Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: We Want Four Kids

04/18/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Tori Spelling isn’t letting “shockingly” awful morning sickness during her current pregnancy keep her from already wanting another child.

“It’s funny,” Spelling, 37, recently told PEOPLE. “We always knew we wanted a big family and we always said we wanted three. But since we got pregnant this time, four keeps popping into my head, and [my husband] Dean [McDermott] says the same thing.”

Echoes McDermott: “When I found out about number three, I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a fourth. It’s really funny. It just clicked. We want more!”

But before getting to a fourth little one, the Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings stars – and parents to Liam, 4, and Stella, 2½ – are busy preparing for another child, whose sex will remain a mystery.

“I feel okay right now,” says Spelling, who’s due in October. “I was really, really sick the first three months – morning, noon and night. It was much worse than during my other pregnancies. It was hard. They always say it gets better after the first trimester, and it did. It’s getting better. I’m still tired and everything, but I love being pregnant.”

Now that the sick spells are over for the most part, Spelling says she’s enjoying the perks of another pregnancy.

“I eat everything when I’m pregnant,” she says. “Who cares about carbs when you’re pregnant? You’re going to get big no matter what. I’m just constantly hungry. I feel like I’m definitely more hungry than the first two pregnancies.”

Luckily, Spelling says she doesn’t have the desire to munch on anything bizarre.

“I don’t have crazy cravings,” she says. “I haven’t eaten anything like dirt or cigarette ashes. You hear about women eating those things or chalk. I’ve never had any crazy cravings.”

— Dahvi Shira

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em on

They will have 4 kids once she has this baby. Dean’s ex wife is so much better off without him.

B.J. on

Yeeeah, this will be Dean’s 4th kid… So if the number 4 pops up into HIS head, I guess he’s done?

Sarah on

Dean already has 4 kids if you count Lola too…

I think they mean they want 4 children together. Tori + Dean = child

Shannon on

Wow, I feel awful for his oldest son!

Shannyn on

Lola isnt his kid at all, he seperated from her whilst in the mddle of the adoption, and she went on and carried the adoption through by herself because he opted out.

Ann Marie on

Well, with such spectacular genes, why the heck not?

Sam on

My thoughts exactly! It’s odd how that works, isn’t it? One day, not too far from now, Tori will be saying “we’re having our 5th child”. Her others will be 10, 8, 5 and 3……… Dean will be back in his home country saying “We’re having our first child” Jack will be about 18, Liam 10, Stella, 8…….

Once a cheater……..

Grace-2 on

This is Dean’s fourth child – well, technically fifth but he abandoned one of them – so I have no idea why he’s talking as if he only has two kids now. What a jerk.

Kelly on

They don’t seem to mention Dean’s older son anymore in their interviews. And yes, he opted out of the adoption in the middle of the process because he started an affair with Tori. His ex-wife proceeded and decided to raise the kid on her own. I read an article where she said that explaining the whole situation to Lola would be a lot harder than explaining to Jack since Dean first wanted the child and then changed his mind.

Karen on

Uugh, that whole first family he had stinks for his ex & those 2 kids. I feel bad for them, but they are so better off. Dean seems like a real tool. I saw him on a talk show & I nearly fell asleep.

krewcat on

I really have never liked him and Im kinda shocked they are still together…

Yea and having 4 kids is pretty hard work…the jump from 3 to 4 was the hardest…oh but they have countless nannies at her disposal so it would be different for them..

Sam on

hahahahaha You peeps are making Sam laugh out loud for real!

Tori is in her own little world when she says ‘we’re having our 3rd child’. Technically she is correct, but where is her thinking, her compassion, her sense of ‘family’ to very easily say ‘4th’, thereby including young Jack. As for Lola she is the only lucky one, though Mary Jo is right, it will be hard to explain it to her when she is older.

One day Liam, Stella and ‘our third baby’ will be the ‘steps’ and we’ll see how Tori handles it…..

Sorry, sad, but true.

klutzy_girl on

Aside from not mention of Jack, am I the only one getting potential twins hints right now? She said on Twitter they weren’t having twins, but Mariah and Nick said the same thing.

Heather on

He is SUCH a spooky looking man. Sorry. I had to say it.

em on

I thought twins too. I was thinking that because she said she had never been this sick before when she was pregnant. I was carrying twins and one stopped growing and did not make it – but I was very very sick for the first 3 months. Although I could not imagine that if they were expecting twins she would not already know, and that she would not find out the gender. If it is twins I bet they find out the gender but won’t tell, and then like Mariah and Nick won’t say its twins until further along. For them I think it will be for more publicity.

Jillian on

His comments above are one of the many reasons I can’t stand this man. Another article where Jack isn’t mentioned….even by his father! So sad. I am glad Lola has nothing to do with this.

Emily on

Maybe Jack’s mother doesn’t want his name in the tabloids all the time…

Grace-2 on

Emily: Dean doesn’t have to mention Jack’s name to tabloids to count him in the number of children he has. Acknowledging that this is his fourth child and not his third doesn’t even require the use of Jack’s name.

Romy on

I thought it seemed they were hinting at twins right now, or at least would love to have people speculate it. I don’t find it offensive when they say they might want 4. I just think it means 4 together. Of course he knows Jack is his child.

Anna on

She is just talking and for her it will be her 3rd child. I don’t think it’s strange at all.

ReedFla on

His beady eyes creep me out.

Ann Marie on

He looks like some kind of sociopathic stalker.

Juliet on

Yes, Dean has a child from his first marriage which makes Tori his step mother but that’s not her child and she doesn’t have to include him in her child count. He spends the majority of time with this mother if any time with them at all. Jack’s mother probably doesn’t want the media attention and I don’t even think they live that close to each other. I don’t think Dean would ever leave Tori because without her no one would ever know who he is. Count Jack lucky.

Amanda on

I guess I don’t really blame Tori for not ‘including’ step kids when talking about how many children she wants…but Dean himself said ‘when we found out about number 3’ and ‘we really want to have a 4th’….wow…just wow. Like everyone else said, he doesn’t have to mention his other son by name, but at least say “This is number 4 for me and I’d love a 5th…”

Allison on

I agree with Krewcat, transitioning from 3 to 4 is the hardest. One would think that it is 2 to 3 since the parents are outnumbered, but my fourth is a month old and it has been the toughest.

To those criticizing Dean for saying 4, he never really said that, Tori did. My husband is in a terrible situation with his ex-wife who has brainwashed his children into opting out of visits even though they have fun once they’re actually here and get over how their mother is telling them to feel about staying with us. It is easier for him to tell people he has 4 kids because he doesn’t want to answer questions about where the other 2 are.

We don’t know the whole story. I mean I’ve always though Dean’s opting out of the second adoption was sleazy, but maybe he was having marital troubles and didn’t want to bring another child into it yet she went through with it anyway? Just don’t be so harsh on the guy without knowing the whole story.

Mandy on

Apparently there were twins, not just one daughter he didn’t adopt: McDermott was born in Toronto, Ontario. He married fellow Canadian and TV presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace in July 1993. Their son Dakota Jordan David was born on October 10, 1998. In July 2005 they adopted twin newborn daughters: Lori Alice Karen and Joni Margaret Lisa.

McDermott has joint custody of his son only, opting to not move forward with the adoption of his daughters.

Jillian on

Amanda, Dean sees his child, Jack….so to not include him the follow statement is disgusting, “Echoes McDermott: “When I found out about number three, I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a fourth. It’s really funny. It just clicked. We want more!”

Kristine on

Two fools……

RKF on

Wow — this article is being nitpicked, and over-analyzed over wording. It’s obvious they’re discussing the children between THEM as a couple. Clearly Dean’s other child is not Tori’s, thus why would she include him (when discussing how many children she wants to have??) It’s a given he has a son from a previous marriage, but since the interviewer is asking questions about his present relationship, I imagine he’d answer based on that.

georgette on

She is ugly and every time she opens that big mouth of hers, she gets uglier. Dean, learn how to count, you have 3 kids already, stop trying to be so Hollywood, you are a nobody.

Donna on

Tori and Dean were talking about their ‘biological’ children together as a couple.
That doesn’t dismiss the fact that Dean has an older son whom I’m sure he loves and has a relationship with.
It’s always sad when kids are not blessed with one set of loving parents for life, but, let’s be real, is that really the case for many of them these days?

dsfg on

Mandy, the adoption wasn’t final when Dean and his wife divorced. His ex ended up adopting her daughter as a single parent. Dean really didn’t have a choice (although he could have chosen NOT to have an affair while trying to adopt a baby).

That said, yeah, his comments on here sound a little wrong, as if he isn’t expecting his fourth child already.

Romy on

where did those names come from Mandy? Jack is his son and Lola is the daughter he didn’t adopt

CAB on

Oh well love is blind to everyone but the neighboors!

Amy Y on

Am I the only one that finds this couple sweet and loving parents to all of their children? I didn’t like Tori before her shows with Dean but they really show a very soft, funny side to her. She is really blending well considering the life she was raised in. And IMO I think they don’t talk much about Jack due to his parents agreement, but I have seen Tori talk about him very lovingly.

I am very dissapointed that you people will give Kate Hudson a break on her first marriage not working out but Dean had to stay in a marriage that wasn’t working out and adopt baby(ies) to boot! People should really rename this website “Judgements for Celebs, Whats Your Take on their private lives”

Molly on

Tori seriously needs to learn basic math. She has said in previous statements that she learned she was pregnant on Valentine’s Day (which is when I also learned I was pregnant) yet she keeps saying she has been suffering with morning sickness for three months. Unless she had morning sickness for an entire month before she found out she was pregnant (which I highly doubt since this is her 3rd pregnancy), she’s most likely only had morning sickness for two months, not three.

Hea on

Don’t they mean together? As in children with each other?

Grace-2 on

@Allison: Yes Dead did say it. If you go back and read the article again you’ll see that Tori first says that, and then Dean chimes in and says it too.

mmh on

I thought their inability to count children was odd too in this interview…

Monica on

You people need to get lives and leave Dean and Tori alone. You all have made some horrible comments about people you don’t even know. Would you talk that way about your family, coworkers, or neighbors?? Would you like people to talk that way about you?? I mean who doesn’t love being called ugly and a bad parent in one fell swoop?? Really nice- you all should be proud.

I am happy for them and their 3rd baby (Yes- 3rd baby TOGETHER!!!) I love watching their shows and they seem very real and very nice. In fact, I bet they wouldn’t make horrible comments about you and your family if you were posted on the internet for the world to see.

Sam on

Everybody calm down! In 4 years (or less) Liam, Stella and this child will be the step children. Unless there is a pre-nup (do soul mates have those?) Tori and Dean will stray……… Then we’ll see how many children ‘we’ have. Sorry, sad, but true.

As for Mandy – hilarious!!! Way to stir the pot. lol

Kari on

I’d like to say that my husband and I are expecting “OUR” 3rd biological child together. He has a child from a previous marriage. We never say “our third, his fourth.” We just say “our 3rd.” Much like Tori and Dean, my step-child resides with her biological mother. She is 1,400 miles away and we see her twice a year. Does that make her any less my husband’s child? Of course not! But we do not count her as “our 4th” because she is not ‘ours.’ I’ve heard my husband tell co-workers that he is having his 4th child this summer, which is true. But I do not say “our 4th–” why would I?

Just my two-cents…but I see why Tori & Dean used the wordage they did.

Jillian on

Amy Y, not sure how you can compare Kate Hudson’s marriage to Dean’s marriage. Dean was in the middle of adoption/having a child with his wife when he cheated on her with Tori. Last time I checked Kate did NOT do this.

Monica, If Tori or Dean were my family or friends, yes i would tell them exactly how I feel. I don’t condone cheating. It is disgusting. If you are unhappy in a marriage….LEAVE.

My cousin’s husband has a son and when people ask him how many children they plan on having he says, two children, so we will have one more. It makes no sense to leave out the child already born.

Terri on

I was thinking twins as well. But good for them if they want four kids together, five total. They seem to love being parents.

Amy Y on

Jillian, good to know your the boss of everyone and your opinion is the only one that counts.
By the way, the only person who knows what is going on in a marriage is ones’ own self and their spouse. I don’t pretent to know about anothers and I don’t butt in with my silly rules of marriage and life! Wow, have you ever heard of glass houses?

Toya L. on

I think they could have definitely worded it differently but I do get the jest of their meaning, it still seems like an unintentional slap in the face. I don’t watch their show but I don’t see them divorcing anytime soon, I think they are in it for the long run, they were obviously married to people they didn’t want to be with and picked a sucky way of starting off a relationship.

Angel on

Wow. These celebrities can’t win with you guys. I find it interesting that Gisele Bundchen counts her stepson as her own and everybody freaks out; Tori doesn’t and everybody freaks out. I personally think Tori worded things just fine and I also think they are hinting that it’s twins.

JMO on

In there defense I swear one time they talked about Jack not being int he public eye. They were filming their show and Jacks face was blurred out bc his mother (Dean’s ex) did not want them filming Jack or having him shown on tv. That’s one reason why I think you rarely see him or hear about him bc they have been ask to publicly not talk about him that much. Although you do see him occasionally at events with Tori and Dean it’s rare.

Adrienne on

It’s funny how nobody flips out that these articles NEVER mention Gavin Rossdales oldest child and only ever mentions Kingston and Zuma as if Daisy doesn’t even exist…same thing, right?

Jillian on

Amy, Where did I say that my opinion is the only one that matters/counts….I am waiting….. My opinion doesn’t make me “the boss.” They started their relationship while he and his wife were in the process of adopting a baby. I didn’t make this up…couldn’t and wouldn’t. You say you don’t butt in on peoples marriages….but you mention Kate Hudson, that is a bit hypocritical now, wouldn’t you say!

Oh, and I have never actually heard of anyone having a glass house….have you 😉

meghan on

adrienne, no not the same thing. Gavin did not raise his daughter (he didn’t even know Daisy was his daughter until she was a teen). Dean has been Jack’s dad from day one.

JMO, not showing Jack on TV is different from not mentioning him in conversation. Plus you can say three kids, fourth on the way without saying Jack’s name at all.

Angel, my problem is DEAN saying number three, not Tori. He sounds like just every other jerk who cares more about his second family then the one he laft behind. This is Tori’s third. Dean’s fourth.

showbizmom on

I know I’m late to the game, but what’s the deal with Dean and his ex wife? I really have no idea. I don’t mean to sound rude, but in Hollyweird they aren’t necessarily on the radar of the “A list” gossip we usually hear at lunch or picking up kids at school. What’s going on?

Grace-2 on

@Amy Y: There’s a difference between being in an unhappy marriage and then leaving and doing what Tori and Dean did which was to cheat on their spouces and then, in Dean’s case, to abandon the child he was in the procss of adopting.

And your comments towards Jillian make no sense. You’re the one who is on here acting like the only people who have a right to an opinion are the ones who agree with you and you’re the one who is lecturing other people about how they should behave.

Toya L. on

Tori was the woman he left his wife for, there were plenty of others.

eternalcanadian on

Wow, that’s kind of cold. “I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a fourth.” Did Dean disown his first child, Jack? Does Tori not consider Jack part of the family? I mean he is the half-brother of Liam, Stella, and the upcoming baby, right? So that makes four children. If Tori had said, “I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a FIFTH” then that would have been much nicer, eh?

I did think at first Lola (the chosen daughter that was in the middle of arriving when Dean left Mary-Jo) was Dean’s daughter and his name was on the adoption applications, etc., but it turns out Mary-Jo removed Dean’s name so legally he is not Lola’s other parent. Can’t imagine how one would explain that kind of situation when she’s old enough and wondering why Dean “didn’t want her.”

I’m not liking this family much any more as they seem to simply not count Jack in any of those PR things they do about wanting four children after this third child arrives when they already have four kids.

Sam on

@showbizmom – Google ‘Mary Jo Eustace’ and you’ll be up to date! Dean was married to her, cheated on her because he found his ‘soul mate’ (in two weeke?) with Tori. Mary Jo has been raising Jack and Lola, (DEAN wanted his name off Lola’s adoption certificate), first in Ontario (where I am from) and also in California. She’s a good person, hilariously funny and was very hurt, as one can only imagine. Mary Jo has moved on and I wish her the best. This ‘wonderful couple, Tori AND Dean’, caused much pain to both their ‘at the time spouses’. Shame on them for even considering to be a ‘happy family’ now after causing so much selfish pain. As someone above said ‘if you are not happy, LEAVE, don’t CHEAT’.

Rza on

They are such a gross couple, ignorant fame whores. Good job Aaron Spelling for raising such a champ, you really got the values right.

Toya L. on

@Sam I’m glad she finally moved on after wasting so much time with this habitual cheater, kudos to her.

Sam on

@Toya – so very true. I’ve ‘known’ Mary Jo and Dean since way back, loved her cooking show “What’s For Dinner”, she’s too funny. Dean was on it a couple times playing his part perfectly, just like he does now. So many ‘sayings’ for this couple ‘time will tell’, and ‘once a cheater….”, and my favourite, “what goes around comes around”.

Mandy on

I found it on Yeah, I know its not the most reliable but most people like to make sure its accurate.

Jillian on

Mandy, anyone can update wikepedia. It is not reliable.

Kristine on

Kari you are as messed up as Tori and Dean. Glad I am not your step child

Toya L. on

If it weren’t for the similar actions of my ex High School sweetheart, I would not have found my husband, “a FAITHFUL, devoted husband and father that shows me that being loyal and making our family happy is as easy as breathing for him”. Hopefully she’ll find someone who is worthy of her & her children because that should be a privilege not an obligation.

Mandy on

Jillian- I know that but there has to be a fan of Dean…………somewhere…………………anywhere. Maybe?


Anyways, those fans like to make sure the wikipedia stuff is correct and remove what isn’t.

Jillian on

Toya, it sounds like you have an amazing husband and I love what you said!! Love it!!

Kari on

Hey Kristine, did it ever occur to you that maybe when I married my husband, he and his ex wife never intended for me to be a parental figure in their daughter’s life? They both made it clear that they were the parent and she didnt need a 3rd one. I’ve been with my husband for 8 years (half of her life),and I still to this day am not informed of even major things that happen in her life. She and her boyfriend broke up? I find out 2 weeks later, even though my husband knew the day it happened. No one informs me of her actions, let alone asks for my opinion.

From my perspective, a step-parent can only do so much. When you’re not included, you’re not included. She has a step-father also, and he’s been informed to leave the parenting to the mother, even though she lives under his roof 99.99999% of the time.

No one expects me to act like her parent, and i’m not. Sorry you think of poorly of me, but until you walk in my shoes, you can’t tell me I have to refer to her as “mine.” Again, she’s NOT. I dont think me saying that is wrong. Her mother would probably throw a fit if I tried to say she was, anyway.

And, Kristine, i’m glad you’re not my step-child either. 🙂

Mrs.B on

As soon as I read this I knew that there is going to be a lot of drama in the comments.

I watched their shows and Dean talks a lot about his son and how watching Liam growing makes him miss Jack so much and Jack was on one or two episodes. Also if you google it there are plenty of pictures of Tori, Dean, their kids and Jack-together.

What is ugly is being judgmental of people you don’t know.

About the adoption again we don’t know the whole situation but I wouldn’t want my ex who is not going to be around and not know the child to be on the birth certificate. For what reason? At the time of separation Dean and his ex wife were only child guardians and not her parents until adoption is finalized usually 6 months later.

K on

When my husband and I started having children, I already had two from my first marriage. We would say “We want four” meaning we wanted to have four children together, along with my two for a total of six. I love how everyone wants to read extras into this. I am sure what was meant was that they want four children together. Being a stepparent is very difficult and when others have called their stepchildren “their” children in the press they have been crucified for it, but Tori is crucified for not counting her stepson, WOW. I have to agree that stepparents are not parents, although Kari I feel very sorry that you are not included in the parenting process. Although i make the decisions for my children, I keep my husband informed and even ask his opinion on certain matters. I cannot imagine how difficult it is when you have your stepdaughter and you don’t have any power.

Grace-2 on

@Mrs.B: Maybe legally a person is not that child’s parent until the adoption is finalized, but in every way that matters they are the parent from the minute the child enters that house. It’s disturbing that you would refer to adoptive parents as child guardians.

But then no more disturbing than to defend cheaters and bash those who have a problem with cheating. So let me get this straight, it’s wrong for us to express a problem with a person cheating and abandoning their child – but it’s okay to actually do the cheating and abandoning. Your morals and values seem quite warped.

showbizmom on

Wow! Thanks for updating me on this. I feel for his son with his first wife and the little girl. We don’t know the in’s and outs, but lets face it, its a sad situation no matter what happened. From what I know about Hollyweird contracts is sometimes, it’s written that kids aren’t to be mentioned or shown on TV. He could be legally bound from talking about his son on TV or interviews or being seen on the red carpet or on their tv show. I’ve never seen their show so I don’t know if he’s done this or not. I wish them all luck.

Mrs.B on

Grace-2, I’m adoptive parent and the minute my son was born I was his mother but by law my husband and I were his gardians. Until the finalization was done we cound’t get a passport for our son(no birth sertificate with our names on) and go on vacation abroad because by law we were not his parents and he was in temp custody of the adoption agancy. Disturbing or not this is the reality of the legal side of an adoption.

Maybe because english is my second language and I didn’t explain myself well but I’m not OK with cheatting that’s why I don’t see the need of him to be on the papers I think the baby is better off without him. Also a divorce during adoption process can be an obstacle for the finalization and create an entirely new arrangments for the adoptive child. Sandra Bullock and JJ were in process of adoption when she found out he was cheating and instead of cutting off the ties with the baby she decided to go for a single parent adoption.

Sam on

@ Toya – beautiful story. I’m in a similar situation so I understand what you are saying. Mary Jo has suffered a lot from a man who was to love her and only her, but he didn’t. MJ (like you and me) is the ‘fortunate’ one and I hope one day she will feel it too. 🙂

Taye on


Anonymous on

I am pregnant with my fourth, and last. I seen the comments saying the transition from 3 to 4 is hardest.. I hope not so much, at least my 2 oldest will be in school. like tori, I am also due in october.

Mama on

Most of you are CRAZY. Who cares if they said its their 3rd child or 11th. It IS THEIR third child. For people to sit there and bash Tori and Dean knowing all the facts of their lives like you know them … you certianly are very caught up in their lives for people that do not like them. The only thing you know is from junk tabloids, what producers want shown on TV and a bitter ex-wife!! grow up!! I’m sure your all so damn perfect!!

Mama on

I agree with you Kari

Jillian on

Mama, you are crazy!

Toya L. on

@Sam & Jillian
Thanks, he is Jillian, especially for putting up with my emotional baggage for the first two years. =)

Sam on

@Mama – IS THAT YOU TORI?????
I’m sure MJ was bitter & very hurt. Her husband cheated on her WITH YOU! Soon, when someone steals this ‘prize’ from you, you’ll see just how ‘bitter’ it feels. For shame.

I’m not saying Tori and/or Dean are not ‘good’ people, great parents, kind people. I’m saying they cheated on their spouses and left a lot of hurt and pain by doing so. It’s hard to see them as such a ‘happy family’ when they left such distruction behind them. Not cool.

Jennifer on

Well 1st off, Tori and Dean seem very in love and happy. And I agree that this article is being split like a pubic hair. Ridiculous. I actually think dean comes off as a wonderful husband to Tori, and wish my hubby treated me with such sensitivity,empathy and warmth as Dean does Tori. I watch the show, and of course its TV and I know that, but wish I could have a love like that. We should all be so lucky. Leave them alone ppl. They are a beautiful family. And I think they make a beautiful couple. He is very handsome. So dont listen Tori to all the bs. You have soo much to be thankful for. God Bless the McDermott family:))


where is Deans other children??? he basically forgot them and left them behind ……….

Sallie Jay on

At least they can afford to pay for raising these all of these kids and not depend on the government for a handout unlike so many who are on Section 8 and living in almost free government housing at the expense of taxpayers like myself.

Second Wife on

We sure have a lot of ?bitter? first wives (or scared they can’t keep their present hubby happy, maybe) but let go & get a life already!

Second Wife on

I think there are alot of first wives here who are “threatened” by the fact that if a man is unhappy he strays! An affair is just an outward symptom of an unhappy marriage!