Spotted: Jennifer Hudson’s Lil’ Stagehand

04/15/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

At work with Mom!

A beaming David Daniel joins Jennifer Hudson on stage in St. James during Sunday’s CHUM 104.5 FM Breakfast In Barbados.

Sounds like the singer, 29, wasn’t kidding when she call her son a little entertainer!

David, 19 months, is Hudson’s only child with fiancé David Otunga.

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Shawna on

He is such a beautiful boy! And Jennifer looks amazing as well. She is such a motivation to get in shape. I am so happy she is doing well, I loved her on American Idol and was so shocked when she got booted off as early as she did. Guess it was better for her anyways!

Brooke on


daniela on

OMG. That child is adorable!! He gets cuter and cuter as he gets older.

sky on

jennifer looks amazing. her son is cute and has her smile.

Romy on

I’m shocked they haven’t gotten married yet. I thought they already did when he was an infant, but I guess not.

Niche on

I agree Shawna, Jennifer is definately motivation to get moving and losing. She looks great, I hope to follow suit.

David is such a cutie, he was also entertaining when they were on The View a few weeks ago.

Romy, there’s no need for you to be shocked that Jennifer and David aren’t married yet. What’s so shocking about it? Maybe because she’s taking her time and making sure marriage is right for she and David…

So shocking!

Janna on

Niche, I agree with your response to Romy in theory, but having a child with someone is MUCH more of a commitment than marriage. Marriage is not forever (for most people), but parenthood sure is.

Having babies is what people should be taking their time and making sure is right.

Sat on


Melissa on

They’ve been engaged for coming up on three years — since BEFORE she got pregnant. For me, that’s why it’s surprising they’re not married yet, not that they have a child.

Jen DC on

So cute! He looks so happy – I bet he thinks they are cheering and clapping for him (which they probably are ADDING cheers and claps for him).

Re: Choosing the right partner. To me, if someone is not right to marry, they are likely not right to father your child. I can’t speak to the reason behind David and Jennifer’s leisurely meandering to the church house, so that’s not a comment on her choice of him as a father or fiancé.

martina on

Like the church house will guarantee commitment. They are happy – let them be.

Capri on

She looks amazing, David is too precious for words!!

Miche on

She looks great, but why on earth wear mom jeans? They do nothing for her new figure!

sara on

I agree with you Jen. People just don’t take enough time to get to know the future father of their child/children. Several years together (and this is not just speaking to Jennifer’s situation) and you still won’t marry the person, should you really have a child with them. Just as bad is the person who has a child with someone she has known a few months. You just don’t know enough about a person in a few months to know if they would be a good, safe parent for your child. Too many people rush into the decision to have a child with someone i.m.h.o. just to be part of that mommy club. Keep in mind when you do that, you are forever bound to that person whether or not you choose to marry. I speak from experience with this. Jennifer Hudson looks great (not a fan at all of hers, but she looks fantastic). However, 2 words: camel toe. Those jeans look awful and give a camel toe effect. Ditch them quick.

Shannon on

He is so cute!

Carrington on

Jennifer looks great! She is definitely a “real” mother. Everytime you see her, she is with her son. If only more celebrity parents were this way

Cecelia on

Marriage isn’t important to some. Maybe she already knows she has the right person by her side and doesn’t see the need to rush into anything.

angela on

I recently read in Essence that her weddings been planned.She didn’t give details but I’m under the impression its going to be this year.

Ashley on

Why is it that they never mention that her fiance is a professional wrestler? Is she ashamed of him/his profession?

Niche on

I agree, choosing to have a child with someone is surely a huge decision but we all know what happens when such activities get a little careless or a bit irresponsible… pea in the pod 🙂 We can’t just give a child back and I applaud the women that choose to accept the responsibility of being a parent if they’re unmarried or not even in a committed relationship, instead of taking the abortion route. (Not knocking those that have made that decision)

CeCe on

LOL Sara, totally agree! My first thought was, “yikes, camel toe.”

That’s one cute baby 🙂

torgster on

Ashley I don’t follow the logic of your comment. “They” never mention his profession so “she” must be ashamed? She has no control over what the tabloids print.

Allison J on

Cute little boy, and Jennifer looks great! She inspired me to join WW online and lose 15 pounds. That program really works!

Best to Jennifer and her family!

meghan on

Ashley, Jennifer doesn’t write the blurbs that appear on this site. does. Perhaps the webmaster is ashamed of David? 😉

SadieA on

Maybe she wants to be skinny on her wedding day, or maybe it’s none of our concern

Niche on

Oh yes, and let me add if I’m not mistaken, Jennifer and her fiance David had plans to marry but then there was her family tragedy so that in itself is more than reason enough as to why they aren’t married yet.

As for being ashamed of her fiance’s profession… Not even close. I believe he was a lawyer before diving into wrestling entertainment.

Deborah Ruck on

And I just want to give a shout out to Barbados! Woo hoo! Didn’t go the show but thanks Jennifer for coming to our beautiful island.

Terri on

So in order to be a real mother you have to be seen with your child every time you’re out? Total rubbish.

Jennifer looks great, she’s going to look fabulous on her wedding day. David is a real cutie.