Megyn Kelly Welcomes Daughter Yardley Evans

04/14/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

It’s a girl for Megyn Kelly!

Theย America Liveย host, 40, delivered daughter Yardley Evans Brunt at 10 a.m. on April 14, it was announced on air Thursday.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 12 oz., Yardley joins big brother Edward Yates, 19 months, the Fox anchor’s first child with husband Doug Brunt.

Kelly announced her pregnancy in November.

— Sarah Michaud

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Anonymous on

Love her!!!

Lynda on

Congratualtion on the New Baby girl Yardly Evans!

JJ on

Congratulations! Cute name & a very pretty momma.

Norwegian Girl on

Congrats! I’ve never heard the name Yardley before.

Conservative Mama on

What great news! She’s one of my favorites. She choosing interesting names… that aren’t necessarily my taste…but I like them!

Michelle on

My goodness….I thought Megyn was going to give birth under the table last week. ๐Ÿ™‚ She only just left Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy for her. Love her and cant wait to see pictures. I love how her son is Edward Yates, E.Y and Yardley Evans is Y.E……So cute. Congrats to the Brunt Family. ๐Ÿ™‚

Allegra on

I have never heard of the name Yardley and it’s a little bit random to be from a classic name like “Edward” to it, but regardless congratulations to the couple. I really like Megyn!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Megyn and her family. What a beautiful name!!!

Amy R. on

Congratulations to Megyn! She is my absolute favorite anchor on TV! Not only is she beautiful, but smart as a whip! Best to her and her family!!

Sammy on

Congrats to the beautiful mom and dad, LOVE Megyn!

Romy on

I like Megyn, but Yardley?? Wow it seems how do you look down at your sweet girl and say she looks like a Yardley? like Grassley? I know someone will say it’s a family name, but there are many family names that should be skipped. Just my opinion of course!

Lori on

Love the name….and on my Birthday!

Macy on

What a ridiculous name!

Erin on

lol@ the Grassley remark.. that was funny. Congrats to the family! I couldn’t believe when she said this woman was 40.. I hope I look like her when I’m 40! Gorgeous!

jeepers on

That name is so close to the U of V lacrosse player that was murdered last year, Yeardley Love. I had never heard of the name then, either.

And, btw, no correspondent on Fox News is whip smart. In fact, choosing to work at that network goes against the very definition of whip smart. It is always helpful that when delivering the “news”, you know what you are talking about.

Julie on

Congratulations to Megyn! Will certainly miss her and Kelly’s Court while she’s on maternity leave. Love the name Yardley!

Jennifer on

oh jeepers…you just had to show your stupid didn’t you??

Congrats to the entire family on Yardley’s arrival!

LJB on


I see. Everyone is stupid that you don’t like. Hard to live that way. Open your mind and heart. You might learn something.

Jo on

Congrats to Megyn and her family. Um, ah, but . . . .Yardley? Srsly? wth?

Twyla on

What a godawful name. And at first glance I feared her last name might be Yates.

Dr. Lynda on

Uh, excuse me, jeepers, but you have to be smart enough to know how to discern an half-black con man from an honest American to be a FOX viewer. Obviously, you are not a FOX viewer.

Congratulations to the whole family. I Love Megyn, her intellect, her beauty and her ability to go toe to toe with any man. Quite a woman.

Jaedyn on

Lori: On my bday, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats!

Jennifer on

Happy she had a healthy baby, even happier she will be off the air for awhile!

Carrie on

@Dr. Lynda-I agree! I just love her!!

Mallory on

Okay, I rarely ever comment if I don’t like a baby name on here, but seriously?? Yardley? That is one of the weirdest names I’ve ever heard. I could MAYBE see it on a little boy, but for a baby girl? Sigh. Oh well. Not my kid.

Taylor on

I love Megyn, and I love her kids’ names! Yates and Yardley are so unique and they sound good together! Congratulations Megyn, Doug, and Yates!

moda31 on

Interesting name, the only Yardley I know of is the cosmetics brand.

Cynthia on


I am skeptical about Fox News, too (and every other news show, for the record), but there is no denying that Megyn is whip smart. If you ever saw her show or watched her on the O’Reilly show, you would appreciate just how smart.

Dr. Lynda – Really, you just had to feed into Jeepers’ stereotype of Fox viewers. Good job, really. /sigh

Sunny on

Dr. Lynda – half-black con man? Wow what a horrible remark.
Is anyone even moderating these comments?

Congrats to Megyn.

Marilyn on

I was waiting for an announcement today as last Thursday she said she was going to have the baby April 14. Congrats!

~C~ on

Beautiful name, beautiful mom, no doubt a beautiful baby to add to what seems like a beautiful family!! Congrats!!

Vanessa on

You must be a liberal!!! Nobody cares about what you thank. Congrats on the baby!

rudi on

When I see the name “Yardley” I think of little old ladies as it reminds me of the fragrance company Yardley — never knew anyone under 50+ who used any of their products.

stacy on

The name is cute. I don’t know who she is as I don’t watch fox news. Did they make a mistake, they said that this is her first Child with her husband, but she has a 19 month old? Or did she have the first with a previous relationship? Usually the father is stated.

Linsey on

I have to laugh at the people saying Megyn is smart. Hahahahahaha. The same people probably think Sarah Palin is smart, too.

Shannon on

A bit different of a name, but not too terrible. I would assume it has some family meaning for them. Whether or not you like Fox News, Megyn Kelly is a very smart and articulate woman. She’s quite a firecracker too! I love her personality. And to whomever made the racist comments earlier, there is no place for that anywhere. Its 2011. Regardless of how you feel about our President there is no need to be derogatory.

Sunny on

Stacy –
it said:
“Yardley joins big brother Edward Yates, 19 months, the Fox anchorโ€™s first child with husband Doug Brunt.”

Edward Yates is the first child with her husband.

lindsay on

Not trying to be rude here but I am wondering if the age gap was reported correctly? She has a 19 month old but this is only her first child with her husband? Does that sound wrong to anyone else?

Carly on

Congratulations to Megyn and her family! My husband and I love her. She is so intelligent and quick and we love watching her give a good smackdown! Where have some of you people been – under a rock??? I’ve heard Yardley enough to know it’s a beautiful and sophisticated name. It’s nice that she chose something unique. Some of you people are just mean spirited.

Maggie on

Sounds like a few of you just can’t read…

Marilyn on

I noticed her kids’ initials are the same, just reversed. Megyn IS very smart — I’ve seen her a lot on the news and she’s great.

Stella Bella on

The name doesn’t appeal to me at all, but congrats to them.

Mira on

Yardley sounds ok to me. Megyn on the other hand just burns my eyes. Her parents butchered a nice name.

@Dr. Linda, indeed, way to go fitting into the stereotype of a bigoted Fox News viewer.

stacy on

Ah, Yes, thank you I see that now!

Anna on

Yardley! I would change my name the day I turned 18. It sounds like a dog’s name.

Taylor on

Linsey- Are you implying ALL Republican women, and men for that matter, aren’t intelligent because they don’t think like you do?

Hawaiian Huntress on

Congrats Megyn… and thank you for always delivering fair and balanced news! Fox news is #1, as usual…

mg on

geez…poor baby to have this chick for a mother.

Jennie on

Congrats to Megyn, Doug, and Yates!!! My family has been waiting to hear news. Love the name. Her son Yates is named after his two grandfathers. They call him ‘Yates’. Bill O’Reilly kind of let the ‘it’s a girl’ thing slip the last O’Reilly Factor she was on last week.

Abi on

Gender: Boy
Origin: English
Meaning: from the enclosed meadow

This is what I found when I looked up the name Yardley. Not my style, but to each their own. I bet she is cute!!

Maddison on

The name Yardley over here is famous for soap and talcum powder…not a name for a baby girl…but each to their own I guess.

Candy on

Congratulations to Megyn and Doug.
A beautiful baby girl, Yardley is a wonderful name.

rdavis on

She’s such a loud mouth pea brain right winger. Maybe the Dad has an iota of sense.

deb on

Congrats to the Brunt family..I think the name of your daughter is pretty and alot better then some of the crap people name their kids.Can’t wait to see a picture.

C on

My aunt and uncle live in Yardley! It’s a suburb of Philadelphia.

itsmeinks on

LOVE the NAME!! Congrats and enjoy your time off with the little ones!!

denise on

So who is the father of the 1st kid?

Catca on

Hope the little girl looks like her mother who is undeniably gorgeous! Congrats to the Brunt family.

Karen on

Well, hopefully they’ll call her Evans then. I think of a yardsale when I read that name….so awful!!! I like Megyn, but her own name reminds me of obgyn sign! LOL
Congrats to them….she looks great for 40!

What of it? on

I’m not sure what I’m more disgusted with, Dr. Lynda’s unambiguously racist comment or the one shortly thereafter applauding it. Let’s go with 50-50. The moderators of this blog (which I’m starting to doubt the existence of) should be ashamed of themselves.

Sharon on

She probably got the name from the young college student Yardley that was murdered last year by her boyfriend. I never heard the name before that tragedy.

shalay on

I used to live on a street called Yardley Way. Not a cute baby name in my opinion, but to each his own. Congrats to them.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, to imply that someone is not smart just because you don’t share similar political beliefs just makes you look ignorant. I’m more liberal, but I will gladly say that many Republicans on Fox are intelligent and well-spoken.

Dori on

Congrats to all the Family .. This is Kelly’s 2nd Child with her Husband I am sure …

Sarah S. on

Pretty name, but the last time I heard the name was actually for “Yardley Lavender Soap” back in the 1970’s. Anyway, congrats!! ๐Ÿ™‚

elliemae on

When I read the name, I immediately thought of the UVA lacrosse player, Yeardley (pronounced Yardley) Love. Megyn probably wanted a girl’s name that began with a “Y” to go with brother Yates’ name and there aren’t too many “Y” girl names. Yeardley was killed almost a year ago to the day. I personally love the name and think it goes great with Yates.

Cheryl Brooks on

Very cool. God bless you guys!

hannah on

Such a masculine name for a little girl! Not really a fan but then again my opinion doesnt matter to them. They obviously like it. Congrats.

AKgirl on

Megyn Kelly is a class act and a beautiful lady. She IS whip smart and knows her stuff. All the sniveling liberals on here have their heads up their butts just like our Community Organizer in Chief…Megyn would destroy Obama in a battle of wits ANYDAY. Congrats Megyn…keep fighting the good fight!

soph on

Lol, call her Evans? Oh, that’s better.

Yardley has got to be the worst name for a girl ever…but I guess you can’t expect much from a woman who spells her name “Megyn.”

CanadaLove on

Isn’t that the name of the actress who voices Lisa Simpson?

Lisa on

Isn’t Yeardley the name of the actress who voices Lisa Simpson? I’m not a big fan of the name but it’s their choice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Suzy on

God help her daughter. The name is the least of her worries. I actually like it. One can only hope that she can rise above the overwhelming ignorance of her mother. One always hopes for more for children than their parents had, but no truer has that adage been than here.

Lily on

Here comes the Fox News haters. I bet 99.9% percent of the people commenting about her intelligence, have never seen her show. She is very likeable and smat as a whip! Congrats!

Grace-2 on

@Jennifer: Here’s a little tip – before calling other people stupid, you should make sure to first learn the different between your and you’re.

Lee Hunter on

Congrats Megyn , I hope to see you back on FNC soon !!

Linsey on

Taylor – you seem eager to leap to conclusions. My opinion of two people is not generalizable to my opinion of all Republican women.

Macy on

It’s a BOY name! And a ridiculous one too, not to mention on a girl she’ll probably grow up to be a stripper… but then what can you expect from a mother named MegYn!

Carli on

The only Yardley I know of is a Philly suburb about a 1/2 an hour away from where I live and is exactly what I thought of when I read the name. But it’s better than some of the other names I’ve heard. Congrats to the family!!

Liz on

Linsey? Perhaps people in glass houses should’nt throw stones. Nice spelling there….

anonymous on

didn’t Megyn have an affair with Brit Hume? I say do a DNA test.

Ashley on

I am happy for her baby but sorry Hawaiian Huntress there is nothing “fair and balanced” about Fox News whatsoever. You guys are just as biased as you accused CBS, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC news to be. I’ve watch Megyn and threatening to turn off someone’s mic when they do not agree with what you are saying is not “gutsy” whatsoever but immature

Pook on

Not to to denigrate the arrival of a new life, but doesn’t it bother anyone that we now have news stories devoted to the private lives of journalists being reported essentially on entertainment sites? I thought the personal and professional should be kept separate. Also, I never could conceive of the news industry as being lumped in with entertainment. After all, news is considered public affirs, is it not? We would not likely be privy to a news media story about a CEO’s private affairs like a birth announcement, would we?

Cath on

Yardley?!?!? Really!!?!??! I guess to each her own!!!

M on

I’ve watched some clips of her and she did not display any signs of intelligence. She’s just an average, generic news anchor. I don’t know her personally and haven’t watched enough of her to rate her intelligence, but most of the people on Fox News are extremely stupid (especially Glen Beck and Bill O’reilly), so I doubt Megyn is much smarter than they are. Fox news is a joke. Before anyone jumps on me and calls me a liberal, no I am not. I also am not a fan of CNN or MSNBC.

M on

Yardley is a hideous name, by the way. I am usually not one to judge names because I like unique names myself, but Yardley is just horrible. It doesn’t even sound like a name. “Lets go play in your yard, yardley”

Shawna on

So what do celebrities do now? Get out a baby name book and pick the most horrible sounding name they can and say, “That’s a good name for my baby.” I mean, a lot of them aren’t even trying to pick a name that a child would even remotely want to grow up with. Yardley??? What is wrong with her parents?

elle on

Yardley is nicely unique. What a refreshing change from the tiring Avas… Sophias…. Isabellas… and Emilys…(yawn)

Li on

Yardly? I don’t know who she is, but what a truly awful name.

torgster on

Like her or hate her, the post is a birth announcement people not a politcal forum. What has happened to this poor blog?

Jack on

Jeez, looking at her it’s hard to believe she’s 40. Her husband is definitely lucky to have that waiting for him every night.

JM on

yeah sorry, have to agree, Yardley is a truly horrendous name! but then fox news reporter…can’t be that smart ๐Ÿ˜‰
oh no, i’m running and ducking already. it’s ok guys, some people just don’t like fox news, no reason to get upset about it! it’s called an opinion.

Jennifer on

Grace2 – no I meant YOUR stupid. Like your face, your ignorance…
Thanks for playing though…

kat on

Congratulations! Happy to know all are well – beautiful names for your children! Looking forward to seeing you again (I hope) on Fox!

Lindy on

Why does everyone have to criticize others? Megyn just had a baby girl. If she likes the name Yardley, that is ok. I have heard some bad names, but to the parents that name means something to them. If you don’t like someone, please keep your comments to yourself. Think about it……..if it was you in the news, would you want comments like some of these? I sure wouldn’t. This should be happy news and should not be criticize.

Meghan on

I think that is a beautiful name. congrats!

kristen on

I love that people keep commenting that she is smart as a whip…whip like piece of leather attached to a piece of wood? Well then I guess they are right she is just as smart as a piece of leather strapped to a piece of wood used to pop a cow in the behind.

And really a comment like “half black con man.” Jeez did you take your hood and robe off before sitting down to type that one Dr. Lynda?

Sandra on

Yardley Smith is the WOMAN who voices the character Lisa Simpson.

Grands9 on

Yardley is an English name. It’s unisex and can be for a girl or boy. Meaning–of the yard. I think it sounds beautiful!

Shannon on

Jennifer: your grammar still doesn’t make sense. “Your stupid” should still be you’re as in you are.

karen on


Loretta M. Layne on

Megan,,,Congratulations on your new Baby girl “YARDLY”,,I’m sure she’s as beautiful as her “MOMMY!”My husband & I love your news show on Fox!!
Don & Loretta Layne

Kelly on

I think she’s a bit old to be having kids. Hopefully she doesn’t put her body through this again at 40 something. Name is not good.

SLW on

I love her! I’m so happy for her and her family.

Jennifer on

Apparently my sarcasm does not translate… geez.
I know what I wrote and how I wrote it. It’s not a mistake.

All the hateful things said about Megyn and her baby and yet some of you concentrate on spelling and grammar (even when there is not a mistake). Weird.

Jennifer on

Let’s make this real easy for some of you.
I did not mean “show you’re (you are) stupid”. Think of it more as saying “your ignorance” but in a different way. See now that’s not so hard.

Becky on

I don’t really know who she is but, congrats to her and her husband..Love the names of both kids..I also have never heard of the name Yardley, I have thought heard of Yeardly..

Daniella on

Wow, and I thought some of my fellow college students were immature. Can’t we just congratulate a mother on her new baby anymore without flinging insults or degrading someone’s intelligence just because their political or cultural opinions differ from your own? I know MANY very intelligent people who’s opinions on many subjects differ wildly from my own, but I still offer them my respect so long as their own opinions do not harm others around them. Grow up, people.

Other than that, congratulations to Megyn on her healthy baby girl!

JM on

Jennifer, i think the word you’re looking for is stupidity – then there wouldn’t have been any confusion ๐Ÿ˜‰ otherwise by your logic we would say “you’re showing your ignorant” when we mean “ignorance”, i mean why make up words when there is already a word that perfectly expresses what you mean and doesn’t cause (understandable) confusion?

Capri on

Some of you people have serious serious issues…please go find your life & PEOPLE needs to monitor these comments….disgusting.

Anyways, CONGRATS to Megyn & her family!!

Jennifer on

thanks JM but I know what I meant. I was just throwing in a little silly (see I did it again). I know you can’t actually throw “silly” and a “stupid” is not actually something you can show. Give it a rest.

rudi on

“She looks good for over 40” — how patronizing and insulting!!! 40+ is not ancient — unless you’re a teenager or college student. Based on some of the off the wall comments I’ve read lately, I guess anything is possible on this blog

dsfg on

She’s not over 40 anyway.

dsfg on

Uh, Jennifer, did you mean “your stupidity”? Because “your stupid” is not grammatically correct either way.

Jennifer on

I will take Yardley anyday over “Blakesly Grace”. Congrats to her and family!!

Terri on

The first thing that came to mind is Yardley soap. lol

Julie on

I am sorry but some of you have some serious problems! It’s a name, it’s not my taste but it’s not my baby…good grief! Just because someone has different political views than you is no reason to be ugly and offensive. Give it a rest! Congratulations to Megyn & family!

Carole Orr on

Congratulations, Megan to you and your family.! Love the name! Miss you.

priscilla on

Congratulations to Megyn and her family. I like the name Yardley, it is cute and different. Probably will see this name a lot in the future.

Kary on

Some people like the name Yardley, some people don’t. I personally think the name Barack Obama is a ridiculous name. I’ve heard at least 100 jokes about that name.

sinclair on

“I think sheโ€™s a bit old to be having kids. Hopefully she doesnโ€™t put her body through this again at 40 something. Name is not good.”

Well, with her old bitter eggs, she is lucky to be on #2. Let’s hope that her kids do not inherit the sneering and caustic expressions that dear old mom loves to wear.

sinclair on

“I personally think the name Barack Obama is a ridiculous name. Iโ€™ve heard at least 100 jokes about that name.”

Kary, do you know what the president’s name means? Do you think his parents named him willy-nilly, without thought and consideration? You may need some exposure to the rest of the world–or even beyond the borders of your small town–if you cannot see beyond the lame jokes that have been told about his name, and realize that there is meaning, heritage, and considerable thought given upon his birth. Maybe your parents did not give your simple name much thought, but around the world, naming your children is not taken lightly. But, if you don’t get that, I would not be surprised–there seems to be a complete lack of awareness and almost blissful ignorance on this comment board.

Peggy on

What is wrong with naming your baby what you want, leave Megyn alone, she is one of our favorite anchors, she is very intelligent and if she can go up against Bill O’Reilly she can go up against anyone, she holds her own in any situation. Congratulations Megyn and family.

Jennifer on


dawn on

some of these comments are so cruel they have no place being on here megyn kelly wecomes daughter. dont like her or her daughters name dont comment go somewhere else and comment, dont like fox news your problem blog somewhere else, congrates to megyn and family on there new born chid . all those other comments about names and other nasty stuff written those people should be ashamed of themselfs.

pat mathieson on

WAY TO GO. Congratulations to you and family. I LOVE TO WATCH YOUR SHOW WHENEVER I CAN Pat

Terri on

What is ridiculous about the name Barack, and why is that even being mentioned here? Barack a traditional Kenyan name that means blessing. I’m sure he was a blessing to his family, just as Yardley is a blessing to her family.

lin on

Fox news bites and so does the name Yardley….

lin on

Okay, let’s just put this to rest: FOX news sucks and so does the name Yardley….end of story.

lin on

Fox news bites and so does the name Yardley….end of story.

Grace on

40 is not old at all unless maybe you are 12. Why do some people act so surprised she is 40? Look around, that is what most women around 40 look like.

We as a society have built up this myth around being 40. It is this arbitrary number we have drawn in the sand — that it is somehow older than it really is. If 39 is still considered young being 30-something then 40 is still pretty young too!

Maybe that is why there is this mindset with some people that it is just fine to have a baby at 39 and not at 40. It is one trip around the sun, 12 months — nothing. Many women have babies around 40 and look fabulous too!

W Rae on

I believe your article is incorrect in stating first child with her husband, Doug Brunt, as Edward Yates Brunt is their first child, a son, named after his two grandfathers.

Maybe you were trying to say, first female child.

Journalism….better to get it right the first time.

Kayla on

Shame on all of you for being nasty and mean spirited! Megan is a beautiful lady,and she does and incredible job on Fox News. Baby Yardley’s name is unique only to her, and she will be a beautiful child like her mom. I will miss Megan but it will be something to look forward to when she comes back. Congratulations to both parents on a job well done. Kayla

rachel on

Thanks Grace – Now I don’t feel like a fossil. It’s nice to see a few like-minded people on the site for a change.

Barbara on

I love Megyn Kelly, and think she is smarter than all the liberals in the world put together. As for Her daughter’s name, I love it. It is original and different.

As for Barack Obama, why would anyone want to give their kid a name that sounds like a chicken clucking? Although, it fits, because chickens aren’t that bright, and neither is he. Can’t wait for 2012 when he is kicked out of office.

Suzanne Friesen on

Some people shouldn’t jump to conclusion and or do their homework. Both children are with Douglas Brunt. The boy’s name is after two grandfathers. Didn’t say about the girl’s name… Media makes mistakes. Whatever the name, I think they grow on kids/babies.

Ashley on

The name does not sounds like a chicken clucking Barbara. It is an African name that means “Blessing”. Try thinking outside of your world

Marlene on

All of the name calling is childish.
Why does everything have to be about the left or the right wing? I wonder how many of you slinging names around would do it to the person’s face. It is disgusting.
As for the baby’s name, what difference does it really make to those of you who don’t like it?
It isn’t your child and as far as I know it IS STILL a free Country, at least for now. So give it a rest.
Those of you who think Megyn is stupid obviously have never listened to her or just enjoy putting people down. GROW UP!
Congratulations to the happy parents.

Marlene on

The name calling is childish. This should not have turned into a political post. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them but this is not the time or place.
If you cannot offer congratulations to the happy parents then say nothing, why be so contentious?
Liberal or conservative, it doesn’t matter, let’s just all grow up!
Congratulations to the happy parents.

Susan on

I am not too fond of the name, and I really don’t care for Meagan’s show, but Congratulations anyway.Bill O’Rilley is too liberal for me.

snapples on

I think Megyn should take a really long maternity leave. Give the country a break from her idiocy. She’s a FOX News liar. That’s what she does for a living. What a horrible name for her daughter…..Yardley. Did Glenn Beck give her the idea? Or maybe it was one of the other liars she hangs with.

Horrible woman…..simply dreadful name for a little girl. Yuck!

Connie on


competitive_gymnast on

Personally, I like “Yardley” but obviously not everyone will like the name Yardley. and as for the name Barack… people are allowed to like and dislike the name. Kary has a right to her opinion without anyone jumping down her throat. She doesn’t like the name and that is perfectly acceptable just like the reverse is acceptable (liking the name). ๐Ÿ™‚

competitive_gymnast on

congrats Megyn!

Margie on

Congratulations Megyn! Sure miss you on FOX. FOX is the only station I watch. It is the only network that give all the facts and the truth.

Jenny on

The author of the article did NOT make a mistake. “First child with husband Doug Bryant” immediately follows “big brother Edward Yates” so the description is referring to EDWARD.

Jenny on

Should be “Brunt” not Bryant…Oops!

Marilyn on

Congratulations to Megyn, Yates, and Doug. Yardley, welcome to the big world. Love your show on Fox News and miss you when you’re not hosting. Take good care of your beautiful children, even though I haven’t seen them. What else could they be with such very attractive parents? God Bless.

randy damon on

Congraduations, Megyn! Put Doug in babysitting chair and get back to work. Nah, not right away… Randam

mardi on

I love Megan. Congrats to her and her husband. She’s beautiful and smart! Best Wishes to her wonderful family!!

Dee on

Dear Megan
Am so happy for you and your family.
But I sure do miss you at noon everyday,your so special.

wayne schmidt on

Miss you on the news, but way to go! I can just bet you are a great mom.
Very best wishes

Tom on

My best to Megyn and her entire family. The name is nice. I only read the first 30 or 40 comments and the one sad thread I noticed was that most of the people who voiced their disapproval of the new babies name – were those with rather uncommon and/or ridiculous names themselves, (Allegra, Romy, Twyla, Macy). C’mon folks! To some, your names are what you said about Yardley and think your parents were poor at picking names. I’m willing to bet your kids have one of those cookie-cutter names on the top of the list in one of those trendy baby name books or named after your favorite celebrity. You know, the ones that you call out at a playground and 6 to 10 kids all turn at the same time to see whose calling or the other parents wonder, “Who would name their kid that?” Why so quick to attck? They just had a baby and do you really think they are going to read these comments anyway?

jude alsop on

I do like Msss Kelly but please change that stupid name she wouldnt like to be called Yardley it is silly fancy putting that on a kids shoulders girls like proper names so they dont get teased it sounds like makep and soap please change the name if she likes this name when she is 18 she can have it it is a form of name abuse but good luck with your lovely family you are a ggod person I know that and a great mother I am sure of that.



WhipSmart on

To Jeepers Creepers!
Megyn Kelly is “whipsmart” and your inability to follow her intellect makes you more of a jeepers creepers than “whipsmart!” Her knowledge of the law and how to apply that information to politics among other current events allows her to empower others with truth and fairness. BTW, thanks for the nickname . . . haha . . . maybe I could have used . . . “NotJeepers.”

Susan tuell on

You had your daughter on my moms birthday. Now she has to be married on Valentines day. Congratulations to you , your husband and little perfect family. Susan

Sheri on

There are a hundred of names and you have to pick a name of a soap… what was wrong with Irish Spring?

patricia on

to snapples better known as LL (for your peabrain) better known as liberal LOON!!!!!!

Angela on

Stupid name? Barack Obama is a great name because people of transparent skin do not like it. My man Barack does not have to fake a tan. Yardley means, I S#$% myself!!! That is a stupid name.

Elvis on

Yardley, a terrible name. What is wrong with people who saddle their girls with such hideous names today? I don’t even think Megyn is a pretty spelling. I always think of gynecology when I see it.

Elvis on

Did this really happen 5 years ago?