Pregnant Kate Hudson: I Love Being a Young Mom

04/18/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Jacques Brinon/AP

At 32, Kate Hudson is feeling even younger than she did when she gave birth to son Ryder at the tender age of 24.

“When I had Ryder, I didn’t feel young,” she said Sunday at the press day for her new movie, Something Borrowed.

“I didn’t feel like I was having a baby young … [he was] my family’s first grandkid and to me it just felt normal.”

But, she says, as time passed she realized just how early she’d had children compared to many of her friends.

“As I started getting older, as he started getting older and I was 28, 29, I was like, ‘Wow. I’m a young mom.’ It started hitting me.”

“Now I have a little boy who is just his own person … the baby is really starting to go away and now I’m like, ‘I really was a young mom.'” And, she adds, “I’m so happy that I had a child so young. He is my buddy.”

Another bonus to having children young, she says, is the lack of panic she feels as she gets into her thirties.

“Thirty to me was exciting. But then again, I went into 30 having a child and having been married,” she says. “I have a lot of girlfriends who are in their thirties, haven’t been married and don’t have a kid, and it’s difficult for them because they really want a family.”

She adds, “I think for most girls it’s kind of a weird time. I think 40 is a little bit of a bigger birthday for women.”

— Sara Hammel with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Ann Marie on

She might as well feel proud of being a young mom and beating others in H’wood to that rarest of life events. She will need all the ego boost she can get when she looks back at the memorable rom-coms that mark her career.

Megan on

I’d rather be in her girlfriends’ position and still looking for someone, instead of being known around Hollywood as the girl with the failed marriage who’ll date any guy that comes along

krewcat on

I honestly do not think 24 is young to be a mom! 16,17,18,19 seem young to be a mom…I think alot of people outside Hollywood have kids in their mid twenties…

She seems like a good mom…

micheley on

I really don’t understand why everyone is hating on Kate. I love Kate, and the rest of her family. I think the fact that her and her ex are able to communicate so well and be there for their son shows just how awesome she is. And I love the majority of Kate’s movies. They are entertaining and thats all I ask for, if you want proof of her acting chops, go watch Almost Famous..

Li on

I know exactly how she feels. I had my 1st (of 4) at 25 and didn’t feel like a young mom until recently (at 31) when all of my friends either just started having kids, or haven’t even met the right guy.

I like Kate Hudson, she seems like a great mom, I don’t know why people feel the need to speak so negatively about her.

HJ on

Wow. snarky comments! I don’t really think of mid-20’s as ‘young Mom’ but I know what she means. Most people are waiting until their 30’s.

I had my first at 23 and my second at 24 (almost 25) hope to be well past diapers and rough nights when I hit my mid 30’s…I look forward to that.

B.J. on

I’m nearly 27 and many of my peers are having their first children now or are just getting married. The ones who had babies before 25 definitely seem young to me. I just can’t imagine and give kudos to all who do it. However, I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future! I’m also single, so I don’t think I’ll be having kids until post-30’s, which is how I’d want it either way.

TM on

I had my first child at 25 and I felt young. I wouldn’t change the timing for anything, though.

Can’t wait to hear if Kate is having a girl or a boy!

Holiday on

I dont think 24 is all that young but in Hollywood I suppose it is. I loved being a mom for the first time at 22 and would not have wanted to be any older then that.

nelly on

Im 26 and I still cant imagine having a child now .. I want my one and only child beyond my thirtieth birthday …to me anything before 25 is too young for kids .. I know a 57 year old woman who had all her kids before she was 25 (she had three of them) now that she is divorced and the kids dont pay any attention to her she is acting the way she was supposed to act in her twenties running around and partying with all types of men now that she is this age …enjoy your twenties if kids come along enjoy them but also remember to enjoy YOUR life…

Eye Roll on

A young mom as opposed to an old mom. Dolt!!!

Jillian on

To her she feels like a young mom. I agree with her. Most of my friends began having kids 30or older. I don’t think that’s old…..but it isn’t a young mom.

I never understand why people bash her for her relationships. She was married and had a child. Got divorced. Dating a few guys and is now in a serious relationship having a baby. Some people do not want to remarry or ever marry. Maybe I am missing the bad things she has done.

daniela on

She’s so annoying.

tara on

Had my first at 22 and my second at 25 and am happy with the decision to have kids young. I think the young vs. old debate is ridiculous. Everyone either has kids when they’re ready, or they deal with it if they come along when they’re not. The beautiful thing is that humans are adaptable. Young parents have certain attributes to contribute, and older parents have another set of attributes. As long as the kids are cared for, loved and raised to be good human beings, what does the numerical value of their parents age matter?

Anna on

25 is young nowadays, average age for a woman having her first child is 29 in my country. I’m 31 and still can’t imagine having a child so it just depends on the person.

JM on

Jillian it’s because she’s a woman. i agree with you that i really can’t see what she has done that isn’t what thousands of other men and women do every day. she got divorced and after dating is now looking to a future with someone else. i can guarantee if she was a guy people would not be judging her like this… it’s sad really.

Grace-2 on

@Micheley: I don’t see any hate for Kate here. I see people who are expressing disapproval towards certain things she has done – that’s not hate, that’s disapproval. It’s so sad that some people can’t see any shades of gray – you either have to blindly agree with everything a celebrity does and worship them as if they are perfect or be accused of hating them. It’s ridiculous and it makes you sound simple minded.

Ann Marie on

The novelty and specialness of having children young wears off when they are teenagers. In the end, it is how you perceive your life and achievements. For anyone boasting having kids young, I hope for your sake that you have something else that fills your days with grace and fulfillment.

Take it from a 62-year old woman whose youngest (of 4) is now 34. They all have their lives and begrudging call some Sundays. If I had known then what I know now, I would have developed a life beyond children much earlier in life.

Mia on

24 or younger is young-esp. now with more people going off to college/staying in school-and graduating at 22, 23, 24…..etc. And now with the economy-it’s not the same when people got married at 21-etc + moved out on their own.

A lot of 23, 24 year olds are not married with kids-I’m only 22…can’t imagine being married with kids–that’s something I’m not ready for, for a long time.

I hope the baby to be is healthy-and maybe a girl–but I don’t see the likes of her + her boyfriend’s relationship….it seems very much like a casual/oops situation, or as they said-“Dealing with the unplanned situation”–congrats.

OneLove on

@Grace-2: Can you really, genuinely be disappointed by actions that don’t affect you in the least from a person you will never probably meet? Is there even a point in dissecting her choices? Being judgemental is such an ugly quality to have… I feel sorry for you 😦

Shawna on

I consider 24 to be a young mom. Many women are waiting until 30s or 40s to have children now. I had my first at 21, my second at 23, and my third at 26. I am now 31 with a 10 year old, 8 year old, and 5 year old and most of my friends are just startin to have kids. So yeah, I definitely feel like a young mom!

Shannon on

I don’t think she was that young but I do think she was probably too young to get married when she did. Oh well, at least she got a great kid out of it.

Bree on

My husband and I got married just days after my 23rd birthday and will have our first child (knock on wood) in November of this year at the age of 24 (both of us) We were told more than once that we were really getting married young and that we are to young to have kids and I do feel it when I look at my peers who are still single or planning weddings years in advance. My aunt and I will have kids very close in age (less than a year between her youngest and our oldest) and she is 11 years older than me.

I can 100% appreciate what she is saying. My husband and I do question if we are to young at times, but we have been together for 5 years and lived together for 4. Due to circumstances of our childhoods we grew up alot faster than most of our peers and have never truly fit in with our age group because of it and want to give our kids the childhood we lost and part of that is being younger parents and able to be the hands on parents that we never had partly because of our parents ages. There are pros and cons to having kids at every age, and it totally depends on the people. My aunt could never have handled kids at my age and she is the first to admit it and I dont think I could be 35 and trying to take care of a 6 year old, 2 year old and a newborn.

Trisha on

I got pregnant with twins at 20 and had them at 21. Now at almost 28 with 6 1/2 year olds, I think back and realise that I was very young.

But at the time I didn’t think I was young. Age is just a number. I was mature for my age and to this day I often wonder how I did it.

But then I think, I did it for my babies. I am now a single mother, and have been since they were 2. I will be graduating from teachers college in 2 weeks! It’s about maturity and life experiences. I was blessed with these two gifts. I often joke that I will be 30 with two 9 year olds. lol

Jennifer on

Having left home at 17 and moving to another country at 21, I think it’s fair to say I was more mature at 25 (when I had my first child) than a lot of people. We all grow and mature differently, young and old are relative.

I just had my second at 32 and it’s actually a lot harder for me at this age than it was back then. I’m further along in my career and having to step back now has been harder than it was then. It breaks my heart when I think of all my friends with their bachelors and masters degrees that they are still paying for, sitting at home for the next 10 years with their babies, and how hard it will be for them to try and get back in the work place approaching 50.

Jennifer on

I know exactly what she is saying. I had my first at 25 and my second at 31. I find that I am one of the younger moms in my oldest child’s group of “mom friends”. Most of my friends from high school and college are just now having their first children (in their 30’s).

M on

24 for IS very young for 2011. Most people wait until they finish graduate school with a master’s degree, and the ones who don’t get a master’s degree get at least a bachelor’s degree and they wait a few years after graduation to save up money. That’s the way it should be, not with high school drop out teen moms or young non-teen (18-22) moms with minimum wage jobs who will probably at one point be on welfare.

Bancie1031 on

WOW a lot of people hating on Kate! I personally like Kate and I don’t see why so maybe people are being ugly …..

I don’t think she was that young when she had Ryder … I was 21 when I had my daughter and now at 31 I’m trying for my 2nd child (this time it isn’t SO easy to get pregnant 😦 ) Everyone has their own opinion, but to me personally I honestly don’t think 24 is young to start a family.

Shelley on

I think either way you go is fine, every family is different. I had my first at 20 and my second at 24 (tied my tubes after that) and I’ve loved it. I’m 27 now and my almost 7-year-old and I are buddies. I have felt kinda young at times to have so much responsibility but I will also be relatively young when they’re grown up and moved out which leaves plenty of time to have for myself and with my husband. I like what Ani DiFranco said once, which was something along the lines of either have them really young or wait until later in life, because either way you get a chance to have plenty of time for yourself.

Melody on

M, you’re a douchebag.

Holiday on

M my husband and I were BOTH 22 when we had our first ( we are now 27 with 2 kids) and we BOTH graduated from college with a bachelors degree. He went to UC Davis which is one of the best colleges in California. He has a great job that pays enough where I do not even have to work and get to stay at home with our kids. We own a nice house in a great neighborhood and our 5 year old is enrolled in private kindergarden. So that snotty comment you made about moms 18-22 who will be on welfare at some point is not true! BTW you sound like an old, jealous and bitter lady who probably doesnt have kids or had them way later then all of her friends.

Holiday on

Oh and M I just did a search on how many people in the USA get a masters degree and its just 9%~ So you are an idiot to say “most people get their masters degree before having kids”

Momof3girls on

I had my first daughter the day after my 23rd birthday, my second daughter three weeks before my 37th and my third daughter 5 months before my 39th….I didn’t think I was sooo young when I had my first one until now when my other daughters friends Mom’s comment on how young I was when I had my first child….I still don’t think I was that young, I was married and had been an Aunt most of my life…and back than, alot of the people I went to high school were having kids too….I know now it’s different, 23 isn’t what it was back than…as far as Hollywood norm, 24 is pretty young…

Kirsha on

I was married 2 week before my 20th birthday and had my son when I was 21. I will admit that I have struggled all his life, BUT now that he is a teenager I feel like I am 29 with a 15 year old. he has made me feel young again, I have enjoyed seeing him grow up. MY POINT is that I literlly put my life on hold to raise my son and now I am going back to school and getting my degree, BECAUSE I know that he will be gone doing his own thing and I am still young enough to enjoy what else life has to offer. I could not image having a baby now or even when I am in my 40’s I liked the timing of my son.
Like many posters have pointed out every person is different, all that matters is when YOU are ready to bring a child into your life.

Cricket on

A young mom is going to say having children young is best and an older mom is going to say older is best. I personally think having children near or after 40 is crazy but that’s just me…I had mine at 25 & 30. Other women I went to school with had theirs very young and are already grandmothers in their 40s. Of course I think 25 & 30 is best.

Ruthella on

I had my first baby at 22, once I’d got my degree, and I did feel quite young. Probably because I went pretty much straight from full time education to motherhood and my husband is two years younger than me so he was still studying. However, I’d always wanted to be a young mum and neither of us would change a thing 🙂

Now that our third is about to start school though, I must admit that it’s quite nice not always being the ‘young parents’ at school meetings and parties, which I didn’t really like with our first two kids. And it’s lovely finally having friends who are parents too!

Hea on

24 is hardly a “tender age”.

Meghan on

I’m 25 and pregnant with my first. I think everyone is different and what works for one person doesn’t for another. Different strokes for different folks, that’s what makes the world go round! For me, I feel like I am at the perfect age to have my first but I know a lot of my friends have said they wouldn’t consider having children until atleast 30, and if that works for them then great.

My doctor told me that physically the healthiest age is when you are in your 20’s, which I think we all know, but that doesn’t take into account other aspects of health such as the emotional side. Do what works for you and your family, people should have children when they are good and ready, whenever that may be

Jillian on

Holiday, Where did you get your statistics from?

Shelley on

M- When I wound up pregnant with my first baby at 20 I changed my degree program from a degree in English to a certificate in medical transcription so I could work from home and I have done that ever since. We may not be loaded but between my income and my husband’s income we are plenty able to provide for our two children. We’ve never been Welfare. I do however plan on going back to college when they’re a little older.

Terri on

24 certainly seems young to me, but I’m 33 and unmarried.

Traci on

Don’t be hating on Kate Hudson. What’s wrong with her having another baby? Huh tell me. I can’t stand for people to belittle someone.

I’m happy for her. She’s seems like a wonderful mother.

Go Kate – you’re the best.

Alicia on

LOL, I love how everyone is trying to one up each other on here. It’s so sad. Anyone can have a kid—wow congratulations, you had sex—it takes everything you have to truly be a good parent.

pammy on

I am 49 – will be 50 in Nov. My oldest will be 30 in Dec, the second will be 26 in June, and my “baby” will be 23 in Aug. I have five grandchildren – 7, 5, 4 (well will be in June) 3.5, and 9 months and another due in August. I was definitely a young mom – and now I am a young grandmother. Wouldn’t change it for anything.

JMO on

IMO under 25 is young to have kids. I have a cousin who is the same age as me and has a 7 1/2 year old and it feels odd to see her with a child that old lol. I am 27 and I can’t imagine having kids. I am still trying to figure out who I am. I feel like I can’t do so until I am in a financially and emotionally better position. I know so many who say by 30 they felt like they had lived and done what they needed to do in their 20’s and now it was their time to settle down and do the family thing. I think for sure that will be me too (maybe even mid 30’s).

Jen on

I had my first child at 27. I didn’t feel that I was very young, but most of my peers waited until their 30’s to start families. I do like the fact that I already have two kids by 30. I felt a little jealous when I had two babies and never did anything while my friends were partying, but I wouldn’t change my life. I already had plenty of time to have a carefree life and I doubt a few more years would have changed anything. I also I never fully appreciated time by myself until I became a mom. I don’t get the idea that you give up your dreams and ambitions to have kids young and are left with nothing in the end. That is completely ridiculous. I think that people who feel like having kids is going to end their lives shouldn’t have them! Being a parent is not for everyone. If you don’t want to give up your lifestyle then don’t have kids.

soph on

Holiday, sweetie, I don’t think you get to call anyone an idiot when you leave out apostrophes and write “kindergarden.”

Holiday on

What the hell are you talking about soph?

Holiday on

Oh I get it you think its kinder-garden? Well you are WRONG and who is the idiot now?

Jillian on

Holiday, You must have missed my post. Where did you find the statistics you stated above? And I see Soph’s point went right over your head….. She say’s apostrophes and “kindergarden” and from that you get “kinder-garden.” ????

Lucy on

Actually it’s kindergarten =)
And I think that it all depends on the mother and how well you feel prepared to have a baby. Everyone is different, so to some 24 may seem young.

soph on

“Who is the idiot now?”

Still you, clearly. 🙂

Anonymous on

For the people talking about having kids in their 30’s…do you know you have a biological clock and that your chances of having a Downs Syndrome baby go up dramatically when you hit 35? And concieving is harder too. That is why there is so many large number multiples these days, because of fertility treatments of people who wait too long. I’m sick of seeing sextuplets and quadruplets hanging off these wrinkled old ladies. They want to establish a career and meet Mr. Perfect and be emotionally stable and blah blah. NOTHING about having a kid is easy and you can NEVER be fully prepared.

Having kids in your early 20’s was once a norm. Now everyone feels there is a rule that you have to go out and party and experience all the stupid things college kids do at frat parties which often include, drugs, alcohol, roofies, rape, STD’s and lots of sex and hangovers…NO THANKS. Everyone is so spoiled and modern technologies have pampered everyone to the point of not knowing what its like to experience hardships and ups and downs. Everyone wants the storybook fairy tale happy ending…but it doesnt exist. If you want a kid, have a kid and stop whining and worrying already! Shyt happens! Deal with it!

Ruthella on

Anonymous; you know what, I might not have put it in the exact same way as you there, but I totally agree with a lot of that! I know people who are waiting until they can afford the perfect nursery, designer pram, house with a garden etc etc before they have a baby. We had NONE of that for our first, some of it for our second and all of it for our third and they are equally happy kids!
People are definitely afraid to struggle these days, whereas it was the norm for our parents’ generation.

Mia on

The rate goes up, but it’s just as probable of having various birth defects in your 20’s vs. in your 40’s. It has nothing to do with just being able to “afford the perfect nursery…etc” it’s just about being physically and emotionally ready to have kids-I’m only 22. I have a lot I want to do with my career/life before I have kids, and that’s probably going to be when I’m in my 30’s.

I’m not going to feel bad about that and being more practical on having kids a little bit later because of some “statistics” on what is “biologically healther” in my 20’s….times are changing. Millions of women have kids in their 30’s and 40’s+ and their babies are fine.

I would rather be ready to have kids than not be ready and put my own life on hold for somebody else that I’m not ready for.

Ann Marie on

You might as well celebrate having kids young since that will probably be the crowning achievements of your lives. Both you and it get old fairly quick and blend into the masses.

Anonymous on

Financial gain doesnt ensure a kids happiness. My mom had me when she was old and she NEVER ran around and played with us. I had my child young and I play all sports with him because I have the energy to run around with him…and that is what he is going to remember. That is what he will tell my grandchildren. That was more important to me than waiting for the “perfect opportunity” or the “perfect moment”. You can get fired from a job, replaced, layed off, etc…you can get divorced……there are just so many things that can happen while “waiting”.

M on

Holiday, that’s great, but you are a rare case. Most young mothers are not as fortunate as you. It is undoubtedly better to wait until after you finish college and have been working a few years to have a child. Why would somebody have a child as a teen, during college, or fresh out of college when they have no money? Taking care of a baby is expensive and minimum wage will not cut it. I know many young mothers get financial help from their parents, but its not nice to burden their parents in that way. Its also not nice to burden the tax payers by asking for government assistance. I am against teen mothers and irresponsible young mothers, and as a tax paying citizen I have every right to be. 80% of teenage mothers eventually go on welfare, 55% of all mothers on welfare were teenagers at the time their first child was born, 83% come from poor or low income families, Only 64% of teen moms graduate from high school or earn a general education diploma. This lack of education increases the risk of poverty and welfare dependence by severely restricting a young parent’s opportunity for a lucrative job and financial independence.

Yes, only 9% of american have Master’s Degrees, but remember that I am talking about newer generations, not ALL americans. Obviously education is more important today than it was 50 years ago. My comment also greatly reflects my surroundings. In my neighborhood 66.7% of people have Bachelor’s Degrees and 32.9% have Master’s Degrees.

I don’t have children, but I am no where near old. LOL. I am 24 years old.

M on

“Financial gain doesnt ensure a kids happiness. My mom had me when she was old and she NEVER ran around and played with us. I had my child young and I play all sports with him because I have the energy to run around with him…and that is what he is going to remember. That is what he will tell my grandchildren. That was more important to me than waiting for the “perfect opportunity” or the “perfect moment”. You can get fired from a job, replaced, layed off, etc…you can get divorced……there are just so many things that can happen while “waiting”.”

I agree that financial gain doesn’t ensure a kids happiness, but its does ensure a kid’s education, development, opportunities, etc. I know what you mean about having old parents that were too tired to run around, but the example you are using is an extreme one. Just because 20 is too young, does not mean that everyone should wait until 45 years old. 25-35 sounds about right. Most 25-35 years old are still very active and capable of chasing after energetic children. Even a 40 year old can be healthy, active, and energetic enough to keep up with small children.

You CAN get fired from a job, but if you have a good job, you’ll be making enough money to save for those tough times! When you have a minimum wage job, all or most of that money is going towards living expenses (food, rent, clothes, etc) so you are in BIG trouble when you lose a job, but when you have a high paying job, you have money left over after the living expenses to put aside for emergencies. Stability is the main difference between a young mother (13-22), and and “older” mother (25+). Also, a young mother most likely does not make enough money to buy a house, pay for health insurance for her children, pay for tutoring if need, pay for music/sports lessons, and other things that will enrich the child’s life.

JM on

M don’t you think the problem is more to do with an extremely unequal society with poor social mobility? i mean check the statistics, those areas where the schools are bad and crime is up – higher teen pregnancy rate and poverty.this means there should actually be MORE responsibility on the government and society as a whole to improve conditions for young people living under those kinds of conditions. i can assure you that will aid the amount of people going for higher education before they have kids and reduce the dependency of young parents on the welfare system.

Holiday on

Good point JM! And M I agree that most young people 22 and under cannot afford a baby but we did get help from our parents paying for college, a down payment on a house etc. We could afford kids so we had them early but I agree that if you cant afford them do not have them because I also dont feel like we should foot the bill (welfare). Then again many older moms are on welfare too. My main point is that some young parents can afford it and its offending when people think ALL young parents on our welfare. We have never once had a govt handout. Not welfare, food stamps, WIC, free medical etc.

M on

JM, I do agree that those communities need a LOT of help, and the main cause of the poverty, high crime rates, and high teenage pregnancy rates are due to the lack of education and underdevelopment of the cities, but its unrealistic to think that they can be helped. Our federal government and most of the state governments are in severe debt and there simply isn’t enough money to go around to help them. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even want to help them. Its not my responsibility to take care of a teenage mother and her mistakes. We should cut government assistance to them, maybe it’ll make them think twice about having a child next time around. We shouldn’t be enablers.

Jillian on

Guess it’s a made up statistic…..figures.

Holiday on

Jillian if you google it you can find the answer. Every source is a little different but from 6 to 9 percent of the population has a masters from what I have read.

Mina on

If you lose a job, you lose health insurance provided by your employer, no matter what age you are. Other than that, a baby doesnt HAVE to be expensive. Breastmilk is free. Put them in cloth diapers rather than expensive disposable ones. Buy second hand stuff at a consignment shop or yard sale, because a BABY doesnt car if a high chair is Eddie Bauer or their clothes are Calvin Klien. By the time your kid is old enough to car about brand names, you should have suffient funds saved no matter what your job. People find every contraption to buy thier kids. Instead of a swing, ROCK your baby. Instead of a baby sling, HOLD your baby. I’m not saying kids are cheap…but they are only super expensive if you fall into all this marketing crap. Look at the pioneeers (I am a big Little House on the Prairie fan lol)…they didnt have Bumbo Baby Chairs and walkers equipeed with every rattle, mirror and musical thingys…they taught their kids to walk and entertained their kids themselves. They werent planted in front of a TV and forced to pay a cable bill to do so. They grew up just fine! I’m also a big fan of the Duggar family (look them up if you dont know who they are). They have friendly, loving, well behaved, resposible kids and they grew up frugal. Money doesnt buy happiness. If your (say teenager) is so concerned with what they are wearing, maybe they need to volunteer at a soup kitchen and bring their high maintenece butts back down to a time of helping others and being human! Sorry for the rant lol.

Holiday on

I agree with every word you said Mina!

JM on

i guess things may be different in america but that really does sadden me. considering the accumulated wealth in america it is one of the most unequal and unfair societies.

to be honest if you say that you shouldn’t help people who are born into poverty in america then you are part of the problem. i’m sorry to say that but you are. are you saying that a child who is born into an extremely poor family in say detroit, parents are unemployed, maybe drug addicts or dealers, that basically it’s their fault, nothing to do with you?

i couldn’t live like that. i’m sorry i just couldn’t. again i don’t know if this is a cultural thing and things are just different in america. but you judge a society by how they treat their most vulnerable, not by how selfish everyone can be.

m you would honestly be the first person i have ever met who says that we shouldn’t help people living in poverty. that includes teenagers who have made mistakes, who never had love and guidance in their life btw. seriously i am amazed that there are people who think that…. sorry, there’s no other way i can put it.

holiday, sorry i didn’t mean it to seem that the conditions i described are the same conditions for ALL people who decide to be young parents. of course if you can afford to have kids then it is entirely up to you when you have them and you shouldn’t be judged. there are plenty of people who are lucky and can afford it in their early twenties.

i just meant the reason that TEEN pregnancy rate (and to an extent a young pregnancy rate in general) goes up in a country, is generally because of poverty, not because everyone who has kids young would have chosen that.

Renee on

I am 25 and have just had my first baby. Although I don’t consider 24 or even 25 to be a very young mum I personally think it’s a great age to become a parent. We are married, have a house, have lots of energy and I’m young enough that I can take even 10 years off working full time to raise our children and have another 20+ years of work in me when I eventually go back. For me it’s practical, but it has a lot to do with maturity and maternal instincts. Some women have this from a young age (I really feel that I do) and some don’t discover that side of themselves until they are much older. Have babies whenever you feel you are ready. It’s as simple as that

Jillian on

Not what I found Holiday, which is why I was asking you where you got your statistic from.

Victoria on

I can’t amazing being married with children in my 20’s. I’m 31 now and when I look back I feel like I had no idea what I was doing. Even now, I can’t even fathom having babies right now. However, my best friend had my goddaughter when she was 24 and I felt like she was a young mom, but she didn’t feel that way. I guess it’s all in your mind set and whether or not you are ready to be mom. I think 35ish will be about right for me.

taylor on

Jillian, I found that around 9% of the US population has a Master’s according to the 2004 Census. As for the topic at hand, I like Kate Hudson. Sure, she is free-spirited and dated around but I’m happy she has finally found a man that she felt she could have a lifetime commitment of raising a child together. Best wishes to them and their families!

Pam on

I had my first child at 21 and my second at 25. I’m in my late 30’s now and definitely realize that I was very young. At the same time, I’m glad that’s the choice I made as my kids will be in college around the time I’m entering my 40’s. I couldn’t imagine having the energy to have a child now or even in the last couple of years. When I had my children I liked the idea of really knowing my grandchildren and even great-grandchildren the way my grandparents did. But we’ll see, now that I’m a little more grown-up I hope my kids wait longer than I did.

Susan on

Having a baby in your early 20’s seems so young to me, but then again, I went through years of fertility struggles before I was finally blessed with my son at 35. I got lucky again and had my second child at 37. Do I wish I were younger- you betcha, but that wasn’t how it worked out for me- I’m just thrilled to have my miracles!

Anne Gabrielle Royle on

I know exactly how she feels. I’m a young mom myself, I’m 30 and my eldest son is 11, I had him when I was 19, then at age 24 I had twin girls and when my husband and I had decided we were no longing having kids, I became pregnant again at age 25, and had a baby boy! So at 25 I already had 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls. Now they’re so big, and their friends can’t believe I’m their mommy, because their mommies are all at their 40’s or even 50s. I love this feeling and Love that I have a lot of energy to play with them I never get enough of them!

I love my children, but being a young mom it’s not that impossible, anyone can be, even though it’s hard…. the thing that really makes me proud, is my family itself, the solid family I got to build….. to be happily married with the same man ever since I was 18, this is what is rare/difficult rather than being a young mom! Look at these celebrities who got married young, they all got divorced. Most of my friends who have 2 kids, they are from different fathers, there’s nothing wrong about it, people should always seek their happiness, but personally, I find it sad specially for the kids who always long to see their parents happy together 🙂

anonoymus on

20,30,or 40 what does it really matter as none are an experts when it comes to raisng a child. It is as we all know a huge responsibility and if you have a life of privilage than life is good, the nanny can do the hard stuff, deal with potty training and such and you can dress up your little “buddy” and parade down the street. It is a whole lot different for the person on minimum wage, unmarried with a dead beat dad that finds themselves forced into motherhood with not a lot of help in site. Then the hard times begin for both mom and child. As for the the mr and mrs pitts of the world they may well love the children but all that money sure cannot hurt their lifestyle and i bet they have no trouble getting a babysitter but thats not the real world.

michele on

I wanted to have all of my kids (4 by the way) by the time I was 30. I’m 34 now and we are all at a great stage in life. The kids are all in school and I’ve been married for 12 years. A lot of my friends are still having kids or just starting. My hubby and I will have our last one graduate from school by the time I am 46. It was hard in my late 20’s to juggle but I can not imagine how much harder diapers and the teen years will be in my 40’s and 50’s.

Good luck Kate!

Tammy on

I was 39 when I had my son. I am now 46 and he’s 6 1/2. I wasn’t exactly young when I had him but he’s making me be young now and I love it!

And I don’t understand the digs on Kate dating a lot of guys. She’s single… that’s what single girls are suppose to do.

kkat on

This is an interesting discussion and so glad to see it hasn’t dissolved into something ugly. I wish Kate well and hope the rumors about her new partner are false. Having children in late thirties and early forties seems to be fairly common now. I’m glad I had mine early. I had my last one at twenty nine, first at twenty one.

myself on

M on April 19th, 2011—-Wow, really? You state that having a baby before age 22 means you work a minimum wage job and will end up on welfare? I have my first son at age 21, my second son when I was 24. I have NEVER worked a minimum wage job (and yes I have been working since I was 16) and I have never been on welfare. Have things been easy breezy? NO, but I was married when I was 20 and I still am, and we have worked thru lots of things that life has thrown our way. My kids are a blessing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. My mother had me at age 23 and she is one of my best friends and I knew I wanted to be in my 20s when I had kids. My mother in law had her kids all in her 30s and she said waiting so long was one of her biggest regrets. Personally, I say to each their own. Its a MAJOR life decision on when to have kids. They will affect EVERYTHING you do in life. So stop with the generalizations that young moms are just poor people feeding off the government!

Young Mom on

Some of the posters on here sound so silly and small minded it’s shocking to me. I was a young mom, 19. Now I am 27. I had to alter my “plan”. But never had to work for minimum wage and am back in college. I have been a single mother from the start and I have never been on state funded anything. To generalize makes you look foolish and petty. God has his plan and he is the only one that can judge. So worry about your own paths and stop worrying so much about “mine” (So to speak!)

Kelly on

I had my daughter at 24, and I also felt like it was an extremely young age to have a child. My family is known for not procreating until mid-to-late thirties. I still feel that I was really young, but we’ve managed just fine. And I’m glad now because my husband and I have the energy and stamina to keep up with her. I love Kate, BTW. She always puts a smile on my face. Congrats to her and hers.

Heather on

How sad for our society that being divorced before 30 is now apparently something to feel superior to others over. I am NOT condemning or judging divorce- my parents are divorced. Which is why I know it sucks, and is hard on everyone. Not something to be proud or bragging about.

Why people feel compelled to put down others to validate their own choices is beyond me.

Heather on

Why can’t people just live and let live? All these comments are “I did it this way, so that’s the best way.” No. That is the best way for YOU. Everyone’s different.

What I find irritating about Kate Hudson’s comments here are not that she had a child young, but that she is so flippant about divorce. Like, oh, “those vows weren’t a big deal- at least I can say I was married!” It’s none of my or anyone’s beeswax that she got a divorce so young, but it’s upsetting that she’s touting it like it’s a good thing. My parents are divorced, and I turned out fine, so it’s not the end of the world. It’s not ideal either though, and I wish people would take marriage a little more seriously, especially with kids involved.

Heather on

“Some of the posters on here sound so silly and small minded it’s shocking to me. I was a young mom, 19. Now I am 27. I had to alter my “plan”. But never had to work for minimum wage and am back in college. I have been a single mother from the start and I have never been on state funded anything. To generalize makes you look foolish and petty. God has his plan and he is the only one that can judge. So worry about your own paths and stop worrying so much about “mine” (So to speak!)

– Young Mom on April 20th, 2011”

Right- but Kate Hudson is implying that HER path is the best one. What you’re saying is true- everyone should live and let live. But that means that Kate Hudson should not be making snarky little comments about her friends who are 30 and haven’t even been married yet. The lack of judgment should go both ways. I would never judge you for having a kid at 19- I’m sure in a lot of ways that has been awesome for you. But please don’t judge ME for not having one at yet at 30! What worked for you would not have worked for me. Doesn’t make it wrong. And what works for me would not have worked for you- still, doesn’t make it wrong.

gagirl on

Oh I get it you think its kinder-garden? Well you are WRONG and who is the idiot now?- Holiday on April 19th, 2011

CLEARLY, it’s still you! lmao I love nothing more when people go online trying to be all smarta** and they can’t even spell. LOVE IT.

Anyway, I think the Kate Hudson hate is due to the fact that she slept around w/ a bunch of guys AND brought them around her kid. That child must have more “unlces” that he knows what to do with. That’s why I personally think she’s a skank. Sleep with whomever you want but when a kid’s involved I think you should be more responsible. Every man you “date” shouldn’t have the privilege of being in your child’s life.

Heather on

@Ruthella- hey, is it OK with you and good ol’ Anonymous if I wait til I meet a person I want to have a kid with? Or is that something you disapprove of as well? I guess I better run out and hook up with the next man I see in hopes of getting preggers before 35!

Heather on

Virtually every comment here is, “I did things X way. X way is the best and only way things should be done.” Yep, all 6 billion of us should do everything in the EXACT SAME WAY.

I’m going to go ahead and just do what works for me!

Heather on

@gagirl, could not have said it better myself!

Iscis on

Wow…so she’s got two babies by two different guys. All she needs now is a trailer!

heather on

kate, get over yourself. 24 isn’t THAT young to have a child.

Kelly on

This is the dumbest article I have read in a long time. Too bad she didn’t hit a wall when it “hit her that she was a mom”.

Kelly on

This is the dumbest article I think People has ever published. And Kate Hudson is a dope to think 24 is young to have a child.

MIke on

Kate is annoying. She should close her legs and her mouth.

bobbie on

Young??? How is she Young?? Now I was a young mom I had my daughter at 15 theres young for ya! She is 32 thats no spring chicken!! I am now 40 and a grandma now theres young!! Pffft to Kate!!

Sass on

Wow! Really love the back and forth here….. I would like to introduce myself as a young mom! I was 25 when I had my first. I also graduated with honors in both my undergrad and master’s program. I was done with my degree at 23, and had taken a year off to work in my field prior to completing a more advanced degree. Certain individuals are driven, and complete major milestones earlier than others.

I personally find that most of my friends (I am now 34) are having a harder time adjusting to little ones then I did. I think the older you are the more set in your ways you can be. It can hard to change it up and reinvent yourself. Many of the people who told my husband and I we were too young, are still single, and have each told us that they wish they had a similar situation to ours!

Sherry on

To add my 2 cents–I think it totally depends on the person. I’m married and had one child at the age of 23. I think I’ve been a great mom–maybe it helped that my husband is almost 10 yrs older. I’m actually EXCITED at the idea that I have will have an empty nest at the age of 40/41 by the time he’s going to college. My best friend however, had both of her girls at ages 33 and 35 and FOR HER I think that was perfect b/c she was always a bit more flighty and it took her a while to settle down. Now she’s a fantastic mom!

SR on

M, I would like to know what minimum wage means to you? I’m 22, no college education, make minimum wage, same for my husband, we have a nice house on 5 acres, nice cars, and a little bundle of joy on the way. I’m not on welfare and I pay for my own insurance and doctor visits for this little one. I don’t ask my parents for money for bills or any kind of assistance for that matter. I’m saving money left and right for future expenses and have whatever I want… ALL ON MINIMUM wage… It’s called financial responsibility… Children and life in general is expensive, but with a mature outlook on life and managing your funds correctly people can CERTAINLY raise children on minimum wage or without college educations. I’m not the only one either… Most of my friends are the same way and they had they’re children even younger than me. Again it’s called maturity and taking responsibility of your life… Some people DO HAVE IT so how DARE YOU judge everyone because of some stupid statistic or consider them “poor” because they make minimum wage or don’t have college educations… Go crawl back into whatever snooty, self-absorbed hole you came out of and quit judging people for how they live their LIVES.

meghan on

Well said, gagirl! You have to be very careful when bringing people into your child’s life.

dot on

24 by today’s standards is pretty young. She seems like a good mom.

Kim on

I married at 19 and had my first baby at 20. Was I young? YES. Was it hard? Absolutely! I had no financial support from my parents, nor did they pay for my college tuition or help me buy a home.We both had full time jobs with benefits, including health care. I have never been on public assistance. We managed just fine. My oldest son graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice and is graduating from the police academy and is now a Deputy Sheriff. I couldn’t be more proud! Can you tell? LOL. Young moms can produce healthy, productive, intelligent children! Bonus? I’ll still be young enough to enjoy my future grand kids =)

Eve on

WOW!!! What a hot topic!!! I am I guess what is considered an old mom – I just turned 40 and have 4 little boys under 6. They are all healthy, I am healthy and had great pregnancies and I am a very active mom who runs around with them a lot and gives them my undivided attention. I would have loved to have been married and have kids in my 20s but my couple of big romances did not work out. While I was waiting for the great experience to be a mother I got to travel and go to college etc… and it paid off – I finally met a fantastic guy and got married and got to have babies – it had nothing to do with finances or anything – just fate. Maybe a little empathy could be helpful here – sometimes people fall in love early and have babies and sometimes they get married at 28 and have trouble getting pregnant and it takes 5 or so years – maybe what is each our personal experience is best for us and there are some people who try and try and can not have a baby and can not afford in vitro or adoption at any age – so for all of us who get to be moms – YAY!!!!!!!

Lexi on

Ok look if she think she was young when she had her son the so be it . Who on here has ANY room to judge . I for one had my son when i was 21 and i am now 23 i was in the army when i had him and in a different country . you all can shut your mouths how about that ? It doesnt matter when you have a child . 15 or 60 its your choice to have a child and when to have one unplanned or not . Leave her alone . I personally think you all are jealous of her so you attack her ? Makes sense dont you think ? Leave her alone I personally like her and her work . She is someone who seems….Holy Crap! down to earth . No cant be, because she is a star!? Leave her alone!

Amy on

I agree that 24 is very young to be a mom. My sister and I do not have children and aren’t married. I am 29 and getting married this year and am just now ready to have children. My career ambitions are what made me want to wait to have children until I was older. I wanted to make sure I was stable before doing so.

Stefanie on

I am 27 and I had my first child when I was 17, my second at almost 21, and my third at almost 24. It is definitely different when you have your first child so young because you miss out on so much. I will only be 42 when my youngest graduates high school which means that me and my husband, of 10 years, will have plenty of time to do some traveling and such. Still, there are some days where I wish I would have had them a little later, but then there are others where I am glad that I am so young still!! To each his own…but I can tell you one thing…there is no way that I would ever wait until I am in my 40’s to start having kids.

katie on

Newsflash: 32 isn’t young! Not to have a baby at least. I’m not saying that 32 is old, but she is a complete idiot if she thinks she’s a young mother.

Maggie on

Or you’re a complete idiot if you don’t understand she’s talking about her first pregnancy, at 24.

mamaV on

Newsflash Kate!! You are NOT a young mom!!! Get over it!!!

Kat on

To make hateful comments is to show your jealousy 😉

k on

I too am happy that I had my children at a relatively young age (24 and 26). My mom had me when she was almost 40, and unfortunately, she passed away before she could meet her grandchildren. I feel fortunate knowing that when my children are adults, I will still be in my 40’s, and I will hopefully be around to play with my grandchildren.

Beth on

Sometimes you are unable to have a child “young”. I tried and tried for years for my daughter and when I was 40 I finally found out that I was pregnant! I am so blessed to have her and her friends think I am the coolest mom! I grew up in the 60’s and I will always be a free spirit inside…also if you think old then you’ll be old! Rock on!!

daniela on

She is extremely annoying. I had my daughter at 24 and didn’t feel like a “young mom”, just a “single, poor one”. LOL!

And just cause you have your kids younger is no guarantee that you will be around to raise them to adulthood, or see them have children. Why do people always think that??? I know too many people whose parents died when they were kids, and I know a lot of people that have older parents that were able to see their grandchildren. There’s no guarantee.

Oh I also had LESS energy when I was 24 than I do now at 39, so there’s no guarantee about that either.

Amelie on

I’m not sure why some people are being so judgemental. Not all marriages work out. Why is it wrong that she was dating? That’s what single people do in order to find the right person.

Lauren on

People are annoyed by her because whatever she’s doing at the time, she is smug about it, like her choices are somehow better/ more valid than everyone else’s. You see this same kind of sentiment around Amanda Peet and to a certain extent, around Elisabeth Rohm, because they also sound like they think they know everything.

Clearly everyone is different and every parenting decision is going to be different. Not everyone who has kids young ends up on welfare, and being 40 with an MBA doesn’t magically make you a better parent either. I believe the discrepancy here (and the reason for the debates that arise in the comments) is that these women provoke a defensiveness in people about their own choices.

Just my opinion, of course.

Karla on

My husband and I were married when we were 22 years old. I met my husband (also the same age) at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. We met during our senior year and were married after we graduated in 1974. My husband’s job took us back to Ball State 2 years later. During that time I was able to return to BSU to complete my masters’ degree in school counseling (which I loved). I am now retired and really do miss my students!

Our first son was born in 1977, our second son was born in 1981, and our daughter was born in 1986. My husband and I have wonderful, gorgeous children and also have 3 WONDERFUL grandchildren, with another grandchild due in September.

I was also a stay at home mom until all of my children were in school, but I kept very active in their school activities, etc.

Anonymous on

I’d like to say this to M:
I was so relieved when you mentioned that you’re 24, cause I had a hard time understanding how an adult person could be so judgmental and ignorant. Now I see that you are spoiled, little brat who knows nothing of life. I hope for your sake that you grow up and get a little more life experience before you come with such disgusting comments about other people.What kind of person are you?
You can not have had many obstacles in life.
I hope you enjoy whatever degree you have, because it certainly didn’t make a descent person out of you.
No wonder this world is such a bad place, with opionons like that.

Jean on

Hey, Kate:

You’re not that young anymore.

Ruthella on

Heather, I made no comment on waiting to find the right person. I very specifically said that I know quite a few people who are waiting to have kids because they think they can’t afford them.

Shelley on

What it comes down is being in a place in life where you can provide for you children and feel emotionally stable enough to have something to offer. So long as you can do those things it shouldn’t matter whether you have them “young” or “older”. There are pros and cons either way.

Shelley on

Comes down *to* and *your* children. Gah, I need to proofread my posts.

Anjani on

You know I would have liked to have my kids younger (I was 35 and 38, respectively, when I had my kids), but I wasn’t in a viable relationship before that. Sure, there’s the biological clock ticking and sure the risk of complications or infertility rises, but those are just the risks before having the kid. I was “lucky” to get pregnant right away (both times) and lucky in that my kids were perfectly fine. After that, what does it matter if I was in my mid/late 30s and someone else was in their 20s. The 20s mom probably got their figure back sooner, but the 30s mom hopefully got to experience a lot more of fun single life before kids grounded her. Always something you lose, something you gain. But as I said, for some people like me, it wasn’t a choice; just where I was at that time, and the way the cards fell. Surely, people who are “promoting” young motherhood aren’t saying that it’s more important to be young than to be in a supportive loving relationship with someone who will be a good father.

Well said EVE on

WOW!!! What a hot topic!!! I am I guess what is considered an old mom – I just turned 40 and have 4 little boys under 6. They are all healthy, I am healthy and had great pregnancies and I am a very active mom who runs around with them a lot and gives them my undivided attention. I would have loved to have been married and have kids in my 20s but my couple of big romances did not work out. While I was waiting for the great experience to be a mother I got to travel and go to college etc… and it paid off – I finally met a fantastic guy and got married and got to have babies – it had nothing to do with finances or anything – just fate. Maybe a little empathy could be helpful here – sometimes people fall in love early and have babies and sometimes they get married at 28 and have trouble getting pregnant and it takes 5 or so years – maybe what is each our personal experience is best for us and there are some people who try and try and can not have a baby and can not afford in vitro or adoption at any age – so for all of us who get to be moms – YAY!!!!!!!

Everyone’s life is different which is why there are roads and highways and different exits on both. Some people finish college at 18 some 81..some people marry young, middle-aged or older…same for kids. Not everyone has a house when they are odler some acquire that when they are young. Ultimately we do things all in our own way like Frank Sinatra lolllllllll had to throw that one in!! enjoy life guys and don’t sweat the small stuff!! goodnight to all and to all a goodnight!

Layla on

Marriage and Children are both highly over rated
Learn to be happy by yourself , give to
others and expect nothing in return

neve on

first of all how do you go from a-rod to skinny ugly rocker dude? obviously she is desperate for any one who looks her way. she seem like a real idiot.

Kathleen on

My husband and I had our first baby when I was only 21. Believe it or not, at the time I felt quite settled and mature, we both had established careers and we were ready to become parents. We had our second child when I was 23 and our third when I was 25! Today I am 27 and I can now look back and see what a young mother I really was (am!) None of my girlfriends have had children yet and many are still single. I have met quite a few mothers my age through my children’s playgroup, but I have also met many other mothers a decade older than I am with children the same age. My husband and I sometimes joke that we could have a whole second wave of kids in another ten years!

Anonymous on

I don’t think that being a good mom has to do with age. At all. Sure there will be young mothers who are terrible moms but I have seen horrible older mothers too. I had my first at 21. I had been married for 2 years, we owned a house, had zero debt (minus a mortgage and house payment) my husband, who was 22 at the time of our sons birth, owned his own business and did over $75,000 a year, which is good in the area we live in. We had our second when I was 23 and our third last month- 3 days before I turned 25. Yes my husbands company is doing better now, we have more money but that doesn’t change the kind of parents we are. Everyone says our children are well behaved, bright and very social. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t be an attentive loving parent. Those who said that having a child is a waste in your 20’s because you will have nothing to live for when you are older and your children are out of the house obviously has never had children. You can have interests outside of the home and we do. In fact we share them with our children and they also enjoy and appreciate us letting them tag along. Children learn and grow so much better with involved parents so even if I was bored after my children left home what does it matter? My children are important to me and if that means I am attentive to them while they are young then so be it.

Jillian on

Neve, I think her current boyfriend is cute and I didn’t find a rod attractive. Kill me.

Jenn on

I think that women in general put too much pressure on themselves and each other to keep up with some imaginary timeline that we’ve made up for ourselves that means nothing. I’ve decided to stop worrying about deadlines and pressuring myself and just enjoy where I am in life today. I’m 32 and newly married with no kids, and my husband and I are just having fun right now, enjoying being newlyweds. I know that kids will be in our future somehow, but not before we’re ready. So, as someone said earlier, I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

be all that you can be on

my mother finished her undergrad degree at night while my father babysat and got her master’s with 3 kids… only go where you want to…..where there’s a will there is a way….emphasis On WILL!

Alexis on

Leave Kate alone haters! She can live her life the way she sees fit and who are u to tell her otherwise? She and Matt Bellamy r happy and I am happy for her. Haters are just jelous. KATE HUDSON U R GORGEOUS!