Ali Larter Loves Theodore’s ‘Fits of Giggles’

04/17/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage

While she admits motherhood has its challenges, Ali Larter says it’s her son Theodore Hayes‘ latest milestone that make the sleepless nights and crying eyes worth any of the hardships.

“He just started having these fits of giggles, and it’s amazing,” the actress, 35, told PEOPLE Thursday at the Pampers Little Miracles Campaign Launch at Mt. Sinai Hospital in N.Y.C. “My child laughing is pure joy.”

And what about the pressure to lose the baby weight?

“We’ll get there,” laughs Larter, who gave birth on Dec. 20. “I think every woman would love to drop her baby weight as quickly as possible but I gained quite a few, so it’s taking a little bit longer.”

Even so, an already svelte Larter credits her post-baby body to hiking, Pilates and a little yoga — activities she enjoys whenever she can “take a little time for myself.”

Most importantly, though, having a healthy baby boy with her husband, Perfect Couples star Hayes MacArthur, leaves her most thankful.

“I am humbled by Theodore,” Larter said, teary-eyed. “I feel very lucky to be able to be on this adventure with him and my husband.”

— Kate Hallett

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Auriella on

she is one of my favorites!
such a sweet story. I do not have any kids (im nineteen!), but
I do have friends with babies.. when I visit them, they are full
of joy and laughter! So i “kinda” know what she means when she says it’s
Such a cute family!

Karen on

She sums up how we all feel about our babies. So sweet!

amy on

Ali is right,the laughter of a child is pure joy.

rachel on

Whenever People interviews a celebrity post-baby, the same questions are posed and the subject matter is always the same. The checklist goes something like this:

Breastfeeding, weight gain during pregnancy, weight loss and exercise after pregnancy and when are you going back to work.

Celebrities are often blamed and criticized on this site for their remarks in these areas, but they only respond to what they are asked and the discussions are no doubt edited and condensed which can often change the full context of what was said.

lina on

Aww! that’s so cute. i can only imagine how great it must be to experience that and to experience your child’s every milestone. many blessings to ali and teddy

guest on

they are a gorgous family

Melisa on

Who cares about the baby weight! Enjoy those giggles as long as you can!!!!

mommylove on

finally a celeb who didn’t lose her baby weight 1 week after delivery (miranda kerr, ahem!)

don’t get me wrong, i’m very happy that they can lose their baby weight, but i’m a bit jealous of miranda. we had our babies on the same day. 3 months later she’s in lingerie and i’ve still got 20 pounds to go. LOL

Nichole on

It is an unbelievable joy to hear our childersn giggle as babies. Let me tell you…it doesn’t end as they get older. My son just turned 20 last week and my heart still sings whenever he has a fit of laughter 🙂

Summer on

Mommylove if Miranda gained the lowest recommended weight, 25 pounds, most of which is placenta, blood, and baby it would have left her with 5 pounds of fat. Which is very easy to lose. They all say (doctors, websites, etc.) that only 5-10 pounds of the weight you gain should be pure fat. That’s why this whole , losing the baby weight thing, is so confusing, there shouldn’t BE much to lose. Especially since the fat that is gained is for breastfeeding!! Google where does the weight go during pregnancy, it’s not hard.

Kristen on

She seems to be the most “REAL” celebrity ever. It’s not about weight, exercise or work. It’s about that healthy happy baby!!!! Nothing else matters. Many Blessings~

Jordans Mommy on

im the same way. watching my 8 month old grow up is pure joy! and knowing youl be there for all the firsts and the happy times and the sad times and all the adventures they will go on inlife makes those sleepless nights and grouchy moments and temper tantrums all worth it in the end. your an amazing woman ali! motherhood is the most rewarding of anything we will ever do in a lifetime!

Kara on

Well, she looks great. I don’t see any baby weight there, but then again she is an actress. Hollywood standards must be different.

Nila on

Ya’ll can bicker about the baby weight, I’m just gonna focus on having a beautiful baby boy in July, the weight will fall off or I’ll have to really work it off. No Big deal. Good for Ali & family!

Steve on

I am pleased for her as one of my favourite filmstars and as my No 1, also as my fave film heroine to. I love it the way she is and she deserves to be a good mother to.

Steve on

Mines not come up yet

rachel on

Pampers Little Miracles sounds like a charity campaign. PEOPLE, it’s a little disappointing that you didn’t give more of a “shout out” to this campaign, perhaps by asking her about her involvement, what it’s about etc., rather than focusing on how much weight she’s lost. Just a thought.