Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Easton Turns Three!

04/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Happy family – Ron, Elisabeth and Easton – Robert Evans

Elisabeth Röhm, best known for her role as Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order, has a busy 2011 ahead of her.

The actress, 37, can be seen on the big screen in the upcoming films Chlorine, Transit and Abduction, as spokesmom for Juno Baby, and can be found online on Facebook and @ElisabethRohm on Twitter.

In her latest blog, Röhm and Easton August, her daughter with fiancé Ron Anthony, celebrate their birthdays with a spring-themed party!

When I was pregnant, the doctor predicted Easton’s birthdate as April 28th — which is my birthday! Can you imagine?

I was so excited by the idea of sharing our birthdays, even though I knew that mine would no longer be the center of attention in the way that I like it (I’m someone who celebrates all month)! Seriously though, who could ask for a better present than a baby girl?! I was thrilled by the news!

It didn’t quite work out that way in the end … I was induced (not fun) several weeks early. But, somehow the idea of having a fabulous bash that celebrated Easton’s big day and loosely mine, remained and has become an annual tradition.

It’s not exactly a joint birthday party, as you’ll see from the pictures (I added captions along the bottom). It is truly a kids’ party every year, but since Easton’s birthday is April 10th and mine is April 28th, we do go beyond the usual measures for a little one’s birthday. Although if it were my party I could do without the pink Hello Kitty and the princess ice-cream cake!

This year our theme was spring … flowers everywhere, eggs hidden in bushes with plastic bugs! The food was Mexican — fresh herbs and grilled foods. Our musician Sandra Sandia sings songs in every language and totally embraces life! There were the usual kid favorites of face-painting and piñata-bashing in search of the loot.

It was a blast! But by the time the party is over I’m in the fetal position on the couch — I’m sure you moms relate. And certainly by the time my birthday rolls around a few weeks later, I’m pooped at the thought of throwing another party. I’d be happy with a nice dinner for two!

So on to our spring celebration for Easton that I get to invite a few friends to every year. It was divine, fun and truly a beautiful day that we look forward to annually!

— Elisabeth Röhm

Easton turns 3! – Robert Evans
The Röhm Family – Robert Evans
Uh oh Uncle Lash, I think we need to change my dress! – Robert Evans
Our rescue pups Chloe and Daisy get into the party spirit! – Robert Evans
Hello Kitty reigns supreme! – Robert Evans
The princess and her eggs – Robert Evans
Three generations of Röhms – Robert Evans
It’s my party! – Robert Evans
We love Sandra Sandia for mixing it up – Robert Evans
Easton with her grandpa – Robert Evans
The producers – Robert Evans
The beauty – Robert Evans
The girls bring out their face paintings! Alexandra Almandis is magical – Robert Evans
Mommy loves her birthday girl – Robert Evans
Easton’s going to be a polar bear on a hot Sunday … hope she can stay cool! – Robert Evans
Go polar bears go! – Robert Evans
The candy frenzy – Robert Evans
Girls love their Coldstone ice cream cakes – Robert Evans
No more glamour shots now that polar bear is here! – Robert Evans

All the images in my blog post were shot by Robert Evans Studios. Robert Evans has photographed parties for Christina Aguilera and Jim Carrey, and is also known for photographing some of the biggest celebrity weddings in the last 10 years, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and most recently, Shania Twain.

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Ellen Smith on

I thought her fiance’s name was Ron Wooster.

Cheryl on

How sweet! I love to see a simple, fun kid’s birthday party 🙂

Rebecca on

These were super sweet! You should feature more casual, family fun photos like this. Happy Birthday, Easton!

Conservative Mama on

What great photos… and such a nice look family!

Barbara on

So fun! I love the Hello Kitty pinata and the spring theme was perfect. Congrats on a lovely celebration and family Elisabeth.

Sheena on

Her polar bear make-up is scary as h*ll! Creeepy!

Anonymous on

What a beautiful party!! I think it’s the first one featured on this website that I thought looked real and fun. Thanks for sharing all the photos… they are incredible. It was nice to see your hubby too!

Kate on

Pictures of Easton in the white dress are just precious!

alicejane on

Elisabeth and Easton are so beautiful! Thanks Elisabeth for sharing the photos; it looks like a wonderful birthday celebration with your friends and family!

miche on

Fun party and adorable birthday girl! I really love her white party dress. My daughter turned 3 this year too. It a great age for a party!

How did you choose the name Easton for your daughter? My son’s name is Eastin, we chose it because it’s my husband’s middle name and a family name. We’ve only met a couple Eastons and they were all named because their dads’ were big baseball fans 🙂

torgster on

She’s a lovely little girl. Looks so mature for being only three.

Brooke C on

I was thinking the same thing….It was the first party of a celebrity that looked like your typical backyard outing…Good stuff.

And whoever painted Easton’s face did a great job!

L.B. on

That Ron Anthony, what a hunk.
And his clothing line is even sexier than he is…


Nan on

I love these natural pictures. They show how adorable Easton is , and the family too!

Catherine on

Sheena – I couldn’t agree more! Freaky!

Tee on

Aw, that looks like a fun party! Happy birthday to both of you!

Kimber Christian on

What does it say on the cake? I can make out “Happy Birthday” but can’t tell what it says underneath. I just expected it to say “Happy Birthday Easton” so that’s why I’m curious!! 🙂

Brooke C on

Kimber – it looks to me that it says “Happy Birthday Sweet Pea”

Nan on

@kimber……i saw an “s” and then a “p” , so i took it to say sweet pea?

What of it? on

Lovely pictures

Shannon on

Elisabeth, thanks for sharing the lovely pics! Looks like everyone had a blast. Happy B-day to you and Easton!

Indira on

Wow looks like a great time, everyone looks great!!

julia on

they look like a really happy family…i’m glad for her..she was terrific on law and order.

toonces on

i hope they celebrated some in German with German customs, come on! I wish she had a nice German name or at least middle name. Is her husband Indian? Does anyone know?

Lorelai on

These pics are LOVELY!! beautiful bday girl and family! Congrats Easton!

Leslie on

The Cake Says “Happy Birthday Sweet Pea”

KB on

Looks so fun. I have a March 1 birthday, with a son born March 7 and a daughter on March 16. So I certainly know what it’s like to lose your birthday to the excitement around the childrens’.

HM on

OK first of all I love the photo and how simple the party was compared most Hollywood parents. My Moms birthday is on April 3 and my brother is on April 4, My birthday is July 20th and my dads is July 24th and we always had parties for them as well as us kids. I feel that a party is what you make it and if you think that its to much then it will be.

Anyways Happy Birthday Easton And Elizabeth!!! Two beautiful ladies!!!

RJL on

Beautiful pictures! That birthday party looked like a lot of fun!

My boyfriend was born on March 8 and I was born on March 11. Our son was born four weeks ago, on March 18. We fully expect to celebrate “birthday week” (which is what we did before our son was born) but we know it will mainly be centered around our son. And we’re okay with that. 🙂

Happy birthday to Easton and Elisabeth!

Mia on

Seems like a fun party!-My mom + her brothers/parents all have birthdays within 6 weeks from eachother through May-June. Luckily our birthdays are more spreadout in our immediate family.

I wonder when they are planing to get married?-they’re engaged…. I don’t get why be engaged for so long in general, let alone if you have kids already….

Dee on

Mia, you sound obsessed with marriage. On every thread where there’s an engaged couple or simply two people who have kids but aren’t married, you whip out the marriage debate. Not everyone shares such limited, conservative views. It’s time to mind your own business, respect other people’s choices and stop spamming threads with the same type of comments.

Paula on

What a beautiful little girl and equally beautiful parents. I love the pics of her in her party dress and bare feet. Such an understated party for a daughter of a celebrity. In my opinion that’s how it should be for a child especially a 3 yr old. Looks like a very well rounded little girl that has two good parents keeping their heads on straight. Happy birthday to both mommy and daughter. By the way, I love the name Easton.

Jillian on

Thanks for sharing! So beautiful!

Toonces, why do they have to have German customs at her bday party? Or a German name? What a weird thing to say!!

Lois on

Elisabeth was born in Germany & her family moved to the US when she was little. That’s probably why toonces asked about German names and customs.

sinclair on

These two don’t seem like they are still together..Or is it just me?

sinclair on

Well, maybe scratch the last comment. I just scrolled up and saw their closeup together–adorable. Is Ron camera shy? I feel like it is always Elisabeth and her daughter–and dad is nowhere to be found. (But I understand if this is by choice that he chooses not to partake in the photo shoots, etc.)

Anne E. on

Adorable child!

Kaylie on

What a beautiful family! And a can’t say how much I adore the name Easton (kind of funny since my brother’s name is Weston). Happy birthday Easton!