Danica McKellar’s Big Maxim Shoot Secret? She Was Pregnant!

04/16/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Jennifer Carrillo/Pacific Coast News

When Danica McKellar discovered she was expecting a baby with husband Mike Verta just months after suffering a miscarriage, the former The Wonder Years actress knew she wasn’t ready to share her happy news with the world quite yet.

However, her decision to keep things quiet added an interesting twist to her revealing Maxim photo shoot, shot when McKellar — already developing some extra curves! — was 11 weeks along in her pregnancy.

“I wasn’t really showing yet, but I couldn’t suck in my stomach,” she tells WebMd. “Let’s just say no one asked me if I’d had any work done.”

Determined to deliver now 7-month-old son Draco naturally, McKellar not only accomplished her goal, but admits her participation in the birth was the greatest reward for her hard work.

“[I was able to] pull out Draco myself,” she raves. “[The doctor said], ‘Come and get him!’ It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.”

Fully enjoying life as first-time parents, McKellar, 36, and Verta have already made plans to further expand their family. “The plan is to have them two and a half years apart,” she reveals.

— Anya Leon

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Nella on

I love the story about her birthing experience! Draco is adorable…As far as having the babies two and a half years apart, that’s a good age difference, the only thing about that is you can’t always plan things like that. It may not always happen just when you plan it, but i hope it does for them.

Denia on


m0m0nthru on

What a lovely picture and story. Good for her! Always great to educate yourself on the benefits of natural childbirth and even more wonderful when it goes according to plan. Wishing you all the best!

karen on

I wanted my kids 2 years apart, but struggled with infertility and they were 3. I agree that you can’t always plan that, but I hope in their case it works out. The baby is precious.

Stella Bella on

She looks so healthy and beautiful in that photo!

Amanda on

Since she had a miscarriage before I’m sure she knows it doesn’t always work out. None of my kids are spaced as far as age goes as I had ‘planned’ on them being, but it all worked out as well as I could have hoped anyways.
I think the picture of her in Maxim looks great, not a ‘belly’ to be seen unless they edited it out.

Magic Jackson on

She’s a beauty, I wonder if she’s going to name the next baby Malfoy? Must be a harry potter fan to name her baby Draco.

Sam & Freya's mum on

I planned on a similar age gap between my two kids (so did my younger sis), but sadly we both had miscarriages when our sons (7mths between the boys as cousins) were just over two years old (our respective miscarriages occurred only 7mths apart), ultimately meaning a bigger gap, in my case 3 yrs 3mths between, and a 3 1/2 year gap for my sister’s kids. With all good intentions you can’t precisely plan these things down to the wire, life happens, loss, infertility etc..but all the best to them with adding to their family.

Sam & Freya's mum on

I should add that after witnessing several lots of friends with a 2.5 year gap I’m happy (despite sadness of miscarriage) to now have over a 3 year gap with my two – not that it would be everyone’s choice of course! Works for our family, good for mum’s sanity, LOL.

Sandra on

What a beautiful woman and a beautiful baby boy! It seems that everything she had planned worked out for her and she had a great birthing experience for a first time mom. Wow, is she lucky!! Not too many women can say that everything went just great. Congratulations and good luck with trying for that second baby when the time comes around for it.

MJ on

Pulling the baby out…yourself! Oh, I could never be that brave! Just thinking about it makes me feel faint. He is a darling baby, though & a great reward.

Sharon on

How exciting Danica! Giving birth to my children was the happiest experiences of my life! It’s really awesome that you were able to pull your son out! Babies make all the hard work of carrying them and labor and delivery worth it. everything. My oldest turned 22 today. Mazol tov Danica! Enjoy him. They grow up to fast.

Tom on

The kids cute..but Draco? As in Malfoy?

Judith on

She’s brave; I couldn’t have pulled my child out. When my first child was seven months old, I was pregnant with my second; also, a girl; they are now 33 and 34; the closest of friends. I say, “Go for it!” Danica just glows; so touching; and what a handsome little boy!

em on

Two years apart sounds good. I have an 8-years difference with my brother. It was quite difficult when we were young (eg: I was 8 and he was 16). Cool thing is we were both partly raised as only child. Now that I am getting older (22), the gap feels like it is smaller and I must say, it’s really cool to have a much older brother.

em on

One last thing: The gap was voluntary. My parents could not raise two very young kids at the same time, because of their jobs.

Monique on

Draco after the constellation, not Malfoy. Ha!! I read the story of his name a while back, I’m sure I remembered its origin correctly.

Pix on

Oh that sleeping baby is SO cute.

Alice on

Yeah I was going to say, JK Rowling didn’t *invent* the name Draco (or Hermione for that matter), these names are much older…

lpouse on

It’s great that she opened up about having a miscarriage. I miscarried my first baby (first pregnancy) this week at 11 weeks and it’s so inspiring to hear of other women who have had a loss but go on to have a healthy beautiful baby! Draco is so cute and Danica is a good role model for moms (except maybe the Maxim part).

Shannon on

She is so pretty. And look at the little angel sleeping. Cute.

Catca on

Yes, Danica is a mathematician and she named her son Draco after the constellation Draco which is known for never setting for viewers in the northern hemisphere. And Alice is correct, J.K. Rowling didn’t invent the names in her books – she took them from greek mythology, astronomy, etc. Danica is even the author of a math book for kids. She does look great in the pic and her son is very cute!

Sandy on

Smart, beautiful and talented! What a lucky lady and son!! Congrats.

Erica on

lpouse, I’m so sorry for your loss. I think it’s incredibly brave to share what you just went through. I am sure you and your partner will be great parents one day 🙂

cinjj on

cute baby! but wait at least 3 years if you can. each child deserves their indivual quality time, not to mention the fighting!!

Terri on

lpouse, it can definitely happen for you. My sister suffered two miscarriages before a healthy pregnancy. Best of luck to you!

Jasmine on

Congratulations, Danica!

You should still be proud of earning your B.A. degree in Mathematics, Summa cum laude! What a rarity for Hollywood! Too bad you won’t have time for graduate school what with trying for another baby in two years.

Still, he is just darling