Padma Lakshmi: Krishna Is a ‘City Baby’

04/14/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

A year after giving birth to her first child, Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi has opened up to PEOPLE about little Krishna Thea‘s milestones – and says her daughter has taken to city life like a mini Carrie Bradshaw.

“She’s definitely a city baby,” Lakshmi, 40, said Tuesday at an event to celebrate Frito-Lay all natural ingredients products in New York City.

“I was a city child too, whether it was in a big Indian city like Bombay or here in New York City, so she’s the same. She loves being in the city.”

She says Krishna is certainly healthy and is thriving as a New Yorker.

“She’s growing every day and always learning and seeing and discovering new things,” Lakshmi says. “So it’s wonderful to see the world through her eyes.”

And, she says, her daughter even has a favorite activity at the tender age of 14 months.

“She always likes going out and seeing new things,” the new mom says. “We walk around a lot and that’s a way for her to kind of explore.”

Lakshmi also revealed Krishna’s diet, which is admittedly not as spicy as Mom likes it.

“She eats what I eat. She’s on a lacto-vegetarian Indian diet,” Lakshmi says. “She’s still breastfeeding, that’s where the lacto part comes in. She can’t eat the spicy food that I love since it would be too hard on her system but other than that she’ll eat the foods that I make for her.”

And like a true New Yorker, Krishna’s schedule is already booked for the future. She’s all set to have playdates with Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio‘s newborn son, Mateo.

“They’re nesting right now, as I’m sure you can imagine,” Lakshmi says of the family. “But once they’re out of that stage, yes. Tom’s older son Luka and Krishna know each other really well.”

— Sara Hammel and Mussarat Bata

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Taylor on

Personally, I think Krishna is the cutest little girl in Hollywood right now! (Even though they’re in New York..) She is absolutely stunning.
I love hearing about celeb’s babies playing together, too cute! 🙂

Carol on

Breastfeeding a 14 month old makes me ill!

Carrie on

Well, then, Carol, don’t do it!

Cristina on

Why does breastfeeding a 14 month old make you ill? It’s one of the best things you can do for your baby. My son is almost 10 months old and I plan on breastfeeding until he is a year old.

Shannon on

Thanks for the helpful comment Carol!

Lucy on

Carol, grow up.

Char on

Carol – quit being so uptight.. Just because it’s not for you – doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Uptight bloody american!

Sarah on

Wonderful she is still breastfeeding. It’s a tough job, but definitely worth it: breastfeeding for as long as mother and baby desire is recommended by every major health body in the world, for well researched and documented reason.

Dani on

Well, Carol I’m gonna make you VOMIT! My daughter is nearly THREE and still likes to nurse a bit before bed!! (I think it’s more for comfort than anything.) LOL! I will say that 3 is the cut off, though. Her pediatrician says that breastfeeding after one year is a PERSONAL choice! If you don’t like it, don’t do it BUT don’t berate those of us who do.
Calm down, it not THAT serious….

Shannon on

Well Carol, ignorant people make me ill

Melissa on

Wow, one little comment from Carol and everyone freaks out on her…..

I definitely don’t agree with her comment, but to each his own. It’s the most natural food a child will ever get (as long as your diet remains healthy, which I’m sure Padma’s is) and of course it is a wonderful bonding experience for both mother and child. I breast fed my little one till about 14 months, till she started biting too much *ouch* then I pumped for a bit, when she turned 2 she was off breastmilk altogether.

nippy on

Run Carol, the mombie tit loving mafia is coming after you. Hide.

Vanessa on

Carol is a dumba$$. Breastfeeding is the way Mother Nature intended for us to feed our children. There is nothing more healthy for children than to breastfeed them and how long moms want to is up to them. Please don’t ever come to Sweden, you will be disgusted that women sunbathe and swim topless.

Jen DC on

Why does it make you ill? I’m curious about this. Is it that you are normally squeamish about bodily issues or is it specific to breast feeding? If it’s specific to breast feeding, then, you know, don’t breast feed. But if it’s bodily issues generally I feel for you if/when you have a kid b/c a kid will take you through it ALL. I mean, I’ve had spit up in my dreads, bowel movement on my clothes and hands (after an up-the-back incident, when I just gave up and put the baby under the faucet in the bathtub rather than try to get his clothes off him first), snot on my glasses and on my face (I got a GREAT picture of the remaining snot bubble and baby food covering his face b/c he sneezed with food in his mouth; I’d so hoped he’d swallow first), etc.

But anyway. Like I said: Curious. I personally found breastfeeding FASCINATING. (I was my friend’s nanny, so I didn’t actually have to do it, just watch.) She was totally flat-chested, barely made an A-cup WHILE SHE WAS BREASTFEEDING and it fascinated me that she made so.much.milk. It was just amazing. AH-mazing.

rudi on

Yikes, Carol, what is wrong with you? Granted, I stopped breastfeeding one child at 14 mos. the other at 7 mos. but I don’t judge people for choices they make – be it to formula feed or extended breastfeeding.

That’s their business for G*d’s sake and too bad if it makes you sick. Your anti-breastfeeding stance probably makes others sick.

Dami on

Nursing a 3 year old is flat out perverted. Beyond disgusting! You should NOT be letting people know that. What a messed up kid that will be. …

Ben Jammin on

Breast feeding a baby over a year makes me ill and so do vegetarians.

Kate on

The baby is a splitting image of her father, who happens to be a very good looking man 😉

sky on

ok, breastfeeding a three-year with full teeth is a bit too much. ouch!

L.L. on

I am sorry but I agree with Carol. It is not necessary to breastfeed a child after 6 months of age. At that point, breast milk does not provide all the nutrients a child needs. Not stopping to breast feed after a prolonged period of time (such as three years old) may lead to dependency issues and the mother is now letting go…

I know a lot of women who agree it is a bit odd to prolong breastfeeding after a child is a mini adult (walking, conversating).

Although, I agree Carol’s choice of words could have been better. But, I understand what she meant.

Elle on

I breastfeed until my son was nineteen months and enjoyed the bonding time. It’s been six months since we stopped but he still likes to lay his head on my breast to soothe him when he’s scared or upset.

NYC_Nona on

Well Carol, I happened to breastfeed my daughter until she was 19 months old…its was a wonderful bonding experience for us both…my little one and I are extremely close…perhaps you should reserve your judgement next time…there are other reasons people may breastfeed longer as well…my daughter would not take to any other milk, except breast….as they say breast is best!!!!

Stop being so uptight and getting your panties in a bunch!!!..Sheesh, some people!

Ava on

I agree with Carol, after 1 the “comfort” thing is more like an excuse for mommy likes getting her rocks off by having her titties sucked. Denial is a powerful thing…

weu on

Krishna is so pretty

Ali on

@ Carol I agree with Carrie, “If you don’t like it… Then don’t do it!”

@ Dani – That’s awesome! I have a two year old and I am still breastfeeding. It was my plan to go until she was 3 as well, but I found out today that I need to start some medication soon that isn’t safe for breastfeeding so I have to start the weaning process. I am so sad to have to stop, but I couldn’t be happier about making it to 25 1/2 months. Keep going until you want to stop!

The Carols of the world should mind their own business! 🙂

Amanda on

Are you aware that the AAP reccomends baby’s breastfeed their first two years? 14 months is only 2 months after their first birthday, there isn’t a magical switch that goes off when they turn 1 that says they don’t need breastmilk

D on

Dani, that is flat out gross! And I agree with Carol.

Hen on

I shouldn’t comment because I am sure Carol knows she is being ignorant, but here goes anyways:
There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding a baby. grow up.

Tea on

Before formula some scientist in a lab came up with formula all a baby had was the breast, females especially American females need to understand that the SOUL purpose of the breast is to feed a child, not for some grown man to suck on!

Stephanie on

Just as you all are entitled to your opinion on how long it’s ok to breastfeed, Carol is entitled to hers. I personally think it’s strange to continue to breastfeed much past the point when your baby is big enough to tolerate solids. Obviously, it’s every woman’s personal decision but I do think that some women drag it out for their own comfort…e.g., they don’t want to admit their baby is growing up. You’re telling Carol to calm down but it seems like it’s all of you that are upset.

Sarah on

Breast feeding at 14 months is gross!!! Normally you put your child on regular milk at 12 months. That’s just nasty.

Rose Lady on

Gosh, guess we all have to be a bunch of sheep and like everything that everyone else likes. Heaven forbid we have differing opinions!!!!!
I too am disgusted at breastfeeding after a year. I am also one of “those” people who absolutely HATE breastfeeding in public. No need for it.

Bash away……….

Leelee on

So judgemental and harsh towards someone you don’t even know. Besides 14 months old isn’t even that old. Plenty of people breast feed til around that age I think. I’m not a mother but when I am I hope I am able to breast feed as well I think it is a beautiful and natural experience besides being what is best for the baby. Try to keep an open mind and not be so harsh. It only serves the purpose of making you look bad not anyone else.


What’s wrong with breastfeeding? I breastfeed my son until he was 2 1/2 years old. I only stopped because my doctor put me on meds!!!!!

Donna Ward on

I agree with Carol, breastfeeding at 14 months old is a bit ridiculous however at the same time it is each woman’s individual decision…it is not something I would have done with my children but then as i said each woman is different..

Canadian Koukla on

Well Carol – maybe you can go get a prescription for that – we wouldn’t want you to be ill!

FYI the WHO recommends: “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”

Kassi on

Personally everyone has an opinion, doesn’t make you good, bad or indifferent. Just makesk you human. Instead focus on the fact that we are all human and intitled to them. Personally attacking someone for having one is what makes us wrong. We try to hopefully teach or children in this day and age to not attack or bully others for being different or having different beliefs. I did breast feed until I couldn’t however I have family and loved ones that didn’t. However they felt about me is their opinion and I leave it at that. As for Padma’s beautiful child she looks fantastic and kudos to her for trying a Vegan life. I however am a true blood Texan so meat is a staple of mine and my child’s diet LOL. Lots of Love to you all and remember this is a place to discuss have opinions and hopefully teach those younger to be honest and it is ok to be ourselves.

LPW on

Dani, it’s possible that your pediatrician meant that when a mom is still breastfeeding after 1 year, it is because of her needs — not the child’s needs.

Brooke on

I hate to break it to Padma….but Krishna would be a “country baby”, “Suburb Baby”, “Anyplace Baby” if she were being brought up in other locations…..she doesn’t have the foggiest idea of being in the city at this age.

Grace on

Char, what does being a bloody American have to do with anything?

And Carol, please tell me, how long should we breastfeed our children? I mean some of us take the advice of the World Health Organization and UNICEF (recommends breastfeeding until at least 2, I think) or the American Academy any of PEdiatrics (recommends until at least 1). BUt do share, Carol a CBB poster, at which point does it start to make you ill? 2 months, 3? When they get teeth? When they start crawling?

Mamacita on

Way to go breastfeeding mamas! My son is nearly 2 and still nurses. Don’t think we’ll be quitting anytime soon either! Some people *ahem* are just totally ignorant.

Jennifer on

Char – your comment is just about as stupid as Carol’s. You know Carol’s American how? And even if she is, there are not stupid people in other countries?
Sounds like both you ladies need lessons in civility.

Miche on

I’m still breastfeeding my 13 month old and people who judge MY choice for MY baby make me ill.

goodmommy on

Gotta comment! I breast fed all three of my kids until 2 years (one till 1.5 yrs) and they are very well adjusted because of it. Their ages are spread out 12 years. I always get comments from teachers how well behaved and sweet they are, and I know this isn’t just from good genes. I think it’s one of the best things you can do as an investment for their futures when they’re on their own! They are very secure and have a strong sense of self.

Andie on

14 months ans breast feeding is fine, but breast feeding your THREE year old is WEIRD. A kid with the ability to chew and speak coherantly shouldn’t still be breast feeding. WEIRD.

Di on

Love Padma and her little girl is absolutely adorable. Kudos to her for doing what breasts were made for, nourishing your children.

misty on

Pretty much all the comments now are responses to Carol, who probably posted a comment and then left the site, but it IS upsetting to read a comment like that, because although some mothers choose not to, or some sadly can’t, breastfeeding is one of the most important things you can give your child.
Personally I think at least 12 months would be ideal. It IS a big committment for the mother,so anyone that manages this should be aplauded.
What’s sad about these negative comments is that they may discourage young women who would have otherwise maybe been interested in breastfeeding.
It’s really worth it and does bring with it all the wonderful benefits you read about. I know from personal experience.

Amanda on

Dear Carol,I understand that some people are not comfortable seeing a woman breast feed her baby in public. Don’t look. Most woman I know including myself cover their breasts. Breastfeeding has many benefits for both Mother and baby. Why does it make you ill?

Our son just turned 2 and I AM STILL BREASTFEEDING HIM. As I did with our other 2 children well past a year of age.

Sita on

Sarah, what is “regular” milk? Cow’s milk? Isn’t that meant for baby cows? Soy bean milk? That is meant for baby soy beans, isn’t it? Why should baby humans be fed cows’ milk or soybean milk?? Wouldn’t human milk be the regular thing? Nothing “regular” about cow’s milk at all. In fact, it is very very wierd.

Karen on

Most Organizations, including AAP, suggest breastfeeding until age one (exclusively for six months). After that the nutritional benefits become moot, and breastfeeding is mainly bonding.

I’m a breastfeeder and am planning to for her first year, unless she gets other ideas.

C on

padma is a valley girl from california so when exactly was she a city baby?!?!
yes she may have visited india but she did not live in nyc as a child so she should just shut the hell up with that nonsense.
she just did “when i was 17” on mtv and talked about growing up in the valley in cali and la is NOTHING like nyc, so she can’t even keep her bs straight.
krishna is a beautiful child but that woman is absolutely awful!

Stephanie on

goodmommy- The reason your children are well-adjusted, well-behaved, and sweet is because you breastfed them until they were 2? Wow, it seems breast milk is not only healthy, it’s perfect children serum! Why didn’t WHO, UNICEF, or American Academy of Pediatrics just say so? I don’t think any of us could argue against magic milk.

In any case, it’s fine for you all to believe that breastfeeding your baby until his/her first job interview is fine, but it’s also fine for others to find that disturbing. Agreed that “makes me ill” wasn’t the most sensitive wording but get over it, crazy moms!

I also want to comment on the breastfeeding in public issue – if you’re a mom, you’re probably completely comfortable breastfeeding in the middle of a crowded room because this is an everyday activity for you. However, this is not a routine thing for the rest of us and I don’t think it’s something most people are comfortable to witnessing. Honestly, there are restrooms, you can pump and bring the milk in bottles, there are just other options. Motherhood may make you comfortable with a lot of things (as evidenced by Jen DC’s lovely post) but that doesn’t mean the non-mothers of the world are into it.

Jillian on

When a child can walk up to you an ask for milk out of your chest, I feel it has gone on too long. That’s when you take the child to the fridge for a glass of milk.

mandie on

Give Carol and the others a break. Breast milk is fine… when a child has teeth, walking, talking — how about putting the milk in a sippy cup? I’m just saying. It is odd to see a 2-3 year asking to be breastfed. FYI: I did breastfeed my kids.

Ava on

Oh good grief, ‘Carol’ is probably under 18 and doesn’t have a clue…

Ava on

I noticed that the article said that baby Krishna was ‘lacto’ only because of breast milk and I didn’t notice an ‘ovo’ anywhere…I surely HOPE that Padma won’t try to put her toddler on a vegan diet once she stops breast milk. Vegan is fine for later when you’re old enough to take supplements for what your missing out in a well rounded diet but not while she’s still developing 😦

Mary on

I personally think that breastfeeding after 12 months is a personal choice. It isn´t only about the nutrients and such. Its the bonding that many moms love and want to keep for as long as possible. Good for them and their babies. Its their choice. We should also take in consideration the cultural aspects, Padma is Indian and in her culture, it is common for children to be breastfed way beyond the toddler years. Its cultural. Just that. Im Brazilian, and in my country breastfeeding is also seen a a very important bonding experience, and most moms do try to keep it for as long as possible. I remember when the whole polemic around Gisele Bündchen´s comment happened, my only thought was: I totally get it, because for us, that is incredibly important. Let people be, as long as their kids are happy and healthy, I say nurse away!

Amanda on

WOW!!! It’s amazing how much time was spent bullying a woman for her opinion on breastfeeding a 14 month old. The comment she made was “breastfeeding a 14 month old makes me ill” – she didn’t say she thought breastfeeding in general made her ill just beyond 14 months. I personally have a 16 month old that I breastfed until he was 13 months old. I never planned to breastfeed after 12-13 months. I think every mother knows what is best for her and her baby and should decide on their own if they want to breastfeed and for how long. I know “they” say breastfeeding is the best, but I was a formula baby and I grew up just fine. I think we need to stop bashing other woman for their opinions. Breastfeeding is wonderful and so is formula (that is why it’s out there). I think everyone should keep with the rule if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Jamie Poston-Benford on

Breast milk is the best thing you can give a young child. They benefit from it way after a year old. Cows milk is for baby cows. Human milk is for humans. After a certain age no ones NEEDS milk. The average age for a child to breast fed is 4-5 years of age. Just because it is not “normal” in the US to breast fed after a year does not make it wrong.

Holiday on

My daughter is 11 months and I am still nursing her and I do not plan on stopping any time soon! And I even nurse her in public and its wrong that some people think nursing is so shameful. 14 months is still a baby and breast milk is made for babies….not cow’s milk which is not even tolerated by a big portion of adults!

Holiday on

And one more thing! Lots of people think nursing a one year old is “gross”. I heard on the news the other day a 600 pound man was literally stuck to his chair for 2 years and had not moved out of it to even go to the bathroom. He had 2 years worth of pee and poop covering his body as well as maggots eating the dead flesh and crap… now that is my definition of GROSS, not breastfeeding!

anonymous on

vanessa, just because you don’t agree with someone’s statement or opinion does not mean the person is a dumb…. everyone is entitled to an opinion, and people should stop attacking carol but have a civil discussion on the subject if they feel the need to state their opinions.

mary on

Holy shitaki mushrooms batman! This is a ‘hot topic’ you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Breastfeeding for me was one of the hardest things I have ever done! and at times just wanted to give up. I remember with each of my four kids 18-6 I would go to the store and for about a half an hour stand in front of the bottle and formula isle looking at all the choices confused and just plain wanting to give up all together. I was so tired emotionally and physically. My mother who had 5 of us, never breastfed. My mother n law had 6, also never breastfed. I was on my own. My husband was very supporting, if I wanted to give up he was there for me. But I persevered and ended up feeding one for 1.5 yrs and the other three for a little over 2 yrs. I am now a breastfeeding consultant.

I encourage everyone out there to breastfeed. But I also know that not everyone can emotionally and some small % cant for other reasons. But I would NEVER berate or make someone feel like an incompetent mother for not nursing or make one feel overzealous for nursing longer than what some perceive as ‘gross’. It is time that we encourage one another regardless of our beliefs. I blieve it takes a village to raise a child.
You are entitled to your opinion, however why must one call names to get your opinion across? Couldn’t you just say, ‘not for me’

jbrennan on

Hey LL I think you meant to say conversing not conversating.

Indira on

I didn’t realize that Padma was a vegetarian. Does she not try the dishes on top chef?

Marie on

@Ben. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am a woman and think women who breastfeed kids beyond the age of 2 have a flat out sexual perversion.

Lisa on

I think Carol is really Charlie Sheen ..

Lisa on

I think Carol is actually that actor that left 2 1/2

CM on

I WISH I cd have breastfed my daughter! She was 3.5 mos in the NICU for heart/lung issues. As soon as I cd, I tried. And when we managed to breastfeed for a whole seven MINUTES, I was so thrilled that I texted/rang every close friend about it , and of course told all the doctors about it. Alas that was the best we managed, but I did continue to pump for several more months. There wasn’t a thing you cd say or do to make me not attach those hideous cones to my breasts every three hours round the clock. Hopefully, my next child will be fully healthy and able to breastfeed. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices, but their choice of words will make the difference.

Nella on

My thought exactly Indira! they do a lot of dishes on that show that include meat so I’m curious what she does then??! As far as breastfeeding goes it is one of the most natural things in this world, babies have been fed through breastmilk for years…14 months is still a baby and whatever works for the mother and the baby is totally an individual choice…I personally don’t understand why people are grossed out by it, it’s just boobs and some milk…Sheeshhh! It’s a completely natural and beautiful thing.

Anonymous on

Oh My God, I cant beleive 1 comment has yet again turned into a slinging match. Carol is entitled to her opinion so too bad. No one is ever going to agree. Those who are pro breast feeding til the end of time are entitled to their opinions as well. I enjoyed the breast feeding phase but frankly, I found many other ways of bonding with my babies. I was happy to move on to a bottle as soon as my children were able to hold their own bottles. That’s just me. Not criticizing anyone else. Besides this pathetic argument, concentrate on the story itself. Beautiful baby!

torgster on

For God sake the article is about Padma and her baby! Yet as seems to be happening 90% of the time on this blog now, you all let some lurkers stupid comment hijack the story? Why? Ignore people like Carol rather than playing right into what they wanted in the first place.

T.U.M on

Dani (& every other mother who does this), breast feeding a 3 year is sick.
I have a almost 3 year old boy, who would be mortified at the idea of getting breastfed! Sometimes, when he acts like a baby, I ask him if he wants to be breastfed…and he says “NOOOOO mama, that is gross!” Haha. I swear, that we never taught him that. He’s just is naturally aware of how inappropriate it is and trust me, I am far from the uptight, judgemental kind of mom. I’m open to pretty much anything, but breastfeeding a little person who can walk, talk, eat, and go to the potty themselves is just weird.

jessicad on

I think Padma and Krishna both look beautiful here. I remember her saying she didn’t think she could have kids due to endometriosis and her pregnancy was a surprise, the same thing happened with me and I’m so happy to have my daughter. I also wish I was able to breastfeed that long, go Padma!

Dana on

Once they have teeth no more breast feeding

molly on

I try to stay neutral on this site because it is supposed to be for entertainment but Wow- breastfeeding a 14mo. old is gross? Get a life Carol and LL (6mo?)- It is perfectly normal to B.F until well passed a year or even two. I had to stop at 15mo. with my son and I was so bummed. And most doctors recommends to B.F. for a MINIMUM of 6mo. but a year is best…beyond that they feel is up to the mother. I think the stigma of B.F. with some people in our country is insane! IT IS NATURAL; not to mention wonderful and has major health benefits for the child (natural immunity boosters) and mother; like lowering breast cancer rates significantly later on in her life.

Jace on

It’s quite sad to see so many Tit Nazi’s flipping out over this topic. Did it ever occur to you that Carol made that jab to purposely ruffle feathers? Looks like she accomplished her mission. Seriously…no one cares how long you all have been nursing for.

Cat on

There is not a chance I would nurse my son in a restroom. Do YOU eat sitting on a toilet? Neither does he. It’s not a healthy place to be, and nursing should not be considered an embarrassment. I’ve never had the need to hide myself; I am not that uptight. I nursed my older son until he was 18 months old and he weaned himself off. My younger son is still nursing (he’ll be 1 soon) and I plan to go on for as long as he feels he needs to nurse. You don’t think babies benefit after age 1? Well, how about the immunity he is getting from me? My son has health issues and he needs every little bit of extra immunity he can get.

To the complete moron who commented about “mommies getting their rocks off getting their titties sucked,” you obviously have never breastfed. Number one: it feels NOTHING like that. Number two: babies develop teeth. Any mother who has nursed and been bitten can tell you that sometimes it’s not something you particularly feel like doing. However, it DOES help the child and it IS worth it.

I don’t nurse my children for the pleasure of it; I nurse because it is best for them. I may end up with breasts hanging around my ankles, but it will have made a very big difference for them and I won’t regret it one bit.

Spiritmom on

I am cracking up at the comments that women get sexual pleasure from breastfeeding! Sure, in the same way we get pleasure from a gyno exam! Ridiculous!!

clara on

“I am sorry but I agree with Carol. It is not necessary to breastfeed a child after 6 months of age. At that point, breast milk does not provide all the nutrients a child needs. Not stopping to breast feed after a prolonged period of time (such as three years old) may lead to dependency issues and the mother is now letting go…”L.L.

This comment is pretty ignorant. Its not an issue of the “mombie” boobie police coming after the Carols of the world, its just the facts! There is no formula that contains antibodies & the antibodies in breastmilk almost double when the baby reaches 12 months. Your milk always is perfect for whatever age the baby is in the first 2 years. Nursing a 4 yr old, that’s debatable & its not in my comfort zone, but.. 2 & under at the breast is how we were fed through all human history.

rudi on

You seem really angry and bitter about something in your rant. First, I thought it was simply the topic of breastfeeding, but something in your tone and choice of words makes me think it’s mothers in general.

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is called “Moms & Babies” and the subject matter is generally stuff that would interest moms and soometimes even stimulate (civilized) debate (e.g. bf’ing, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, c-sections, early potty training, etc). If it’s not apparent to you already by the posts from other viewers, a lot (the majority?) of the viewers are moms.

Maybe you should find another site with more appropriate subject matter for you.

rudi on

Just to clarify — my post was directed at Stephanie (I may have inadvertently deleted the first part)

Rachel on

Ladies, my dad was breastfed till he was 5 years old!!!Ok, this was in the early 1950’s. My grandmother would tell us stories that when they would go up north to work in the fields (they were migrants, had to leave to Texas to work in the Midwest),she would be working and my dad would ask for it.Right there, she would feed him. I don’t know , maybe it was a cultural thing ( we are of Mexican descent), personal choice, or because it was years ago, that no one made a big thing about it, my grandmother would say ( ok, my dad is embarrased by it now!)
To those of you who say they will grow up “messed up” is a load of s**t. My dad raised 3 great, educated children. He spent so much time with us, growing up. He is a wonderful, great man! I look up to my dad. I always say he is more of a man than a lot of those out there right now. He recently retired after working most of his life and now can spend quality time with my 6 month old son and his other 15 month old grandson! I love you dad (and mom)!!!!

Meghan on

I love padma and her daughter is beautiful! love the name too!

Mommiesunite on

Congratulations to Padma! I think people are overlooking the fact that this woman is a single mom who never thought she could have children. Her daughter is a blessing. She is making the choices she thinks are best for her child. She is doing an amazing job and no woman should be criticized for her choices on feeding her child in a healthy way. Woman who simply can’t or choose not breastfeed are just as criticized. In the end, we all just want healthy and happy children.

Jamie on

Just to re-emphasize what others have already said: The American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization both recommend breastfeeding until the child is 2. When legitimate, important, research-based, intelligent organizations recommend something, I am inclined to believe and agree with them!!!! BTW, I breastfed my babies until they were two, and neither of them ever got sick until AFTER I stopped breastfeeding them. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

Kat on

I don’t agree with Carol’s comment (bf my kid up to 20 mths), but “Jen DC” really provided far too much information!

Laura on

Amanda – right on! Here I am reading this brief article, and suddenly come across all of these comments made towards one opinion. Is breatfeeding a choice – of course…do I personally need to know your kid is still being fed via boob..not really, no. I agree, maybe the word “ill” can suggest that something wrong is being done (not true, of course) but perhaps “uncomfortable” or “squimish” might of worked better. I’m not concerned about why Carol feels that way or why some mothers are breastfeeding their 3 year old. My sister had a child and was pushed into trying to breastfeed when she was in the hospital, but the whole process was very uncomfortable for her and she went the formula route (yes breatfeeding advocates, she does love her daughter). I’ll admit, it does appear odd to me when I see a child (not infant or baby) being breastfed, but that’s my stuff, not the moms.

mj on

6 weeks was enough for me, then I had to go back to work full time. I don’t have a job where I thought it was really fair of me to dump work on my coworkers while I went to pump. I would have been allowed the time, but I’ve been in the position where coworkers of mine have come back from maternity work and continued to pump several times a day- only to be more of a burden to the rest of their coworkers (one would pump about six times per day during an eight hour shift, always at the busiest times of the day!)… so it was a no-brainer. In my heart, I knew it may be the best thing, but the reality was that I needed to work full time after my six weeks off and that was the only option I had.

snoilog on

I’m not a mom, so I can’t give an opinion on whether breast feeding past a certain age is right or wrong. Everyone should just be respectful of others opinons and choices. However, Padma said her daughter doesn’t eat spicy food. If she is breastfeeding, isn’t her milk reflective of what she eats? So, wouldn’t her daughter be “eating” spicy food?

ForeverMoore on

Admittedly I would feel a little “yuk” if she had said 24 or 34 months but 14 months is still a wonderful time to be giving your child the wonderful gift of yourself! My son is 10 months right now and I plan on continuing until he is 12-13 months. I’m pregnant with my second right now (still in first trimester) so I think it’s good timing and it was my plan already to stop then. But to judge someone on their personal decision for their child is just plain out of line.

Jen DC on

Ha ha – TMI! I loved keeping that kid, even with the vomit, snot and diaper “books” I had to get rid of and cloth diapers I had to rinse.

Padma and her baby are beautiful and breastfeeding is completely normal into toddlerhood in about 95% of the world. If you don’t like breastfeeding or find it disgusting, and can’t bear the sight of a bare breast (even your own?) look away!

@ MJ: Just because you co-workers didn’t pump at opportune times during the day and became “burdens” at the office doesn’t mean you had to follow their example. The woman for whom I nannied was the head attorney in their exceedingly small Hawaiian Legal Aid office and pumped about 3x/day behind a wall of boxes while handling paperwork or answering emails.

Kate on

When are people gonna learn that this debate is pointless? Uneducated selfish morons will stuff their kids with formula anyway, childless people will give their opinions on subjects they have no clue about, and BF moms will continue getting sexual pleasure from BF (I’m being sarcastic-I just haven’t heard that one before:)

daria on

adorable mom and baby. some of the comments here are absurd. i’m not commenting on anyone else’s parenting choices but there sure are a lot of horrible comments on breastfeeding. really — sexual gratification from extended breastfeeding? public nursing is disgusting? cows milk as a reasonable substitute for breastmilk? tit nazis? wow. there are some angry, closed-minded people on here. im nursing my daughter and nursed my son because i was able to, and felt it was best for them. i have friends (far more open-minded than these commenters) who have either breastfeed or used formula, or both, and i don’t judge their choices. only on-line do you find such vitriol rather than support. most moms don’t care if their friends use formula or nurse, or work at home or out of the home, or a number of parenting choices.

molly on

You said it-and thanks for boiling it down for us! We become so overpowered by our own ideas/emotions/thoughts that we forget- this debate will never change minds and it is a personal choice per each woman.

Love the comment that BF moms get sexual pleasure (sarcastic, I know). Actually- took me a very long time to see my breasts as anything other than feeding machines and finally allowed the hubby to get near them once BF-ing was over!!

Toya L. on


Daniella on

For goodness sake people, stop arguing about the breastfeeding! A responsible mother is going to do what they think is best for their baby, whether it’s through breast milk or formula. I have over 50+ first-cousins (we’re all between 6 & 35 years now), about half of us were breast-fed & half were formula fed, nearly all of us were off either one by a year or so old. And guess what? We’re all perfectly healthy & you can’t tell which of us were given the breast milk or formula.

The formula-fed babies turned out just as healthy as the breast-fed babies, no difference that I can see between my cousins unless they were born with a birth defect, contracted a specific disease later in adolescence, or decided to ruin their own health by smoking, drinking or doing drugs. My brothers & I were formula-fed & we’re just as healthy as our breast-fed cousins. And our mothers all love us, trust me.

In reality, the most unhealthy of all my cousins in childhood were the three who were breast-fed by my aunt….who was a heavy smoker & drug addict at that time. Every situation is different & in this case, I’m 100% postive that my cousins would have been much healthier if they had been fed formula instead of my aunt’s drug & smoke-tainted breast milk.

molly on


You are right, it is each woman’s choice. I just don’t like it when people feel that Bf-ind women are gross or doing something unnatural when it is not. I was not bf as a child and nor were my other 3 siblings and I know my mother loved us more than life and we bonded like any other mother/child would- we are all healthy adults, but we were also sick a lot as a kids with ENT stuff and bf-ing might have helped fend some of that off. Which is one of the reasons why I chose to bf my son for more than a year; that and I truly enjoyed it. I don’t have anything against formula feeding; I will probably have to use it for our adopted child in the near future and I am sure I will bond well, I just wish respect towards bfing women and the correct info about the benefits was understood by others who choose not to.

soph on

Dani: you’re gross.

Anonymous on

Wow, I never realized the disgust toward breastfeeding was so pervasive. I don’t want this to affect my feelings when I become a mom, because I am planning to breastfeed, and never knew how many people had strong reactions against it.

I have had to overcome my own issues with the idea of breastfeeding… When I was younger I thought it seemed very gross and primitive, and I had a strong emotional response against it… much like many of the posters here. But as I grew older, I realized my reaction was something I had internalized from our society and I worked to overcome it and now see breastfeeding as the natural act that it is.

When I have a child I don’t want to wonder who else is uncomfortable when I’m breastfeeding. I have no intention of whipping my boob out in people’s faces, but based off of the comments here, I think breasfeeding in public at all will cause some to judge. I guess now, I have to overcome other people’s issues and not be bothered. I wish I lived in a country where it was more accepted as normal so I could feel totally comfortable doing what’s natural.

Anonymous on

I think most of these negative comments here must be from people in the united states… because in other places, especially the non-westernized world, people don’t have the same hang ups and judgement about breasts.

As Rachel’s story above shows, many people breastfeed their children until the child doesn’t want it anymore, looking at it as good free nutrition, rather than some weird perversion that will psychologically damage the child. I’m glad Rachel shared her father’s story because it goes to show cultures that have more natural relationships with their bodies don’t judge breastfeeding the way we do. It’s just part of life, no shame necessary.

I think as Americans we have become sick because we see normal things as sexually perverse, when really it’s just our bodies doing what they are made to do. Many Americans are so trapped in this demented way of thinking that we have completely lost track of what life is really about. People in our culture are the only ones that think it’s okay to take babies away from their mothers at a few weeks old and feed them formula. Mothers around the world would find that hard to believe, while we Americans are having tantrums about how gross breastfeeding a 14 month old is.

Anonymous on

There is a great story I read about a male doctor visiting a maternity ward in the middle east in the 1960s. When he walked into an area where a group of mothers was sitting in a circle breastfeeding they all rushed to cover themselves… but to his surprise, they covered their hair, not their breasts! Just goes to show how we perceive our bodies is largely formed by cultural norms, and what we think is appropriate or not is internalized by the society we live in.

Jillian on

Mj, sorry but you didn’t want to pump. Just say it. It’s fine. It’s so annoying when ppl blame others for not being able to breastfeed. All emplyoers have to allow you the opportunity to breastfeed. So if you chose not to bc you didn’t want your coworkers to be burdened…..that is horrible and selfish.

People that are breastfeeding beyond a certain point are doing it for the emotional value, not nutrition. Fine. Admit it. Don’t say that at 1 1/2 a child needs breast milk, cause it I’d not true. A preschool aged child, should NOT be breastfed. The mother needs to find other ways to emotional be with the child and show the child it’s ok. My friends daughter during play dates, asks for milk…..and she nurses right there. Blows my mind. Give her a sippy. If she can walk across the street holding your hand….move along.

rudi on

Unless you are a parent, you are not in a position to opine about breasfeeding or to lecture or attack others about choices they have made for their children.

Holiday on

Jillian so when exactly does breast milk lose its nutritional value? 1? 2? It doesnt ever and if a mom chooses to nurse her 2 or 3 or even 4 year old its HER choice, HER child and not anyone elses business! I hate that people out there like you are giving me and my baby dirty looks and disgusted that I am nursing her and giving her the absolute healthiest thing I can.

Terri on

I love the name Krishna. So pretty. I like it the more I hear it.

daria on

@rudi, agree, but would take that one step further: unless you are parent to my child, you are not in the position to judge.

Nana on

I breastfed my daughter up until she was 19 months old. I would have kept going had it not been for having my son and it becoming too hectic. It’s a beautiful bonding and nurturing experience. There is nothing ill about it! Right on Padma!!

rudi on

Agreed. I should have clarified that in my comment, but I was so incensed at the time my thoughts got jumbled.

Janey on

Breast feeding is absolutley best up to about 6 or 9 months. There is no nutritional benefit to doing it after that. it is just comfort

Heather on

Can I please change the subject and ask if anybody knows what baby carrier Padma is using? Thanks.

Jillian on

Holiday, reread what I said. Second, I am allowed an opinion. Just like you and everyone else. Too bad….so sad. You dsughter is 11 months. There is nothing IMO wrong with that, never sdid that. I have never given a dirty look to someone for breastfeeding either. Not sure where you got that idea. I also have never seen a preschool breastfed. You really need to take off the defensive hat and reread what I wrote. And stop making things up.

Anonymous on

Janey… breastmilk doesn’t lose its nutritional value after 6 or 9 months. Immunities are passed along via breastmilk, and studies also indicate that breastfed babies have a lower incidence of gastro-intestinal and respiratory infections as long as breastfeeding continues. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for a minimum of one year, and studies indicate that breastmilk can continue to be a significant part of the infant’s nutrition past the first year.

Anonymous on

holiday you say, cows milk isn’t for 14 month olds only breastmilk. Wrong. Wrong. Milk is fine for 14 months old which is a fact. Not everyone can breastfeed..duh!

Latia on

I’m a birth and postpartum doula and I also have 2 children. The first I nursed till he weaned on his own at 24 months and the second is 22 months and still nursing. Why is it that some people think that all of a sudden breastmilk loses all nutritional value after a certain point????? You always hear– “after a year, there’s no nutrients, it’s just for comfort,” etc, etc. Really? Breastmilk just turns to water after the magical one year point? This doesn’t make sense at all and all the research on breastmilk shows exactly the opposite. A mother’s milk changes as her baby gets older. A nursing toddler usually nurses a lot less than say a 2 month old baby– a few times a day vs 8-12 times, and for a few minutes at a time vs 20+ minutes. Therefore, a mom’s breastmilk has to be a lot more concentrated in order for the nursing toddler to get all the nutrients it needs. And yes, there certainly are nutrients still in breastmilk no matter if the child is 3 months old or 3 YEARS old!!! A toddler mom’s breastmilk has more fat, protein, and energy requirements than the milk of a mom nursing an infant. Also, the longer a mom breastfeeds over the course of her lifetime, the lower her risk of breast cancer and women who were breastfed themselves as infants also have a decreased chance of breast cancer.

In the second year (12-23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides:
◦29% of energy requirements
◦43% of protein requirements
◦36% of calcium requirements
◦75% of vitamin A requirements
◦76% of folate requirements
◦94% of vitamin B12 requirements
◦60% of vitamin C requirements
— Dewey 2001

Breastmilk is the perfect “multivitamin” for picky toddlers!

Holiday on

Anonymous I am not even sure I want to explain anything to you considering you are probably 11 since you ended your sentence with duhhh. But yes 14 month olds can have cows milk but there are MANY moms such as myself that would not want to give our babies milk from an animal when we have the perfect milk for our babies! I find it odd that so many people want their children to drink milk from a cow when we can provide a healthier milk for them.

Jillian on

I wait for the day for some to realize that not everyone can breastfeed.

Holiday on

Its true some moms cant breast feed, I agree with it. But way more moms do not give it a good enough try and give up.

Jillian on

How do you know the reasons why people stop? You shouldn’t make assumptions. Ppl thinks they give up…when no one but the mom really knows. I respect a moms decision to breastfeed or not. Their choice. I have done it. I thinks it’s important for the first 1. That’s it.

Kate on

Jillian, how about these reasons: lack of education on the subject, unwilingness to be ‘tied to a baby’, ‘my milk didn’t come in yet so I’ll give baby bottle ’cause he’s hungry’. Hello, you have to have your baby on the breast all the time in the beginning because it is ‘demand-supply’ rule; wanna produce? Drink water and sit in a chair. Feed the baby right after he’s born, not 2 hours after when he’s sleepy and can’t latch on properly. There are many more but the bottom line: they stop because they don’t want to BF anymore.

meghan on

Kate, you pretty much illustrated Jillian’s point. Listing a bunch of assumptions about why some mothers can’t BF and chalking it all up to selfishness. Does it make you feel superior that you ‘stuck with it’ when they could not?

Kate on

meghan, those were not my assumptions but actual reasons women give as to why they want to stop, not that they couldn’t. Couldn’t would mean exactly that: I have no milk and therefore I can’t. If a woman has milk and stops then she doesn’t want to anymore, hello common sense. Now see you assumed that I should feel superior that I did it but honestly I don’t feel anything like that, they’re not my kids to worry about. I do feel superior to my 20-year old myself though because I didn’t BF my oldest for a reason that I just didn’t know that BF is best, there were no resources then like it is now. But I say it like it is while most women don’t.

Jessie on

The anti-breastfeeding hate is ridiculous! All these people calling it perverse sound like they must be perverts themselves. Those of us who choose to breastfeed past a year do NOT have sexual feelings related to breastfeeding and do it FOR OUR CHILDREN. I don’t know what kind of highly-sexualized people on this board get off on it, but you’re the problem, not the non-sexual nursing mothers.

If you don’t want to breastfeed, or don’t want to breastfeed past a year, don’t. But suggesting quitting nursing at six months is UNHEALTHY for a baby. A baby NEEDS breastmilk or formula until ONE YEAR, and why in the heck should they switch from breastmilk to expensive formula at six months? Stop being so selfish and think of what’s best for your children instead of your over-sexed selves.

Jillian on

Thanks for proving my point Kate 🙂

You are making general assumptions and left out all the reasons/problems of why it doesn’t work, which there are many. Again, thanks for proving my point.

Holiday on

I agree with every thing you said Jessie! Mothers breast feed because it is a million times better for baby then formula or cows milk and for those people who suggest it has to do with sexual feelings that is disgusting and YOU people are the perverted ones!

shidley on

The breastfeeding didn’t so much catch my eye so much as the “city baby” remark did. Of course she’s a city baby. What other choice does she have at the moment?

Stephanie on

Cat – I’m not debating the nutritional value of breast milk or suggesting that it drops off after age 1…I didn’t say anything about that. I simply said I don’t appreciate when people are breastfeeding at the dinner table in a restaurant. Even if you’re comfortable with it, you should take into consideration the fact that this is not a daily routine for all people and not everyone wants to see it. It’s a preference, just as it’s your preference to breastfeed for as long as you want. If that makes me uptight, that’s fine…I still don’t want to see it.

Rudi – I am not bitter towards moms…I’m not sure what my reasoning would be given that I’m not at an age or point in my life where I’m looking to be a mom. I do, however, get really riled up about this particular issue. I understand that when people become mothers it completely changes their life in a wonderful way and they’re very excited about it. However, I find it absolutely maddening when women assume that the lives of everyone around them also now revolve around the baby…e.g., of course, everyone wants to hear about my experience pumping today, of course no one minds if I breastfeed in the middle of the restaurant, of course everyone wants to have the opportunity to give me advice on how to make breast feeding less painful. Agreed, I came to this article knowing it was about babies…again, I don’t have an agenda against babies/moms so there’s not reason why I wouldn’t. I don’t, however, go out to eat expecting to see a baby getting breastfed, I don’t go to work wanting to hear the awkward pumping experience my coworker had in the bathroom, and I don’t go on Facebook to have my Newsfeed tell me how sore your nipples are from breastfeeding. A lot of mom’s are so “in-your-face” about motherhood and it’s always driven me crazy.