Andrew Firestone Welcomes Daughter Anja Jasmine

04/15/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

It’s a girl for former Bachelor Andrew Firestone and his wife, Ivana Bozilovic!

Daughter Anja Jasmine Firestone arrived Friday, April 15 at 7:55 a.m., his rep confirms to PEOPLE. She weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz.

Anja joins big brother Adam Brooks, 2.

Firestone, 35, currently co-owns The Lincoln Room, a San Diego restaurant, and runs the Curtis Winery in Los Olivos, Calif.

— Sarah Michaud

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Luna on

Oh I love that name! It goes so well with Adam. Congratulations to Andrew, Ivana, and Adam on baby Anja!

Juanita on

Congrats. Lovely name. I believe they call their son Brooks not Adam.

Corrie on

Lovely name! Congratulations to them. 🙂

Romy on

I like Anja. Their boy goes by Brooks doesn’t he?

cris on

I like the name-even though it has become VERY popular. I always think it’s funny how quickly these announcements get made-baby was just born hours ago and his rep has already alerted the media…

I am sure little Anja is adorable, and congrats to mom, dad and big brother!

Allegra on

Anja is a very pretty name. I’m unsure if I like it better as Anya or Anja though. I can’t decide! 😉

Sarah S. on

I assume Anja is pronounced like Anya? Lovely name and congrats to them! 🙂

Red Skye on

Anja?Wow need need another one maybe call it “Ninja”Lol

kj on

it IS a bit strange how the first people they notify is PEOPLE. I bet there are a few relatives who just learned the happy news online. Nonetheless, its wonderful news to hear about a new baby.

Jgirl on

I am SURE both kids are gorgeous. Look at the parents. Love both names as well. I think “Brooks” is such a cute name. Congratulations. When I have my third baby in November, I am calling CBB as soon as the baby comes out. Do you think they will run that story?? 😉

Nicole on

The baby was born 8 hours before this was posted. I’m sure they had plenty of opportunity to notify the family in that time. Geez, the things people nitpick over.

Congrats on the new arrival!

MariaP on

Congrats to them. Anja is a beautiful name. It doesn’t matter if it Anya or Anja it is pronounced the same. Maybe they choose Anja because od Ivana’s sebrian heritage.

Brooklyn on

Great name!
Congrats to them!

Romy on

Anja is nothing like Ninja. Anja has the ‘y’ sound. Maybe they figure they’d rather make the announcement than have a website report it first.

Hawaiian Huntress on

Im not sure I would call the boy Brooks.. only because thats Andrews fathers name and the guy is a major douchebag…

Catca on

Is it just me or does the girl he married look an awful lot like the girl he picked on the Bachelor? Sorry – I know that’s off topic – just an uncanny resemblance in that picture. Congrats on the little addition!

Sarah M. on

Alessandra Ambrosio has a daughter named Anja and the ‘j’ is pronounced like a j, not a y. It think it really depends on the family on how they choose to pronounce it.

I love the name. Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

I really don’t understand why you call this section “Moms and Babies” when clearly you are also reporting on celebrity dads. Why make it so gender-biased?

arijana on

actually she’s serbian so anja is a serbian name and it’s pronounced anya 🙂 alessandra ambrosio chose a brazilian name and it’s prononced differently but yeah this is def anya

Allison J on

Congrats to this family! Anja is a beautiful name for what I’m sure is a beautiful baby girl.

prisoner on

It is a Russian name. A nickname form of the name Anna. Anja and Anya are basically the same name, with just a change of lettering. In countries that these names are most frequently used, they are pronounced in the same way.

Anonymous on

I named my daughter Anya as well. My husband picked the name out. 🙂 Congrats to the family!

Mary Schabort on

We have a 3 year old named Anya… with a J or a Y it is pronounced AHN-YA. Russian form of Anna. Congratulations!!! Best name ever!

Hawaiian Huntress on

NOT the best name ever… but whatever. I dont have to live with it…

Kate on

Why did they ruin the name with Jasmine? Do you want her to become a stripper?

Molly on

@Kate … because her middle name is going to dictate her future career? C’mon now. Have some sense. My middle name is Reagan. Do I get to be President?

Capri on

LOL @ Molly, tell em girl!

I personally LOVE the name, Congrats!!!

jacqui on

WHO CARES!?!?!?? seriously…a bachelor from almost a decade ago? who cares!?

jacqui on

and the name is awful! jasmine?! agree with the stripper comment….

Eliana on

Sorry, but Ivana looks NOTHING like Jen Schefft lol.

Lara on

If certain people on this discussion board had some culture they would know that Jasmine is a French name. Jasmine is a pretty name…not necessarily a stripper’s stage name. Get some culture American people

suzanne on

Regarding this comment…

WHO CARES!?!?!?? seriously…a bachelor from almost a decade ago? who cares!?

– jacqui on April 16th, 2011

and the name is awful! jasmine?! agree with the stripper comment….

– jacqui on April 16th, 2011

If you didn’t care why are you on this site reading the comments. You sound like you need some “happy” therapy….

kimmie on

acutally jasmine is arabic, not french

Jana on

jasmine is actually persian.

Karen on

ZZZZZZ’s.Who cares and the name is strange.

cfun on

Jasmine is a family name from Mom’s side. Might be maternal grandmother’s, but not totally sure. It’s not pronounced with the “J” sound…it’s also with “Y”. Oh and maternal grandmother is not a stripper.

Debbie on

She looks just like Jenn! Gag me Andrew!

MiB on

Maybe it’s because I am not american, but what on earth is wrong with the name Jasmine? It’s a totally normal name, I know several women with that name, and none of them is a stripper as far as I know.

JM on

MiB, yeah i don’t get it either. jasmine is a perfectly normal name as far as i can see. i’m not american either and i have known a few jasmine/yasmines in my time. and anjas too for the record. where i grew up it’s a fairly common name.

dsfg on

Anonymous, I agree! This site is totally sexist.

Bill on

Jasmine is pronounced “Yasmine” and it is Serbian after Ivana’s mother.

Jan on

Just got back from Disney. Jasmine is a great name. Don’t know where someone got “stripper” from the name Jasmine. Brings to my mind, royalty.

Rach on

oh please Jan “brings to mind royalty”, come on…you just got back from Disney. You mean like Princess Jasmine??? From Aladdin???

lovemybabygirl on

cute name almost named my baby girl anja but decided on sloane instead! still like sloane batter!

undercover mom on

Love the creativity and enthusiasm for new families, as profiled on People Moms and Babies! Very encouraging to see the next generation get a healthy start! Keep the energy level high!

sb3 on

Andrew and Eve are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and they have a happy, healthy, loving relationship and I think it’s awesome that their children can be born into that kind of environment. Too bad more families can’t be like that… I’m extremely happy for them….

A on

Anja, is not strange name. If you are born in ex Yugoslavia, you would know how to pronounce that name. It is not pronounced according to English language rules, it is pronounced by Serbian language rules. His wife is from Serbia, Europe people.