Miranda Kerr Bares Her Post-Baby Bikini Body

04/18/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
AKM Images

Looking rosy cheeked, trim and baring a flawlessly flat tummy, Miranda Kerr poses in a skimpy black bikini — just three months after giving birth to son Flynn.

The Australian model rocked the two-piece by Have Faith during a photo shoot in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday.

It’s hard to believe Kerr, who married Flynn’s dad, Orlando Bloom, last July, gave birth on Jan. 6.

Although it shouldn’t be too shocking — Kerr, 27, gave us a taste of her progress a few weeks ago when she attended an event in Los Angeles wearing a figure-hugging HervΓ© LΓ©ger by Max Azria zip front dress.

— Sara Hammel

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October on


mommyof2 on

she looks amazing!!!

LEM on

Wow is right. Photographic proof that life is just not fair. Ha. πŸ™‚

Holiday on

She looks great!

ForeverMoore on

Hate her! Haha she looks amazing! No jealousy here just in awe.

flower on

Nice, but why hasn’t her fellow Angel Doutzen Kroes been mentioned in People when she went back to work just 8 weeks after delivery of her son and looking spectacular and toned. Wasn’t she deserving of an article or picture just as Miranda?
After I gave birth to my daughter I was just as slim as these 2 models. There is no mystery, be in good shape to begin with and eat healthy.

Anna on

She looks amazing! I think it all has to do with how you start out and how you are during the pregnancy and than picking up your routine afterwards. I know I couldn’t do it!!

Jenn on


I took the weight off after both my pregnancies very quickly (one by two weeks, the other by 6 weeks). I am naturally thin to begin with.

Yes, diet and activity level counts for something (as does breastfeeding), but so does luck and genetics, probably just as much as the other factors.

Erica on

She looks fabulous for just having had a baby, but she doesn’t really have a bikini body :/ Her middle has always been a bit boxy.

Jen DC on

She’s also under 30 – which is when the big metabolism slowdown begins. So not only was she already thin and managed a healthy (seemingly) and low weight-gain pregnancy, she’s young! Don’t beat yourselves up if you haven’t lost your baby weight, ladies. πŸ˜€

stacy on

She looks wonderful. So nice to see someone look healthy and not super skinny and modeling!

Lauren on

Phenomenal. She looks slim and fit without looking gaunt. Good for her.

Mira on

Wow. She’s stunning.

Bouncing back this quickly, though, is much, much more about genetics than about being fit and gaining little weight. Some women walk out of the hospital with a flat stomach, while others, regardless of how slim they are have a bulging belly for months. So, flower, sorry but you can’t take credit for it.

Shannon on

She looks great but I didn’t realize she was that boxy. Her waist doesn’t go in at all.

meghan on

Good for her. She looks wonderful.

Sarah on

I am 29, gave birth to my third child 6 days after Miranda. Eat like crap, don’t exercise, and would feel comfortable in a bikini. I’m lucky and have good genes. I gained 25lb and it’s gone. My stomach is flat (extra skin, but that usually disappears for me). Each person is different.

Stella Bella on

Don’t know what her waist looks like normally, but I usually have a very obvious waist and I was boxy in the middle until I quit breastfeeding. If she normally has more of a waist, I am sure she will get it back.
I think she looks fab, btw.

Indi on

WOW she looks great- Shannon I think it is the way she is standing, leaning to one side, I have seen her curves in other photos, and i believe it is in her genes to be this thin

coco on

@flower who on earth is ditzy krout? i looked her up she is kinda ugly and her body wasn’t hot after her pregnancy which is WHY they didn’t show it on here. Nobody wants to see a woman who still needs to lose more weight to fit the hollywood ideal and is fully covered. She covered her body up with a shirt and pants on the beach that is not showing of your post baby body that is hiding it.

martina on

Lucky girl. She looks amazing. She did everything right (reasonable weight gain, staying in shape, etc) but genetics sure help. My weight was gone withing weeks (I gained 28-30lb with both pregnancies), but my stomach needed a lot of work. I had a lovely “muffin top” thing going on despite being in great shape otherwise. Oh well. It took 6 months of working out to get everything back where it belongs. Sigh… At least my husband is a type of person to tell me I look amazing regardless!

Vanessa on

I’m sorry, but in the end it all comes down to genes.

Hea on

Where did the extra skin go? I thought that was almost obligatory in pregnancy. πŸ™‚ She looks amazing.

Capri on

Wow, consider me jealous!!

Terri on

Wow. You go girl! I’m envious.

Anonymous on

Just to be fair to doutzen kroes, her post baby body is nothing I would turn down myself. http://www.skinnyland.com/blog/2011/03/model-doutzen-kroes-skinny-after-baby/

Karen on

Yup, I offically hate her. πŸ˜› My daughter is five months this weekend, and while I lost more than my pregnancy weight – it is the tone I am so jealous of!

Mira on

OMG, look at those boobs on Doutzen. She’s stunning also.

sky on

she looks great, but let’s be realistic she has (1) personal trainer (2)27 yrs-old (3) access to healthy foods being prepared for her (3)this is her first one. as one person said on this blog, let’s not beat ourselves up. most of us are not supermodels, and do not have the time or means to make it to the gym. miranda’s looks are her life.

Katie on

I gave birth Christmas morning and have lost most of the forty pounds I put on. I’m pretty tiny to begin with and can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, though I’m rockin’ a very “sexy” muffin top. I haven’t worked out at all (the 10 sit-ups I did the other day really don’t count) so I shouldn’t expect much but I will NEVER have a stomach like hers! Jealous! πŸ™‚ She’s genetically-blessed, though, that’s why she’s a supermodel!

Jaedyn on


mmh on

I have lost all of my baby weight plus a bit at 12 months post-baby, but I STILL can’t look like that! It’s the extra skin =( Second one is harder to bounce back from, in my experience =) Good for her!!

Cassidy on

OMG- love love love her Have Faith Swimwear Bikini. Miranda, you look amazing!

jeepers on

In the link of doutzen kroes, I would much prefer ber body to Miranda’s. She is thin, curvy, yet still healthy looking. She definately does not need to lose more weight. And I do not understand how her belly popped right back in….obviously some are luckier in their genes than others (in that department).

Kat on

Geez coco, harsh much? Lighten up a bit.

Catca on

It’s a bit more than genes ladies. My son is 14 months and it took awhile to take the weight off for me and I was thin to begin with. I ate healthy during and after pregnancy except the third trimester where I ran across complications. I was on bed rest and could not exercise. I ended up with a medically necessary c-section so I couldn’t exercise afterwards (not even walks unless they were very slow) for at least 6 weeks so I didn’t tear the stitches. At that point, the pregnancy weight gain settles a bit and it is much much harder to work off. I’m also past the age of 30 which doesn’t help. It’s almost all gone now, but I had to work very hard. Breastfeeding alone (the common claimed miracle diet) was not going to cut it under my circumstances. My point is that Miranda and Doutzen both look fabulous and it is cool to say that. But I think it is a bit rude when women imply if you only exercised and ate healthy the weight would just drop right off. Exercising and eating healthy are obviously good things to do, but there are different circumstances for different people. Why can’t women be more supportive of each other?

fuzibuni on

Thanks for the link of Doutzen… I can hardly believe she had a baby! Totally flawless!

Toya L. on

She does look great, I also think genes play a major factor in that too.

Toya L. on

She looks great.

Amanda on

Wow! I think she looks even better than she did before πŸ™‚ Good for her. If modelling is how you make a living, of course you have to bounce back into shape. I’m sure she’s under contracts she must fulfill right? Anyways, she looks amazing!

Cassidy on

She looks BEAUTIFUL….just FYI this bikini is from an amazing new swimwear line called HAVE FAITH!!!

Renee on

She looks fabulous! Good on her. I agree it has to do with genes and a bit of pot luck. My stomach went down instantly after the birth and yet I’ve had friends who were slimmer than me but stayed looking pregnant for a few weeks after. Miranda has lost some of her curves, but that seems to happen after pregnancy and i’m sure they’ll come back eventually. Her boobs look great too. I bet she’s loving them πŸ™‚

Indira on

Doutzen looks amazing. OMG. Jealous jealous.

Laurie on

Wow, I knew coming on here that there would be a slew of ridiculous comments. Miranda looks amazing, and probably better than any of you on here. Her stomach is great, her body is great, she is great, and stop blaming your own weight problems on other people having money. Honestly, why do women have to pick each other apart? Learn how to be supportive.

Yasmine on

I’m not sure what it is. I got thinner and more toned after my second child than with my first. I had “muffin top” for about a month after with both but that totally toned down with alot of running every day and my stomach got really flat. I think it does have to do more with genes than diet. Now I am preggo with my 3rd child. So hopefully things will go as they did with the first two. Now my mother has a horrible mom tummy. So I guess that’s an argument against genetics.

anony on

She gets paid, so access to a personal trainer, nutritionist, cook, etc. is easy. Plus, her image depends on bringing home that paycheck! She better get in shape.