Neil Patrick Harris ‘Full of Love’ for Family

04/18/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Neil Patrick Harris

“Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. My heart is full of love,” Neil Patrick Harris Tweeted, sharing this photo of partner David Burtka and their 6-month-old twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott.

“We found an egg donor anonymously through a hilarious process of looking at people’s profiles and then an amazing surrogate who had helped a same-sex couple before,” the How I Met Your Mother star, 37, told PEOPLE of the surrogacy process.

“And then we inserted two eggs, one with my sperm, one with David’s sperm and they both took.”

Adds Burtka: “We don’t know whose is whose.”

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Pam on

The girl looks more like Neil, so if I had to venture a guess….

Sarah on

mama’s genes are so strong in these too. Can’t tell who the dad is for either of them just yet.

Mimi on


I wouldn’t be able to tell who is whose at this point, to be honest. From the eyes, I’d say the girl is David’s.

Amy Jo on

Those are some pretty cute babies!!!

Guessin on

Harper looks like David and Gideon looks like Neil, in my opinion.

s on

they are so darn cute! NPH is so blessed!

Heather on

I think the girl looks more like Neil actually. I’m sure deep down they already know which is whose. There has to be a gut-feeling with that.

Briana on

I think that the baby girl is David’s and the little boy is Neil Patrick Harris…..

semurette on

Beautiful babies, congrats guys, you have the 2 happies and most joyful babies ever !!

Angelika on

Those right there are some cute babies!!!!! Seriously adorable.

Has anyone every noticed that the “Marriage Patrol” never makes their snotty comments about how “It would be nice if Neil and David were MARRIED before they decided to have babies.”

Oh wait, because they can’t actually GET married legally so I guess they wouldn’t have a point.

Ally on

Awesome pic, they all look so happy and Neil`s word ” My heart is full of love” is says it all :- D

It does not matter who is biologically whos. They are both their fathers. That’s all people need to know.

The whole family is so cute, Harper and Gideon are just so adorable.

mona on

Pretty sure they know whose is whose. But I doubt they care! Those babies look so healthy and loved, bless all four of them!

Sheri on

Science is amazing!

freckles on

I have always loved NPH, right down to Doogie Howser.

Interestingly enough, if you really think about it, the “twins” would actually only be half siblings to each other since they share the same mother but not the same father. That will make a difference when they grow up and have to follow different family trees.

Not that it matters, cause they are both very loved, but I did find it very interesting. 🙂

Brooke on


Those are the sweetest little chubby faces ever! I am so happy for both David and Neil. They look like they are so happy being dads.

katy on

They are adorable! Congrats NPH on your happy family!

Stephanie on

Both babies are so adorable and both NPH and David are both good looking men with similar features… as long as they love those kids it doesn’t matter who the bio dad is to each child… they are a family! I wish them all much love and many blessings!!!

Really on

First decent picture of David I have seen-ever. Darling kids. So excited for all of them. Cute kids names. I wish them all well (though not even close to a fan of Neil or his show).

Carrie Jo on

Those babies are adorable!! Their cheeks are delicious!!

Anonymous on

Such beautiful babies! Such proud papas, they are a gorgeous family.

Kay on

What cute, cute babies! They look really loved and I am so happy for everyone~

Marie on

They are just a couple of little cuties! How lucky are all four!

Laura on

What a beautiful family. Congratulations!

Trice on

I love all the posts to distinguish the paternity of the father in these babies. Who cares, I am just happy to see two people in love, sharing a family, and those babies look happy.

Diane on

Who said one was a girl? Both names are boys.

Halley on

I think their son is NPH’s bio child, just based on that photo. Cute picture!

mom of 2 on

SO cute!!!

Lisa on

Both babies are adorable, such big smiles!

A on

Absolutly PRECIOUS! They should be so lucky!!

Cat on

Beautiful and happy babies!

AJ on

This story makes me very sad for so many reasons.

debbie on

Does it matter, Who is Who’s?? Tee babies look healthy & happy. Isnt that what matters the most.? Congrats to all4 of you!

Teresa Sorola on

So so so cute. Beautiful family. The children look so sweet and charming!

anonymous on

diane, harper is a girl.


Diane- NPH has said on several occasions that Harper is a girl. Both babies are adorable.

Phoenix on

They are so freaking cute!!!

Kristy on

It doesn’t matter whose is whose, what matters is both Harper & Gideon are both loved & taken care of. Which it looks like they are. So happy for this adorable family. Congrats again Neil!!

Meg on

Oh AJ, what makes you sad? I’d really love to hear more homophobic propoganda, since I’m sure that’s what you are referring to when you say that a photograph of two, smiling, happy and healthy babies makes you “sad”. Pathetic.

larry degarmo on

Very nice looking children. Will the mother be involved in the lives of the children? I wonder if the children were bottle fed or breast fed?

mona on

@larry degarmo: There is no “mother”. There were donated eggs by an anonymous donor and a surrogate. They’ll probably get to know the surrogate, but not as a mother figure.

Susan on

Wow – those are some super cute babies.

What a beautiful creation story.

cath on

Just look at those happy, giggly faces! Those are two very loved little babes!

Chloe on

Such a beautiful family and they look so happy! And those babies are too, too adorable

Ally on

larry degarmo : They get breast milk ( bottle). They buy milk from a authorized milk bank. Because Harper could`t tolerate formula. Neil have talk about it many times.

And of course they will have “female role models” in their life. From Neil, Davids family and friends. So these kids will not be missing anything. They will grow up in a happy home with two fathers who love them and each other. what more could you want for anyone 😀

Kat on

My partner and I did something similar but I carried her and my own egg – each took and our twins are the same age as theirs.

Mary on

The girl does look like NPH but the boy looks so outgoing and ready to have fun.

mindy on

When the babies were newborn, they made that same comment about not knowing whose was whose biological child, and looking at the picture they gave, I didn’t know how there could have been any doubt.

mC on

I hope that the little babies don’t go thru a trauma when the other kids make fun of them for not having a normal family. All because they want to be parents they don’t think in the consequences. So Sad

mona on

@mC Seriously? Maybe gay parents in Texas would have that issue. This is Neil Patrick Harris. A person living in Hollywood. Those kids won’t have any issues, ever.

Except maybe being too awesome.

sophia on

poor kids. they will be bullied hard at schools.

Mallory on

I’m sure they’ve been asked a jazillion times which one is who’s and that’s why they added that. As silly as it seems in an article like this if somebody asked “who’s are they” and they said “one of each it” seems like a pretty natural next question would be “well which ones which” not that it matters it just seems like that would be the next question.

Kat on

mC and sophia – shame on you both for spouting negativity. Live and let live. Maybe it’s people like you who think this way who do these kinds of things. Define normal! Not one of us fits in that category compared to someone else’s thinking.

klutzy_girl on

This family is so freaking adorable! I love them.

And ugh, of course, the “They don’t have a mother!!!” crowd is out in full force. As long as they have two parents who love them, nothing else matters. Besides, they have grandmothers and Alyson and Cobie to help them out if they need any.

Also, adorable dog in the background off by himself!

TC on

I don’t think it matters who’s is who’s, looks like a beautiful family!!

HG on

@mC what is ‘normal’? 50 years ago it was rare for people to have blended families or interracial families. Evolve like the rest of the world. I believe the world is much more accepting of same-sex parents than it was 20 years ago. Please let me know what is ‘normal’ nowadays. And think of the entire world not just your direct environment. What NPH & David do for their children has no effect on your everyday life but wouldn’t it be devistating if somehow your comment got relayed to Harper & Gideon sometime in the future? what if that messed them up more than having 2 loving fathers?

Learn to edit what you say on the internet, its here forever.

Kaia on

@mC So what if a two people of a racial minority wanted to have a children and lived in a predominantly white area, and their kids were made fun of for being different? Would you think it was sad that they wanted to have a loving family of their own? Or would you encourage people not to be racist, or not to raise their children to tease other children for being different?

The bigots need to change, not the people who want to have a family, love their children, and live their lives.

Daffykins on

so cute!!!!

Julie on

Get a spoon…..those babies are delicious!!!

Shawna on

Holy smokes, those babies are adorable! Congrats to the happy parents.

Erika on

Angelika- they get their share of “a baby needs a mother” instead of the marriage ones. Those people don’t want them having a child together or getting married. Pretty sad, if you ask me.

Those twins are ADORABLE! I think they look alike, so they probably bare some resemblance to the surrogate, or egg donor if there was one (not sure if the surrogate is the biological mother). Both are just beautiful and I love their names!

RTK on

Doesn’t matter who is whose, b/c they are both David’s and Neil’s adorable joys.

em on

hmm my guess would be that Gideon is Neil’s and Harper is David’s (I feel awkward about using the ‘s, knowing that they’re both their kids… but you know what I mean).

Anyway, they’re just toooooooo cute!!!! Gideon looks like one funny little dude.

laughingoutloud on

oh please! what kids aren’t bullied? I was bullied for having “bug eyes.”

they are so adorable. how can you look at this photo and not smile?

ann on

So these children will not know the identity of their mother or their father?

Heather on

poor kids. they will be bullied hard at schools.

– sophia on April 18th, 2011

Sophia, you have to be more positive and not think that way! Bullies are created by mindsets like that. We teach our kids to behave and treat others the way we do. I hope you don’t spread that kind of thought-process over to your kids.

Erica on

Beautiful babies and a beautiful family.

Bree on

This is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen!! Those two are so stinking cute!! And Neil and David beam with pride whenever they talk about them, LOVE IT!!

As for mC and sophia I am the proud daughter of two woman and grew up in a time when it was not that common and went to a catholic school. I was not even close to teased for having two moms. There was curiosity for sure but no one was mean to me or treated me any differently because of it. The only people that are going to be mean to them are close minded people like yourselves. Open your eyes and look around, kids are not so hateful and are the least judgemental people that I know (Speaking as a teacher who spends my days with kids) and you could both learn alot from them!!

Dina on

In time like these, when most women dont want to have babies, and be mothers, and the principal divorce reason it is because the father is absent all the time and dont take care of their kids… wow.. it is incredible and so inspiring to see how two men can take care of their babies…

Prejudism will follow them, but thanks to people brave like these, we will be able to live in a real free world, without boundaries, hate.. and acceptance, love and respect.
Congrats to both daddies

Dina on

In time like these, when most women dont want to have babies, and be mothers, and the principal divorce reason it is because the father is absent all the time and dont take care of their kids… wow.. it is incredible and so inspiring to see how two men can take care of their babies…

Prejudism will follow them, but thanks to people brave like these, we will be able to live in a real free world, without boundaries, hate.. and acceptance, love and respect.

Congrats to both daddies.. and haters, please go away and let people be happy.

zami on

I just love this family – they radiate happiness! umm, those babies are so so snuggable!

Melanie on

It seems like a lot of the posters on this site need to take a look at this video by an amazing young man:

Amber on

@Kaia – “The bigots need to change, not the people who want to have a family, love their children, and live their lives.” TOO RIGHT!

@mC – Who ISN’T bullied at school? Kids are bullied nowadays because of hair, ears, eyes, intelligence (or lack thereof), stance, clothing, wealth (or lack thereof), etc. It seems a miracle these days for kids NOT to be bullied for some reason or another. I was bullied mercilessly in primary school because I wore “funny” clothes, was smarter, quieter and more shy than the other girls. No good reason. I was just a prime target for girls who thought they were better than me.

Besides, society is becoming so much more open and tolerant to the idea of same-sex parents. In most cases. Even ten years ago it was a newish concept, and now it’s becoming more prevalent and accepted.

There are so many messed-up heterosexual parents in this world, parents who abuse their children or don’t provide a loving home or neglect their children. You can’t tell me that ultimately that’s a “better” way for kids to grow up than two fathers (or two mothers) who adore their children, fought like crazy (financially, biologically AND emotionally) to have them, and who want to provide a loving family and home to them.

Someday, just as there have been other cultural and social revolutions over the last century, people will come to understand and accept that it’s the love and care that counts, not the gender(s) or sexual orientation of the parents.

Luna on

I absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris! As for the whole ‘they have no mom’ they will no doubt have female role models. In another day and age, i might have felt differently, but in today’s times, to have two parents that love and care for their kids and are committed to them is so much better (IMO) then having the perfect mom+dad=baby family. Gideon and Harper will undoubtedly have all the love and care they can handle. They are gorgeous!

Texasgirl on

Ann, Harper and Gideon are biologically Neil and David’s kids. They got lucky that both their sperm took to the eggs because that probably rarely happens. One of the twins is Neil’s biologically and the other is David’s but as far as those kids are concerned both Neil and David are their dad’s or in this case David is *dad* and Neil is *papa*.

Brooke on

What a pair of adorable chunkers! They are so lucky!

B.J. on

Could those babies be any more adorable!? I think those twins are so lucky.. I’d be thrilled if NPH was my dad!

Bridget on

Absolutely gorgeous babies!!! I’m so happy for their proud parents. 🙂

njb on

Adorable, happy babies!!

but someone please give the poor puppy in the back some love! poor little guy!

Grace-2 on

@Diane: We know Harper is a girl because a) her middle name is Grace and b) her parents have already announced she’s a girl.

Libra4 on

They are precious!!! They have beautiful babies!!!

Libra4 on

They are beautiful babies and are very lucky to have two wonderful, loving fathers to take care of them. They are precious!!

Daze on

What happy little apple cheeks. Those twins are gorgeous.

Grace-2 on

@Dina: I don’t understand your statement “when most women don’t want babies, or to be mothers. . .” What statistics are you referring to? And who are these “most women” who don’t want to be mothers? I was unaware that “most women” don’t want to be mothers.

Jenn on

Honestly, to all you homophobes out there, there are so many same-sex and otherwise, non-traditional families out there these days, that the only kids that will be making fun of them are the kids whose parents have taught them to be judgemental and bigoted.

Deb on

That young man’s speech was incredible! Very inspiring. I wish people could spend a day with someone like that to see how ordinary gay couples and children raised by gay couples truly are. Bigotry aimed at gay couples needs to go away.

JM on

let’s just ignore disgusting people like mC and sophia no need to feed their bigotry. if people were coming on here making racist comments i would say the same thing. ignore them, make them the outsiders, make it clear we won’t tolerate that kind of attitude.
i agree with what someone else said it’s the bigots who need to change. if kids are being bullied then we need to look at the parents who have raised the bullies not the parents of the kids who are being bullied.

anyway on a happier note. i love this picture. it’s so natural and everyday. not a staged, everyone in colour coordinated clothes, with some ridiculous backdrop photo. the kids are dressed like normal babies and they’re just hanging out in their house with one of their dads. a really lovely photo and the babies look so happy. i am really happy for these two guys and i hope in future it will become easier for gay couples to adopt children and have surrogates etc so that more children can experience a loving family.

Amber on

Adorable babies but I am disappointed that the babies are in crib with bumper pads on! Safe sleep is so important. Bumpers are not only a suffocation hazard but are also a climbing hazard and put babies at higher risk of SIDS due to possibly restricting airflow 😦

Karen on

Ya know I think the point of not finding out who fathered which child is that they dont really care they each love both of their children!!! They see themselves as a parent to both children! Yes they are adorable babies and what a lovely family!!!

Piper on

The only people I feel sorry for are the ones who think having two beautiful babies being raised by two loving parents is sad. To think that every family is somehow “normal” because they give the appearance of what some deem acceptable out of tradition hasn’t looked at divorce rates or abandonment rates in this country. I wish these two people all the love and luck in the world. Family is what you make. How you define it, let no man or woman be the judge.

Dj on

Happiness is wonderful & how wonderful it is that starting a family worked out for them. Their babies are gorgeous!!

Jana on

Awwwww…what a gorgeous happy family!! The joy on their faces is just beautiful.

Kari on

Awwwwwwwwwww, I am in love!!!! To be so blessed!! Wow! Seriously, be still my heart!! 🙂 What a happy family!!

We just adopted two children, and our (beloved) dogs are often just plain tired from chasing the kids! So, I loved seeing the little pup in the background on the rug! It looks like one of our shelter pups. Of course, it could be pouting, like ours do too… 🙂

Congrats beautiful family!!!

Whistle on

Congratulations to both of you! No matter how the babies were brought into this world, as is evident, they are beautiful and loved!

Lisa on

These babies are ah…wait for it…dorable!

Diane on

Those babies are definitely a couple of thieves! They’ve stolen everyone’s hearts!!! What a beautiful family!

Momma2Leos on

Those are some exceedingly happy babies! 🙂

firehairedwoman on

That is too cool. They are such cute kids! Best of luck to the whole family.

firehairedwoman on

What cute kids. And what a nice story.

Gee on

Seriously cute kids. I’m also really happy to see a flood of positive comments 🙂

Yo on

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. WRONG! Wrong. WRONG! Wrong. WRONG! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNd Wrong. P.S. The majority is still and forever will be NOT OK with gays. This is a liberal entertainment sight. It’s biased.

Paige on

The babies are adorable, and Neil and David seem like amazing parents and a lovely couple. My best wishes in the future go out to them. 🙂

Angel on

Just wanna pinch those chubby cheeks! They both are so adorable and they both will have a great life with those great parents… 🙂

Ally on

I’m so happy on their behalf. The twins are so cute and the fathers are hot – just saying :)They are never afraid to show the love they share with each other. They are good role models, and show the younger generation that things are getting better for people who are gay. Hopefully in the near future all will have equal rights under the law.

They are my favorite celebrity family. Hopefully they soon will be allowed to get married.

Kandee on

Yo, you are an idiot stop commenting no one cares what you have to say.

Kandee on

Yo, stop commenting no one cares what you think

Bree on

@Yo I really want to know how many gay people and children of gay people you have ever actually met to decide that it is so wrong that that the majority will forever be against gay couples. I see nothing biased in this article and I see nothing about liberal entertainment in the comments or real life.

My parents are as far away from the entertainment industry as you can get (Although watching them bicker can get very entertaining at times lol) My mom is the daugher of a minister and a social worker and my Jude is a retired RCMP officer. All of my sister and I are in happy heterosexual relationships, two of us married in the church and the last to be married in the church this summer. My brother is a comfortable bachelor and may never get married but it has nothing to do with who our parents are!! We are all well evolved adults and proud members of society.

If my depression era, stuck in the stone age Grandparents can accept my parents and their marriage than one day society as a whole, with the exception of sad ignorant little people like yourself, will accept Gay marriage and relationships completely.

Love Does Not Recognize Gender!! And anyone who doubts that or refuses to see that is the one that will be laughed at and picked on in the end for being in such a sad little minorty. Keep in mind it was people like you that once said woman would never get the vote and never be accepted in the workplace.

B.J. on

Yo – I live in California, where being gay really isn’t that big of a deal. So maybe in your closed minded little world, it’s wrong. But for me (I am a lesbian) and my friends (many of whom are gay themselves) and my loving family, it’s normal. You’ll get used to us eventually, we’re not going away 🙂

Kelly on

Just gorgeous! So happy for both Neil and David. Those children will grow up knowing what true love is, with parents who love them and each other. Very lucky little children. I wish this family a lifetime of happiness.

CC on

Congratulations! They are cute. The main thing children need when growing is love, care and discipline from the parents. These parents look like a normal family and I think these children will grow normal. Maybe the little girl will need at one point a mother figure, but a Grandma, Godmother or Aunt will perfectly suit that role. Strange is for example other Hollywood straight couples that do hair dying on their boys and pain their nails… that is strange for me.

Ivet on

That’s wonderful, congratulations! It makes me happy to see they are happy :o).

Allie-Rose on

Those babies are too cute!! Big cheeks, big smiles, what more can you ask for? Certainly not homophobic slurs against their parents. Yes, these children will be raised by two men, but who obviously desired them very much and love them even more, and that’s all that matters.

Meg on

I’m pretty sure the boy is Neil’s, as he looks like T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Bancie1031 on

Awe what a handsome family …. can’t tell yet whose is whose …. Harper and Gideon look alike in my opinion.

Mari on

These kids will only have problem in school if the parents of the other kids will induce hatred into their kids. Kids themselves would usually not judge on grounds like that. Only when their parents or older siblings do the young kids are likely to repeat.

So it is basically our job not to raise our kids as racists, homophobes etc.

The babies are beyond adorable. 🙂

Kris on

I just love how the moment someone has a different opinion amongst the legions of “Such cute, cute babies! Good for David & NPH!” you’re considered a bigot and a hater.

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who while they don’t totally agree with homosexuality, they still can look at a gay couple (male or female) without hatred. I know I do. I don’t totally agree with that lifestyle, but I do have a lesbian friend and I don’t judge her or look down upon her for her choices. I personally do not agree, but I also think that if these two guys can raise two happy, healthy, well adjusted (which I’m sure they are/will be) children then all the more power to them cause goodness knows there are legions of straight parents who suck at it.

But you have to admit, and it’s not being a bigot to point this out, they will eventually encounter some hatred and discrimination and bullying. While yes, tolerance is on the rise, we as a society aren’t fully there yet. It would be ignorant to sit back and say “Oh please, those two beautiful babies will never encounter bigotry because of how their family is structured.” Because they will. What they do have on their side is living in one of the most progressive states in the Americas (besides New York and parts of Florida) and having a legend has a father.

Don’t get me wrong, just because I don’t agree with the lifestyle doesn’t mean I don’t think they should have children. I think gay, interracial, single families are just as capable of giving a normal happy, healthy childhood to children as “normal” straight families can give. And I know without a doubt from the interviews I’ve seen of NPH that those two babies could not possibly be more loved and cared for, he practically radiates it and I’m so happy for him.

I just think it’s wrong that the moment someone has a difference of opinion people come out and bash them. And yes, yes, I know not everyone who doesn’t agree thinks like I do and yes I do believe those people need to be set straight, but I saw not one comment saying they shouldn’t have children at all.

I just think the people who are on their soap boxes spouting messages of tolerance need to take a step back and look at how they’re handling the situation. Tolerance means not only being accepting of different lifestyles and orientation and skin color, but of different ideas, beliefs, and opinions.

And yes, those two babies are precious.

Bella on

I grew up without a Dad (he died when I was 10) and Im just fine….So all those who say they will be “missing” a parent in their lives-that doesnt necessarily mean a darn thing. LOVE & SUPPORT from these two loving and doting parents will do these children well!
What a GORGEOUS family! Congrats NPH and David.

KiKi on

should the kids get bullied for their parents it’s the fault of the bullying parents, NOT of the loving couple that chose to become parents out of love for one another, no matter their gender.

Chigirl on

I agree with YO this is just WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!! It’s NOT okay… There is going to be a big price to pay for all of this.. Yes, the babies are cute but, have NO mother… The whole idea of children are between a man and a woman… And, that is a FACT!!!


Kay on

The girl is David’s and boy is Neul’s. Look at the structure of the chin.

Ellen on

Just beautiful and awesome!

Rebecca Saraf on

OMG! these babies are beautiful..David and Neil are so young and full of life. Best wishes to these proud papas…by the way they are both handsome…who cares whose sperm got there first….

Catherine on

Some of the cutest and happiest looking kids on the planet!

For all we know they both could from NPH or DB!

Definitely, very much so loved children!!!!

anonymous on

These babies look so happy and so loved. Those big smiles, they are so sweet!

Kaye on

I’m sorry I think you mean beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring, natural, delightful, wonderful, loving, and RIGHT. How could anyone possibly have a problem with a loving family such as this? Your negativity will be counted. All people deserve to be happy; more so the people who have to fight so hard for it!
I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Hea on

Yo and the rest – Wake up. The majority of people in this our world is stupid and fight over next to nothing. It does not make it right to discriminate people over their sexual orientation. It only makes doing so STUPID. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, absolutely, but nobody has the right to hurt and discriminate. If you claim to live in a democracy then you better do just that or move to true tyranny.

And the ones crying about bullying in school – do your part right and it won’t happen. Educate your children in the diversity that is us humans. Teach them right from wrong and how to treat their fellow man and they won’t bully. Give them a safe and secure environment and self image to thrive in and they won’t bully their peers. It is your responsibility that nobody with gay parents is bullied. It’s your responsibility that a red head isn’t bullied. It doesn’t matter what color skin you have, if you’re handicapped, if you’re rich or poor as long as you don’t teach your child disastrous values.

What’s right and wrong when it comes to love is not carved in stone. It’s personal preference, lust and so much more and – as long as nobody is physically or mentally hurt – nobody has the right to judge other people relationship with love. Being gay is natural. It’s just not as common as being straight.

Kayce on

Those are some adorably cute babies! They could be the next Gerber baby!

Kelli on

Neil I cannot say enough good things about you. I watched you on Doogie Houser and now you’ve grown into a dad. Your babies are happy & healthy looking and absolutely beautiful! Congrats to your family

Dana on

If there were less parents raising kids to be ignorant to different lifestyles, then bullying kids because they come from a household unlike their own wouldn’t be a problem. All of you people complaining about how this is wrong and how it is going to be bad for the kids are the problem. Homosexuality does not make you a bad parent. If anything it makes them better because they will raise their children to accept all people.

me on

I think they are very happy babies and it looks like a nice life for them. I believe that the way they created the babies (each giving sperm) was very fair to the dads, but was extremely unfair to the babies. They are only half-siblings. I believe twins should be full siblings genetically. Just seems creepy in a new-age, science fiction kinda way to have twins created with different dads. But if the babies don’t mind when they get old enough to have an opinion, who am I to say anything about it? Beautiful family.

Shannon on

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! That little boy does look like trouble 🙂 How fun to watch them grow. Maybe one day it will be more obvious who looks more like who. I love that they dont know…b/c they are family, it doesnt matter…love all around.

me on

Why is it that people who live alternative lifestyles (and defend them) must be tolerated and not judged BUT people who live traditional lifestyles (and defend them) are to be called names and judged harshly as close minded, stupid, bigot, etc? Why is it only some people deserve tolerance and non-judgement? In other words, pot meet kettle.

Rosalie on

What a gorgeous family, i so hope the bigoted comments will be removed and there would be tolerance if you didn’t post such disgusting things!!

JM on

mo i don’t know what you mean by “alternative lifestyle”. being gay is not a lifestyle, neither is being black or being a woman. you are born that way. people can disagree with you on politics, religion, ethics etc. but you can’t condemn someone for how they were born. don’t you get that? THAT really is the problem. people like you still calling homosexuality a lifestyle. did you just stop reading anything after about 1970? or are you really not aware that we now KNOW that being gay is not something you choose?

MiB on

That is such a cute picture!

As for them being bullied in school, I went to school with a girl who had two mothers (she was in the clas below me, but I knew her pretty well), and you are right, she did occationally get bullied – for her crazy hair! I mean it, she had really crazy hair that would stick up at all angles! But I can’t remember that the fact that she had two mothers was ever an issue amongst us kids, but that could have been because it was never an issue for our parents.

Terri on


Jae on

For all of you straight, narrow-minded, self-righteous people out there…worry about Charlie Sheen’s twins!

JMO on

I hate that in 2011 that we still have such ignorant comments about two fathers or two mothers raising kids. I think everyone in life deserves to be happy and if someone (or something) is not directly messing up your way of life then maybe you should STFU!!!

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Cecelia on

A mother is not a necessary being in a child’s life. I’m sorry some people are so ignorant but there is NOTHING a mother can give a child that a father cannot. As someone who was raised by her father after her mother walked out on the family because she wanted to be “young again”, that’s just an insult.

As for bullying, I hate to break it to you but children will get ostracized for much less. Maybe one of your children won’t be wearing the “right” brands or another child will be criticized for a learning disability. Why should people alter their lives to account for ridiculous bigots?

Some of you need to educate yourselves. What’s most important is that a child grows up in a loving and nurturing environment. They can receive that from a single parent, two fathers, two mothers, or a mother and a father. Again, no child has the upper hand in life because they were raised by a heterosexual male and female.

Yo on

YO knows what’s up. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

What a distorted world most of you bassakward people live in. This is probably thee most psychologically messed up situation any child could be born into next or equal to abuse.

Those poor victim babies. Their “parents” will have to answer for that.

And saying being gay isn’t a lifestyle because being black and a women aren’t either is probably thee most pathetic argument ever. You CAN NOT walk into a room of 50 children lets say 8 and younger and definitively know what ones will be gay by the time they grow up. Children are not born with a sexual desires. Yet studies have shown you can tell what ones are black or girls. Sexuality is sure as the sun a lifestyle choice. And it’s the bigots out there that wrongfully think other wise that make it hard for me to live and be accepted for the heterosexual traditionalist that I am.

A. on

Yo, agreeing with yourself and pretending to be someone else?

You are completely backwards and close minded.

Try telling my now 19 year old nephew that being gay is a lifestyle choice. Growing up in a small Idaho town and getting bullied for being different and for choosing to come out in high school – picked on, harassed, and assaulted until he dropped out. Tell that to the kids across the country who commit suicide for the same reasons or the ones that are beat up and left for dead just for being gay. I’m sure they chose that for themselves.

I’m sorry your life as a heterosexual traditionalist is so darn tough though.

JM on

A, VERY well said!
Yo you’re a moron and i really don’t say that easily. so we should accept homophobia over racism and sexism because being gay isn’t something you can see on someone? you mean you only respect the differences you can see between people from walking into a classroom? i guess that tells us a lot about what kind of person you are. superficial and stupid.

this has nothing to do with you being heterosexual. and being gay is not a lifestyle choice as much as it isn’t a CHOICE for you to be attracted to members of the opposite sex. again, educate yourself, just a LITTLE, really you don’t have to look very far to understand these basic facts. i don’t know what your general brain capacity is like but even you should be able to understand some simple facts.

but it seems to me that it’s more that you don’t want to understand, it’s the simplest explanation for being so infinitely ignorant. seriously come and talk to my dear friend who growing up tried everything to NOT be gay. tried and prayed no less (incidentally to the bible bashers, if god hates gay people so much why didn’t he just not make them gay, isn’t he all powerful?). anyway my friend was beaten up in school, teased, taunted, ostracised (presumably by people like you), and eventually cast out by his family. he is kind, intelligent, loving and has devoted his professional life to caring for other people. luckily he found people who love and accept him and has with his partner of 12 years adopted two children. they are happy, healthy, intelligent, loved and well cared for. so tell me, what has he done that has offended you so much? just answer that one simple question.

A. on

Thanks JM. It’s just infuriating to hear people speak so ignorantly.

Anyway, happy for NPH, David, and their beautiful family!

Kaye on

Yo, you have as much control over being heterosexual as gay people have over being homosexual. How do explain animal populations in the wild having gay members? It’s not a choice. But we have a choice to be accepting. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for them. Why make it harder? They are not asking you to be gay. How does the sexual orientation of other people possibly affect you enough to form such harsh opinions. Don’t have that view just because it used to be the standard opinion – things have changed.

Hea on

Yo – When did you choose your sexuality then?
And do you always talk about yourself in third person? Weird.

@ mo on April 19th, 2011

Probably because people who live an alternative lifestyle often do not see personal preferences as an “either or” matter. They are used to being criticized and ridiculed for who they are and how they live. They know that people don’t agree with their lives but they might have been born to a heterosexual couple themselves and therefore both accept and tolerate that lifestyle. I find that heterosexual people who defend their lifestyle often think that it’s either the heterosexual way or the “other ways” and those ways are often frowned upon. People actually seem to think sometimes that heterosexual love is the only real and true love.

A. on

Kaye, I agree – times have changed! Even going back further: should African Americans still have to sit at the back of the bus, or have segregated schools, water fountains, etc? Should I not be able to be married to my husband because we are of different races? Or vote because I’m a woman? etc? Thinking about that part of our country’s past me feel disgusted and I can only imagine in the future how people will look back at these times regarding how same sex couples were treated and feel the same way.

And exactly. When I was 8, I don’t ever recall choosing between having my first crush on Marky Mark or say, Madonna. But guess what? Marky Mark was dreamy in my eyes and not because I was weighing pros and cons or trying to decide between the two! It was just inside me. I didn’t choose to be straight just as gay people don’t choose to be gay. I’m not sure how people don’t understand that concept.

A. on

Dana and MiB: Completely agree!

Teach your children to be accepting and loving of all people then maybe this cycle of hate and ignorance would stop. I’ve seen both ends of the stick from my nephew (mentioned above) being tormented in school for being gay, and then on the flip side as a student and then now as a teacher seeing children and teens either being gay themselves or growing up with same sex parents with no issues whatsoever. No bullying or teasing or harassing. Because guess what? The other kids were not taught to be prejudiced.

When people like Yo say “This is probably thee most psychologically messed up situation any child could be born into next or equal to abuse. Those poor victim babies.” then maybe that’s where the problem lies. It’s that mentality that breeds hate and injustice.

em on

Yo: “Children are not born with a sexual desires.”

Not true. I’m sure Freud – and any psychanalyst – would disagree. It’s called psychosexual development. People have sexual needs. It’s biological and hormonal.

and FYI Sexual orientation and parental skills are not related. I’ve seen so many straight couples-parents who couldn’t care less about their kids and were awful parents.

Here’s a short excerpt from Goodridge v. Department of public health: “Same-sex couples can provide their children with the requisite nurturing, stable, safe, consistent, and supportive environment in which to mature, just as opposite-sex couples do.”

There you go! Prop 8 decision wasn’t that different either. Something to think about…

@ Kris

Bravo! We’re not on the same page for homosexuality, but I appreciate how you expressed your opinion in a classy way. 🙂

Jessie on


I think you need to look up what a ‘bigot’ is. Someone who thinks homophobia is wrong is NOT a bigot. Sorry. YOU, though, are a bigot. But you’ll be happy to know that new data has found that people who don’t support gay rights are now in the MINORITY. (Oh, no, I guess you’ll be sad to hear that. Too bad.)

If only homophobic bigots weren’t allowed to breed, the world would be a better place. Their children are the ones at a huge disservice.

Neil and David have beautiful children and I am so happy for them!

Nichole on

Gorgeous family!! Did anybody else see NPH on the Ellen show (or whatever it’s called)? He is hilarious! They dress the babies up for all the holidays and everything. It is too freaking cute!

It always amazes me when people think how WRONG it is for a loving family to have kids because they will be bullied in school. First off, kids get bullied for a lot of different reasons. Secondly (and most important): So rather than attempt to eliminate the bullying, we need to eliminate what they are bullying? How is THAT fair?? How about we teach kids NOT to bully? I mean, that’s like saying Child A punches Child B, so send B to the principal’s office! Absolutely ridiculous!

And to whoever made the comment about walking into a room and being able to tell the differences between boys/girls, blacks/whites, whatever….what about walking into a room and having Deaf kids there, would you always be able to pick that out? And yet they could have been born like that.

Anyway, here’s a great page that people have already seen, but should check out anyway:



Jennifer Redgrave on

I’ve never seen boy/girl twins so look alike ! They are gorgeous and they look a happy family. Lovely people …