How Tori Spelling Told Dean About Baby No. 3

04/12/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Tori Spelling wanted to tell husband Dean McDermott that she was pregnant in a special way — and as fate would have it, the timing worked out just right.

“I found out on Valentine’s Day,” Spelling, 37, tells PEOPLE. “It was perfect timing.”

How did she deliver the news?

“I wrapped up the pregnancy test in a box and bow and gave it to Dean as his Valentine’s Day gift,” she says. “He was beyond surprised. Best gift ever!”

As for how she’s physically feeling this time around, Spelling – who is already mom to son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 2½ – says she’s been “much sicker this pregnancy” than during her past two.

“I have been nauseous for the past three months straight,” says the Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings star. “Thankfully it is starting to get better now.”

Son Liam, who has seen his mom pregnant before, was onto the news before she even told him about it. “Liam kept saying, ‘Your belly is getting huge. That means there’s a baby in there,'” says Spelling.

When she and McDermott, 44, finally did tell their kids the news, “They were really excited,” says Spelling. “Now they are obsessed with telling people, ‘My Mommy has a baby in her belly!'”

— Ulrica Wihlborg

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Toya L. on

Cute story.

meghan on

This is going to be a very long pregnancy.

Sam on

@Meghan – lol lol, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s just a baby peeps, women have them every day. Congratulations Tori and Dean you had sex, and you’re having a 3rd (he’s having a 4th) baby. Congratulations. See you in September?

klutzy_girl on

LOL, we were all calling it before Valentine’s Day, though. Did we somehow know Tori was pregnant before she and Dean did?

Also, they’re promoting the new show, so of course we’re going to hear a lot about the pregnancy. I expect this stuff to die down soon.

Shannon on


Anonymous on

just when they were fading away for a while, they had to get pregnant

Cat on

The difference between her and women who have them everyday, is that, she’s famous, stop paying attention to entertainment news on them if it bothers you so much. I don’t get people, if you don’t care about something move on. Congrats to the couple.

Sam on

@Cat. Famous for what? You know what brought her name back up in the paps etc., after her 90210? UH HUH. That’s not something I would want to be famouse for.

P.S. They don’t ‘bother’ me, I’m here for my opinion just like you. I didn’t say one untrue thing or one nasty word, so I think it’s ok. 🙂

Cat on

Doesn’t matter what she’s famous for, the fact is she is. That’s why there’s an article on her, plus she has had other shows. It’s not a “She used to be on a show and she’s having a baby who cares article”. She has a show, she’s having another baby. She obviously has fans, or she wouldn’t keep getting picked up season after season. So, she’s famous. There’s nothing wrong with an opinion, I just don’t understand clicking on links about people you care nothing about and saying nasty things. It’s immature.

Bancie1031 on

WELL I personally love Tori and Dean, I cannot wait to meet the new addition to their cute little family 🙂

Very cute story ……

Loyolil on

I love Tori and Dean and I watch their show. Congrats to them and their family. I can’t wait to see the debut of the newest McDermott!

Sam on

@Cat. If you are refering to me, I didn’t say anything nasty. That’s my opinion of this couple. The children are adorable, no question there, but so much pain went in to making this ‘family’.


Karia on

This goes on and on if you don’t like them why read the article.

I’m thrilled for them. Good for them. So she is going into her 5th season and she is pregnant. She has not mentioned it one time. She is doing a wedding special show which has been fun to watch. The kids popping in has been a plus because she makes some adorable babies.

We will get Patsy back also which is even a bigger plus. Seriously @Cat is right if U don’t like people why is it you post on here about an article you could careless. So Tori is having another child its not to keep her show on the air. Geezeeeee people.

darlene on

I think it’s wonderful for them. Nothing like a true family! Enjoy your children as this time in your life passes quickly. Aprreciate
the blessing they truly are. Best wishes!

P.S. My daughter has twin boys almost 3 and expecting her 3rd in the fall. Could not be more happier! 🙂

jaci p on

i know most people either love or hate their show….ive seen it once, that was enough. dumb as heck. i tried to understand the interest in the show, just dont get it.

but hey, they seem like a happy couple, actually got married, and THEN had kids…. and if they can keep it up, they might become a rare breed in hollywood…..

sous chef on

I like their show. It’s just fun and entertaining. If anyone’s ever see the movie The House of Yes, wasn’t Tori very good in that? I thought so. Congrats to them on the new baby.

Staci on

I LOVE TORI AND DEAN!!! I watch all their shows, have read all 3 of her books which were wonderful. I have watched her since 90210 and I have always been a huge fan of TORI! I am so happy for her and Dean, their kids are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and so fun to watch. To have another adorable munchkin on the shows will be great! YAY Tori and Dean!