BumpWatch: Alicia Silverstone Smiles In Stripes

04/20/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Bryan/Dean/National Photo Group

Getting close!

Mom-to-be Alicia Silverstone flashes one big grin after a visit with friends Monday in Los Angeles.

The actress, 34, and husband Christopher Jarecki expect their first child next month.

“I couldn’t be happier!” Silverstone said in announcing her pregnancy.

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Maggie on

Alicia, honey, I understand not wanting to wear a bra but you gotta get those nips under control!

meghan on

Worry about your own, maggie. Alicia looks radiant!

Brooke on

Maggie is right….the last few paparazzi pics of Alicia have been of her braless…..and they are NOT flattering.

Alyssa on

Well, I would imagine that if you weren’t posing and people were taking your photo whenever they pleased without your permission, you wouldn’t look flattering either. She shouldn’t have to dress to please someone like the paparazzi. She looks wonderful for being almost 9 months pregnant.

Molly on

I love how people love to criticize others because of how they look. I have to agree with Alyssa about she’s not trying to please the paparazzi or anyone else. She looks comfortable and beautiful.

Gigi on

Who cares what she looks like. She is pregnant and hasn’t been photographed recently until she got pregnant. Let her be how she wants to be.

ForeverMoore on

I do agree she looks good for 9 months pregnant but I hafta to also agree with Maggie – she realllllly needs a bra. Personally I was really uncomfortable without a bra towards the end of my pregnancy…38DD, yow!

RKF on

For some reason, I picture overweight, acne-ridden, unattractive women as the ones who would nitpick a pregnant woman’s nipples (that aren’t even noticeable!) Seriously? What is wrong with some of you? I, for one, thinks she look fabulous.

Stella Bella on

She looks absolutely glowing here.

Karen on

Yeah, she’ll be wanting to wear a bra once the milk comes in LOL!

J.J. on

So cute..for some reason I’m thinking it’s a boy..mind is screaming BOY!

fuzibuni on

I dunno… she might be wearing a bra, but it’s just not padded.

Shannon on

She looks so happy and I love her shirt!

Rose on

She looks wonderful, i’m thinking girl for her 😉

M on

@fuzibuny: what I was thinking! I think it’s so incredible that everyone here seems to have X-ray eyes and knows exactly what’s undernaeth her clothes or not! She just looks lovely (a bit tired though, but in the end of your pregnancy, usually women don’t sleep that well anymore) and very happy!

Julie on

She looks great! I’m so happy for her and her husband!

Indira on

I think she looks good.

Jillian on

She looks wonderful!!