Look for Less: Mason Disick’s Cool Plaid

04/19/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

My mom, my date!

On April 11, Mason Disick looked oh-so dapper as he accompanied mom Kourtney Kardashian (as well as grandmother Kris Jenner and aunts Kim, Khloé, Kendell and Kylie) to Redbook‘s celebration of its first-ever family cover — featuring the famous brood — at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

The almost 16-month-old wore Burberry‘s Infant Torfa Check Shirt ($95), H&M jeans and Atlanta Mocassin lace-up loafers.

Love Mason’s classic ensemble?

You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $15!


Courtesy Target


We just love little boys in plaid. For a style like Mason’s, try the Woven Shirt ($10) from Genuine Kids from OshKosh. It’s lined with chambray so you can dress it up or down.


Courtesy Kohl’s


There’s nothing more classic than Levi‘s five-pocket jeans. Get your tyke a well-made pair of the Red Tab 569 ($13). They work at the playground or for a lunch with mom and dad.


Courtesy Target


Sturdy shoes are important for toddling boys. Check out the Brown Boat Shoes ($15) by Genuine Kids by Oshkosh. Not only will they keep your tot steady, they’ll take his outfits up a notch.


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Capri on

Lol, what a handsome little man!!

Rae on

Wow, he’s looking more like his father, with his faces!

joan on

Mason looks mad…must be nice to spend 95.00 on a babys shirt..i guess when you have soooooooooooooo much $$$$$$ anything goes..she should give some to charity

Angela on

Joan, spending $95 on a kid’s shirt is not that big of a deal. My husband and I are not millionaires and could easily pay that for a kid’s shirt, but choose not to. I’ve seen way more extravagant purchases for kids than that. And she has him in H&M jeans, so pairing him with something designer and something affordable. Very cute!

Jillian on

What a cutie!
Joan, spending $95 on a shirt for this family is not a big deal. People who don’t even have CLOSE to as much money as them, spend that much on a shirt for their child. But the comment that confuses me the most, is why they need to donate money to charity just because they buy a shirt at this price??

Meghan on

What a cutie, I think he’s one of the cutest kids. Love the outfit too

mochababe73 on

@Joan, I would really like to know how is it that you know that they don’t give to charity. Unlike some, they may choose to give anonymously like alot of other people. Or, like her sister, she donated the proceeds from the sales of her son to charity.
And, it’s her money. I detest when people think that the wealthy should always give, give, give. It’s there money to give and do as they please. I say more power to them. It’s those types of people that keep the economy moving. Besides, whenever they create or endorse a product, they are providing people with jobs. Their television shows provide people with jobs.
Anyway, Mason is looking more like his father everyday, and they dress him like his father as well. Even though I am not a fan of Scott, he has a wonderful sense of style.

J-Lin on

He does look cute, but he’s starting to look like his dad!

Toya L. on

He is a cute version of his father.

Shannon on

Personally I think the cheaper versions are cuter. I get that some people can afford a $95 shirt for a toddler, but seriously? The kid can only wear it for such a short amount of time and with way toddlers eat that shirt is bound to get stains all over it. Maybe I’m too practical, lol!

JMO on

with his hair slicked back like that he def. looks like his daddy lol

meme on

Beautiful mother and son. I am having a boy soon…wouldn’t I love to have his hand-me-downs. haha. Kid would be better dressed than myself.

sunny on

The kid looks 100% Kardashian to me!!

Annie on

Kourtney looks oddly like Michelle Obama here. That’s quite a compliment for Kourtney, I’d say 😉

alicejane on

While I don’t really care if Kourtney spends $95.00 on Mason’s shirt (her money, her choice) it’s likely that a lot of what Mason wears is given to Kourtney because the designer knows Mason will be seen in it and it will generate interest. Anyway, if everyone was unwilling to splurge on some of the more expensive items the economy would never recover.

Anyway… Mason is adorable and is looking more and more like Scott! Though I prefer the way he’s dressed to the way Scott usually is. 😉

mmh on

ITA the cheaper versions are cuter!!!! Good work CBB!!

Shay on

Mason is a cutie!

Who cares how much the shirt cost? She earned it and if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to give ANY of her money to charity. I don’t get why we think as fans we have the right to tell anyone what they “should” do. I bought my baby a pair of True Religion jeans, she may not even wear them but it’s my money to spend. I earned it.

Ashley on

Way to go Shay, well said
And Annie: really??

Lynda on

Mason is a cutie!

Meghan on

exactly, who cares how much it costs! it’s her hard earned money to spend however she chooses. people need to mind their own business

Ally on

Preach it Shay! Totally agree with you!

ecl on

Oh, this fight again. Every day with this. One side saying that rich people are better, smarter, and harder working than the poor and middle class and that people without money should eat rocks for all they care and then the people on the other side saying that it would be nice if there was more income equality in the US. For the record, the rich aren’t the ones who keep the economy going because there aren’t enough of them and they save most of their money. The middle class keeps the economy going because when they get money they go out and spend most of it. Trickle down economics was proven false quite a while ago.

elle on

LOL, he’s starting to take after dad with the slick do!

Jillian on

“One side saying that rich people are better, smarter, and harder working than the poor and middle class and that people without money should eat rocks for all they care and then the people on the other side saying that it would be nice if there was more income equality in the US.”

Eel, who on earth said this????????

daniela on

With those preppy duds he’s looking more like his father. He just needs a baby sweater thrown over his shoulders! LOL!

laughingoutloud on

he’s such a little man now! he has the same little serious face as my nephew. love it.

side note..she could have been given the shirt as a gift, or for publicity, or any other hundred reasons. I think it’s so funny when people get up in arms over what other people spend. She isn’t filing for bankruptcy, so let her be. 🙂