Jay DeMarcus Thrilled to Have a Daddy’s Little Girl

04/12/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Jeremy Cowart

She may have been a model employee throughout her pregnancy, but Allison DeMarcus put her maternity leave to good use at the last minute!

“I worked [for CMT] up until the day before I went to the hospital. I did an Alan Jackson interview … and the next day I was texting my producer that I didn’t think I’d be able to do voice-overs, I’m having a baby!” the wife of Rascal Flatts bassist Jay DeMarcus tells PEOPLE.

“The last month or so was difficult. They were having trouble detecting her movement and then her heart rate started dropping a little bit, so that’s why I went early,” DeMarcus says of daughter Madeline Leigh, born via emergency cesarean at 37 weeks.

Convinced that they were having a baby boy, Jay was nothing short of thrilled when an ultrasound confirmed baby-on-the-way was in fact a girl — prompting Allison to congratulate him on his victory.

“I looked at Jay and said, ‘Well, you win.’ And he was like, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘Because girls always love their daddy to death. She’ll get mad at her mother, but Daddy can do no wrong,'” she laughs.

The proud papa quips, “Add to that I’m working on the road and gone a lot, so she’ll always be glad to see me! It’s like a special occasion.”

Jeremy Cowart


Welcoming their baby girl on Dec. 17, the couple says their daughter is the spitting image of her dad. “[Her hair] was coal black and she looked just like Jay!” says Allison. “She still does. My sister calls her Jayline!”

Jeremy Cowart


However, it was bringing Madeline home from the hospital that initially caught the new parents off-guard. “Pulling away from the hospital, I just wanted to say to the nurses, ‘Are you sure about this? I don’t think either one of us is trained to do this,'” Jay recalls.

“Jay was driving and I was in the back seat with her. That’s a scary drive, that first drive home. You’re thinking, ‘Just get us home safe!'” adds Allison.

Jeremy Cowart


Now three months into parenthood, Jay and Allison have divvied up the night shifts, although the first-time father reveals he often leaves the early morning feedings to his wife. “I don’t do that as much as Ali does, she is a saint about it,” he says. “We take turns getting up. I do late night. With my schedule, I’m up so late that I’m used to being up at 2 a.m.”

But Allison was nowhere to be found when Madeline was a month old and Jay was flying solo on daddy duty! “It was a Sunday afternoon and she was crying. And I’m mentally going through the checklist of everything you’re supposed to do when a baby cries, and nothing worked,” he shares.

“That was a moment when I stared at her and thought, ‘Now what? I am not qualified! I don’t know what to do. This is not a passing phase. I am responsible for this life for the rest of my life!’ It can be pretty daunting.”

Jeremy Cowart


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— Anya Leon with reporting by Kay West

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Kelly on

My goodness that nursery is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Beautiful family!

Taylor on

That nursery and little pink piano are precious. Madeline is beautiful and definitely looks like daddy! Allison looks great as well!

Toya L. on

That nursery is gorgeous and Madeline is beautiful.

Jessi on

Madeline is so gorgeous!!! Love the pink piano!!

Marlee on

Pretty nursery. That baby looks so much like her Daddy. Cute.

mom of 2 on

what a darling baby and pretty nursery! congrats!

RJ on

I hate when they put crib bumpers and pillows in the crib for photos – too many new parents don’t realize that the recommendations exclude any and all objects from a baby’s crib in order to reduce the risk of suffocation and/or SIDS.

Congrats to mom & dad. 🙂

Courtney on

What a beautiful baby girl and family!!

Jenny on

What a sweet little doll. I think his wife looks a lot like Nancy O’Dell.

Marva on

Cute baby, but that nursery is way too much (gold! pink! chandeliers! semi-antique furniture!). Not to mention the fur vest, frilly pink dress, golden rattle and that tacky pink piano – ugh.

That’ll be one spoilt girl if they continue giving her the princess treatment. Of course they love their daughter and want her best, but less is more imho.

Brooke on

She looks exactly like Jay…sweet girl/

Alix on

Cute baby but cheesy house and nursery!

Luna on

Oh my goodness that baby is just about the sweetest thing. I love babies with black hair. A couple of mine had that real black, inky hair. I love it. She looks identical to Jay! What a sweetie.

Sue on

Look, I’m happy as anyone that they have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and everyone is doing well. But why do celebs act like they are the first people in the world to experience the things every single parent has gone through? What really kills me is you KNOW they have round the clock nannies so they can get rest and have time for themselves. And BTW, can the nursery possibly be any more pretentious? Sorry, just my opinion, we’re all entitled to one.

Sara on

Money can’t buy taste, apparently. Yikes.

Sara on

They have a beautiful baby. That being said, that is one over the top nursery! Seriously, I understand that they want to go all out for their first baby, but come on! And with all the frivolous things their baby has – gold rattle, fur vest, a baby piano – it goes without saying that if they keep that up, they are going to have a spoiled rotten brat on their hands.

mary on

I have four kids and I remember feeling the same way with ALL of them “are you sure we should take them home this soon? are we really ready? and remembering that drive home, I was nervous with ALL of them!

CT on

I think the nursery is lovely. The room is basically for the parents enjoyment at this point as the baby doesn’t care as long as she has a comfy crib to sleep in. If they enjoy it (I know I would) then good for them. if I had the money to decorate like that, I would. I can just image them feeding or rocking to sleep the baby in the comfy chair and enjoying the room around them. Congrats to both on their baby daughter.

Liz on

Are you people kidding? Sorry but that baby is not cute at all, someone had to say it…

michelle in mo on

Cute baby. Happy parents. I must have tacky taste because I love the nursery. However……that crib (aside from the pillows and bumpers someone else has already mentioned) looks like a gigantic health hazard. Can you imagine a baby pulling up in that monstrosity and falling against those head and foot boards? I can’t even believe a company makes something so blatantly unsafe. Maybe they’ll pull out the safe crib when she actually starts sleeping in one?

Amanda on

I think she’s beautiful. I can’t imagine saying that anyone’s child is not absolutely gorgeous. Why would you insult an infant?! At any rate, congratulations to the parents!

lynn on

Do you realize how many little children could have been clothed and fed for a long time with what it cost to decorate that nursery. What a shame to show such wealth when so many can’t even keep their homes or food on the table for their family

Tee on

Madeline is beautiful! So happy for the Rascal Flatts family! I’m a little confused by the headline of the article, though. This isn’t the public’s introduction to Madeline. She was introduced on CMT Insider shortly after she was born. This site even posted that video clip. Strange.

Mari on

I think the baby is beautiful but the nursery and probably the rest of the house (judging from the room with the piano) is WAY over the top for me.

Allie-Rose on

Madeline is an adorable baby.
The nursery, on the other hand, is definitely not my cup of tea. I’m definitely not a fan of the Versailles style, especially for babies

n. B. on

The fur vest is hideous! The nursery is tacky, tacky,tacky!!! but the baby is a cutie!

Anissa on

What an amazing nursey… I’m so jealous ;-))))

madeline is so precious! Congratulations to the proud parents!

stacey on

Liz – that baby is beautiful! Feel free to post pictures of your children when they were babies and let the criticism begin!

JK on

@ Lynn. Rascal Flatts is HUGE in the Nashville Community. They have donated $3 Million dollars to the Vanderbilt Childrens Clinic. Thanks to the donations, Vanderbilt named the surgery center, The Rascal Flatts Childrens Surgery Center. So yes, they are charitable. Do some research before you speak. And no, I am not a Rascal Flatts fan. I just get irritated at the jealousy of people who can’t be happy for someone else.

Marie on

I’d say go for it with the nursery and musical instruments. If you can afford to give your kids the best, go for it! I wish I could do more for my daughter, but we do what we can and she’s happy. As long as they teach their children to be respectful of what they have and of others, I see no harm in it.

Peggie on

That baby is adorable!!! I’m a first time grandma and if I had the money, as they do, I would spoil her like crazy. I think that the nursery is beautiful. I hope you don’t think it looks like that 24/7, remember this is a photo shoot. I’m sure they take all the precautions that they should to protect that beautiful little girl. Congratulations to you both. You are a beautiful family.

Bett on

I almost never comment, but lately the rude, disrespectful comments on these articles are sending me over the top…..

Did it ever occur to you that these two parents have worked EXTREMELY hard for what they have and they should be able to decorate the nursery and raise their daughter exactly how THEY see fit? It’s okay not to care for their style or to want something different for your own children, but it’s not right to judge others – especially when it’s obvious that they’ve worked hard for everything they’ve achieved.

Anon. on

I am sure that both mom & dad work hard for the money they earn & they are lucky & entitled to spend it however they choose. I think the bedroom is how every little girl’s room should be! (assuming we were all rich) Many blessings to them : )

Sue on

Congratulations Jay and Allison. Madeline Leigh is abolutely gorgeous, just like mom and dad !!!

mochababe73 on

I love reading about the sancti-mommies, et al. make their pronouncements about wealth, giving back, having spoiled children, we’ve all been through this, it’s nothing new…

I love the nursery, and that little baby is too cute. If I had the money, my boys would have had tricked out nurseries as well. Madeline’s little outfit was adorable. Give them a break. The pink piano is a toy not a full-sized baby grand.

I enjoyed the article. This is a baby website so I have never got why anyone would begrudge them talking about their little one and their feelings. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t this a part of what the site is about?

The holier than thou attitudes is one reason why I have comented on this site maybe 5 times.

And what’s with insulting a 3 month old baby?!

LizAnn on

These baby blogs never cease to provide me entertainment. Shame on all of you who are insulting them. Madeline is adorable, and she is their child. They can raise her and spoil her as much as they see fit. I suspect that any of you making the nasty comments would not appreciate your choices and parenting skills being called into question. That beautiful baby girl quite obviously has two parents who adore her and will take good care of. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones people, shame on you.

dsfg on

Lynn, I’m not sure where you’re from, but here in the USA it’s pretty traditional to be a capitalist.

I suppose any extra money you have at all goes to charity.

Bernadette on

I agree the Crib is a bit much and so is the rattle and baby bumpers on the side of the cribe thats a big no no.The Baby is adorable.Mommy is a little to put together looking for a new mother if you ask me.

jessicad on

I like the nursery as well, and their daughter reminds me of mine at that age, so cute.

Jen on

Don’t care for the brown outfit, love the rest. She’s a girl – I’m glad to see that they are treating her like one. She has her teenage years to wear what she wants, have a room how she wants it.



Cecelia on

While the room may not be my style, I’m sure others would say the same thing about how I decorated my sons’ rooms. Everyone is unique and likes a variety of things so, since Madeline’s THEIR daughter, they can do whatever they wish with her room.

As for the ignorant poster who said they should be giving to other children in need, you obviously must not know much about the group and how much money they give to charity. Jay’s daughter’s room has nothing to do with anything else. They do their part and with as much money as they make, they can choose how to spend it without ridiculous judgement from irrelevant individuals.


I am amazed at how some people react to someone who has a little wealth and does what they can for their new babies. I am so happy for anyone with a new baby and more so for the 1st baby. Congrats to Jay & his beautiful family.

My husband and I struggled for years to have a child, in the meantime we worked out butts off, have a home and good job and all the “toys” we could possibly want, thinking a kid was not in the future for us. Miracle or all miracales happened and we were bless with the most wonderful baby girl. Her room as been decorated to the nine’s, we’ve been told it should be posted in a magazie… she has NEVER been in her room. She has everything and will always have eveything she needs and or wants, but is being raised to be respectful and thankful for all thet she has been blessed with. I fully believe you can spoil your kids and still raise a good person.

Mia on

I think she looks just like her mom-but with her dad’s coloring (dark hair)-she is a cutie.

TJ on

I’m sure if we all had the money they do, we would go way over the top too. I wanted the perfect nursery for my son and got all the unnecessary accesories and spent quite a lot. It was perfect and precious. I’m sure I would have done much more if I had more money.

She is cute but I wouldn’t call her adorable. But babies change as they get older. She might be stunning later on. They are very lucky to a healthy baby.

lizzie on

A perfect example of money not being able to buy style.

Cute how much the baby looks like her dad, though.

mikki on

Ugliest. Nursery. Ever.

Allegra on

Some of you think that baby is ugly?! Wow. Just wow. She’s an innocent little 4-month-old human being and you’re calling her ugly…. okay then.

I hate when people say “do you know how many mouths could’ve been fed…” blah blah blah. How do you know how much these two do for charity? Is it “not enough” just because they didn’t give away every penny ever earned? Some commenters here are just too much.

kai on

I had to look them up – a country singer and a former beauty queen. By the looks of their house, you’d think they were royalty. A gold rattle? It’s so tacky, it’s hilarious. They sound nice enough, though. And their baby is very, very cute. Congratulations.

Molly on

To Jess,
To give your child everything she wants while expecting her to be respectful and thankful? All I can say is, good luck with that one. God Bless her teachers when she gets older.

Jen DC on

Totally MISSED the fur vest. HA! Hilarious.

Not a fan of the nursery decor, but I’m not surprised: A lot of Southerners (what up, y’all! AL born and bred) with “new money” do this type of thing. If you can afford it, go for it. Hopefully they’ll let Madeline assert her tastes if they differ from Mommy’s sooner rather than later.

*That* baby’s ugly? Really?! I think she’s adorable and think it’s reprehensible to insult a baby publicly. (What you say to your friends is your business.) But look at all that pretty hair! And her dimples! So cute.

J on

First of all…that baby is absolutely ADORABLE! She looks just how a happy little girl should look, if you dont think so, then Id love to see pictures of what you think cute is as far as babies are concerned.

Next, for all of you automatically assuming that this baby is going to be a spoiled brat, maybe you should look at how YOU were raised and join the people calling the baby ugly…because judging by your comments you must have been spoiled and given everything as a child because of your conceited and bratty remarks towards a family that you know NOTHING about! If your concerned about them ‘spending money’ on her, your just jealous that A: Your parents didnt give you that…or B: Because you cant give that to your own kids that. If you dont like the style of the nursery…hire your own interrior decorator and design your own…

I would love to hear anyone in here that HAS that kind of money that WOULDNT put it back into their kids lives. To top it off, Jay and the members of his band have been some of the most generous people in Nashville. All you need to do is look at the multi-million dollar hospital wing NAMED AFTER THEM right there in Nashville…and thats just the beginning!

Finally, Dont judge people if you dont know them. Dont assume she is going to be a spoiled rich brat when shes FOUR MONTHS OLD, they have a long time to mold her into a fine young lady. Dont ASSUME they have a night nanny and that they arent the ones waking up with her. They have been waiting for this blessing for a long time and God has finally surprised them with a blessing. I am sure they are loving every minute of it and more than anything…this baby is LOVED. NOBODY can fault ANY PARENT for LOVING their child, no matter how rich or how poor they are–THAT is whats improtant!

Congrats Jay and Ali…she is a BEAUTIFUL baby girl and I have no doubt that you two will be loving and wonderful parents.

Natane on

She is SO cute!!! I wish that I had a room like that when I was baby!!! She looks just like her Daddy and she has the best Dad in the world…A FLATTS BOY!!! =) ❤ YOU GUYS!!!


Wow, what a room. I was expecting to see Fairies and a Pumpkin waiting at the door. LOL
She has to be one of the luckiest babies I know. And you are very lucky to be able to give her all the beautiful things.
Her life is going to be wonderful.

Jillian on

OMG, she is just the cutest little girl ever!! I wouldn’t decorate my nursery that way, BUT based on what I have seen about them it clearly fits them well. I am a daddies girl, everyday and all day and love it. I hope he enjoys his little girl.

ecl on

Ugh..I hate it when people say they worked hard for their money so they earned all that wealth. LOTS of people work hard for their money including janitors and teachers. Entertainers just happen to be overvalued and overpaid in our society. The nursery is silly because it is designed as a showroom and not a child’s room and they appear unable to buy anything but pink for their daughter judging from the closet. All in all NOT how I would raise my child, but I certainly don’t think she’s not in a loving home or won’t end up happy and well taken care of because of it.

MiB on

I think that it’s cute that they let her play with the silver rattle. Where I come from a silve rattle like that (it just looks golden because of the bedding) is a quite common christening gift along with silver cups and silver spoons, and I love to see the things used and not just put on a shelf for decoration.

GS on

I hate that people are so jealous of wealth, that they would post nasty comments about someones baby! How sad is that! I think as parents we all try to give our children the best to the means that we make. I think she is a lucky child to have parents that love her enough to give her the best of what they have! She is adorable, and has adorable parents! Grow up people!

GS on

I think that is one adorable baby. I have to say as a Rascal Flatts fan, they are huge contributors to charity. So to those who say someones wealth should be spent on feeding the homeelss etc.. Do your research before you speak. Also I am pretty sure most people don’t give every last cent they have to charity! I think we live in such a judgemental world. Some of the post here are so nasty. They also tried for quite a long time to have a child from what I read. God Bless them and the beautiful baby girl they have! She is one lucky kiddo!

mitzi doman on

she is so beautiful you guys will b great parents

mitzi doman on

she is beautiful

tracy on

hey jay.. i think u are so dam cute and the baby is beautiful..i wish i could see u in the group.. i wish i had some of your money..every time i try to see rascal flatts its sold out.. seeing the group would be my dream come true.. i love u guys.. i know all your songs.. your songs mean something to me.. u guys are great.. wish one of u were single.. love u all.. devoted fan.. tracy in south carolina…

M on


But some people DO work harder than others. I don’t think Jay DeMarcus and his wife are the best representation of hard working people, but then again most celebrities aren’t. However, rich or higher middle class non-celebrities do work MUCH harder than the average janitor or school teacher.

My parents are both doctors, so I grew up in a pretty wealthy family and let me just tell you that being a doctor is not an easy job. I am now in my 3rd year of medical school and it is insane how difficult the curriculum is. I haven’t had a full night of sleep in THREE years. I’m sorry, but comparing a janitor or school teacher to much higher level jobs is kind of offensive. I do not discriminate against anybody, but to say a janitor works just as hard as a doctor is nonsense. ANYBODY can be a janitor, but only a select few can be doctors because it really is THAT hard. I will be 26 when I graduate from medical school. That is 21 years of continuous education! Education + Skill = Harder job, higher pay

bembry on


hannah on

Wow that is a full on nursery! In saying that, if I had the $20,000+ (or however much they spent!) to do up a nursery for baby #3 I’d probably go with something similar. lol. Cute little bubba. Congrats.

Jillian on

Grow up

Lauren on

wow what a gorgeous family! and that nursey and is absoutley amazing!! BEAUTIFUL!

Molly on

Get over yourself. Spend a day as janitor or some other “under-educated” profession (i.e. a teacher apparently) and see if you want to change your comment.

Stacey on

Wow I would stay in that nursery! That crib is amazing! She’s a cutie pie!

Stacy on

All babies are sweet and adorable, thank goodness not all nurseries look that one. WAY OVER THE TOP!

Sandy on

I didn’t know that have royal ties!! What’s up with the nursery? Not geared toward a baby in my opinion. And what baby wants to smash their face with a hard gold rattle??! Take it away when she gets her first tooth.
Yeah, we get it. You all have a lot of money.

Becky on

That baby is sooo cute..As for the room, I love it..Yes it might be a little bit over the top, but it’s their money and their baby..As others have said, if I had lots of money, I would do my kids rooms over the top also..As someone else said, I would sleep in that room..Wonder if they will adopt me? I don’t live that far from Nashville, so I could be there in no time…

daniela on

The room is not my taste, but its their money so they should spend it however they want.

I too thought she was Nancy O’dell, they look very much alike!

Lindsey on

She looks just like her daddy! Such a cutie! Love the nursery, too!

Joyce on

beautiful little girl and she does look like her daddy. love your newest release WON’T LET GO it goes straight to the heart!! keep up the good work!!!

jenn on

I luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv that nursery soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would decorate it JUST like that if i ever have a baby!

ecl on

M –
I mostly disagree with you. 1) Teachers work very hard 2) You are valuing what is mentally difficult over what is physically difficult. 3) You were raised rich so you have the opportunity to delay income and invest in education so that you can become a doctor. I’ve had that opportunity too. I’m finishing up my doctorate with plans to become a professor Does everyone have that opportunity? No. There are probably some brilliant janitors out there who were never given that opportunity. Please don’t pretend the US offers equality of opportunity and that certain jobs and people are sooo special.

sinclair on

“That is 21 years of continuous education! Education + Skill = Harder job, higher pay”

M, you are kidding, right? Let’s keep it real, the first 12 years of education are not rocket science. Don’t kid yourself and pretend like there are 21 grueling years of burning the midnight oil under your belt. The real ‘work’ can begin in high school (AP courses, honors, etc.), but college and med school begin the bulk of the really hellish years. I write this not to downplay the work and commitment that you, and others have made, but please do not discount the same primary and secondary education that janitors and teachers (*who these days must pursue multiple advanced degrees) undergo, either. Yes, you think that you are going further in your educational journey, but education is not just about books and letters behind your name. It is realizing that arrogance is not attractive, and I sense a loss of humility on your part. Do you have any idea what a Jill- or Jack-of-all-trades a teacher must be, in this day and age? It is not about just teaching Suzy her 1-2-3’s anymore–teachers are expected to be walking encylopedias, have PhDs (if they want any respect or hope for advancement), be creative, keep kids interested daily, keep them from killing each other–or the teachers, themselves–and be dynamos that think on their feet and revolutionize the educational field. Sound enticing?

Teaching is an underpaid, undervalued, and grossly misunderstood profession on many levels. How can you put a price on someone who shapes our future, educates our children, instills morals and values, keeps them safe, prepares them for the world at large, etc? Teaching is somewhat like the ER–you never know what to expect. Sure, teachers are not cracking open ribcages or treating GSWs on a nightly basis, being on call for 48 straight hours, or diagnosing diseases and treating waiting rooms full of patients, but they certainly perform comparable triage, in my opinion. Teachers do not leave the office once the school day ends.

Teachers: Education–CHECK. Skill–CHECK. Harda@@ job, so where is the pay???

sinclair on

“M –
I mostly disagree with you. 1) Teachers work very hard 2) You are valuing what is mentally difficult over what is physically difficult. 3) You were raised rich so you have the opportunity to delay income and invest in education so that you can become a doctor. I’ve had that opportunity too. I’m finishing up my doctorate with plans to become a professor Does everyone have that opportunity? No. There are probably some brilliant janitors out there who were never given that opportunity. Please don’t pretend the US offers equality of opportunity and that certain jobs and people are sooo special.”

Thanks ,ecl. Unfortunately, I have seen peoples’ true colors revealed before and after becoming MDs. It seems that many of these people missed the lectures about compassion, because once they got the letters behind their names, everything was very black and white to them regarding so-called ‘low-skilled’ labor vs. ‘highly-skilled’ labor, and you could NOT tell them otherwise. I applaud the journey they plodded through, but once on the other side, the irony was that they now looked down their noses at many whom they once struggled alongside, related to, or respected.

My main point of contention is the lack of respect toward other professions by said MDs–it was like no one was working as hard they were, not acknowledging that work comes in ALL forms. I dare anyone to try janitoring and performing grueling backbreaking work in school for hundreds of kids (and adults) for a week, and tell me you don’t appreciate what that janitor or school maintenance worker does. It is not only physically grueling, but mental, as well. You are dealing with a lack of respect from those in the school, and apparently, society, as well.

lisa on

All the money in the world&I still wouldn’t have that nursery! That bed is gonna be a face braker when she starts standing.

GS on

Your comment is outrageous and incredibly pretentious. How dare you insult others intelligence based on their career choices? I think it is great to hear that you are working so hard to become a doctor. Good for you, it sounds like that has always been your ideal career path and that is wonderful that you have been fortunate enough to have the financial ability to pursue your dream job. BUT, have you ever taken into consideration that 1) Some people who may be incredibly gifted intellectually have simply not had the financial ability to afford such a lengthy education? Or 2) Some individuals that did in fact have both the financial ability to afford AND the intellect to successfully complete such an education may have chosen to pursue a different path? Just because your dream has always been to become a doctor certainly doesn’t mean that everyone else in the world has always wanted to become a doctor also.

Now let’s move on to your insults to those who choose to become teachers. Do you really not think a teaching job is just as important as a doctor? Do you not think a teacher works just as hard as a doctor? Sure, maybe a grade school instructor does not have to spend the same amount of time to receive their degree, but a teaching job is just as important and difficult as a doctor’s job. Teachers are held responsible to shape the next generation, they must personally connect with each and every student and provide appropriate education for every student. Where do you think you would be without being blessed enough to have had access to individuals who choose to pursue a much underpaid career because they are passionate in helping shape the next generations futures? If your response to this is something along the lines that your parents, who are both MD’s, taught you most of what you ever learned, then good for you. If this is the case, you were extremely lucky to be blessed with parents who had the ability to provide such an education to their child. Have you ever thought to think beyond your wealthy bubble world?

You also touched on the fact that individuals with physical jobs such as a janitor are less difficult, and once again insulted the intellect of those who choose or cannot afford to go to college. Really? I’m just flabbergasted. Just because some jobs are physical and/or do not require a college degree certainly does NOT provide any information that is indicative of that individual’s intelligence. Give me a break. Not everyone who decides that they do not want to go to college is less intelligent than those who choose to attend a university. Also, how dare you say that their jobs are less challenging? I’m just still to shocked to go into that comment other than to suggest you spend a few days working as a janitor or one of the many other jobs that you find “easier.”

By the way,

What do they call someone who gets C’s in medical school?
What do they call someone who gets A’s in medical school?
BOTH: Doctor.

GS on


One more thing, you might want to leave your pretentious opinions out of the office if you ever want to establish a patient base. I know I certainly would not want to be treated by a doctor who shared any opinions that were as ignorant and insulting as yours.


Caitlyn on

Maddie is absolutely adorable!
All of you people who are judging their parenting and saying negative things, I cannot believe that something as sweet and beautiful as a baby is being so highly critisized. Maybe they do have a nanny,maybe they don’t we don’t know. But they love their daughter and that is the most important part. you don’t know them. No one is a perfect parent, no one! As a matter of fact they have wanted a baby for a while and they tried really hard to have one, they actually went to fertility couseling.so if they want to treat their daughter like the blessing she is than I say go for it. I love Maddie’s room and even if I didn’t that doesn’t matter cause it’s not my room or my house!
Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl Jay and Ali!

Mc. Kinley on

She is beautiful!!! What a pretty family!

Bonnie on

Damn…that nursery is gorgeous. Looks like something out of poshtots.com. I’m jealous…

tomfoolery on

holy moly, that kid looks like her daddy! 😀

Sharon on

What an absolutely lovely article! As a first time parent, I remember that first car ride home too! It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. Congratulations to Jay and Allison and their absolutely beautiful daughter! Their home is absolutely astounding. If I had their money, I wouldn’t do a thing differently! The nursery is a reflection of their taste in decor. Their home is beautiful, their daughter lovely, and I am so happy for them!

A on

I am a teacher and my husband is in his 2nd year of med school. I can tell you from experience that my husband worked much harder in graduate school than I ever had to. It is not as easy to get into med school as some might assume. M may not have said it as well as you all would have liked, but some things said are absolutely true. You are underpaid and under-appreciated as a teacher, but any one can be one. The same cannot be said for a doctor. You have to have more than money(which my husband does not) and good grades. I don’t think teachers or janitors are lesser jobs, they just require a lesser skill set. As for the saying “What do you call a doctor who gets an A/C?, that’s very disrespectful. When you go to the doctor, do you ask what their GPA was?

A on

On a side note that actually pertains to this article. This baby is adorable! Spoil away! She’s a blessing and deserves any and everything her parents can provide her!

Anne E. on

Super cute baby! Beautiful mom and I love the little pink piano!

Benigna Marko on

Absolutely gorgeous baby girl. The baby’s room is stunning. Beautiful family. Congratulations.
Benigna Marko

FC on

She’s cute. And I’m jealous of the size of that nursery! I don’t even think my own bedroom is as big as Madeline’s nursery, lmao.

Jenna on

@ Sue

I didn’t know you lived in their house and know what they have and don’t have. Contrary to what you THINK you know… there are many celebrities who take care of their own children. Just because they have money doesn’t mean they all hire nannies to take care of their child 24/7

BergerGirl on

Congrats to Allison! I am currently pregnant, and happened to be “cruising” the celeb stories, when I realized the woman in the picture was my sorority president from college!!!! She was a senior when I was a freshman, so I didn’t know her well, but I definitely looked up to her. She was extremely bright, hard-working, and kind…and she was so pretty (p.s. she hasn’t changed). She deserves all of this, and more. Very happy for her and her beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Madeline is beautiful and definitely looks like Jay! Allison looks great as well!

Pat Dunlap on


You are a dear sweet girl and I know you are a fantastic mother.