Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sunny Squeeze

04/17/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Playground playtime!

Sarah Jessica Parker snuggles up to daughter Tabitha, 21 months, as she plays with the tot and twin sister Loretta last Saturday at Washington Square Park in New York City.

Between the swings, the slide and the sun, it looks like the trio enjoyed a lovely afternoon outside.

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Saoirse on

She must’ve used a donor egg, these babies don’t look anything like her and they are far too cute to be hers.

Cortney on

LOL Saoirse! I don’t know but the second one looks like her oldest son.

Amber on

I think that Tabitha looks like her daddy Matthew, and Loretta and James look like Sarah Jessica.

Donor eggs, not donor eggs, it doesn’t matter. I am glad that SJP and her husband have the family they so obviously love.

Amit on

She couldn’t conceive herself and she already admitted it was a struggle. No need to be mean.

She and Matthew seem like great parents, very down to earth and nice

lifeasahouse on

Beautiful girls!!

rb on

I thought the other twin was named Marion?

Becky on

the babies both look like Matthew. BTW, if you read her article she did about how the babies were conceived, they only used a surrogate to carry the babies. Thrilled for the whole family, can’t believe they are almost 2 already. Time flies.

rachel on

That’s a little mean-spirited, Saoirse!!

jessicad on

What a disgusting and mean thing to say Saoirse.

I think Tabitha looks just like her in that picture, precious.

Amanda on

The other twins name is Marion, not Loretta.

Mimi on

They used a surrogate not donor eggs. If you’re going to be snarky, get your info right. And CLEARLY those two little girls look just like Ferris Bueller himself!

Alison on

Yes, her first name is Marion but SJP has said NUMEROUS times that they call her by her middle name of Loretta.

Brooke on

RB and Amanda – her first name is Marion, but she goes by Loretta.

Saoirse on

Mimi, I know she used a surrogate, but I am saying she probably used a donor egg!

anonymous on

saoirse, sarah has been open about the twins conception and has stated they were her eggs.

Michelle on

I think Tabitha looks a lot like her daddy; I can’t really tell about Loretta. Not that it matters πŸ˜‰ just my humble opinion!

Talia on

In an interview with David Letterman, SJP says how her son James Wilkie chose the name Marion and how he is the only one who calls her by that name since everyone else calls her Loretta. And Saoirse that was such an inappropiate comment of yours; not only is SJP beautiful but her children look like her a great deal. Marion Loretta looks more like James Wilkie and Sarah Jessica, while Tabitha looks very much like Matthew.

Either way, they are a beautiful family and I am so happy that she finally had girls! They are going to get such amazing clothes when they are older.

mommytoane on

Adorable girls!
LOL Honestly, with little ones, its so hard to tell who they look like. Once they get older, I can see saying *oh she looks just like* but for now…they look like daddy one day, mommy the next. So many changes, and so much growing left to do. Either way, they are adorable girls. πŸ™‚

JustMe on

When I saw the pic, I thought “That little girl looks so much like Matthew!” and then I go and read the comments. I think she looks so much like her dad; she’s so stinkin’ cuuuuuuuuuuute

sky on

to saoirse, what a rude and inappropriate comment to make. (1) girls tend to look like their daddies most of the time (2) also, who cares – they are beautiful and happy girls.

Allegra on

They were SJP’s eggs.

Mia on

They used her egg + her husband’s sperm-the surrogate was just that: a surrogate womb.

One twin looks exactly like her + the other girl looks exactly like Matthew.

cara on

The little one with the black shoes really looks like her Dad. They are both adorable.

What difference does it make if she used someone’s elses 10 cell embryo, they are her kids who are loved and nurtured by her, and it really doesn’t matter how they were concieved. I am sure they are so precious to both of them because of all the hoops they have had to go through to have them.

Both of my kids look nothing like me, one looks like her Dad and we are still pondering over who the second one looks like ! So their appearance is nothing to do with whether they are hers biologically or not.

Michele on

I think the girls are sooooo cute. My almost 15 month old is named Tabitha and everytime I see SJP and Tabitha, I think even harder about my beautiful little red head.

Tinisha Andrews on

DAM Saoirse could u be anymore of a b!tch?
desn’t matter who’s eggs they are, all that matters is they HER kids and she loves them as her own…

Capri on

Wow Soar whatever your name is, how evil. Posting that on Palm Sunday nonetheless…..whew….

Anyways, gorgeous girls & mommy!

why? on

I wish People would stop allowing comments on CBB like on the rest of the site. People are so unnecessarily mean!

Mandy on

Saoirse- Why should that even be brought up in the first place? God forbid a child not look EXACTLY like their mother and then you say its not her biological child. I know plenty of people who don’t look a thing like their mother or father or vice versa. Doesn’t mean they aren’t biologically theirs. What a rude thing to say.

Its as if you are poking fun at her fertility issues.

Anyways, the girls are gorgeous and getting so big!

Shannon on

I agree, one of the girls looks JUST like Matthew and the other resembles SJP.

Do they call Marion by her middle name (Loretta)? Otherwise that must be a typo.

It’s kind of cool that SJP dresses her girls totally different. Maybe one like dresses and the other doesn’t. πŸ™‚

Jude on

This cannot be last Saturday, ‘coz I was in NYC, around the corner of Washington Square (Bleecker Street) on Saturday noonish and it was pouring down with rain!

jana on

Those little girls are so cute and beautiful! I thought kids made via surrogacy might be odd looking but those two proved me wrong- they are as cute as can be. SO happy for SJP she got her pretty little daughters!

jana on

I don’t know = I don’t think it is that mean to suggest she used donor eggs- maybe she did.

Maggie on

Jude – last Saturday meaning the 9th. πŸ˜‰

Those girls are gorgeous.

Rosalie on

Gorgeous girls,i think Tabitha looks just like Dad and Loretta just like her Mom!

jenifer on

i have twins and one is tall and skinny like i used to be with brown hair and green eyes and the other one is like her father tall but chubby with dark brown hair and brown eyes.both girls.i dont see why kids have to look like their parents to be theirs.sheesh I am the spitting image of my grandmother not either of my parents.

JM on

lol jana why would you think that babies from surrogates would be odd looking? that’s a very odd statement.

meme on

These girls are very cute. I think it is funny to make an assumption that someone’s child may not be biologically theirs because they don’t look like them. Not every person’s child looks like them.

I happen to think SJP is very nice looking. She is not model beautiful, per se, but she is uniquely beautiful.

Jgirl on

I love SJP, and I am so happy for her that she got to expand her family. However that happened is noone’s business actually.

Cee on

really jana? kids made from surrogacy might be odd-looking??? you must know nothing about surrogacy because that is a completely ridiculous statement.

Saoirse on

Yes I am poking fun at her fertility issues. She’s 46, she shouldn’t be having kids. She already had one child, was it really necessary to have more? She’s closer to being a grandmother than mother. If she was so desperate for more children, why didn’t she adopt? Surrogacy is disgusting and so selfish.

Terri on


She had no problems conceiving. She simply could not carry her pregnancies to term.

Those are both beautiful girls and I can see both of their parents in them.

Terri on

Kids don’t necessarily look like their parents. I look just like my dad’s sister. My younger sister looks just like my grandmother. My older sister looks like relatives on my father’s side. None of us sisters look like either parent at all.

sky on

Really Saoirse, a grandmother at 46??? Wow, that sounds pretty young don’t you think? In this day and age, many women are having children in their 40s. Maybe SJP has devoted time to her career (which she has), and had trouble carrying to full-term. I am sure she explored many options. What is that saying… don’t assume as you make an … out of yourself!

B.J. on

Saoirse, so are you upset that SJP is unattractive in your opinion, or because she used a surrogate? Make up your mind. Trollolol.

Both girls are adorable, been a huge fan of their Dad since Ferris Bueller and the Lion King.

Mandy on


Wow digging yourself even deeper aren’t you?

How can you say surrogacy is selfish and disgusting? I don’t see it that way at all. Maybe she was a tad bit selfish and wanted more kids. SO WHAT?!

Maybe she wanted her son to have siblings and she had already tried awhile and couldn’t do it on her. I commend her for accepting the inevitable and seeking help to complete her family.

You are disgusting for thinking 46 year-olds should be grandmothers. Its not as if she’s 60 and having a baby. She is young enough and has the means to support her family so I see no problem with this.

Saoirse- I think you need some serious help. And it won’t be found on this site.

Mandy on

And one more thing, Saoirse. To poke fun at a woman’s fertility problems is a horrible thing. You are a despicable human being. Women even older than SJP have tried for years to have even ONE child and they can’t. And SJP was able to have the means to pay for a surrogate to carry her girls for her. Not everyone can do that. She was very lucky.

Fertility problems are no laughing matter.

Maybe you need to learn some compassion for others.

kendrajoi on

Tabitha looks exactly like Matthew!

Holiday on

46 is not too young to be a grandma! My mom and mother in law were grandmas at that age. I was 22 when I had my first and they were both 23 when they had their fist so they were grandmas at 45. My MIL was amazing and passed away last year at 49 which was devestating but anyhow that I agree 46 is closer to a grandparents age than a mothers age.

RKF on

Considering 90% of this thread is in response to a troll, it’s no wonder so many of them are out there. Regardless, the twins have ZERO resemblance to her, so I don’t believe for a second they’re biologically hers. Don’t bother bashing me — it’s my opinion.

sky on

Saoirse, holiday and RKF – SJP did not become a mom at 46. her girls are almost two. aren’t we all moms at that age? Saoirse, your comments are not well thought out. and, i am sorry 46 and a grandma is young in this day and age. i just graduated college at 21 going on 22!

rachel on

I think you need to get back to class, the bell is ringing.

Mandy on

RFK- That’s fine for your opinion. No bashing. I do think one looks like her though.

46 to me is young for a grandma because my mom is older than that and not a grandma yet.

soph on

You women are really crazy, aren’t you? Saoirse isn’t talking about your own kids. Dial down the indignity.

I think SJP’s daughter looks a lot like her in the first photo…her features, only softer/smaller. She’s cute.

rachel on

A lot of the remarks she has made are generalizations that extend beyond SJP and therefore are irritating to many of us – particularly those over a certain age πŸ˜‰

As for SJP, she has better things to do than peruse a gossip site to see how popular or unpopular she is.

Saoirse on

I’m not a troll. Yes, I think Sarah Jessica Parker is physically ugly, but I think she’s ugly on the inside too. She’s talentless, and she seems like she’d be exactly like her character on sex and the city – selfish and vain. She’s just an unlikable person IMO. However, I didn’t care much about her in the past, but when I found out she is having babies via a surrogate, it just confirmed that she IS selfish and loathable.

I didn’t say she should be a grandmother, I said 46 is CLOSER to being a grandmother than a mother. Closer as in within the next 5 years.

I’m not advocating teenage pregnancies if thats what some of you are implying. Let’s say Sarah Jessica Parker had a baby at 25 (which is far more normal than having a baby at 44 via a surrogate), and her baby grew up at had a baby at 25, that would make SJP a grandmother at 50 which is not so far away.

I don’t care what anybody says, surrogacy is disgusting and that’s my final opinion. Hate all you want. The only way I can see surrogacy working is in a gay couple’s situation where they are having trouble adopting. But for an old woman who already had one biological child? That’s selfish and unnecessary!

alicejane on

Oh Saoirse. It’s a shame that someone with such a pretty name has such ugly things to say. Oh well, to each their own.

Those babies are beautiful! I love photos like these, they just look like they’re having a great time.

soph on

“She’s talentless, and she seems like she’d be exactly like her character on sex and the city – selfish and vain. She’s just an unlikable person IMO.”

SJP has won Golden Globes and Emmys for playing Carrie Bradshaw. I know it’s difficult to separate her from the character, but really…ugly on the inside? You don’t even know her.

patbuttram on

So many hateful here.

Sarah is might not be beautiful to you but her daughters are simply beautiful. Jealous???

I was considered UGL.Y and my biological daughter is stunningly beautiful. You simply can’t imagine how people react when they hear she is mine. I’d hate for Sarah to read your posts!

Mia on

@46 is closer to a grandparents age than a mothers age.

I extremely disagree…….most people have grandparents in their 50’s/60’s+–esp. now when women are having kids AT THE AGE OF 40-grandparents are always at an older age.

Yes-it’s possible….if you have a kid at 20, and your kid has a kid at 20-you’ll be a grandparent at 40….but it’s really not that common.

Holiday on

Mia last year in the USA the average age to have a baby was 24 years old, so yes being a grandparent in your late 40s is VERY common! Lots of my friends and myself included had kids in our early 20s and our kids have grandparents in their late 40s. Its great because the grandparents have a ton of energy to keep up with our little ones.

Mandy on

I still don’t get how its disgusting……

Brooklyn on

What adorable little girls!

Mrs.B on

Many people in the park or in stores make comments that our son is a spitting image of my husband…our adopted son:)

So to make a statement that the girls are not SJP’s because they don’t look like her is beyond ridiculous.

Beautiful girls and SJP looks so happy.

Jillian on

Holiday, Where did you get your information from that the average age in the US is 24?

Anonymous on

i had my daughter at 20 , she is now 4.. my mum had her youngest child of 8 ( oldest being 28 ) at 40 , the youngest is now 9.
but she has also been a grandparent sinse she was 45 ….
there is ablsolutly nothing wrong with having kids in your 20’s or 40’s …
or grandkids in your 40’s ..
everyones situation is different, who is anyone to judge?

Holiday on

Jillian if you google “whats the average age for a first time mother in the USA” you can find that answer. Some sites say 24.5 and some say 25 but everything I have found says the average age for a first time mom is 24 or 25. Not 30 or more like so many people on here say.

Terri on

I didn’t think the average age to get married was even 24, I thought it had inched up to 25 or 26. Interesting.

Jillian on

I don’t base my answers on google. There is a ton of crap on google.. Of course their are sites that are legit on google, which is why I asked. So googling the way you did, would not give an accurate answer.

Terri, I agree with you. In past research 25 was the average age and research shows that the age continues to grow. I did not find a recent study.

Jude on

Oh ok, thanks Maggie! I think those children are beautiful!

Anonymous on

All three of the kids look like Matthew. No doubt about it.

Anonymous on

Saoirse, Why are you so eaten up with venom for SJP? And, what is “selfish” about a woman wanting more children if she can afford them and has a happy home within which to rear them? What possible joy can you derive from such unkindness? Try putting out a little kindness. You’ll be surprised what comes back to you.