Denise Richards and Girls Spot a Sea Lion

04/12/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Making friends … with a sea lion! Denise Richards and daughters Sam, 7, and Lola Rose, 5½, pose with their new pal on Tuesday while visiting Dolphin Cay during their vacation in the Bahamas. Dad is Charlie Sheen.

Albert Michael/Startraks


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Brooke on

Sam has really turned into a little beauty….She looks like a child model here.

Indira on

Sam is a great mix of both parents. Lola looks a lot like Charlie, it’s cool that they’re out of the spotlight.

kaitlyn on

So nice to see Sam smile! The girls are both gorgeous!

Lisa on

I feel as though Denise is doing such a good job with the girls considering what she must be going through trying to shield her children from Charlie’s problems. She seems to have her girls as her main priority. I just hope Charlie recovers because it would be nice for Sam and Lola to be able to have a good relationship with him and their half brothers Max and Bob.

Shannon on

Kudos to Denise. Too bad Charlie can’t get it together, but at least the girls aren’t being exposed to all the foolishness.

mrs. r. on

Smart Denise.

Charlie’s on a rampage, she takes the kids for a nice little vacation.

She’s such an awesome mom. I can’t even imagine what having the ex from h*ll must be like!

Amber on

In this pic Sam looks alot like Denise and Lola has Charlie’s eyebrow expression key on!

Noelle on

If these poor girls only knew what a train wreck their father was. I hope for his sake, he gets it together. Good for Denise for making her girls the priority though and keeping them away from the drama.

Sam on

Sam is smiling, it’s so rare!! Guess the paps really must scare these little kids. This picture looks like it was planned by the photographer and the girls had a chance to feel comfortable. Sam looks just like her father, Lola just like her mother. Both are little dolls.

As for Denise I’ve never seen someone work so hard to keep her children as children should be – playing and happy. That has to be so hard in her position.

RFC on

I used to think Sam looked like her dad & Lola like Denise, but here it seems the tables have turned. Sam’s almost a carbon copy of Denise now & Lola takes after her dad A LOT. Both girls are gorgeous though! 🙂

Nella on

Great picture! Sam is beautiful, I always thought she looked like her dad, but she resembles her mom as well and Lola is adorable!

I think Denise is doing a good job as a mom, considering everything that’s been going on with Charlie, the girls don’t need to be around all that drama right now. I hope his twin boys are doing okay as well.

I just hope Charlie gets his act together,it’s sad to see someone going down hill like he has, and he has small children so he needs to be thinking about them as well.

Kate on

I admire Denise Richards more day by day. She has taken the high road and didn’t bash Charlie neither after his meltdown in New York nor after his most recent set of weird acts. It is great that she knows whatever she says can come down hunting her daughters in future since he is their father.

He keeps ranting and raving about her in his so-called shows and here, she is vacationing with her kids. Kudos to Dennis for trying to give the kids a shot of normalcy in the midst of Charlie’s crisis.

Her resilience keeps me admiring. She is really a great mom.

Amanda on

I’ve never been a Denise Richards fan but she is a great mom. Good for her for not letting Charlie’s antics affect their children and letting those little girls be little girls.

Capri on

Beautiful girls….glad they look HAPPY & their with their mother!!!

Toya L. on

They are pretty girls and great combos of their parents. I hope Charlie gets the help he obviously needs.

Terri on

Nice comments about Denise are quite a change from what used to get posted here. I like her darker hair.

Allison J on

Cute photos! My family went to Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas last summer and it was fun!

I’m sure Denise and the girls had an awesome time on their trip.

Lola and Sam are sure growing up.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

remember back when she divorced charlie 6 months pregnant and everyone thought SHE was nuts?! well, obviously, she really is one smart cookie and knew when to get the heck out. her daughters are beautiful, and she is doing so well protecting them from all the crazy going on with their dad. i admire her.

nettrice on

Denise Richards is not bashing Charlie Sheen. I think some of the commenters should follow her classy lead!

meghan on

Why, nettrice? We aren’t the ones who need to shield two small children to Sheen’s increasingly obvious mental disorders. He deserves every negative word he gets. He doesn’t even care about those girls. All he cares about are his boys and saying vile things about Denise.

Daisy! on

I wasn’t going to interject but what meghan just said infuriated me. Yes, Charlie Sheen has obvious mental health problems. That does not mean he doesn’t care about his children. He may be in a place were he is so unwell he can’t see further than what is troubling him right now. Judgemental and ignorant comments like those above do nothing to ease the stigma attached to people going through mental health distress. Denise is doing what is best for her girls and I respect her immensley. Maybe instead of lauding her and judging Charlie we should be hoping that while the girls are safe someone manages to encourage him to get help.

meghan on

Daisy!, I have suffered from mental health problems in the past, so please don’t lecture me. Whatever else is going on with Charlie Sheen, bottom line is that he’s is an a55hole. Mental problems or not, he does not give a damn about anyone but himself.