Nick Cannon ‘In Awe’ of Mariah Carey’s Strength During Pregnancy

04/19/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

Mariah Carey is known for being a diva, but when it comes to handling pregnancy with twins, the singer’s hubby Nick Cannon says Carey, 42, couldn’t be more selfless.

“I’m in awe of my wife,” Cannon, 30, told PEOPLE Friday at NBCUniversal’s Summer Press Day at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, Calif.

“She is the most beautiful, strong person I’ve ever met. Seeing her go through this and have to literally just relinquish everything that she’s always been, and sacrifice her being for her children is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

As for Cannon, he, too, is enjoying impending parenthood.

It’s been the most amazing journey I’ve ever been on,” the America’s Got Talent host says. “I’ve heard that the journey only gets better, so I can’t wait.”

So, how does Cannon feel about co-parenting with one of the most famous women in the world?

“I’m an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation,” he says. “I got a chance to marry my dream girl. I got a chance to live my dream and entertain people for a living. Everything I do is a blessing. I just wake up happy everyday and I try to spread that joy. If I can make people smile everyday, then I’m doing my job.”

And it would only be expected that even though the babies have yet to be born — they’re due May 14 — any kids of Carey’s have already been showered with gifts galore.

“We have so many baby clothes,” Cannon says. “The babies have a bigger wardrobe than my wife and me put together.

Which celebrity power couple is responsible for giving the babies the best gift so far?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé gave us a cool dinette baby tea set,” Cannon says of his favorite item. “It comes with a table and chairs.”

— Dahvi Shira

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momof3 on

I don’t get it, ‘sacrifice her being for her children’. Does that mean she’s on bedrest and is sacrificing her own personal time so that her children may be born closer to their due date and healthy? Um, what mom wouldn’t want that? I have always been a Mariah fan, but that sounds kind of ignorant.

jana on

I think it is sweet how much Nick loves his wife! I am happy for them. So, Nick and Mariah- if you think pregnancy is hard and a big change and sacrifice (which it is!) just wait till you actually have those kids- then it gets REALLY hard and your entire life changes! unless I guess if you pay someone else to care for them lol. But seriously, as a new first time mom I can say it is a huge change. But it is good that Mariah has such a supportive husband.

hayley w on

does every thing have to be picked to tiny little bits??

you no my husbands tell me all the time that he proud of me for doing such a good job being pregnant and bringing up our children, yes its my job and duh im supposed to do a good job however its lovely to be told, he is paying his wife a compliment , he is being lovely and sweet about how hard it gets in the latter months of pregnancy even more so when your carrying two babies.

jeez, can’t a guy say something nice and we just thank him for it plenty of guys out their couldn’t give two hoots about their pregnant wives , this guy does lets leave it at that

gagirl on

Momof3, I took that to mean that she has had to let go of any and all vanity. She’s always been slender and has been judged on her appearance because of who she is. I’m assuming that one has to let go of the self consciousness that is associated with being pregnant…with twins no less. She’s never been this big in her life and it’s probably a struggle mentally. Hell, I know I’d have a hard time dealing with it, too. I think it’s only natural. At the end of the day, however, it’s about what’s best for the babies’ health.

I, for one, cannot wait for these babies to be born! They’re going to be beautiful and loved to bits. I think Mariah and Nick are in it for the long haul. You can just see the love and happiness between them.

meghan on

Nick is so sweet. I love how much he loves his wife.

Capri on

I love them!! Nick is such a sweetheart, yay their due on my birthday, although im sure they will come way before!!

C on

Seriously? Why the negativity? I read this and almost had tears in my eyes. It is SO SO lovely. Yes most moms would do anything for their children and yes it’s even more challenging when the baby or babies arrive, but that’s why it is even more important and wonderful to make a woman feel amazing about the whole thing. Sometimes, it can feel a bit thankless and I know the best feeling in the world is seeing my baby girl smile at me AND having her dad tell me that he thinks I am the most incredible mom.

e girl on

these are beautiful feelings,,i am very happy for both,,,
may is soon,,,enjoy and be happy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Shannon on

Mariah is so lucky to have Nick! He seems like a sweetheart!

momto3 on

being pregnant with twins IS a sacrifice…especially if put on bedrest. its very difficult. its not like a normal pregnancy whatsoever…i’ve had both kinds. and if on bedrest for many weeks, its very very hard. so what she’s doing IS beautiful. i wish her and her angels all the best. and the best is yet to come!

Jessica on

No matter the woman, it takes a selfless woman to be pregnant. The things you give up (Eating bad, late nights, not taking care of yourself as well as you should) when you know there is a little human being inside of you, something clicks and you become this sacred vessel.

Regardless the person, rich and famous, poor and no one big, whatever lable you want to put on the woman and mother to be, pregnancy is a beautiful thing that takes a strong person. I don’t know a single woman who has breezed through her pregnancy, multiples or not. It’s not an easy 9 months and you don’t realize it until you go through it.

Tracy on

I’m so happy for them, but it sure seems she’s been pregnant FOREVER!! P!nk is getting ready to have her baby here soon, and Mariah was pregnant way before her….at least it seems that way….Just curious on when the babies are due….

Julie on

momof3, gagirl is exactly right. As a mother of twins you do sacrafice your body carrying twins. Not every pregnancy is the same by any means but in mine I totally gave up my body. Im not saying I was perfect before but I very much liked my body and felt confident. I was very careful during my pregnancy to research and eat exactly what my babies needed. I didnt gain an extreme amount of weight but over 36″ of baby curled up in my belly stretched my body beyond repair. I have had to learn to accept that even as I loose the pounds my body will never be the same. Its a small price to pay for two wonderful kids that I wouldnt trade for anything! Even still its hard to look in the mirror at an unrecognizable body. Its amazing to hear that her husband appreciates all that she is doing and going through!

Victoria on

OMG people! She’s Mariah Carey, the biggest DIVA of them all! She is now married and pregnant with twins. Who she was before she was pregnant with twins was Mariah Carey, the diva! While I’m sure she was happy to give anything for the health and safety of her babies, I’m sure giving up the “diva” aspect of her life was a struggle mentally. I commend her for it, frankly. I’m 31 and I’m not ready to be a mom yet because I’m still too selfish. I have things I want to do and places in the world that I want to see, and I know that the minute I find out I’m pregnant, my life and my priorities will change and it will no longer be about me. I think he was speaking from his heart and being sweet to his wife.

Grace on

Wow, what a nice guy he is!

Terri on

I agree, hayley. Nice comments from a loving husband. People should always be so kind to each other.

Hea on

Well I wouldn’t say it’s a good thing or a good trait to be a diva so I say good for her if she’s not anymore. As for her husband, I dunno, is he famous too?

prego on

Seriously, momof3. If you haven’t figured out yet what parts of your “being” you have to sacrifice to be pregnant and to have kids, I don’t think anyone can tell you. And you seem to resent a husband recognizing this in his wife. It’s not like he’s sacrificing HIS waistline and pretty much EVERYTHING else. So if he doesn’t say something like that, then he’s a real jerk. It’s awesome that Nick is in the place that he is, in awe of his life-giving wife.

Puckersbabe on

Mariah is very lucky to have a man like Nick in her life. He obviously loves, protects and cherishes her. And even more so with the babies. Isn’t that what this is about? It’s about having a man on your side taking care of you, loving you, appreciating you, being sensitive to your needs in this special time in your life. There’s no need to say anything negative unless you didnt have that kind of love and admiration during your pregnancy.

My husband was and is the same way! He was so amazing during the first pregnancy and now with our second, he’s as loving, gentle, sensitive and protective as he can be. And I’m proud to have that kind of man in my life. I’m sure that Mariah is too. Congrats to them, and I can’t wait ti hear more about them. =)

Debbie on

I know what love looks like and these two HAVE IT. I think he’s just so in love with her (and her with him) and he’s not afraid to shout it out loud.

And yes, carrying twins is AMAZING! And he is right to be in awe of his beautiful wife right now.

urban on


NativeNY on

Doesn’t every mother make the same sacrifice? Why does Mariah get special recognition? I mean, the “everyday” mother doesn’t have all the perks of Mariah’s celebrity (i.e., personal assistants, etc.). My best girlfriend had twins and cared for her 2 year old, her husband and worked full-time. That should be appaulded.

PinkDiva on

momof3…..You’re the one that sounds ignorant!!

Charmine on

I agree with momof3, it is kind of ignorant.

JC on

It’s so annoying how he continually acts like Mariah Carey “his wife” is the only pregnant woman in the world, or the first woman to be pregnant with twins. Millions are going through the same thing, NICK! Quit acting like she’s the only one or is some super woman because of it. Octomom carried 7 babies at once, and she’s definately nothing special for it.

I’m happy for Nick and Mariah, but his constant talk of acting like she’s the only pregnant woman ever is grating.

9pouns10ounces on

I am happy for both of them..i’ve never been pregnant with twins but i have had 2 children that were 9 pounds my latest child who is now 3 was 9 pounds 10 ounces..his father was nice and all also till he left me as a single parent after my son was a month old..please dont feel sorry for me but i wanted to mention something that i heard and saw a video of mariah said once.
I have always been a fan of her and loved her music.
she used to be married to her producer and she divorced him…she said in an interview the next time she marries will only be for children..

Now im not trying to sounds mean or anything but she did marry someone twice her age and now is pregnant hopefully they too will remain together..

wish them luck because she did sound very selfish when she said that comment

PinkDiva on

Thanks ‘urban’!!

Shi on

Mariah gets special recognition from NICK because Mariah is HIS wife. She should be “the most beautiful, strong(est) person (he’s) ever met.” Again…his wife. Yes all mothers sacrifice but being his first child, it’s first time that he’s seen that sacrifice up close. I agree with the other posters in that all men should love and appreciate their wife as much.

Jen DC on

I’m no fan of Nick and Mariah and don’t even claim to understand how it all came about and am still shocked SHOCKED! that she’s pregnant with Nick Cannon’s baby. But…

He’s talking like a man in love with his wife and excited for their future as parents together. Momof3, it has nothing to do with ignorance; I, for one, have a significant amount of information about being pregnant but am STILL AMAZED that a person can and does grow inside someone else. Does that make me ignorant? Or just able to appreciate the miracle and specialness of it all? Maybe because you’ve had three the specialness has rubbed off… Toddler toilet training got you down? Teething? Homework?

And from what I know of their history, she’s miscarried at least once and she’s of “advanced maternal age,” which makes it that much more special to THEM. And maybe with the prior pregnancy she didn’t do every little thing she could have done to remain pregnant (although I’m not saying she didn’t or blaming her for her loss) and now, because this is a new opportunity after the first loss, maybe she’s taken her health and that of her unborn infants that much more seriously. Like everyone has said: She’s a known “diva.” Clothes, high heels, hair, nails, make up the works. That’s how she lived. And now she’s prepared to give up that glamorous side to do this. Who *wouldn’t* want their wife to hear how much they appreciated it?

@ JC: Why would he be concerned with other pregnant women in the abstract when the woman he helped impregnate (assuming they did IVF or something) is right in front of him? That he’s entranced with his wife TAKES NOTHING AWAY FROM the other billions of pregnancies ongoing, it just adds to the joy his wife is feeling while *she* is pregnant. And let’s not forget, reporters *ask* them this stuff. He’s probably not wandering around the streets of LA (or wherever they live) pulling strangers and fans aside to tell them “MY WIFE is PREGNANT with TWINS!” Dude, chill.

Amanda on

Wow, the jealousy some women on this thread have is just SEETHING! His wife is pregnant with their first children, I think it is wonderful that he would say such things about her and I would hope the same for any other woman (okay, maybe not those who don’t appreciate that any woman who is pregnant has the right to feel like it is a special time no matter how many times it has happened in history).

annadelle on

This woman has the pregnancy span of an elephant. Tired of hearing about her and him and the whole thing.

sunny on

Gag!!! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little! LOL!

annadelle on

Mariah has the gestational span of an elephant. Tiered of hearing about it all.

liza on

Blah blah blah blah blah…women have been going through pregnancies forever, time to move on, talk about something new my friend. I will admit though, it has been refreshing not to see Mariah dressing like trash since she’s been pregnant.

Kelly on

GIVE ME A BREAK! She’s not the first woman to ever give birth! I admire Nick for being to obviously in love with his wife but there is nothing extraordinary or newsworthy about what she is doing. It may be extraordinary to Nick but not to the average person. I wish her much luck and pray for the health of her babies, but please do not put people on pedestals for doing something that has been done since the beginning of time.

MissusWard on

SO WHAT?!?! I’m a new mom too, and I became selfless to. You know what Nick, ALL women are capable of this. If you REALLLY want to be a gentlman, why not say “For her to be able to do what my own mother did for me, I admire Mariah..

Sacrifice her being for her babies? Don’t all of us mothers do that? Why does Nick always single out Mariah as being this stong, couragous, and overtly caring woman. MOST women HAVE to be all of those things in order to survive pregnancy and parenthood. Oh I know why, because HE HAS TO!!! Of course he praises his wife all the time, he’s on her payroll, not to mention the MERE fact that Mariah is a diva all up and down, and she EXPECTS him to coo over her – what kind of diva would she be if she expected everyone else to kiss her derriere and not her sperm donor.

Sorry Mariah and Nick (and fans)…I’m not moved by her “sacrifice” and caring capabilities….or wait, maybe I am. The narcissist gave up her body to procreate…On the other hand, as a fellow woman and new mother, I am nonetheless very happy for them, and ANYONE who decides to have children (or not). But do we really have to read it everytime little Nick opens his mouth for his obligatory praises?

Momoftwins on

I carried Twins and I went through a lot and I know any pregnancy is a lot no matter how many babies a mother is pregnant with but I am so sick of hearing about how great and strong she has been…she probably has maids do all the cleaning, someone to drive her everywhere, someone to cook for her, top of the line care at the hospital, make up artist for her make up everyday,a personal trainer, interior designer, oh and she doesnt have a day to day job etc.. She has absolutly so stress about money or finances and she can spend an endless amount of money making herself as comfortable as possible. To me that is not the norm for most mothers…especially me and my situation. I certainly did not have all the wonderful comforts that she has while being pregnant with twins. I wish everyone would stop putting her up on some level of greatness for something everyday women go through all the time with out all the wonderful things she has….

twinmommy12 on

I’m extremely surprised that she hasn’t had her babies yet with a due date a little over 3 weeks away. I wonder if they are basing her due date on a regular full term pregnancy (40 weeks) or a twin pregnancy which is 37 weeks. I say good luck to her, although I’m sure she will have nannies around, which is her choice.

I had boy/girl twins 4 months ago, they were premature at 33 weeks 2 days, and I was on strict bedrest for 13 weeks. It wasn’t fun at all, but I had to do it for my babies. When I was pregnant, even before the pre-term labor issues I had, my dr and maternal-fetal risk specialist had told me that it can be bad for twins with a normal pregnany to stay in for longer than 37 weeks due to various reasons such as stunted growth of one baby, etc.

It’s nice to see a husband who is supportive and understands what a woman sacrifices to have a baby/babies even if they probably won’t be doing it all themselves once they are born.

twinmommy12 on

momoftwins – I completely agree. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mother, but I definitely do not have all the luxuries that she has, especially when I was pregnant since I was on bed rest for so long.

Julie on

Its not the world putting her up on a pedestal, its her husband. I think thats just how a husband and wife should see each other, up above everyone else in the world.

Toya L. on

Yawn, I don’t think that he is making it seem like Mariah is the only pregnant woman or that other women haven’t went through pregnancies. Umm could it be that he is constantly asked? The fact that 98% of interviews he does, will now be a time for interviewers to ask about his wife and their pregnancy, of course is going to make it seem like he continues to go on and on about his wife and their pregnancy.

Now if he were doing interviews about his many business ventures and continued to interject Mariah and their pregnancy in all those interviews then I could see people questioning him. I think it’s sweet, then again I have a wonderful, loving husband who thinks that I’m the best thing since sliced bread too.

MomOf5.5 on

I think it’s cute that he says the sweet things…in the intrviews.But the reality is that she and the world EXPECTS him to say all the positive things via media,not anything negative.(IF thats what he feels) He is 30,she is 42? Her time clock was ticking and she got in vitro. I’m happy for them either way.But they don’t have to make a big deal out of everytime she moves sideways or he makes a statement about it.They are making it like she has the “Golden Uterus” and like no one else has ever had twins.I have 2 sets. But I guess if you’re a celeb it makes your birth story that much better…

allison on

Man, some of ya’ll need to get over yourselves. If you don’t want to hear celebrities gushing over their pregnancies and their children, don’t come to a celebrity baby blogs–its just that simple. If you want to hear “regular people” talking about their pregnancies and children, its really simple to GOOGLE non-celebrity baby blogs and go to those sites.

I thinks its sweet how over the moon in love Nick is. He is a first time father and he is in awe of whats going on in his life. Who cares that millions of other women have had babies? What does that have to do with him? Nick’s talking about HIS wife and HIS experience. So he isn’t suppose to be happy because other women have had babies?

Bringing up celebrities money and privilege SCREAMS of BITTERNESS and JEALOUSY. Hell, I don’t got it, but I ain’t mad at those who do.

monease on

I am a mother of 3 and all single births. It never cease to amaze me about women. We are the only species on earth, that are catty, exhibit jealousy and just down right nasty to one another. I’m not a fan of nethier one, but I will say is if her husband, yes her husband wants to praise her then let him do it after suffering from a miscarriage can take a toll on any woman. For her pregnancy to be fruitful this time around their is a lot for them to be thankful for. and the ones who have a problem with nick bestowing praises on his wife you must not be getting any, because if you were,you wouldn’t be quick to judge this man. I don’t know any woman who has a problem thier husband praising them and how often. I know from experience about miscarriages, after my mom had me, she was pregnant a total of 5 times and 4 of them, she and my dad were devestated. You can’t judge someone unless you are willing to walk a mile in their shoes. We all a cross to bear.I will give marariah credit at least she got married first to have these kids and not the other way around.

monease on

people it’s not for you to understand the why’s and how’s it’s none of your business. You take one comment that nick makes and now you think you have all the answers. WE DON’T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS RELATED HER PREGNANCY TO MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS. ONLY HE KNOWS WHAT HIS WIFE HAVING TO ENDURE ON A DAILY BASIS. NO PREGNANCY IS LIKE AND YOU CAN’T COMPARE YOUR BODY TO HERS. I PRAY ALL GOES WELL IN LABOR AND DELIVERY FOR HER AND THE BABIES.

Tiffany on

Jeez, people…where in the article did he actually state “My wife is the only pregnant woman in the world?” He’s just saying how proud he is of his wife, nothing wrong with that. If you were pregnant, and your husband was questioned about you, would you want him to say, “Oh, she’s just okay, but the million OTHER pregnant women in the world, they’re the amazing ones! My wife doesn’t even come close because she has money for personal trainers and nannies from her successful singing career, so we should just stop talking about her now.” Yeah, I didn’t think so, so just shut up. Anyway, I admit, when I first heard about their marriage I gave them 3 months, tops. But I am willing to admit I was wrong, they seem very much in love.

Gail on

They are a BEAUTIFUL couple and look so in love and happy. Congratulations and safe delivery. :))

cc on

Momof3 are you a mother of triplets or twins? Had a high risk pregnancy after age 35?
Bitter much?
Get some perspective.

Kellie on

To the other Liza-If you are so tired of reading about pregnancy, why the heck are you on this site. Yeah women have gone through pregnancy, given birth, and raised children since forever, but you DO have some interested in all that or you would not be on this website. So stop the act.

jayD on

there’s something I don’t get peepz, MC was already pregnant in august in brazil, did she really travel there in her 1st month with a high risk of miscarriage? weird if you ask me. her husband needs to stop talking bout his dreamgirl, he had so many dreamgirls and MC is just one in his book; they gonna be parents good for them but pleaaase it’s just like everyone else except they have the money

Renee on

I don’t understand the negativity? We’re all reading an article in the “babies” section. If you don’t want to hear about it then don’t click on it. The people who are bagging Nick out for constantly talking about the babies must not be parents, otherwise you would understand. Pregnancy does go for a long time and towards the end that’s all you’ve know for so long that you can’t help but talk about it. You think he’s saying lots now… just wait til the babies are out. It’s so nice to see such an excited dad. Becoming a parent is the most amazing experience in the world and I wish them all the best 🙂

christen on

good luck with those little ones have fun and enjoy every minute with them and try too get sleep my sister did it she had twins it takes a lot of work but good parent like you and god you can do it Chrissy take lots of pictures nick love your show.

mrssilva on

There are some SERIOUS haters on here! Let them enjoy their love and their experience! And since they are famous and everybody always asks whats going on in THIER lives, then since these babies are it, that’s what we’re gonna hear. Some of you sound like plumb fools.

Sojourner Marable Grimmett on

I think they make a great couple! Nick is a wonderful example of a man who loves and adores his wife. I have no doubt that he will be a great father. This is the example that we need to show and teach our children.

monica on

God, yes she has money and she has earned it, but money can’t buy you happiness and god does she know this, so i think good for her, she has a husband in Nick who truly worships her and she is about to become a mum for the 1st time how lovely. Good luck Mariah & Nick from your fans in the UK & those of you who don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT the hell up & allow her the peace to enjoy the last few weeks of her pregnancy without your nasty comments.

angie on

I am wishing them the very best. Nick is in love with his wife and babies to be, why not be in awe of his wife.

Vicki on

Jeez. So many people are being so nasty about a couple who obviously in love and excited about the impending arrival of their first children! I’ve never had kids, not sure I ever will, but why would I feel anything other goodwill towards these people, and others in the same position? There are so many children in both the US who grow up fatherless. We’re always criticising fathers who disappear or abandon their families, and growing up without an active father figure is something Mariah has often talked about in interviews. So why critise one of the good guys, who is excited, proud and obviously heavily involved in the impending arrival of his children. Maybe society would be a little better if more men were encourage to be proud, involved fathers who openly respect women for gestating and giving birth to the next generation.


I am laughing at the jealousy you woman put out there. I can tell by some of the comments being made that alot of you DID NOT have a man to tell you how beautiful you are, how proud he is of you or how amazing you thinks you are. Nick isn’t taking away from other pregnant woman or what they went thru he is speaking about his wife and the pregnancy journey they are on. That is all he knows. He doesn’t know what you other woman went thru. He is not your baby’s father. He don’t have to talk about other woman when he has a wife he can tell the world about.

I see alot of you woman are bitter. Maybe you should look at your husband/baby daddy’s & ask them why they never said anything like that about you or ask them if they ever felt that way about you during your pregnancy. Better yet ask if he feels that way about you now because honestly that is not Nick’s job.

I can tell that alot of you don’t have a husband or baby daddy in your life that appreciates or appreciated what you went thru during your pregnancy. That is probably why you can’t stand how Nick talks about Mariah. Let me tell you when you finally do find someone that LOVES you the way Nick loves his wife you will then understand. Till then you will remain bitter and continue to hate on other people happiness.

Stop hating on the fact Mariah has a husband that LOVES her and appreciates all that she is going thru. That is what all woman should want from their man but if you are not getting that at home don’t hate on someone else’s joy and happiness.

Yolanda on

The man is just. Happy and excited about his. Babies. So. What if it sounds. Corny to u!!!!

Anonymousity on

You call this a “Daily Dose of Cute”? More like a Daily Dose of Foolishness. So sick of “celebrities” getting so much credit for things that the rest of us do every day. And hearing Nick Cannon brag about voluminous amounts of gifted baby clothes and table/chair tea sets from Jay Z & Beyonce is irritating. These people are so out of touch with reality and the rest of the world.

Ros on

It would probably be more exciting to you if there was something negative to be said about Nick and Mariah. That would be considered news to you!! I hear so much more than what you’re actually saying. Learn how to be happy when there is something to be happy about, if you do not know how to do that, ask GOD or a Mental Health Professional to show you how. With all the turmoil that’s going on all around us, we need some good news.

elizabeth on

it’s a baby blessing for both nick and his beautiful wife. they both are new to parenthood so what up with all this jelousy dose that mean they are cut off from society because they talk about their baby clothes and there gift everybody do especially new parents.there are some jelous people out there they will try to break everything but this family…sorry u guys just cant touch congrats to the happy and new parents to be all the best.

cc on

As far as Nick is concerned MariH is the only pregnant woman in the world HIS WIFE and that is how he is supposed to feel. Nick is so proud of his wife having their babies. I dont understand why some of you people are so negative. If you dont like reading about them stay off the blog and dont read the stories. I sense a FEW PEOPLE BEING SO JEALOUS HERE get a grip they are famous and wealthy.

kim on

Is it me or has this woman been pregnant for about 38 months?

WTH on

Yes everyone gives birth but are you famous? NO so sorry if Mariah gets special attention. She has had miscarriages in the past so this is a BIG accomplishment for her! Obviously Nick loves Mariah! so yes he would say that! Honestly I think yall need to get a life and go hate somewhere else!

slawson on

So many misable women just looking for a good man to love you like Mariah’s Nick, huh? Wow…his wife is his world, can you imagine that? My husband is the same way, do you want to hate me too? A first pregancy is a HUGE deal for a couple. It’s all they talk, live, and breath.

I know you can’t stand that Nick is so in love, and Mariah is beautiful and pregnant. But, for the love of God and Jesus, get over it and then get a life. Losers!!!