The idea is good, but their cost is exhorbitant.

jessicad on

Meg I thought the same thing haha, those comments are so obvious it’s ridiculous and makes me like the product even less!

hannah on

agreed.. I wore an old tshirt every morning before work then changed just before leaving. Free and easy!

meme on

Maybe the lap top should be wearing one too…

Tink on

Fairly sure Ellen made fun of this product only a few days ago. In the ad for it a dude was drinking coffee in his car and ‘accidently’ spilled it on himself, but was saved because he was wearing one of these cape things…

tc on

I had a baby with acid reflux, he spit up BAD and of course inevitably I would not have a shirt with me when he spit up all down my back….but for this to be effective I’d have had to wear it 24/7, if I wanted to wear a moo-moo I’m sure I could find one much cheaper than 60

Now I have to know just what germs they expect to be on a parents clothes before they go to work that you must shield your child from? I would assume most people put on clean clothes in the morning so just where do the germs in question come from? The hangers? The hands of who ever put the clothes up? The closet? The monster hiding in the closet?

Megan on

“or us moms who actually care about our children’s health”

I’m surprised that comment was allowed. I thought comments that slam for no reason are against the rules here ?

Miss Ann on

Shoot, I could of thought of that. But $60 bucks?

Grace on

Megan, that comment made me laugh too. If we don’t think that piece of fabric is a good idea then we don’t care about our babies. HA HA HA! mmm,k…

And how does this mama bib shield your baby from germs? seriously. That one is laughable.

Up next, a bubble for your baby.

rudi on

meg & jessica ad
sharp eyes — i noticed that myself. it happens here a lot actually which is unfortunate as it diminishes the credibility of the company and the product once people cop on to it.

Shannon on

Interesting but too expensive. I agree that a robe would do the same thing.

Kisha on

It will help safeguard my baby’s sensitive skin against hard fabric.

Julie on

Hard fabric?!? You wear burlap frequently?

torgster on

Idiotic! There’s just nothing else to say……

molly on

One thing is for sure, marketing has picked up on the fact that new moms (we are all guilty of some purchase) will buy just about anything that is the latest fad and seems to be the “it” product we have to have! This item seems like an over-priced burp cloth!

This one just wouldn’t have made my list! Now, the BabyErgo carrier or my Vera baby bag was definitely worth every penny!

rudi on

You have to look where the comment is coming from —- somebody who is obviously shilling for the company. They have a vested interest in the product and will say whatever they want or use dubious tactics to get people to buy. In this case, she is using the “good mom, bad mom” tactic.

brannon on

I don’t work for the company but totally see how this could be useful. You put bibs on your kids … why not protect your own clothes?

Jennifer on

I left the third comment on this post and I would just like to clarify that I HAVE NO TIES WITH THIS COMPANY NOR DO I OWN THIS PRODUCT. I also have NO plan to ever buy this product and probably would never actually buy one anyway. I was just commenting on the fact that the idea behind it was a good one. I hate when companies send their minions to these kinds of posts and leave obvious glowing reviews so I guess I just, for my own sake, wanted to clarify my comment.

But think about it the people that buy this are the same that shell out super big bucks for “hooter hider” type products or the fancy swaddle blankets. There is a market for these types of products or they would not get made but these will probably end of clearanced out at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx…

Angela on

I’m a biologist. Could someone please tell me how this shields your child from allergens that they would not pick up from just breathing air?

Angela on

Or touching their toys that are not covered by this expensive wrap?

Anonymous on

So…now we need to protect babies from the “germs” present on their own mommies?