Tori Spelling Keeping Baby No. 3’s Sex a Surprise

04/12/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Ben Gabbe/Getty

Tori Spelling just announced her third pregnancy — and this time around, she wants to do things differently.

The Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings star says she and hubby Dean McDermott want to keep the sex of their baby a surprise.

“We’ve been blessed with a boy and girl already, so this time we’ve decided to do it the traditional way and not find out the sex,” Spelling, 37, tells PEOPLE.

Already mom to son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 2Β½, the reality star says her new addition will be joining an already boisterous brood.

“They are best friends but they are at that age where there’s that love-hate relationship,” Spelling told PEOPLE at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles recently. “[Liam] beats [Stella] up, and she just adores him.”

But by nightfall, all is forgotten. “They want to sleep in the same room,” Spelling said. “That’s their new thing.”

— Sarah Durham Wilson with reporting by Michelle Ward and Ulrica Wihlborg

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klutzy_girl on

Totally understandable about why they’re keeping this one a surprise, especially since they already have Jack, Liam, and Stella.

Holiday on

I would do the same if I were her. I also have a boy and girl and if we go for a third I would love a surprise baby.

Lis on

Oh how fun!!! Love delivery surprises!! I’m thinking boy, though for some reason…can’t wait to hear the name they choose…love the names of their other children. πŸ™‚

And how sweet that Liam and Stella want to sleep in the same room! That has to melt Tori’s heart. ❀

Becki on

I’m thinking a boy for them again too. I don’t know why.

PS: What is up with her boobs in that picture?!?!

tegi on

I also sense another boy πŸ™‚ we’ll see…

ps. Becki – this picture? try every picture πŸ˜€

JMO on

I would do the same thing. I know for baby #1 I’ll be dying to know. But for any after that I think a delivery surprise will be fun!

Momof3girls on

That’s sweet about the kids wanting to sleep in the room!! My girls love to share a room too and when their two half siblings come every other weekend, they share the room too and they all have so much fun!!!

I have to say..she just announced her pregnancy and the post are already starting…this is going to be a very long pregnancy πŸ™‚

rhonda on

becki & tegi – tori should demand a refund

Jes on

Congrats to them and their family. Wishing Tori a safe pregnancy.

B.J. on

I’ll be different and guess they’ll have a girl this time around.

Sarah on

@Becki – they have looked like that for over 15 years now…

Terri on

Wasn’t expecting that announcement! Congratulations to them.

Meghan on

congrats to tori, dean, jack, liam and stella!

i would love a delivery suprise but i’m pregnant with my first and was much too anxious to wait! if i happen to be blessed with another child i think i would love it to be a suprise!

i’m gonna guess girl for them πŸ™‚

Kristine on

I love when it’s kept a surprise..I know I enjoyed it and I’m a planner but wanted to just let it go

Romy on

she desperately needs to get those boobs fixed! after the baby, of course. the implant always looks deflated in one part. with all the surgery she’s had I’m surprised she hasn’t fixed them yet.

isabella on

im guessing a…girl πŸ™‚

Mandy on

This will be great for them and something to look forward to. Because this very well may be their last baby.

Maggie on

I am expecting my third and keeping it a surprise also! We too have an older boy and younger girl. I found out both of their genders but this time I want to be surprised. Congrats to them!

Mandy on

Oh and for everyone asking why she denied a pregnancy and said she wasn’t… there is an article posted just now on that said she found out she was pregnant on Valentine’s Day so that would make her about 3 months along or so right now. Depending on how far along she was before she took a test.

jessicad on

I think girl too! I also think it’s fun to do a delivery surprise, wish I had the patience for it:)

Mama on

My goodness she looks so much like her Mum in this photo! I’ve always thought she was more like Dad until now.

Congratulations to their family and happy and healthy pregnancy.

Marlee on

I think they will have another girl. I also found out I was expecting on Valentine’s Day. I ended up with a 24 October due date (and a 13 October baby!). I bet she’ll deliver in early- to mid-October.

Marva on

I don’t know her (I live in Europe), so I’m curious to know if she had an accident or something similar which left her face injured and in need of plastic surgery? It just looks so unnatural.

I’m really not trying to be mean, it’s just curiosity.

marina on

OMG, she is sooo ugly, her face looks so weird and her boobs soooo FAKE,,, poor girl!…….anyway, congrats to the family!

Mandy on

Marva- if you Google Aaron Spelling that was her dad. She looks like him. Her mother has had lots of work done. Now SHE looks fake!

Susan on

Well congratulations! Maybe she will put a few pounds on since she looks so thin and not healthy in the past few years. I am saying a girl, and I don’t know why, I just guessed!! LOL!

Susan on

Wow, this is a scary looking woman! I have never ever seen her without makeup on, but it probably would be alot better than her face with makeup on! Too much makeup there Tori! It looks like it is just plopped on her face like a clown. And another thing, I have never seen a boob job on a woman that looks this bad. They also looked like they are plopped on too!

tamara on

I seriously never comment on the articles, but I can’t stand when people are mean… I don’t even like Tori Spelling, but I saw her a few times at the Topanga Plaza, and she’s a very pretty girl…But I’m sure the last few posters who were commenting about her looks are just supermodels…

Why do people need to be mean???? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!

Devon on

Tamara, I don’t understand why people need to be so mean either. It’s ridiculous that one feels it’s ok to be that spiteful and hurtful just because there is a computer screen in between them and the subject of their hate.

I think it’s great they are going to wait to find out. I think they found out with both Liam and Stella (I could be wrong) and now since they’ve got one of each they’re going to keep this one a surprise.

As for her one breast that looks odd, I believe it has something to do with having implants and the stretching that happens when you’ve had a child. I remember reading somewhere that she wants to get them fixed but she was going to wait until she was done having children to correct it. Why give her grief over something she has no control over? I’m sure it doesn’t happen to all who have had breast augmentation but there are some that it will happen to. Why make fun?

Anonymous on

Marva…I also live in Europe and 90210 was very popular all over Europe??!!??

annachestnut on

awful picture

stephanie on

Tori Tori Tori pregnant congrats but you have so much plastic surgery from head down to your toe you that old.

Mira on

What I can’t stand is this: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

Where is this the rule? In StepfordWivesVille? In the Barney kingdom? In the Mickey Mouse dictatorship? This maxim applies ONLY for dead people. If it applied to everything and everyone, we’d have ridiculously hypocritical and boring public discourse.

So stop repeating this platitude, people!

jessicad on

I definitely teach my daughter to be polite and there are certain things you just shouldn’t say, online or in person. The rule about not saying anything if you don’t have anything nice to say obviously doesn’t apply every life situation, but use common sense. I wouldn’t enjoy being told I was ugly or that my boobs look weird, so I wouldn’t say it to anyone, ever.

Mira on

@jessicad, I actually generally agree with you. I don’t have a problem when people ask others not to be rude or mean or impolite. I just really dislike the stupid expression that gets thrown around here a lot.

meghan on

Looks like a drag queen.

Terri on

And on that note…

Jillian on

While, I would never say some of the mean things that are said on here…..I agree with Mira, the phrase annoys the crap out of me. People are going to say what they want. It is their right. Trying to tell someone what to say will get you know where. I get more shocked and annoyed when people are rude to other posters, then to the celebrities. While it is their right to say what they want, I wish people would think before they type. Some people are so very hurtful. And some of them I think do it intentionally.

Marva on

@Anonymous: “Marva…I also live in Europe and 90210 was very popular all over Europe??!!??”

I’m 22, so I was two years old when 90210 started. πŸ˜‰ I guess it was on TV when I was a child, but I didn’t learn of 90210’s ‘existence’ until about four years ago. That’s why the name ‘Spelling’ didn’t mean anything to me.

Barbi on

Marina and Susan, you are probably his ex-wife posting those comments. The next time you feel like criticizing a person’s face, remember that God made each of us unique and beautiful in our way and somewhere along your life someone probably thought you were disgustingly ugly but probably had the courtesy you should be having with Ms. Spelling to keep their mouth shut. Next time you look in the mirror you deserve a “shame on you!” Grow up.

Barbi on

Congratulations to you both…a baby is such a blessing from the Lord πŸ™‚

Sam on

@Barbi – your ‘name’ made me laugh as you blasted the other posters for the reasons you did. Sorry, just caught me as funny. I’m over it now!!

@Mira, agree – the pictures are for commenting on, that is what this place is for. I don’t say mean, nasty, ugly words either, but some do.

meghan on

Barbi, given all the work Ms. Spelling has had done to her face–which she tops off with spackled on makeup–I find the “god made us all beautiful in our own way” argument to be laughable. There is nothing natural about her–inside or out. She is an ugly phony woman with an ugly soul, who doesn’t do anything without wondering where the cameras are.

Sam on

@Meghan, WOW. I don’t like this couple either. What they represent is not happiness, not if you know the TRUTH. The children are adorable, all 3 of them, no argument from me there, but these two have caused a lot of pain to become their ‘cute little family’. It was ‘a while ago now’ but does that make it ok, does that mean we just forget about it? No.

@Barbi – did the same God that made Tori, make Dean? Did that same God tell them to ‘cheat’. Ummmmmm I’m sure I recall a Bible quote that proves he didn’t. Oh, how I could go on and on about your God…..but I won’t.

Mari on

Tori is a generous, hard working, kind-hearted, warm loving wife, mother, friend and on her show you can see she never gets nasty. She is on the go all the time and yes she wears too much makeup but it is for show. At home she wears very little.
I enjoy their show but we don’t always get it here in Canada for many months. Is beauty always that important really? A lot of stars spend mega dollars on their looks. Just watch some of the housewives shows.

Stacey on

@ Devon …very comendable!! She doesnt look her best in this pick I agree but the ugly words are uncalled for. We ALL have pics of ourselves that arent our greatest!!

Stacey on

@ Sam … the bible also speaks of forgiveness!