Candace Cameron Bure’s Family ‘Sticks Together’

04/15/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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You remember her as D.J. Tanner on Full House, but Candace Cameron Bure is now a mom of three, balancing raising kids with her role as Summer Van Horn on ABC Family’s gymnastics drama, Make It or Break It.

This weekend, catch Cameron Bure, 35, starring opposite David James Elliott in Truth Be Told, airing Saturday, April 16 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

We chatted with the actress about her role, best-selling book, life with children Natasha, 12, Lev, 11, and Maksim, 9.

Can you tell us a little about the plot behind Truth Be Told? What drew you to this project? Will you be watching with your three kids since it’s part of Family Movie Night?

I play Annie Morgan, a family and marriage counselor who is offered an opportunity to host a relationship talk show. But fearful that being single might ruin her big break, she conspires with an old college friend and recent widower, Mark Crane, to pose as a married couple with kids. Their one little lie snowballs into a huge mess.

It’s a romantic comedy that is great for the whole family with a message that honesty is always the best policy. I was drawn to the project not only because of the cute story, but because it’s part of P&G and Walmart’s Family Movie Night, something as a mom I’m 100% supportive of. I will certainly be at home watching with my entire family on April 16th!

We’re also excited for the return of Make It or Break It! What can we look forward to with Summer this season? Is she done with Sasha?

I’m super excited about the return of MIOBI as well! Summer’s focus will be at gym, trying to find a new coach since Sasha left and taking care of the girls at The Rock. Of course her heart and head is still torn over Sasha.

I will tell you that she certainly isn’t done with him, but things may be heating up with Steve in the mean time! Old habits can be hard to break.

Last year you published a book, Reshaping It All, in which you opened up for the first time about your battle with bulimia in your early 20s, among other topics. What has the public response to sharing your struggle been?

The public’s response to the book has been amazing. I was squealing when I got the phone call that Reshaping It All hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list.

I’ve had hundred of messages and emails sent through Twitter, Facebook and my Web site with success stories of significant weight loss and even more importantly, a new view on their relationship with food. And that truly is what the book is about, renewing our mind and thoughts as to why we eat, the choices we make that can be detrimental to our heath, and using God’s strength to stay motivated and self-disciplined.

Your kids are now 9, 11 and 12. You’ve said you enjoy being active together and try to save the TV for weekends, but as they get older, how do you make sure you’re staying close as a family?

My kids don’t have a choice! LOL! We are a very close family and no matter what’s on the schedule, we all stick together. If the boys have hockey practice, my daughter comes to the rink as well and vice versa. We have dinner together just about every night and our weekends are all about having fun together. My time is so short with them and I know that when they start driving, it will start to change. But for now, I keep them close. I love it and so do they. 🙂

What are you and Natasha’s favorite girly things to do together? What about time with just your boys?

Natasha and I LOVE to get our nails done together. She’s not into shopping for herself whatsoever, so I end up doing that for her. 🙂 But Natasha loves to be MY stylist and tell me what shoes and jewelry to wear with my outfits, especially when it’s a red carpet event.

My boys love to play sports, so they’re excited when I join them to play basketball and soccer or take them bowling or to the skate park in Venice. My boys also love reading, so snuggling on the couch with a good book is always my favorite.

 Truth Be Told cast – Fox

— Sarah Michaud

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Stella Bella on

sweet interview.

Heather on

She’s a homophobic witch. Can’t stand her.

klutzy_girl on

Love Candace! As far as I’m aware, she isn’t homophobic. Just deeply religious.

Anyway, I’m excited for Truth Be tomorrow night with David James Elliott! It looks interesting.

Valerie on

I love both Candace Cameron and David James Elliott but pairing them in this movie seems odd. He’s almost old enough to be her father…

I will be watching this movie, though. It looks great.

(Oh, and Heather, I feel so, so sorry for you. It’s a shame you’re filled with so much hate.)

jordan on

DJE looks like a giant against the other 3 😀

Kudos to her for the family time.

Michelle on

I was wondering when this was going to premier. They made it here in ALbuquerque and saw the trucks and movie sites all over town. Hope its good. 🙂

Anna on

I feel so sorry for Heather. Let the hate go and you’ll be happier in life!
Love Candace! Great mom and person!!

Luna on

I really, honestly love Candace Cameron Bure, but if I could tell her anything it would be to let the kids have some freedom. When they go off to college, Mommy and Daddy won’t be there insisting on family time. But I do love her and her parenting style.

Terri on

Candace is beautiful. I love reading her thoughts on family.

Allegra on

Luna, that’s the point! You have to enjoy your kids and enjoy your time together as a family when they’re young because they won’t want to when they’re older.

Nikki on

Love her!!! She seems like she’s such a sweet person in real life.

Heather, let go of the hate. It’ll serve you better in the long run.

Luna on

Allegra: I agree. I’m just saying to gradually let them have space so it won’t be so dramatic (and possible traumatic) when they don’t want to spend time with the family. Just my thoughts.

Guest on

I love her! She seems like such a good person, and it must be really difficult to juggle her family life and her career. Such a sweet interview – and she’s great on Make It or Break It!

Becka on

She sounds like like a wonderful mom, and I agree with Allegra’s point about enjoying family time as children (because clearly that changes once kids gain independence!) As for the homophobia issue, I’ve never heard Candace publicly say anything of that nature, though her brother Kirk has…

Jgirl on

She is a beautiful woman. It is so nice to see a child star turn out relatively normal! I am happy for her and her family. It seems like she really enjoys being a mother first. Good for her and her success in life.

Tee on

I love reading interviews with Candace! She is a sweetheart and really seems to have her priorities straight!

Heather, are you this nasty to people in real life or do you save your nastiness for the internet?

Julie on

I love Candace! I’ve admired her since I was about 12 when she was on Full House. Her book is awesome too!

J.J. on

I loved her!! She is beautiful and a great is soo adorable too! Idk why, but I’m hoping that she will have more kids soon in the future..she’s not any older!

Elle on

I usually can’t stand CAndice because of her holier-than-thou attitude, but I like her take on family togetherness. Don’t see that too much these days.

Janey on

Everything she says sounds lovely and I agree about quality family time being important. But really look below the surface, she is an absolute control freak, the children are nearly teenagers and have no minds of their own. She believes in the babywise method – which is akin to cruelty.

mary on

HELP! Did I miss something in this interview? What in the heck is Heather talking about?

Cortney on

She was great on Dr Drew the other night.

Michelle on

Janey, do you have children? Do you even know what Babywise is? Have you read the books? I think you must be mistaken or just repeating drivel you heard others say. The guy who wrote the book is a whackadoodle, but the principles are sound when applied with common sense and reason.

Becka on

^^ Babywise has been condemned by the American Pediatric Association and by several child abuse organizations (this apparently doesn’t bother you?) My idea of using “common sense and reason” is using sound judgment, not the writings of a madman.

Charity on

Love her! Always see her new projects & excited to see interviews with her. Some of her tweets are so encouraging.

Maybe her parenting style doesn’t work for everyone, but her kids always look so happy.

I’ve never seen her say anything even remotely homophobic. And I don’t understand hating someone because their religious views differ from yours.

Heather on

I didn’t say I HATED her. I said I can’t stand her. There is a difference between hating and disliking. I think that Candice and her brother are bigoted towards homosexuals and that bothers me. Sue me. I myself am not a lesbian…my sister is and I am highly defensive of her. I have seen Kirk Cameron on his show preaching against homosexuality and I feel that THAT is spreading true HATE…not me saying I dislike them for their views. I think these kinds of people are why the world has wars, bullies, hate-crimes, gender discrimination and more. Fundamental Christianity is DANGEROUS. That’s all I am saying. I just had to get on here and defend myself because I never once said I HATED her. I highly dislike her views and feel that she, along with her brother, are prejudiced people.

Hannah on

Very well said Heather!! I share your views and am also disgusted by Kirk’s outrageous spread of hatred. I don’t know much about Candace which is what I’m researching now.

JMO on

They’re 9,11, 12 and as they should be they should be with their parents most of the time!! I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m sure she’s not saying her kids have no freedom to hang out w/ friends or do their own things but that for the most part they all enjoy being with each other.

Allegra on

I don’t think she’s forcibly keeping them all confined with the family and no friends or anything of that matter. I’m a little confused where this is coming from. Her kids play on sports teams and go to public schools, how much more freedom do they need? I certainly will not be letting my son or daughter run around the mall or anything of that sort at 11/12 years old. I’m not perfect by any means but I really do try to be an authoritative parent, and that includes setting fair limits

Rosalie on

She looks amazing!

denise on

I used to like her but don’t like her much any more since she promoted babywise. I think it’s good though to keep your family close, but please not TOO close either.

Krileigh on

Oh for crying out loud. Her kids are KIDS! The fact that she’s active in their lives doesn’t mean her kids are incapable of independent thought.

Haters, look at yourself first before you dump on someone who is clearly trying to be the best parent she can be.

Nickle on

Like most of us, she with the approval of their father, are raising their kids the best way they can. She’s share her beliefs, because she is happy with the results she is experiencing with her family! Her children are on team sports and they get to see life of many different kids and other parents first hand. Parents who let their kids at 9, 11,12 do their own thing often, are just wanting free time for themselves.

denise on

why do some call it “HATE” when people just dislike a person? she’s a christian fundamentalist and she spanks her kids (well, she used some kind of euphemism and said something about God’s love). why is the world such a black and white place for so many users here? aren’t there a million nuances of grey in between?? I don’t like her any more but I wish her and her children well and I definitely don’t “hate” her, I know her only from her interviews and I don’t like fundamentalism or people who commit to babywise or similar concepts or think there is ANY reason at all to spank.

meghan on

Heather, did CANDACE ever make comments condemning homosexuals? You said her brother Kirk did, but you never said that she did. It’s possible for two siblings to be religious and not have the same beliefs on every topic. Until she makes a comment codemning a group of people, I’m going to assume she is not a homophobe. Everyone knows that Kirk is fanatical in his beliefs. That does not mean that Candace is the same type of Christian.

Anonymous on

When you don’t like someone or something they do, you are not a hater. Dislike doesn’t equal hate just like the word like doesn’t equal love.

Jennifer on

Re: what anonymous just wrote
This is how Christian feel about homosexuality. We do not HATE a person that lives that lifestyle but we do not agree with it and may speak out against it. I see as much hatred towards Christians as I do the gay community.

I grew up watching her on Full House and am so glad to see her living a “normal” life. She could’ve so easily fallen into the life so many other child stars do.

JM on

Jennifer replace the word “homosexual” with the word “black” in your post. is it still ok?
you choose to be christian, therefore it is ok for people to (respectfully) disagree with you. no one chooses to be black, white, gay, straight etc. it is NOT i repeat NOT a “lifestyle” in the same way that being black isn’t. this is what i don’t get. as a christian aren’t you supposed to accept someone the way they are born?

anyway, i agree with a previous poster i don’t like religious fundamentalism or candace’s views on various issues. i wish her and her family well though.

Candice on

Jesus himself said that homosexuals will not inherit the they’re not “preaching” anything that Jesus himself didn’t preach. The Bible also says that a man laying with another man is an abomination. These are the truths of The Good Book along with many other things. Homosexuality is a sin along with lying, coveting, murdering and putting the world before God. It doesn’t make them bad people for speaking Truth, it makes them followers of Christ.

JM on

oh massive yawn candice. you do realise that there are many many people to whom the bible means nothing right? and there are no absolute truths in the bible. it’s people like you who give christians a bad name. seriously you do more for the bad reputation of your faith than you can imagine. THIS is why i don’t like fundamentalists!

Grace on

Sorry Candice, Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality (or gay men or gay women) in the Bible, in fact the word homosexual is not even in the Bible because it is a modern term, coined in the late 1800s. There are a number of passages about “men lying with men,” and condemnation of acts of rape between men, but I digress and realize this isn’t the place for a discussion of Greek and Aramaic translations or the historical context and attitudes when the Bible was written.

Anyway, I think Candace seems to be doing a great job with her children and looks better than ever. Some of her parenting philosophies, babyWise for example, differ from my own. But that’s the beauty of parenting here in the good old USA. You get to raise your children how you and your partner/spouse see fit. Ain’t that grand?

Lacey on

Her being very religious, and sounding like a nut when she preaches about values and morals, turns me off. I really want to like her as an actress and watch her, but I can’t.

Holiday on

I think its funny that when I said I spend all my time with my infant who was 9/10 months at the time and I dont leave her people thought that was crazy and would make my baby too dependent. But when Candace Cameron says she doesnt let her nearly teenagers out of her site it is great parenting!

Aaron on

Oh for crying out loud! Why is it that when a Christian speaks his or her mind about their beliefs or opinions on a touchy subject such as homosexuality everyone thinks they need to come out with both fists flying? Can’t anyone just have an opinion about something and move on?? I am a Christian and I don’t agree with homosexuality, yet I have a best friend who is gay. Big whoop. I’m not out there getting my panties in a big wad every time some gay agenda is being pushed down my throat…some of you guys need to learn how to do the same and get over yourselves!!

BTW: I like Candace’s take on parenting. It’s refreshing to see a parent actually be a parent.

Allegra on

I’m so confused. What do you expect her to say Holiday? Where else do you expect her 12 year old to be? She plays sports, goes to school, etc., like any other pre-teen.

DCpa on

Talk about bigotry! Candace didn’t even say anything and Heather and the yahoos go after her just because of her religion. Who’s the prejudiced one! Turn it around–what if someone posted what Heather said about her favorite victim group? It wouldn’t even be posted, and I could hear the howling about it in Alaska. Well, I can’t stand smug people who can’t stand disagreement with their pet causes!

Grace-2 on

Allegra: What do you mean where are people getting it from that Candice forces her kids to spend time with her? It’s right in the article. The person conducting the interview asked how she makes sure they stay close as a family and she responded “they have no choice.”

robinepowell on

Candace’s kids probably have some freedom. Sleepovers at friends’ houses, after school activities sometimes. It’s just that she doesn’t allow her kids, at this age, to run the streets.

Smart move. If Candace keeps her kids close, she’ll know what their up to when the teenage years hit, especially since her daughter is almost one. It could be that Candace wants to keep her family close, just like she may have had growing up. 😉

Becka on

Aaron — “gay agenda”??? Really? Bigotry and ignorance is foul, my friend. I highly doubt you have a gay friend, as no gay (or human) would likely be in the same air space (as someone who thinks there is a gay agenda.) Go back to your cave.

look on

just looks at all the posts from the people condemning Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin because God says so. Look at the nature of their posts. The anger is palpable. Open your eyes to see where the real hatred lies.

There is no doubt that God considers a man lying with a man a sin [whatever name you want to give it: homosexual, gay, in whatever language you choose]. As someone posted earlier, we’re not to hate the sinner [because we’re all sinners, each and every one of us] but the sin. And as somebody else said, all sins are equal. So, lying with another man is as much as sin as lying or murder.

And there’s no logic to the argument of replacing the word homosexual with black. No one can determine the color of their skin but a man chooses with his heart and then this body to lie with another man. It is a decision one MAKES. being black is NOT a decision one makes. neither is being white. Even if you mistakenly believe that one is born gay [there is absolutely no scientific fact to this. NONE] a man must still follow through with the decision to lie with another man. And no one forces his hand to it.

denise on

I’m as usual shocked how many fundamentalists there are who obviously agree with ridiculous (well, actually sad) stuff that is said against gay people. JESUS NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT GAY PEOPLE! You guys know, that the bible was EDITED? that some scholars decided what to put in the book we now call bible, that some letters by St. Paul aren’t actually by St. Paul? That loads what he wrote was his PERSONAL point of view?

I am straight but I have many gay friends and I am sure God created them the way they are. I don’t care if people love men or women as long as sexuality is something between two (more or less) adults who both decide to share the experience.

I AM A CHRISTIAN. but not a fundamentalist. we are all God’s children and LOVE is not a sin. sexuality isn’t a sin either. but “spanking” or whatever she calls it is wrong on a high moral level, it’s a sin. preaching hate or condemning people for the way they are is a sin. Why should I be bothered by gay or bisexual people? My friends are happy, they love and are loved.

I makes me really sad to see how much pity and hate so-called “Christians” experience. There’s so much aggression in their posts. Nobody “hates” Candace but some of us DISAGREE with things she does and preaches.

Sometimes I wonder if in 10 or 20 years time we read a book by her daughter about being spanked and being forced to do everything as a family, having not much freedom and other stuff.

meghan on

Yeah denise, ”My mean mommy made me spend quality time with her and swatted my rear end when I was bad!” That book will FLY off the shelves! Get real. There are much worse things that happen to kids at the hands of their parents than family togetherness and an occasional whack on the butt.

denise on

thank God, I live in a country where it’s forbitten by LAW (not to mention common sense which should be internationally and some knowledge of psychology) to spank… children have a right not to experience violence. spanking IS violence. I will never understand how people think God or Jesus accept spanking your kids. Jesus loved children, he RESPECTED children. People who hit their kids don’t show them respect and neither towards God who created them. The same God who created all of us, blacks, whites, gay, straight and bisexual people. God loves them all and made them the way they are. But PEOPLE choose to be violent.

rachel on

Wow, initially I bypassed this post and didn’t bother to read the article (although I did wonder why someone with kids that old would be featured on a celeb baby site), but when I saw 50+ comments, I had to check it out. I still don’t see what Candace said or did to generate such controversy.

Kate on

@look: so according to you if a man can’t get his dick up for a woman he just shouldn’t have sex, never in his life?

meghan on

Where the hell are the moderators???

meghan on

denise, if you think spanking is violence, you have obviously never been the victim of an actual act of violence.

JM on

i really am shocked at some people here. just for the record it is accurate to equate homophobia and racism. BOTH are things you don’t choose. it isn’t just as simple as saying you can choose who to have sex with and who to be attracted to. you are born that way, to the people who don’t understand that simple fact that my four year old can understand: get it into your thick, bigoted, homophobic ignorant heads!

honestly there aren’t many things that can get me that riled, but homophobics disgust me. even more so when they are trying to preach love and respect through christianity. it is such an ass-backwards attitude and i shudder to think what hate they are passing on to their kids (god forbid one of your own kids might be gay and know that just by how they are born they are a fundamental disappointment to you, i couldn’t sleep at night knowing that, i don’t know how you can).

as far as candace goes, i never said anything about her attitudes to homosexuality. i don’t know what it is therefore i can’t judge. someone else mentioned her brother kirk and well, we all know he is a complete headcase (i mean, come on, he’s a creationist. need i say more?)
all i said is i don’t like religious fundamentalism. and she is a christian fundamentalist. so i don’t agree with her views.

oh, and spanking kids is just wrong. funny how believing that spanking kids is ok and being homophobic seem to go hand in hand with people here. i guess some people are just so filled with hate that they have to express it somehow….

there we go, now please show some of that christian love that people are always preaching about and for goodness sake educate yourself on whether or not homosexuality is a choice.

HolyWho on

If someone strictly observed their Jewish faith, would you call them “holier than thou?” No. That moniker is reserved for Christians, who (as Jesus himself said) will be persecuted for His sake. She believes in the Bible’s teachings and never claimed that she WROTE them. If she believes in teachings that state a firm standing on a subject and she simply follows those teachings out of obedience, then how is it that it makes you hate her? I have found that when people are around other people who live by their morals and standards, it makes then uncomfortable because of what it points out is lacking or making them feel bad about their own lives. I’m sick to death of the Christian-bashing. It’s the new Hollywood trend that shows up in so many movies and is trickling down to the mainstream. It’s pathetic. She keeps her kids close as a family unit so they are not influenced by the evils of this world. She will let them go into adulthood one day and then they are responsible for their choices. She can rest assured that she did everything she could to raise them well to the best of her ability. Give them roots, then give them wings. How can she be so wicked? *rolls eyes*

HolyWho on

Heather, there is not a thing prejudiced about you at all? You are rage-filled and there is definitely a problem there. I am a Christian. I believe in God’s Word, the Bible. I have friends who are gay and some who are lesbians. I follow the way Jesus TREATED those people who were shunned by society…I love them no matter what. I am not here to judge…God will do that. Having said that, I do believe that homosexuality is a sin according to God…but he also said being a glutton, a liar, a backbiter, a gossiper, a murderer (I could go on) is a sin, too. One isn’t bigger or lesser than the other. If Candace wants to teach her children God’s morals and values, then who are you to put labels on her and to dislike or hate her? And you call HER behavior the reason for wars and such? Go look in the mirror. I can guarantee she would treat YOU will love, dignity and compassion if she met you, not with the hate you are spewing forth. I’ve seen it time and time again…a Christian reaches out in love and it’s not the Christian doing the hating, only to be hated by someone who feels an inner guilt for their own life. She didn’t make you feel guilty…your own conscience does that. It’s the person who foists their opinions of Christians off on others with their hate-filled rants who needs a reality check on who is more likely to “start a war.” This behavior makes me sad…sad for those who are so filled with HATE.

Nella on

Hahahaha Kate that was great! Anyways, I have to say i agree with Denise in some ways, you can still be Christian and not be homophobic and not have hatred towards the gay community. All people regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation are made of flesh and blood! We are all the same, and discriminating and spreading hate is really uncalled for. HATE is what destroys this world. People are their own worst enemy…People create wars, violence and the problems that we face today! Instead of trying to help one another and be more understanding of other people and accept them regardless of their race or sexual orientation maybe just maybe our world would be a better place! While religion can be a wonderful thing it can also destroy lives and cause so many problems because people tend to twist things around and use it for their own personal hatred and major brainwashing…It’s meant to be a positive thing, not negative, but unfortunately lot of people clearly do not apply it that way. That is why so many people have negative views of these Christians like Kirk Cameron that preach about God, yet they are discriminating so many innocent people! Very hypocritical and very unkind! I am not sure if Candace said anything herself about the gay community, so I cannot say anything about her regarding that, but I know her brother has and I believe she follows the same views as him, but I could be wrong. If she does then that’s very unfortunate especially since I assume she would be passing those kind of views onto her children.

Jamie on

How does whether or not Candice has ever made any homophobic remarks have anything to do with a post about her parenting? That being said, Kirk is the one who has made those comments – not here. And seeing as how he’s not even remotely mentioned her, that’s irrelevant.

I also have to strongly disagree also with the idea that there is NEVER a reason to spank, but that’s just me.

jess on

I didn’t know she was into child abuse. Yuck. I’d never want to be her kid.

TJ on

It’s too bad her nice interview has turned into spewing about gays. She is entitled to her beliefs. You don’t have to like them but she did not say one thing about this in this interview. Sheesh

TJ on

Spewing your hate on Christians is just as bad as hating on gay people. Don’t you get it people? You are doing the exact same thing.

denise on

as I and others repeat all the time noone HATES candace. is there something between love and hate for you guys??? is the world black and white? as I already said, I don’t like her much but I wish her and her family well. I absolutely DISLIKE things she says in her interviews.
but as there aren’t any arguments to support the rubbish she tends to say, her fans always say others “hate” her or hate Christians.

I am a Christian. But she is a FUNDAMENTALIST. there’s a huge difference. Her brother is a creationist, I beg you pardon, how can anybody take people like him serious?? Those type of so-called Christians like her sound brainwashed to me. Do you loose your ability to think scientifically and be open to other people and their sexuality when you become a fundamentalist? How can anyon be so brainwashed to read and take the bible literally? You guys better start studying theology before you dare to be so condescending and intolerant.

meghan on

Denise, KIRK is a creationist. Candace has never publicly said a word about creationism or homosexuality. Do you have the exact same belief system as your siblings? I doubt it as most people don’t, even if they see eye to eye on some issues. Stop trying to lump Candace and her faith in with her brother’s.

denise on

I used to participate in her forum a few years ago, I read a lot of what she posted on her personal website and her comments in the forum. She is a FUNDAMENTALIST. What she said about spanking (well, she used some kind of euphemism and as I’m not a native speaker I forgot the word) was also on her forum.

But if my brother’d say such hateful things and just WRONG stuff I’d be sure to make it clear I didn’t agree… especially concerning those topics.

So many of my friends are gay and it makes me so sad that these guys are supposedly sinners although in my opinion they are just normal guys who happen to be attracted to people of the same sex. I don’t care who my friend’s partners are if they are men or women, black or white, as long as they’re nice people and make my friends happy. I don’t even think homosexuality is something one must “tolerate” because it’s natural and normal, so it’s nothing I must bring myself to “tolerate”. Sadly most of my gay friends have been beaten up at least once. I don’t say that Christians beat them up but preaching against homosexuality creates an atmosphere of hate and disrespect. God created all people and true love can’t be wrong or a sin. To me it’s never important if my friends have same sex or different sex partners as long as both are happy and my friends are treated well by their partner. I don’t see the sexuality but the person and I am sure that our almighty God even more sees the person, the character and the love between two people.

JM on

denise well said. you are a good example of the kind of christian i can get along with and the way i wish all christians would conduct themselves. i am not christian and so probably disagree with you on religious issues but that doesn’t mean that we have different morals about decent ways to treat other people. well done for your enlightened view, i wish more would follow suit.

Nicole on

Jamie I disagree with you and Candance and any stupid pro spanker that there IS NEVER any reason to spank a child. EVERY SINGE kid can be disciplined without causing physical pain (ie spanking or swatting them). I think it is poor parenting when a parent resorts to spanking their kid. The child is ONLY behaving out of fear of pain and that is wrong. My husband is a big muscular man and said No matter what our son does he will never cause him physical pain as in swatting him or spanking him. My husband beat his father at the age of 15 for hitting him with a belt, he wasn”t gonna take getting spanked with a belt anymore. I respected my father 10 times more than my mother because he never ever laid a hand on me and used non-non violent discipline. Spanking IS violence. A hit is a hit no matter how light. And I slapped my own mother back as a teen and physically fought with her and made it clear any time she hit me I would be hitting her back. If she wanted to kill me she could go ahead and be in jail. Our 2 yr old son is a rambunctious, strong willed child and we still have NEVER swatted or spanked him. Not even when he did something dangerous as ran out in run towards the road or touched an electric socket.

So DO NOT tell me EVERY kid has can’t be raised without spanking because they can, parents just have to NEVER want to physically hurt their child and love them enough. If you feel the need to physically hurt your child then you don’t love them more than life itself and are a horrible parent and should never be blessed with children. I feel bad for Candace’s kids and hope they turn on her when they grow up. My husband and I are better parents than pro-spanking parents because our son is always safe from feeling experienceing any pain from us no matter what he does. We still teach him manners too. So if parents are gonna spank they should never have kids. No child should ever fear pain from their parent!

And there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Love is love. It should be illega to spank, it should be mandatory to take parenting classes on how to raise kids without spanking.