BumpWatch: Alicia Silverstone’s Weekend Walk

04/12/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Hand in hand, mom-to-be Alicia Silverstone and husband Christopher Jarecki stroll on Sunday after indulging in a healthy macrobiotic meal at M Café in Los Angeles.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2005 after eight years together, expect their first child next month.

“I couldn’t be happier!” Silverstone, 34, said in announcing her pregnancy.

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laurelcanyonfashionista on

she is so cute! i am so excited to see if she has a boy or a girl!

Macy on

She looks 44, not 34.

rhonda on

Hope this article on Alicia doesn’t generate as many comments (90+??) as the last one — most of them deviated from the subject at-hand.

Marlee on

Wow Macy! Pretty harsh.

I love Alicia. She looks great and I can’t wait to see her new baby.

ForeverMoore on

Wow, it was hot here in So Cal over the weekend…she looks so overdressed! When I was that pregnant, I ran totally hot! She seems like she’s kinda over being pregnant, haha. I just found out I’m pregnant with my second so I’m sure I’ll be in that boat down the line.

Nella on

Alicia’s belly is cute! She looks tired, looks like the baby will be here soon, so I understand her looking a bit tired. I love that she looks real not all made up with perfect makeup and hair. I am excited to hear the baby’s name and whether it will be a boy or a girl. I think it’s going to be a girl.

Ali on

If I’m reading this right they’ve been together for 14 years! Impressive for anyone this day in age, let alone a Hollywood couple. Excited for them. Looks like Alicia is ready for the baby to come.

M on

I respect your opinion and free speech Macy, but that comment was harsh and uncalled for. How would you look if you had your photo taken unwillingly and unexpectedly in bright sunlight when you are 8 months pregnant?

Shannon on

Cute couple!

Romy on

well huge sweats plus a sweatshirt and sweater are not flattering when you’re full term, but I guess she doesn’t care. she must know there is a possibility she’d be photographed. She does look 44 rather than 34, I agree. Even a few yrs ago before she was pregnant she appeared this way. I thought it was her diet, but maybe it is just her skin coloring w/o make-up. before ppl start yelling that I am being mean, it would be HER choice to come here and read comments. All celebs know that.

MissMel on

I kind of love that she’s wearing sweats and Chucks. She looks like a normal pregnant woman LOL! Sometimes I see pregnant celebs and I think “Who looks like that?” LOL!

I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I have several cousins with children and they all proudly wore the stretchiest clothes they could find while pregnant and someday I hope to do the same.

Luna on

Cut the girl a break. She’s carrying around someone else inside of her. She’s not going to dress to the nines and look fabulous everyday. I love that she’s so normal. That being said, I think she still looks beautiful, an inner, natural beauty. Can’t wait to hear the name!

Holiday on

My son just asked “How old is that lady she is too old to be pregnant” He is 5 and I agree with him.Pregnancy is not flattering to her at all!

suze on

Holiday, great way to teach your son ageism and standards for women’s appearances so early. Ugh.

Shawna on

Holiday – Wow, that is seriously disturbing that you are teaching your son to judge women’s appearance that way. I would have responded, “She is just very tired because she is growing a little baby inside her. Every woman is beautiful in their own way.” But of course I actually want my kids to respect people…

jeepers on

Please, she doesn’t look that bad. She looks like a normal VERY pregnant women who doesn’t want to buy anymore pregnancy clothes when the previous set are getting too snug. I was there in the 8th month, as I had no clue that one’s belly could get so huge. Let her be comfy.

Holly on

She looks like a pregnant woman. I’m sure you all looked perfect, every second, of your entire pregnancy. Calm down everyone, she doesnt look 44.

Jillian on

I don’t believe half of what Holiday says…..but, if that’s true…..so many things wrong with that statement. You share it like a proud mother whose child just took their first steps. We all know you feel having children young is the only way! You don’t let us forget. I am so glad my daughter will never grow up saying ignorant comments like that and will respecting women. Phew!

Holiday on

I didnt tell him she is old! He looked it at and said it himself! And yes she does look old here and frumpy. I have had 2 kids, you dont HAVE to look frumpy when you are pregnant!


Hi, I actually disagree, some people during their pregnancy have a heck of a time and cannot help but look frumpy. I had two pregnancies, the first one I felt great, the second one I vomited for five months! How can you look good after doing that?


Plus I also think that those who are content to walk around in sweats and no make up are those who appreciate that self image is not what makes the world go around. I never used to leave the house without makeup, now being a mum of two there are more important things to focus on. Its great Alicia is chilling out and enjoying this time without bowing to the pressure of having to maintain a perfect look.

Rosalie on

She looks exactly as she should at 8 months pregnant!

Sharon on

I Looked FRUMPY when i was pregnant , lived in my trackie daks (did not see the point in spending money on maternity clothes), and sometimes i looked older then what i was (fluid, tiredness) AND PROUD OF ALL OF IT WHEN I LOOK BACK AT THE PHOTOS!!!

Lis on

I guess I’m the ONLY one who actually does think she looks pretty!! Natural beauty…we don’t see it that often…! 🙂 And her hubby is pretty hot too!

stephanie on

Horrible maternity clothes Alicia been sporting wend I am pregnant I want to look sexy in my maternity clothes.

Twyla on

Right, because a picture this small is perfectly showing every detail of her face…..
She looks great! End of story.

Sandra on

I think she is pretty – natural and comfy.

She is near her due date, so its only understandable that she wants to be comfortable. And I like the fact that she doesn’t seem to ‘need’ make-up on all the time.

I’m not crazy about her maternity clothes, but if that is what she likes and wants to wear then good.

Anyway, cannot wait to hear the name. Love names 🙂

Congrats to Alicia and Christopher (you’re both gorgeous)

Cecelia on

And if she was wearing full make up and dressed to the nines, people would be complaining about how she’s shallow and spends too much time on her appearance. It’s a lose/lose situation for her, regardless.

So stupid.

Angel on

Beauty really does come from within and she doesn’t have it, in my opinion. I haven’t cared for her since she was so unprofessional and dissed Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View several years ago. This could be just about anybody else and I would think she looked perfectly fine but I have to say that because I don’t care for the way she acts, even if she were dressed to the nines, I would think she looked bad. Who she really is came through quite clearly on The View and I don’t think that is a very pretty human being.

Rex on

I personally thinks she looks great (considering she’s right near her due date!) Anyone who claims she looks 44 may want to get their eyes checked — what an untrue, low blow.

Shannon on

I applaud her for not trying to look like she is on the runway every second of the day. She looks good for being big pregnant! Who doesn’t look older when they are make up free??? They are a very cute couple and I wish them the best with their new baby.

Hea on

stephanie – Alicia has looked very sexy over a lot of the years she’s been in the spotlight. Maybe she just doesn’t feel like it right now?

Jen DC on

I think she looks fine for a woman at the end of a pregnancy. Her face is fuller, her baby belly is appropriately large and maybe a little dropped? Who knows FROM THIS DISTANCE.

Angel, please don’t pretend you’ve never intentionally snubbed someone. She she doesn’t like Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s politics; there are MILLIONS (me! me!) who do not. Was it rude? Yes. Human? Absolutely. And… it was four years ago. Get over it.

Jen DC on

Angel: Oh – from Wikipedia:

“Hasselbeck later revealed, on an episode of The View which aired September 19, 2007, that Silverstone called and apologized for the incident. Hasselbeck said that Silverstone never meant to be rude, but was simply nervous when she walked on the stage and believed that incident was wrongly perceived by the media.” Elisabeth Hasselback apparently accepted the apology; so should you.

JMO on

Is everyone supposed to look hot and glamourous full of makeup when leaving the house pregnant?? I guess in Hollywood it’s a requirement so seeing Alicia like this is culture shock!!! *gasp*

She looks tired but fine. Pregnancy isn’t glamourous on everyone and you should wear what is comfy!

SS on

alicia doesnt look old at all if you look closely. she even looks like an overweiht teenager 😀 and her husband is very cute, in case you didnt notice 🙂

Terri on

She doesn’t look old to me. She always looks pretty to me, even when dressed down. But I can’t say that I’ve kept up with anything she’s done since Clueless, which was a long, long time ago.

Hea on

Angel – You don’t let go, do you?

Christi on

I can’t imagine being so critical on a person I don’t even know. I just read some comments a few weeks back on both Victoria Beckham & Gwen Stefani about how they’re always so made up & dressed up as if they’re wanting the paparazzi to take photos of them & their children. Now with Alicia Silverstone she’s too dressed down knowing a picture is most likley going to be taken & should do something with herself.

Make up your mind. Which is it? Should they dress up or not?

It’s obvious to me these celebrities don’t care either way. They do what they want. Wanna know why? Strangers don’t matter when it comes to dressing up or dressing down. If you feel it’s appropriate to dress up…do…if you don’t….don’t. It’s that easy. Sheesh!

Simmer down people! Simmer down!

Audrey on

I look like this and I’m 8 months pregnant, so I assume she does, too. I’m due in late May, so I’m guessing she is due in May or the first half of June. It is refreshing to see someone who looks like me. Many of the celebrities on here look strangely stick figureish while pregnant.

Jen on

I agree about being comfy, but there is a line betwen looking comfortable and looking sloppy/frumpy. She could have chosen a better outfit. Then again, maybe she doesn’t care..I probably wouldn’t either, if I was 8 months pregnant!

Julia on

Wow. Some of you people are ridiculous! Who the eff cares what she’s wearing? She is PREGNANT! I’m sure she has other things on her mind other than dressing up for the paparazzi. So what, she’s got on a grey sweater, grey sweats, and Chuck Taylors. Good for her.

Julia on

Wow. What do you all wear when you go out for a quick bite to eat at the corner cafe?

Holiday on

Mara, not sweat pants thats for sure!