Spotted: David Beckham and Boys – Camera Ready

04/19/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

A shirtless David Beckham enjoys the sun on Saturday, snapping photos of sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz boogie-boarding at the beach in Malibu. The family will expand in July when the soccer star and wife Victoria welcome their fourth child — and first daughter.


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Terri on

So cute, family time with his boys.

Shawna on

The oldest boy looks overweight. I always find it so sad when children are allowed to get overweight. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure children eat healthy foods and get enough exercise.

Erika on

Shawna, I agree with you that child obesity is a problem and I even personally support the idea that parents of obese children should be fined. However, I don’t think that Brooklyn looks overweight at all. He seems to be average size for 12. His mother is very health conscious and I’m sure she is on top of her kids’ health. He looks like a perfectly healthy child to me! You should see my neighbor’s child, he is 8 years old and over 200lbs. *THAT* is like abuse in my eyes, and I am disgusted with the mother. The poor kid can’t even ride his bike 20 feet without getting winded. However, Brooklyn seems fine.

They are a beautiful family! I can’t wait to see their little girl join their family!

h on

cute picture, but what exactly is the point if we can’t see the kids’s face?

brooklyn is fine, . He’s only 12, he’s going to grow so much in the years to come and probably will loose that very little extra weight.
his mother is the one with a weight problem

Daniella on

Shawna, if the family seemed to have an obesity problem, I might agree with you, but in this case, definitely not. Brooklyn’s at a rather awkward age right now where puberty is beginning to set in & he will put on a few extra pounds, but that is likely only his body’s way of preparing for an oncoming growth spurt. Many eleven, twelve & thirteen year olds look kind of pudgy at times because their body’s preparing to go through a major growth spurt, which usually evens out the body mass & shoe size as the body grows at rapid rates.

But aside from that, it’s always great to see a father spending some quality time with his boys!

Sydney on

I think it’s very mean spirited to comment on a 12 year old’s weight. It’s the business of his family, not yours Shawna.

Gee on

I agree that pretty soon Brooklyn will be getting taller and losing his ‘puberty pudge’. I had an aunt that made a comment about my weight when I was 12 or 13, before I grew taller and thinned out, and I can still remember to this day how much it hurt my feelings.

Allegra on

Brooklyn is not overweight at all! You should see him from the front, it’s not like he has a huge belly or anything.

Jillian on

Wow…..i can’t believe some people.

eribri on

I think its the way he is standing that makes him look heavy, If he was standing straight I wouldn’t think he was overweight!

Tink on

I just knew there would be some fool who would comment on Brooklyn’s weight. It’s one thing to make comments on a celebrity’s appearance, its part of their job, but to make a comment that is so obviously not needed about a CHILD is cruel and frankly disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself Shawna.

Mia on

David Beckham is such a hands-on dad/family man–love it! Can’t wait to see their new baby girl in July.

JM on

aw come on it’s just a little puppy fat. he’s about to hit puberty kids grow in all kinds of ways. don’t get me wrong if a child is genuinely having weight issues then that is something that needs to be addressed for their own safety. but in this photo i just don’t see it. he is standing at an awkward angle to get in the photo, bending over slightlty, that creates folds and creases. besides i know he does a lot of sport so to call him overweight or obese is ridiculous. look at any other photo of him he looks like a normal 12 year old. if he has a tiny bit of extra weight he is likely to lose it in his next growth spurt. so let’s lay off the poor little guy and worry about the kids who are actually obese and need help.

Kerry on

Yummy dad – oh David Beckham my guilty crush – love him

MiB on

I think many kids go throgh a “pudgy phase” just before or around puberty, but in this case it more looks as if he is standing in an awquard position, because his arms and legs look perfectly normal to me. Anyways, I love how they are all posing in their own individual way.

Catca on

Good lord Shawna!

As other people have pointed out, he’s standing at an awkward angle with the camera at an awkward angle as well. You notice the slightest sign of a flaw and you decide to trash a child and his parents??? Seriously? Did you ever stop to think about the child’s feelings or his parents? You know darn well how inappropriate it would be to say that to his or his parents faces. Saying it on the Internet hiding in the safety of your home doesn’t make it okay.

Kylie on

Shawna…you are a nutjob. The boy looks TOTALLY normal. You are one of those people who is going to have a kid that never feels skinny enough and that winds up with an eating disorder if this boy’s small amount of pre-teen body weight is overweight to you. What a classless comment.

Anastasia on

Each time i see David Beckham with his family and especially his children i feel so proud of him and my admiration towards him is growing!He loves his kids so much and you cab see how happy he is when he’s with them.He and Victoria are hands-on parents and they both take time to be with them!I just can’t wait to see how their little girl will be like.i am wishing them all the best because they deserve it 100%!

Iris on

My little brother used to look a lot like Brooklyn when he was 12. My parents just let him excercise and eat as healthy as possible, giving his ‘puppy fat’ no attention, so he wouldn’t be bothered with it as wel.He is 17 now and looks really handsome, musculair and has a normal weight/body.

IMO Brooklyn is just FINE! Stop fussing about kids being overweight when one is a bit more chubby than avarage. By saying ‘you’re fat’ to a child everyday, that’s what makes a kid overweight and developes eating disorders.

The Beckham’s seem te be very hands on and David seems like a great dad!

Angela on

If you look at David from that angle, he doesn’t look like he’s in the greatest shape either. But we all know that isn’t true. It’s likely just Brooklyn’s stance.

Ruthella on

Not a fan of all those tattoos, there’s just too many! But cute kids and nice photo 🙂

catherine sheridan on

well brooklyn isnt fat, it was just the camera catching him at a bad angle saying he is fat when he isnt scars the kid for life, and seeing some past comments it can undoubtedly hurt Brooklyns feelings, he is a normal 12 year old boy enjoying time out with his family, “fat” comments can seriously do his ego in and make him think he is “fat” and then he stops eating, and starves himself, have you ever so considered that he has got feelings and is already health conscious? as his dad is health conscious and so is his mum so hence the family is too, so please consider his feelings and brooklyn isnt fat!!

Anna on

I don’t think they are allowed to obese in the Beckham Family.

Anonymous on

That kid is definitely does not look obese. He looks like a normal 12 year old to me. Besides, the Beckhams are pretty health conscious. There have been countless pictures of the boys playing soccer, riding bikes, etc. Those kids are definitely getting enough exercise.

lizzielui on

Are we looking at the same pic? I have stared at this pic for 10 min now and I swear I don’t see any indication of obesity on Brooklyn. Hell, I don’t even see pudgy baby fat. He looks like a normal sized, 12 year old boy on the beach. No he is not ripped to shreds with a six pack like his dad, but he’s 12. It’s shame society’s ideals for body image have become so warped that we see “fat” around every corner even when there is none.

Janey on

Love this family, the children seem so happy and both parents seem to adore their children

Indira on

I’m sure 6 years from now we’ll here that he’s a model!