Kelly Preston’s Post-Baby Body Secret? Breastfeeding

04/13/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
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Kelly Preston hasn’t been afraid to step out on the red carpet since delivering son Benjamin Hunter Kaleo in November, but that doesn’t mean she’s stressing out about losing the baby weight.

“I haven’t been working out. At all,” she told PEOPLE at the TV Land Awards in N.Y.C. on Sunday, where her husband John Travolta was honored along with the rest of the Welcome Back, Kotter cast. (The show airs April 17 at 9 p.m. EST on TV Land.)

“Maybe that’s the secret. Don’t stress about it!”

But Preston, 48, does give credit where it’s due. “I’ve been lucky because I’ve been breastfeeding so that’s really helped me lose the weight,” she says. “That really is the secret.”

And for now, workouts are going to have to wait.

“It certainly would be better if I started to exercise, but I had a c-section so my stomach muscles weren’t very strong,” she confesses. “I wanted to do some dance classes but it was a little too much. I was down for the count!”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Allegra on

…..and the comments about her not having to lose weight because she was never actually pregnant will start. I don’t understand why people have such a problem with her or this family. I’m so happy for them to finally have a 3rd baby that they’ve wanted for so long.

Li on

That’s how my baby weight fell off, too. I wasn’t doing anything as far as exercise after any of my (4) kids, and each time, the weight just fell off and I credit breastfeeding for sucking up all those calories 😉

Andrea on

i don’t agree with this statement at all. I had three babies, I breastfed them all….I’m still trying to lose the 75 lbs. I gained w/my second child….

Sarah S. on

I agree with Allegra. I am really happy for Kelly; this must be such a special, healing time for her. I totally agree to not stress out about working out–the weight will come off naturally!

Jen on

I am happy for her and John that they have a seemingly healthy baby-but I gotta say, this whole business just seems odd. 48?
Whatever way this baby was made, I hope he and his family have a happy life.

Mira on

Breastfeeding is not a weight loss remedy. There’s no evidence that bfeeding speeds up weight loss, so celebrities should really stop repeating this. Some people just lose weight quicker than others, there’s no secret or trick to it.

martina on

I am always confused by “losing the baby weight” comments. If you gain the recommended amount of weight for your size, there isn’t anything to lose. If you are 5’5″, 125 lb before pregnancy, and gain 30lb – you will be back to your regular weight in 4-6 weeks. Flattening out of the stomach is a different issue. Depending on the type of birth and genetics, it takes a while to tone up. And breastfeeding will do nothing to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

mary on

OMG her little guy looks so much like his dad! (I saw his face on JJ).

Breastfeeding did not help me lose weight. But I did appear smaller than the numbers on the scale indicated. Friends were always surprised by the number. I chalk it up to have enormous breasts, which in turn made my stomach look small.

Shenae on

I totally agree! Breastfeeding helped me lose weight fast, too! I breastfed my son until he started self-weaning at 12 months. He fully self-weaned by 14.5 months. I have noticed that since I stopped breastfeeding, though, I have put on a little weight, mostly in the hips/thighs. Bummer!

Jean on

First of all, she had invitro. She won’t admit, but she did. She’s nearly 50, for crying out loud. But whatever. They have two healthy kids so that’s what matters.

Secondly, I had a c-section last year and couldn’t breastfeed and everyone kept telling me I would never lose the weight because “breast feeding is what makes you drop the pounds!” BS. I gained 60lbs in my pregnancy and was back in my size 4 jeans without much exercise and no breastfeeding in six months. Most of it is genetic, nothing to do with breasftfeeding.

Marcie on

@ Mira – I am not a celebrity and I repeat it also…when talking about my own experience. Breastfeeding absolutely contributed to my post baby weight loss both times.

I gained 30-35 pounds with each baby, and by six weeks I had lost it….then went on to lose more. I was not dieting by any means or exercising. I nursed my first for a year, and my second for 18 months. After I stopped nursing I both times, I gained weight.

That was my experience, but I do realize everyone is different… just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to anyone.

jamtx on

With anything it is different for every person, every body type etc. Breastfeeding CAN help with weight loss and for some it will not. Everything is not black and white.

wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas on

It’s different for everyone. A lot of people lose weight while breastfeeding, but my body held on to every pound. I have been BFing for 17 months and I lost the baby weight, but not an ounce more. I’ve been told some people hold on to fat stores while nursing and then lost weight when they wean. I’m hoping that is the case for me!

Congrats to the Travolta family. I am very happy for them, and hope they are healing well. I wish people would stop criticizing them.

Louise on

A, perhaps you shouldn’t have gained 75 pounds. Sheesh. And, yes, breastfeeding does help with post-partum weight loss. You need an extra 500 calories a day to make milk, so that’s 500 calories you don’t have to burn in a gym.

Tess on

If she’s covering the baby’s face, why show the picture?

Elisa on

Breastfeeding takes 500 calories a day, where as being pregnant only uses 300. So, unless you start pigging out, breastfeeding is going to help you lose weight.

bubbaness on

She was also in good shape before her pregnancy and controlled how she gained her weight and the amount.

And as someone who has both overgained and watched my weight during pregnancy- there is NO reason to gain 75 pounds and then complain when it doesn’t melt off afterwards, especially if the weight was put on by overeating and eating junk.

julie on

SO happy she’s doing good and not stressing about baby weight. for the weight loss and breastfeeding well when i had my son i lost the baby weight and kept it off just by breastfeeding and walking a lot. I think it depends on everyones body.

Cam on

Martine, have you had children?????

Olivia on

Oh Kelly P, you drew lucky in the game of genetics and you were thin before getting pregnant (either thru genes, hard work or both). It’s not the breastfeeding. For every woman who says “breastfeeding took all my weight off” there is another (ahem, me) who will say, “not so much”.

Jadyn on

To Mira…. You are wrong about there not being any evidence of weight loss with breastfeeding. You burn up to 500 calories a day with breastfeeding!

Besides the fact that I am in that specific area of the medical field, my first child I was able to breastfeed and it took a lot longer to get the weight off. With my second child I am still breastfeeding and she is 15 months. I have not only lost the baby weight, but I am down lower than my highschool weight (and I was a gymnast, cheerleader and softball player so I wasn’t out of shape then). It DEFINITELY helps. Its the people that don’t eat right with the breastfeeding that don’t lose the weight.

Monika on

She is covering baby’s face because of flash lights , wow, that one was a brainer

Marie on

Why do all celebrites get c-sections? I thought those weren’t done unless medically necessary. Is it that they just can’t handle the pain of natural child birth?

torgster on

Why do people always refer to excessive gain during pregnancy as “baby weight”? Come on lol.

Considering the percentage of the population that’s now overweight and obese, I doubt babies have much of a role to play in women packing on 75 pounds in 9 months!

sm on

Breastfeeding can burn over 600 calories a day for breastfeeding women who don’t supplement with formula. It’s just like any other way to lose calories… fasting, exercise. And, like anything, it won’t just come off if you continue to be sedentary, overeat and eat junk.

MizMolly on

There is no reason for anyone to gain 75 lbs. during pregnancy, except overeating.

ladyinred on

My 22 year old brother’s name is Benjamin Hunter. What’s the chances of that! She looks amazing for 48 and just having a baby. Wow.

Toya L. on

I agree just because breastfeeding didn’t help YOU lose your baby weight, doesn’t mean it did not help SOME women lose it. The same can be said about calorie counting.

Melody on

Wow, way to gang up on a woman for gaining weight while pregnant! Just because she gained more than you did is no reason to beat her up for it. There are many factors other than eating habits that can cause large weight gain in pregnancy.

I was tiny and ate really well while pregnant, yet I gained 55lbs. It happens. Also, I am still breast feeding my 15 month old, and while I noticed a weight loss in the first month or two, I haven’t noticed any changes to my body unless I exercise or diet.

Stella Bella on

Breastfeeding helped take off a good chunk of my baby weight, but the rest of it I have had to beat off with a stick. Some of us are right in the middle, I guess.

martina on

Breastfeeding can help some people, but had an opposite effect on me. Weight wasn’t an issue – I was 122lb postpartum. But I held on to extra belly fat till it was over. Then my stomach went back to normal within a month. It was very strange.

julie on

I have to disagree with your generalization that if you gain the recommended amount of weight of 30 lbs (which I did) you will be back to your normal weight 4-6 weeks post partum.

I have had 3 children and am athletic and eat a healthy, well balanced diet. I took a good year, even with breast feeding and regular exercise (swimming, yoga, hitting the gym or running 3-4 times per week) to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight with all 3 of my kids.

Everybody is different. And by the way, I held on to the last 5 lbs or so until my children weened.

C on

I think it depends on the person.

I ate really well no junk food or processed foods, low fat and gluten free. (I’m celiac) I still gained around 50 pounds when pregnant with my daughter. I seem to retain water easily.

I only lost a little weight when breastfeeding my daughter. After I stopped breastfeeding I lost all but 9 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and it’s still coming off. Everyones body is different.

Mom on

I never breastfed at all, and my weight fell off of me……

JMO on

My cousin breastfed for 14 months and I think she’s heavier now then before!! So I think it depends on the person and also what you decide to eat post baby.

Also Tess on other sites there are mutliple shots of Benjamin and she is not covering him up in any of them. I’m thinking as someone else said the bright lights may have been why she started covering him up.

And also who cares if she used invitro and doesn’t want to admit it (if she even did) but if she did and is keeping mum it probably has to do withe the practices of scientology. That being said IDK why people get so secretive about it either. But who knows maybe she did get preggo the old natural way but I’m leaning towards she didn’t.

Myself on

Breastfeeding isn’t always the answer. I breasfed and I was way more hungrey…you are losing calories therefore you need to take in more calories to compensate the production of the milk. Of course if you watch what you are eating and stuff it can help aid you in weight loss, but its not the only reason she lost the weight…I hate when celebs discuss that the only thing they did was breasfeed their babies to lose their weight….

martina on

Julie – you are correct. By saying that people get back to their normal weight I mean they don’t have 15-20+ lb to lose if they gain 30lb during pregnancy. Not that they walk out of the hospital weighing exactly the same as before.

To me, having 5 extra pounds after having a baby is such a non-issue, I don’t consider it extra weight.

j on

First of all….invitro is just the means of conception. It does not mean that she did not deliver a child. Who cares what her age is..she had a child at 48.

For those saying that breastfeeding does not accelerate weightloss…what study did you conduct and how many participants?

Also, what medical school did you attend to have the MD after your name?

M on

I’m also a lucky woman that holds on to every pound until I wean. It sucks to see so many “melt” off the weight by breastfeeding, but I’m grateful I’ve been able to get pregnant and to breastfeed. My babies and the early bonding nursing provides were worth the weight.:)

Spring on

You burn 200-500 calories a day breastfeeding. You have to eat at least 1800 calories a day to amintain a full milk supply, so you are netting 1300-1600 calories a day…I lost 35 puonds in six weeks nursing my son after a Cesarean. And then I lost even more because I nursed over two years. Wound up below my pre-pregnancy weight until my son weaned himself…and then mommy had to stop eating croissants. 😦

Go to and get the facts yourself.

Laura on

Too many haters out there!!! Just be happy for the family and The mother who was able to lose the weight no matter how she says she lost it.

Michelle on

Breastfeeding CAN contribute to weight loss, although for some it doesn’t. As others have mentioned, your body requires more calories for breastfeeding than for pregnancy, so it is definitely possible that you could lose weight without doing any extra. However, it does not work for every person, or for every pregnancy.

For example, I gained about 40 pounds with each of my 3 pregnancies. With the first 2, the pregnancy pretty much “melted” off with breastfeeding and minimal exercise (i.e. long walks around the neighborhood), such that I weighed a little less than pre-pregnancy. Now, 2 years after my youngest was born, I still can’t seem to lose the last 5 pounds, even though I breastfed the same way and amount as the other 2, and have even been exercising more. I think diet, activity level, age, and natural metabolism all contribute to post-pregnancy weight loss.

Leslie on

Ive had 3 children and breastfed them all and yes breast feeding CAN help you loose weight b/c you do burn more calories that way. I worked alongside nutritionists at a hospital that can verify that. However you have to balance that with good healthy eating and exercise like any other way to loose weight, duh!

A on

Breastfeeding DOES burn calories, so it CAN help lose the weight. Your body is creating fuel for another human, so it does help. I’m breastfed all three of my kids, and have lost the weight each time without exercising (no energy for that!) by 2 months after. I say it’s genetics and breastfeeding. I eat like a horse , so I can’t even say I’m dieting to lose the weight, I just got lucky I guess. I gained 25 with this pregnancy and 30 with my first two. I’m usually around 110-115, with a high metabolism.

Toya L. on

I gained 78lbs and 4 weeks post delivery I had lost all but 7 lbs, I needed those 7 lbs and about 10 more. Oh and I did eat whatever I wanted too and I don’t have an ounce of guilt. =)
Hopefully you don’t feel bad, you can still lose the weight, it’s different for everyone but it can be done. My cousin(in-law) lost a little over a 100lbs in less than a year about 21 months ago and that’s with no drugs or surgery. So far so good, she’s kept it off.

Aislynn on

Stop being so bitter, ladies! There is nothing in this article to criticize – Kelly Preston is doing a great job of putting breastfeeding in a positive light, if nothing else. So hush!

Mindy on

Why do women have to be so critical & mean. Everyone has their own experience while pregnant. Some gain 25 lbs & some gain more. Everyone will loose the weight different too. Breast feeding burns calories, but everyone has a different metabolism. Some people should keep their yappers shut. Just because someone gains more weight, or doesn’t loose it all, doesn’t mean they over eat. I have had 4 babies. I have gained weight & lost weight during pregnancies. Why do some ladies like to B*^&% so much 😦

Sara on

I’m sure it’s been stated already, but if you gain the healthy recommended weight gain of 25-30lbs, there really isn’t much you have to do to lose the weight. I’ve had three children in the past 5 years and never once worked out or really even watched what I ate after the babies were born, and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by my 6 check up. I’m not sure if breastfeeding was my secret or not, but I’ve never once had issues getting back down to my normal size. Now, tight, flat stomachs are a different story. Things strech and don’t just snap back that quickly. But really, just like my doctor has always said, the ones that gain 50, 60, 70, etc pounds are gaining WAY too much weight during their pregnancies. Not good for you or the baby!

Kelly looks amazing! What a beautiful family 🙂

Lauren on

Good for you Kelly!

I was down to my pre-pregnancy before I was 6 weeks post-partum and I didn’t do anything except breastfeed. I just started running 2 weeks ago and have lost 5 more pounds since.

Marie-not everyone gets c-sections just because thet can’t “handle” a regular delivery. There are other reasons why she got one.

Kristen on

Whether you breastfeed or not isn’t the important part, it’s how much weight you gained while pregnant. I gained 23 pounds (my BMI was normal when I got pregnant, so 20-25 was recommended) and I was in my pre-pregnancy jeans in 8 days. Probably could have fit them sooner, but I didn’t bother trying because my yoga pants felt too awesome. I never breastfed once and certainly didn’t exercise after my c-section. It’s genetics plus how much weight you gained determining how easily you lose it.


This is so true! Breastfeeding really does burn the calories, which also makes your appetite unbelievable! So if you can really eat properly the weight will come off. I had three kids, the first two I did really well, after the third and I knew what breastfeeding does, I ate like there is no tomorrow, not a good idea!

moi on

I’m pretty sure she had an egg donor. Unless she froze her eggs and a young age [and the technology wasn’t that good then] she had to have an egg donor, then do in vitro. A woman’s eggs can VERY rarely lead to healthy birth at 48. In any case, congratulations to them!

Laura on

I am happy that she is promoting breastfeeding. There are many health benefits to both the mother (reduced risk of postpartum depression, breast cancer, ovarian cancer) and baby (boost immunity, less allergies, reduced risk of SIDS). Breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories per day, so it can help to lose the baby weight, but you should still eat healhty and exercise. I gained 40 lbs with my first baby and 60 with my second. I lost all of that weight within the first 6 months postpartum, and I’m sure that breastfeeding helped (but I still watched what I ate and exercised).

abbyc on

Yes most likely it was an egg donor.

Nicole on

Did everyone not know that breastfeeding cures cancer and AIDS and can stop and prevent all natural disasters? Would make perfect sense that it would “melt off” 75 lbs in 4 weeks.

mom of three on

I breastfed all 3 of my kids. I gained 20 pounds and was at my pre-pregnancy weight within TEN days! woo hoo. A little differently with my second child though. Everybody is different. I know people who never lost breast feeding and then there was me.

whatever! I hope little Benjamin is not a here because of Jet (RIP). The best to the family – and kudos for blocking his face for the photogs.

twinmum26 on

I am so HAPPY for them. GOD bless them!!! @ jen & jean: I gave birth to perfectly healthy twin boys when I was 49. My eggs my husband’s sperm. The NATURAL way. All the us docs told it wasn’t going to happen,and that we should adopt or do IVF with donated eggs. Well, we began to go through the adoption process and I got pregnant. Of course I was a bit nervous about what might happen…but we didn’t get an amnio we figured, hey if god was good enough to give us a baby then we were gonna take what he gave us. Well, not only did we get one baby, but he saw fit to give us two perfect babies. I had a perfect pregnancy with the exception of gestational diabetes. I had to have a c-sect because I had surgery to remove a cyst which was essentially a c-sect, so they were afraid that might cause complicatins) I gained 28 pounds (I had to watch what I ate cuz of the diabetes)…the boys were both 9.9 on the APGAR scale. They weighed 5.2lbs and 5.11lbs were 19″ and 19.5″ . They will be 5 on the 26th, can already read, count to 100, add single digit numbers..As I said I gained 28lbs pregnant an lost 40 by the time they were 3 weeks old primarily from breast feeding. No one believes I am 54…they think my husband is older than me and he is 15 years younger….so Jen I don’t really know what you mean when you say “but I gotta say, this whole business just seems odd. 48?” This is the kind of thing that really BUGS me…I waited all my life to find prince charming, didn’t find him till I was 42, neither of had ever been married, nor had kids…we got married and 4.5 years later GOD gave us two beautiful gifts…..

Jasmine on

Every body has a different metabolism. If you eat healthy and don’t overeat you should be able to take off the weight with moderate activity. Breast feeding burns 500 extra calories a day so just pay more atention to what your eating and you’ll be ok 🙂

Tess on

Monika – I didn’t ask WHY is she covering the baby’s face. I asked if she’s covering the baby’s face, why show that picture? Why not show a picture where we can actually see his face?

JMO – thank you for your nice response, but that also wasn’t what I was asking.

Maggie on

Probably because the other shots were no good of Kelly?

I nursed my 2 kids for 13 months and 15 months respectively and although the weight dropped off quickly I held on to the last 5 lbs until I was totally done BFing.

Mom on

It’s different for everyone, so please don’t claim that breastfeeding is not the reason she lost weight!! I couldn’t lose weight before I was pregnant. Ever since I had the baby and have been breastfeeding, the pounds have melted away! You burn an additional 500 calories per day just by breastfeeding.

Jean on

For those of you say there is no reason to gain 75lbs at pregnancy..

I gained 70lbs with my daughter. I was a bit underweight when I got pregnant. I ate more than usual sure, but I didn’t overindulge. I went on walks, stayed active. My main problem was my body retained a LOT of water. The last month or so I hardly ate, I was just always thirsty. My daughter was 9lbs, 12oz (her dad is 6’4, 250bs) and most of the weight was water and it was all gone within six months without any breastfeeding.

So shut up, especially those of you who haven’t even had babies but get on your little soapboxes about something you know nothing about.

Brandy on

I have 7 kids..and I breastfed ALL of them but my oldest one! I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and I have lost a total of 40 lb. by breastfeeding! I am 15 lb. from my pre-pregnancy weight! Breastfeeding is proven to burn calories!! It is also so healthy for mom and works for me!

Sydney on

Martina – breastfeeding causes the body to release oxytocin which makes the uterus contract back to its normal size. So while breastfeeding won’t strengthen your abdominal muscles, it will result in a flatter post-partum tummy, faster.

molly on

Well, I think it all depends on the person and a combo of genetics and lifestyle (as is most anything!). I am not a tiny person by any means-just avg. (5’5” 140) but I got down to my weight within 3-4 months of delivering without tons of effort. I do think B.F. helped me because as soon as I stopped when my son was 15mo. old I had trouble maintaining weight for a while. However, my mother did not B.F. any of her 4 kids and she always dropped weight and got smaller after each consecutive child. I truly think much is lifestyle and the luck of the draw on how women respond to pregnancy and recovery. Either way, I hope Mrs. Preston enjoys her B.F experience and just focuses on taking care of her family and herself! Congrats to that!

Toya L. on

Did everyone not know that breastfeeding cures cancer and AIDS and can stop and prevent all natural disasters?
Nicole on April 13th, 2011
Nicole I didn’t know that, I knew that breastfeeding cured Tuberculous and Polio though. Thanks for the info, you learn something new everyday, now I wish I had breastfed my kiddos.

Nicole on

Totally agree about breastfeeding and losing the baby weight. I gained over 35 pounds with my pregnancy and lost all it by breastfeeding. In fact, I lost all but 3 pounds in 13 days this past January.

Deena J on

Breastfeeding doesn’t always help you lose the weight since you also have to take in extra calories to make the milk. I only gained 25 pounds with my pregnancy. I lost 15 pounds immediately and can’t seem to lose the last 10, even though I have been breastfeeding around the clock for 6 months. Every time I try to diet, my milk production plunges. It’s more important to me to give my daughter breastmilk, so I keep it up. But I’m pretty sure that for me it will be easier to lose the weight once she is weaned.

Amy on

Breast feeding does help to burn more calories and, therefore, to take off pre-pregnancy weight. If you gain 75 lbs. (or 40 or 60 or 100) with a pregnancy, then you may wanna think about the fact that your intake might be a tiny bit on the high side —- just a smidge. It’s specious to claim that breastfeeding doesn’t help take weight off when clearly you’d have to breastfeed the whole neighborhood to take off that much weight. As well, although you can eat more when your breast feed, you need to modify to a more restrictive caloric intake when you stop nursing or you’ll balloon up again. True that some people take weight off more easily, but indisputable that breast feeding helps.

Keisha on

What complete and utter bull. Everyone knows 99% of new mothers don’t lose weight breast feeding. I have a 6 month old and haven’t lost very much weight at all. Every woman is different but it seems to me all these Hollywood mothers that breast feed almost always turn up thinner than before they were pregnant just weeks to a few months after having a baby. What’s their secret? We normal women will never know. We don’t have the money to know.

KRO on

Amen to you twinmum26!!! That is truly a gift from God! I just wanted to say that, I too, work in this field of medicine, and it is not unheard of for a woman of Kelly’s age to get pregnant on her own!! As a matter of fact, a 52 year old woman (pregnant for the first time) just gave birth to healthy twin boys!! This was done naturally, without any IVF!! To look at this woman, you would never know that she is 52! She is a vibrant, beautiful woman with so much to offer her two boys! And her husband is as wonderful as they come!! So to all you nay sayers: Don’t judge anyone by their age!!! They are still able to conceive like anyone else as long as nature allows!!!

mindy on

Marie, 33% of births in the U.S. are cesareans, so clearly they are not all done for medically necessary or emergency reasons. Many celebs have them so that they can get a tummy tuck at the same time, but Liz Hurley is the only one honest enough to have admitted it.

gmurbo on

Wow, I’m glad I’m perfect and can bash on other women who aren’t. /sarcasm

Really???? Honestly, do some of you have nothing better to do but try to make others feel inferior and stupid? Disgraceful! Just think, if your child exhibited these attitudes/behaviors on the playground towards other children would you not be completely mortified?! As a parent, you should follow (and model) the rules that you expect your children to follow, even if there is nobody looking over your shoulder.

Ok, back on topic…I am so happy for Kelly, John, and their family! After their unimaginable loss, they deserve all of the happiness this precious little child has to give! Kelly looks great! 🙂

Jenna on

I always thought it was b.s. when celebs said this. I just had a baby, though, and now have to agree. I am 5’6″, was 130 before becoming pregnant. I gained 35 pounds. A month after giving birth (c-section) I weighed 125. I did not (and still have yet to) exercise. But I have pumped and breastfed. I will also add that being a human bouncey chair, swing, etc. for your baby is better than any workout! I am doing lunges and squats all day and all night long!

Dee on

Marie – just for the record, Kelly had natural births with her first two children, and her daughter Ella was born at home. Don’t judge if you don’t know the facts.

As for those speculating about the method of conception, it really is nobody’s business but the Travolta’s and they have no obligation to divulge this personal information. To say things like “I am pretty sure they used an egg donor” is ridiculous, as you are not the Travolta’s Dr. and have no actual proof to substantiate such a claim.

MDmomx5 on

Breastfeeding burns calories- actually more than being pregnant(about 500 for BF vs 300 PG a day) BUT it is still a calories in & calories out equation. So if you are breastfeeding & eating a normal amount of calories then you will probably loose easily. If you are breastfeeding(or not) & eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every night then you won’t. 500 calories is about 30 minutes of running.

Jen on

Breastfeeding actually IS proven to help mother’s lose weight and regain uterine muscle tone. A woman who is exclusively breastfeeding will burn a minimum of 500 calories per day just making milk (more depending on the age/size/demand of the baby). It’s a simply equation of calories in-calories out. The only part that can make weight loss while breastfeeding hard is that you are so darn hungry all the time, it’s hard not to eat all the calories you’re burning plus more!

rudi on

What I was going to add based on my own experiences has pretty much been covered by the other 75+ moms (thanks, moms!!!) but I do want to say that I found Amy’s comment to be logical and in keeping with good old fashioned common sense!

Stephanie on

I can’t stand when celebrities make comments like this. I am sure that she probably has a personal chef, a day nanny, a night nanny, and a personal trainer. If we all had this kind of help when we had babies, we, too, would have no problem losing the baby weight.

BTW, with both my pregnancies, I gained 18 pounds. I couldn’t gain anymore weight, and I tried (see Ben & Jerry’s). I did not breastfeed either of my kids, and I lost the weight within three weeks. It’s genetics.

Mary on

I find it so irritating when judgmental people make comments like “Maybe she had a c-section because she couldn’t handle the pain.” BS!! Kelly Preston had natural childbirths with her first two children. No doubt her C-section was due to medical necessity.

I had planned on a natural deliver and ended up with a c-section because my daughter’s cord was compressed around her neck. If c-sections weren’t available, she might have died. Don’t make ignorant assumptions about women who have c-sections when you have no idea what you are talking about.

Good for Kelly Preston and John Travolta. I hope their new baby boy will help ease some of their pain from losing their first son.

Just me on

Well I must add that some of you don’t check your facts before blurting out fictitious non-sense, just because your metabolism isn’t as great as others. Yes, proven fact – check with a qualified doctor – that breastfeeding does HELP get rid of the weight, but more important, breastfeeding helps the uterus contract back to its normal size more quickly, therefore, getting rid of that “baby belly” quicker .. again, check with any qualified doc of your choice. I was blessed enough to lose all my weight in 9 days max after all my pregnancies, including my 4th pregnancy (all breastfed) in my mid-40s and it was a c-section. No science to it, just great genes, eating the right things and breastfeeding. FYI, most docs consider older maternity patients high risk and require them to have c-sects., ESPECIALLY if they’ve had previous c-sects. And yes, I do have a medical background with extensive emphasis on prenatal, postnatal and lactation care. Just my 2 cents.

And most importantly, congrats to the lucky Travolta family. They’re beautiful and blessed!!!!!

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Egg donor for sure. But, who cares? I don’t know why they don’t come out and admit it so as to give hope to others.

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I love it when people say things like, “There is no reason to gain 75 pounds in pregnancy, except overindulging.” Oh really? Tell that to my naturally tiny sister, who gained 78 pounds when she was pregnant. She was so sick that she didn’t feel like eating the entire 8 months, so she was forcing herself to consume enough calories to keep going. The reason for all the weight gain? Preeclampsia (also known as pregnancy induced hypertension). Her body was retaining massive amounts of fluid because she was very ill. After giving birth and being in the hospital for less than a week, she walked out 65 pounds lighter than she had gone in, just because her body was finally shedding the extra fluid.

So please, don’t make ignorant comments like that. There are all kinds of reasons that you might not be aware of, and generalizations rarely make things better.

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Grand for those that eat properly, are active & remain active…toned & muscular bodies burn more calories vs flabby non muscular bodies

Let’s say I’m active, very young, & I have a toned muscular physique, pregnant & I gain overall about 30 pounds or so. Gee whizzers, it’s conclusive & it’s in, that I’m going to lose weight easier than anyone that gains the same amount of weight, flabby & out of shape. Sitting around in life aids you to being “chubby” & you are what you eat & how you live. As you get older generally, you do slow down, & activities are not as much, & maybe, not as long or as often. Let’s face it, with all the technologies we have today, it’s easy to see how we can be chubby. We sit for hours, but then we nibble & eat meals & stuff our faces with what we don’t need. Voila! We are what we are & now wonder why were chubby?

Breastfeeding is bonding, good & takes a few more calories to do it.

Why would anyone gain more than 25 or so pounds while pregnant only makes themselves miserable in the end….why be flabby & now disappointed with yourself with a whole new happy life to behold?

If I’m eating, not moving around during the day or night, geez what do you think the result will be? Then, put all the easy boxed foods on the market you buy, oh throw in all the excessive fast foods, woo hoo your packing on the the chub at an earlier age than ever before in the USA with all the calories being thrown all around you, taught to do little in activities.

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not only does breastfeeding burn calories, it helps to shrink your uterus after delivery because of hormones that cause contractions. for everyone who says that breastfeeding doesn’t help you lose weight after you have a baby…it only works when you don’t eat like crap. obviously if you gained 75 pounds while you were pregnant, you have poor eating habits unless you have some medical condition that causes extreme weight gain. it’s sad how misinformed mothers really are.

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Tess- agree. So many better pictures of Benjamin and CB chose the one you an’t see him in lol.

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Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different. Every baby is different. There are some things we can’t control.

One thing we can control is what comes out of out minds/mouths and onto a blog like this. If it makes you feel good casting doubt on the genetics of a baby, or making someone feel bad because they dared put on an ounce more that 25 pounds during a pregnancy, whatever floats your boat, as long as you can live with yourself and your conscience. Because it’s so very easy to be judgemental anonymously.

Sure as heck Kelly Preston won’t give a heck what faceless internet trolls say. She’s got a healthy baby to worry about. Good luck to her.

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You guys know it is absolutely possible to get pregnant at 48. If one has not gone thru menopause – then there are still eggs. A girl I went to school with had her 10th (yes, 10th) child 1.5 years ago. She turned 50 today. She is Roman Catholic, does not believe in birth control (obviously!!) and will have as many children as her body will allow. She considers them all a blessing – and home schools them as well. The oldest child is 24 the youngest is 1.5.

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Although KP is happy and healthy – not to mention a youthful looking 48 – I don’t think her appearance and weightloss really warranted the “How did you do it” question from the interviewer. It’s been several months since her child’s birth and she hasn’t dropped a ton of weight (as she more or less admitted herself).

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I’m still in shock that people gain 70+lbs and try to say that in some cases it’s normal, nope, not if you’re only having one baby. I was 100 lbs when I got pregnant with my first and I fully admit I ate whatever I felt like eating, sure some was healthy but I ate a lot of junk too and I gained 45lbs and I thought that was a lot.

I’ve found my weight loss to be different with each baby. I lost it all within a few weeks with my first, I was back in my prepregnancy jeans by 2 weeks and definitely at my prepregnancy weight by the time I had my 6wk check up…I actually kept losing then and had to force myself to eat high fat foods because I was down to 90lbs. With my second I lost it all, but not too much, and then when I stopped breastfeeding I gained back 5-10lbs. With my third I watched what I ate while pregnant (and only gained 30lbs which was reccomended for someone of my size) and I held onto 10lbs until he was 4 months old when I finally lost it. I breastfed all 3, so I do credit breastfeeding for helping some, but I think age helps too because with each baby as I get older I’ve had a little harder time losing it.

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Lucky lady! Breastfeeding my 2 kids failed to help me lose weight 😦 I gained 33lbs with my 1st and 22lbs with my 2nd. I lost the baby weight within 2 weeks of both but my weight would not go any lower. Wish it did, I could stand to lose another 20lbs!

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I have to say, Kelly looks fantastic, but she certainly cannot be ‘accused’ of dropping the weight too quickly. She is one of the few new celebrity moms, who is still carrying around some weight after the birth of her baby, very very normal.

The media is really guilty of hyping up all this, ‘oh look how quickly all these celebs get back into shape’, even when it’s clear they are not back to their normal weight !!!. Kelly looks like any new mom, gloriously happy, glowing and with quite a few extra pounds to loose, it’s lovely to see her looking so normal.

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Why should they admit if they used an egg donor ? and have the whole world knowing something so very intimate about their little boy before he does. IF they used a donor, then they are perfectly right in keeping it within the family and if their son decides to make it public than it is his and only his decision.

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wow some people are bitchy, breastfeeding CAN help but only if you also watch what you eat, eg. i put on about 20 kgs lost 7 at birth and 1 year later am still 10 off my pregnancy weight, breastfeeding the whole time, part of that is due to having PCOS and already being a little bigger but mostly because i just eat when ever i feel like it, therefore intake equals output so weight stays the same, no different to dieting and counting calories

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Deena J-You sound just like me! I gained 30 lbs and lost 15 to 20 almost immediately, I breastfed and I had the same issue with the last 10 pounds. I didn’t event try to diet because my hunger was so insane and my daughter had colic so no way I felt like hitting a gym. After I weaned her the weight came off within 2 weeks. I read that some women hold on to a few extra pounds while nursing, so don’t stress about it:) Here I am 3 years later skinnier than I’ve ever been, chasing after her is the best way to stay in shape for me!

I’m happy for this family, they seem like great parents and I know they really wanted this baby and he will be loved. Losing weight works differently for each of us and I’m glad nursing worked for her!

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They are laying it on way too thick.

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I thought this blog declared a few years back that you would NOT show pictures where the celebrity was shielding their child from the photograph? However, that was probably before People took it over…

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Actually Amanda, since you had 3 kids, you should know perfectly well that weight gain is different for everyone, for every baby. I gained 66 lbs, and know 2 other people that gained just as much. It doesn’t always have to do with eating. Sometimes the reason is medical. 70+ lbs isn’t abnormal, which i was actually told by a doctor with an MD. I’m guessing you don’t have one, so….sorry to tell you, even with one baby, it’s not uncommon. Congrats to you on only gaining 45 lbs, some people aren’t that lucky.

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Just because you personally didn’t lose weight while breastfeeding doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that happens frequently for other women! Nothing happens to everyone otherwise we would all be clones!!

Congrats to Kelly and John 🙂

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All the happiness to Travoltas family. Happy for them. Hope baby boy will bring lots of joy to them!

Just my 2 cents: with my baby girl i lost most of the weight(55 kg before pregnancy – 68 kg being pregnant) in a month and even more than i should’ve and i think most of it was due to breastfeeding NON-STOP :-))) and longs walks we had every day. But even then i wasn’t able to get in my pre-pregnancy jeans, my hips wouldn’t allow it:-))).

i’m athletic and exercise regulary(didn’t start till my daughter weaned at 20 months),and eat as healthy as i can.

This is just proves that we are all so different and even though i lost the weight and healthy weight now, i can’t say i can get into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

There could be all sorts of reasons wehy we gain weight during and after pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean we have to be mean about it.

My mom always says: “treat people the way you want to be treated.”

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okay, THIS is the simple TRUTH about breastfeeding and losing weight:

YES, breastfeeding burns 500cal/day or more (obviously depends on how voracious the little bub is).

NO, it won’t help you lose weight if you’re eating too much (but it will help you not gain as much weight as you would’ve had you not been)!

simple math, ppl, simple math.

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I lost all of my baby weight plus more. I accredit it to breastfeeding for one year plus running around chasing my infant/toddler and carrying her everywhere else. I do not exercise at all now there is just no time between working full time, being a Mom and a grad student. But before I was only 120lbs and I ate healthy and worked out every other day. Now we eat REALLY healthy because the baby eats what we do and I refuse to feed her processed crap, plus we are outside being active as a family as often as possible. Now I’m 105 and did nothing other than the above mentioned. I guess muscle really does weight more than fat. In the end it’s all about balance but breastfeeding is still the best option by far! A breastfed baby is about 90% less likely to be an overweight adult as a formula fed baby.

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I’m perplexed with all the silliness on this thread. It’s pretty simple accounting: calories-in versus calories-out. If you run a calorie deficit, you lose weight. Of course the better in shape you are, the longer you run deficits, the better your body becomes at running on lower calories, and thus it makes it harder to continue to lose weight.

Breast feeding does contribute to weight loss simply because the average woman breast feeding burns an extra 200 to 600 calories (about 20 calories per oz.) in production on top of what they normally would. If you are grossly overweight, then you probably won’t notice this, as it takes 3500 calories in deficit to lose 1lb. of fat. (numbers from various resources including:

People that live a healthy lifestyle and don’t consistently run calorie surpluses before pregnancy will be much more likely to see the weight “benefits” of breastfeeding post-birth.

All that being said; you should breast feed for all the benefits your beautiful baby will gain! Not for your selfish wants to look a certain way…

Just my two-cents!

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Happy to see this family out and about …. I haven’t seen a picture of Benjamin since we met him when he was what about a week old …. He’s definitely a cutie! Congratulations to Kelly for being able to lose the baby weight quickly.

rudi on

100+ comments on this article is ridiculous and it’s funny that the vast majority of them aren’t even about Kelly & her baby.

Kelly did not drop a significant amount of weight after having her baby and arguably, is still holding on to a few pounds. What is the point of this article unless she lost a significant amount of weight very quickly and attributed it to breast feeding???

Elizabeth on

@ Mira, yes, there are studies that show that breastfeeding burns calories, so in fact does speed up the weight loss FYI.

Maria on

I just don’t understand why women these days are so damn petty..I mean get off it people whether she had c-section/natural,IVF or if they did it the good ole fashion way! As far as breast feeding and losing weight.. I am a true believer of it helping with losing weight and with post-partum depression!! Please people if you don’t have children then why in the world are you on here giving your opinion on anything because until you have children you really don’t have a clue!! Jealousy is a mean opinion she is a beautiful women, and I am hoping for the best for her and hers!! 🙂

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I think it is fantastic that the stars are breastfeeding. In this country these are the people that are idolized. Breastfeeding is the catalyst to health for not only baby but mom too. Weight loss is just one of the perks. By breastfeeding you reduce your risk for breast cancer, osteoporosis and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding also reduces your risk of postpartum depression. The best thing is breastfeeding=bonding!!! You go Kelly Preston!!

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To lose all of the baby weight you need to breast feed at least 6 months. I kept about 10 lbs on until after month 4 when my weight dropped, actually below my pre-pregnancy weight.

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Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for yourself & that precious baby! In regards to the comments about breastfeeding melting off all the pounds… I currently support over 800 moms that would beg to differ. 😉 I encourage moms to breastfeed at least 2 years… I am one of those ‘crazy’ attachment-parenting, breastfeeding moms who believes that the breast is best (even in public), that picking up her baby when he/she cries creates trust and doesn’t spoil them. I believe in natural childbirth and no immunizations. I love, love, love co-sleeping and baby-wearing, spending 24/7 with the children the Lord blessed me with and treating them as the gifts they are! Congrats to Kelly!! ❤