Tori Spelling Expecting Third Child

04/11/2011 at 05:30 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

It’s time for Tori Spelling to stock up on onesies again!

The actress and husband Dean McDermott are expecting their third child together this fall, Spelling confirms via Twitter.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation, so I wanted everyone to hear from me … It’s official …Dean & I are PREGNANT!!!!,” Spelling, 37, Tweeted Monday.

The actress, who told PEOPLE in February that she’s ready for another baby, showed off a tiny baby bump at the GLAAD Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Spelling and husband Dean McDermott, 44, are already parents to sonΒ Liam, 4, and daughterΒ Stella, 2Β½. McDermott is also dad to son Jack, 12, from a previous marriage.

The couple are currently starring in Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings.

— Ulrica Wihlborg

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isabella on

oh my god! congrats to the family! im sure he/she will be just as cute as liam and stella πŸ™‚ ❀

Moo x on

Ummm…Surprise??? Maybe not, lol. Congratulations to Tori and Dean though, can’t wait to see the little one x

Lacey on

I am soooo excited for them!! I can’t wait to see this baby!!

Mallory on

Whoa. For some reason I didn’t expect them to have any more kids. Congrats to them! Liam and Stella are adorable, so I’m sure this new baby will be too. πŸ™‚

Taylor on

Took them long enough to announce this! Congratulations Dean, Tori, Jack, Liam, and Stella! I can’t wait to hear what they name this little one! πŸ™‚

Kelly on

I knew it! I was thinking this a couple weeks ago after seeing a couple of pics of her..she looked healthier lately…congrats!!!!

Meghan on

Yes!!! I was so excited when i read that! I love the Spellings, so this is totally on par with Tina Fey’s announcement for me. I know there’s been a ton of speculation but I never believe that until a celebrity cofirmns it. I was just thinking yestersday, what if they had another?

Congrats to them!

Lots of baby announcements today!

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them.

Bancie1031 on

YAY!!! I have been waiting for this announcement! I’m so excited for Tori and Dean (and Liam and Stella – and Patty!!!!)! I knew; the last couple of pictures I seen, Tori had put on a little bit of weight …… LoVe this Family!

Allegra on

Didn’t expect this announcement! Congratulations to the couple πŸ™‚

Allegra on

….and yet ANOTHER 2011 baby. This is going to be quite a year!

Allison J on

What wonderful news! Can’t wait to see the new baby. Congrats to Tori, Dean, Jack, Liam, and Stella. I am a big fan of this family!

J.J. on

I just clicked this page and this is the first thing I saw…congrats to them!! :). Wishing them a healthy little bub..also am feeling it’s a girl too for some reason, but either way, boy or girl..that baby will be beautiful as Jack Liam and Stella πŸ™‚

Ceseley on

I’m so excited!!!!! Tori and Dean are one of my favorite couples and Liam and Stella are so cute. Can’t wait to see the new little one!

A. on

I knew it! I’m so excited for all them; I absolutely love them! Liam and Stella are absolutely adorable, and I know this new baby will be as well! Congratulations to the whole family! πŸ˜€

mary on

She does look very healthy pregnant! She is one that gets the “Glow” while expecting! Congrats

Mandy on


Even though it seems we CBB readers all had predicted this in the past few months. But a confirmation is great!

I am also feeling its a girl. That’ll be nice, 2 boys and 2 girls.

I can’t wait to hear more!

Tee on

This isn’t exactly a shocking announcement! Congratulations to Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella!

Mia on

Congrats to them!!-I know there has been speculation for the past few months. They seem like such a tight family.

I’m guessing she’s probably 3-4 months along if they announced it-so she’s probably due around October?

I remember when their first son was born–time flies!

SAR on

I read that they’ve been trying for a third baby, so congratulations to them.

ZaraB on

Not a surprise, but good news for them nonetheless. I also have feeling they might have another girl.

It did make me cringe to read her announcement ‘Dean & I are PREGNANT!!!!’ – no, you and Dean are expecting a baby, but only you are pregnant. At least I hope that’s the case!

Mandy on

Good now she’s forced to eat! Unless she loses this baby like she did the one after Stella. Bet a lot of peoples didn’t know that. She was so anorexic her body coulddnt take a pregnancy and it twas lost. Now she’s sprta forced to eat but she might lose it again. Tragiccsity.

Annie on

I thought so! Cool! Can’t wait to see her growing. πŸ™‚

Michelle on

I was so thinking she was. On her Weddings show she looked pregnant already. YAY!!! They are super cute and have loved her forever. Cant wait. ❀

Sus on

So happy for Tori and family!!! I love her new show!

klutzy_girl on

I knew it! Congratulations to them!

Jennifer on

Many congratulations to them! They make adorable babies. πŸ™‚

Mandy on

I’m gonna be on her show soon. Watch for me!

mom*of*boys~ on

Yeah they finally announced it! We all knew! Congrats!

Romy on

I’ve been waiting! I thought it was so obvious in her pics and on her show

robinepowell on

Congrats to the McDermott family!! I wonder if she’ll have baby #4 right after baby #3? :p Then she’ll have two spring babies and two fall babies. πŸ˜‰

zappo on

I thought so~! I thought her lower belly looked rounder than normal on the pics of Liam’s bday. Congrats!

Meela on

Grew up watching Tori and was never really a fan! But I have been watching her reality show lately and I really the family that she has created. I have such respect for her and no longer consider her a spoiled brat. It really comes through that she “adores” her children. And the are so cute…

Romy on

Mandy when was the show filmed? Does that mean her bump in the filming is the baby they lost and this is a new baby? I mean, if you are for real.

Jillian on

Mandy, they only have one girl and one boy.

Jillian on

Nevermind, I forgot about his son. They never mention him on here…well barely.

Romy on

Jack’s mom does not want him featured in their show or in pics or anything

Jillian on

Romy, right. I just meant they don’t mention him as Dean’s child in the article, which is sorta bizarre to me. Even if the mom doesn’t want him on the show, which I think is wonderful (I am not a fan of children on reality television), he can still be mentioned in an article. We know that People doesn’t follow the parents wishes. Peyton Mannings wife asked for privacy and wouldn’t confirm the birth and they posted the birth.

Alison on

Jillian what are you going on about? He IS mentioned in the article. You just don’t see it until you open the whole thing.

And regarding Peyton Manning, I’m sure they were just waiting to confirm that it was true before posting a rumor, which is what it was on Friday when people were asking why the news wasn’t up. I don’t understand why people get so invested in what is and isn’t posted. They have their reasons, most of which readers will never know. I used to work for a celebrity website before I had my kid. If you want gossip, there are plenty of other sites.

Congrats to Tori and Dean!

Romy on

Jillian, they did mention Jack. People is so softy I would not get all info here if you are interested in this stuff. Try eonline, dlisted, cdan

Shannon on

I knew it. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Tori, Dean, Jack, Liam and Stella! I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl πŸ™‚

Sadie on

Alison, I think Jillian was saying she disagreed with People even posting the Manning story because they obviously didn’t want it on a site like this, she wasn’t complaining that it wasn’t up fast enough.

susi on

I am a little confused. Why did she lie to the public last week when she was on the Today Show? She said flat out that she was NOT expecting. Why not just come clean instead of lying to the world?

Sarah S. on

I knew it!! I saw her last week on HSN presenting her jewelry behind stratically placed boxes–LOL! Congrats to Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella! πŸ™‚

Alison on

Sadie – yes, I caught that. I’m sorry, I guess I’m just responding with the addition of my prior annoyance to her regular comments about how and why the site is run how it is. I just wanted to add my perspective as someone who HAS been employed by an entertainment site, that readers have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I understand that the family wants to keep things private but at this point it’s a huge story and needs to be acknowledged or else the site looks like they don’t know what’s going on, IMO. I am assuming PEOPLE got confirmation on their own and decided to go ahead with it (albeit a bit late).

Susi – maybe she wasn’t at 3 months yet? And if she did have a loss like someone above mentioned, all the more reason to keep it private for as long as possible. The pictures from that event yesterday were just REALLY obvious, she probably felt she had to address it.

Mandy on

Ugh. Ok. So apparently there is a hacker or something on my ISP. Or I have an admirer or someone wanting to start trouble using my name.

Is there a way I can possibly change my name or something? I don’t like being bashed for things I didn’t say.

I’m not sure if I have some sort of virus or was just hacked in general.

But that ‘Mandy’ person who can’t seem to spell or know any sort of grammar is not me.

Ugh this is very frustrating……….

Sarah on

Didn’t she JUST deny this, like a couple of days ago on TV?

Libby on

I knew it! Congrats to them!
For some reason I think they are having twins. I don’t know why but I get that feeling

elle on

lol, i think i called this the last time Tori was featured on the blog. congrats!

klutzy_girl on

– Libby, oh thank God I’m not the only one with that feeling! She’s supposedly about four months along, right? But she’s been showing since January! She was barely even pregnant at that point!

And I think they were waiting to get past the first trimester before they announced and wanted to do it on their own terms.

Mandy on

For those wondering why she denied it….maybe she wanted to be the one to announce it in ‘real time’. When she’s taping a show its not going to air Live. News would have gotten out from the taping and so forth.

I’m guessing she just wanted the news to get out on her terms.

susi on

I still don’t get why she didn’t come up with an excuse instead of saying “I am not expecting”. I used to have a lot of respect for her, but when last week she says something and this week she says the opposite, I just can’t respect that. She could have danced around the subject instead of denying it.

And she just denied it last week. She could have come clean on the Today Show on “her terms”.

klutzy_girl on

susi – A lot of celebs lie to your face and tell you they’re not pregnant, then announce a few days/weeks/months later. Tori’s not the first to do it. Maybe she didn’t want to announce it on The Today Show.

Jillian on

Alison, When I came on this page and read this article, Jack was NOT mentioned in the article. The article has since changed including his name.

Second, regarding Peyton Manning. I am not complaining about the story being rushed. What I said was that the Manning’s themselves issued a statment to the newspaper not confirming the birth and asking the press to leave them alone. Peyton’s mother is the only one who has confirmed the birth and she did so BEFORE the Manning’s made the statement. It surprised me that People, on this site, would post an article about it after the Manning’s specifically didn’t confirm it and asked for privacy.

“prior annoyance to her regular comments about how and why the site is run how it is”
… should have learned in your profession to skip over comments that annoy. This is my opinion…you don’t like it, oh well. I am not sure what your previous profession has to do with anything, but it doesn’t change anything.

Sadie, Thanks. That is exactly what I was saying.

Mandy on

You lost respect for her because she chose to control how HER pregnancy news got released???? Wow…….

Sam on

Why? They (he has) have 2 boys and a girl. Why more? She’s so busy working at her wedding business, her antique business, her TV show, writing more books. They are already leaving Liam and Stella at home a lot lately (a lot – according to her on her Twitter). Also on her Twitter she stated that Patsy needed a job in L.A……guess she has one soon!

As for Jack I was watching Mary Jo’s show when she was pregnant with him, and Dean was on the show too. They looked happy, thrilled to be having their baby boy, in love…………….

(ok, let me have it!!!)

Molly on

*ignores the negative comments*
She looks wonderful and she does “glow.” Just found out a couple of weeks ago my cousin is due in October and recently saw a picture of her and she looked great. Tori and Dean seem like a really great couple. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time. I bet Liam, Stella and Jack will be happy to have another sibling to play with. πŸ™‚

Hoopla on

Mandy (the one that is complaining of a virus or someone hacking your account), I’m not sure what you’re talking about, there isn’t a way to create an account on You can Add a Comment and you can choose your own name, it’s not set. I could comment under the name Mandy if I wanted to. Maybe (well, obviously) there is another Mandy besides you who wants to post their opinions and comments that is not you. I suggest using another name if you want to dissociate yourself with that Mandy.

Sat on

Beautiful pic! Congrats to the family!

Sandra on

Elle, a lot did. πŸ™‚ My included.
It was in that photo with the guncles, right?

Anyway, congrats

dsfg on

Susi, I don’t like liars either, but when people ask me personal questions that are rude and none of their business, I have no problem lying if I don’t want them to know the truth.

Nella on

Congrats to them! She looks much healthier and has that pregnancy glow. I think they’re going to have a boy, my gut feeling tells me.

denise on

in my opinion being pregnant or not is the only topic a woman is allowed to lie about, maybe she wasn’t 3 months along when her interview was taped? every woman has the right to tell when she feels like telling!

jessicad on

Awe yay! I really like her too, watching the show has given me a new perspective on her, she’s very down to earth. I saw some pictures on another site and definitely thought she looked pregnant, she’s always so tiny otherwise, but I don’t like to speculate online. Congrats to them!

Amanda on

I hope they follow the Hollywood twin boom and have another boy & girl…would luv it! I can see them totally with 4 kids. Love them πŸ˜‰

Amanda on

And I forgot…PATSY will be back…I hope!

melissa on

Congrats! I am so happy for them πŸ™‚

JM on

Mandy, er Mandy1? it is possible for two or more posters to have the same name, it doesn’t happen often and only generally with the names that are less unusual. ie mine is JM (not unusual at all) and i have noticed there is at least one other JM who posts here although not very often. so i wouldn’t worry about it if i was you.
it only becomes weird when there is a name that is clearly very odd or unique and someone tries to pretend that they are two different people. but i wouldn’t say it is weird to think there may be two mandys here.

Jean on

Could she please stop wearing that garish, thickly applied lipstick? I think she looks so much better with just a little eye makeup, like the candids we see of her on the street with the kids. She almost looks like a drag queen with all that junk on her face.

miameows on

congrats, so exciting for them. Tori always looks so good pregnant!

Also, on the name thing – I know there is another Mia who posts more frequently, so I use miameows to avoid the confusion. Mandy, you could always add an initial or something so we know it’s you πŸ™‚

Capri on

Ohhhh I hope this brings the return of Patsy….love her!!! Many congrats to the family even though I kinda figured she was pregnant!!!

Amanda on

Really Susi? You lost respect for her because she chose not to announce HER pregnancy on someone else’s terms? Maybe they had a dr appointment or ultrasound this week and wanted to make sure everything was okay before they announced it? I’ve never been one for waiting to tell but some people don’t like to announce early, some people wait until the anatomy scan even and I have a cousin who waited until May to announce her pregnancy (she announced with a baby shower invitation!) and she was due in July, her second pregnancy she announced at Christmas and was due in March.

Congrats to Tori and Dean, hope mom and baby are healthy!

Crystal on

Once a homewrecker always a homewrecker. She’s trash!

Amanda on

Crystal – wow hold a grudge much, move on.

So excited for them, hope they have another healthy baby!

JMO on

well that was a given the pictures say a lot lately!!

congrats to them!! I hope it’s another boy!!

meghan on

Everthing about her is phony.

Shannon on

YEAH!!!!!! well that means I have to have another…we were pregnant at the same time for her first two….both our kids are 1 month a part for the first and second!!! Congrats

kate on

Deans on the ‘gravy train’ for sure I mean what else would he do , Lord knows he cant act. Make babies and spend your wifes paycheque

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! My husband I are doing the same with our third baby. We don’t want to find out the sex of our baby. We also have a boy and a girl too!

Sam on

@Crystal, Meghan and Kate – – I agree with all three of you. Their children are all adorable, no disputing that, but their happiness is someone else’s great pain and though time has gone on and it’s been years, it doesn’t make what they did ‘ok because it was years ago’. In fact it’s kind of sad.

Jean on

Do you people who keep harping on them cheating on their spouses live in a fantasy world? Sorry, people cheat and they fell in love with each other. I’m not saying it’s right, but things like this happen. They don’t deserve to be happy because of that? They should have just stayed with the spouses they had and be miserable, instead of married, financially successfully and having three kids? Life isn’t a 50’s sitcom. Things like this happen.

Meela on

Holly Judgement!

People sure get “passionate” about these celebrities and their lives!!

Chillax folks, Tori and Dean’s life will continue regardless of your love or hatred.

Impossible to think but it’s TRUE!!!

elizabeth on

i read somewhere when he left his ex that they had just adopted a baby girl? why dont they say anything about that baby? does it not count because she was adopted?

elizabeth on

when he had left his ex, didnt they just adopted a baby girl?
does she not matter because she was???

elizabeth on

ok this is the third time trying to post this!
when he had left his ex, didnt they just adopted a baby girl?
why dont they mention her?

klutzy_girl on

– Elizabeth, after Dean left her, his ex-wife adopted the little girl on her own. Dean has no part of her life.

Kimberly K. on

Congrats to Tori & Dean on the new coming baby! They have such beautiful babies. i hope that this pregnancy and birth get filmed like the other’s were.

Sam on

@Elizabeth – Mary Jo(his first wife) and Dean BOTH decided to adopt their second child together. Then Dean found his ‘soul mate’ in Tori and left his wife AFTER the adoption proceedings had started. He THEN wanted nothing to do with that child and Mary Jo is raising the little girl with Jack.

Anne on

Hmmm…maybe she’ll eat now.

Anne on

YEAH! Patsy will be coming home! We love patsy!!!!!!!

Mia on

Maybe they filed the adoption as a couple, but officially adopted her as a single parent (it’s what happend with Angelina Jolie + Maddox).

Anonymous on

Oh no. She is really pushing her luck. This baby could unfortunately end up looking like her. The other two look like their dad.

J on

Molly good job at ignoring the negative comments when the first thing you post is a snide comment about ignoring them…lol!

Sam on

@Mia – no, they were adopting her together. The adoption was well underway when Dean found his ‘soul mate’ and left his first family. THEN he decided (hmmm, wonder if anyone encouraged those thoughts??) to have nothing to do with the little girl. Nice guy. I don’t like this couple because they caused great pain to become ‘their little family’.

(and NO I am not bitter – I’m from Toronto area where Dean and Mary Jo are from, knew Dean in our early 20’s. Everything above is true, and if the truth hurts – GOOD.)

Rosemary on

Congrats, Tori and Dean. Liam and Stella are beautiful so I imagine #3 will be just as gorgeous.

Toya L. on

I detest cheaters but I agree with you Jean, people cheat and fall in and out of love “grow apart” every single day. Who knows maybe Tori and Dean are “soul mates” or maybe they are in living in a fantasy world, time will tell. Second marriages last lifetimes for more than a few people so sometimes maybe the first one wasn’t meant to be. I definitely wouldn’t want a man who was unhappy in our marriage to stay with me SOLELY for the sake of our kids or a false sense of morality/obligatory feelings.

I personally believe in karma but they do deserve to be happy and if being together and raising their family does that, then kudos to them!! Hopefully Mary Jo will find someone worthy of all she has to offer and vice versa.

Kristin on

Congrats to them. I appreciate that couples are married and continuing to expand families the “old fashioned way”. I think it’s wonderful that others adopt children and can provide a stable loving home but it’s not for everyone although it seems “in vogue” right now to do so. I don’t think Dean takes great responsibility for his other children. Didn’t he “deny” adopting a 2nd child with his first wife after he was having an affair with Tori. I could be wrong but I thought I heard that somewhere.

kimmi on

Sam-you say that you knew Dean in your 20’s and are from Toronto. So then you are also aware that when all of this happened between Dean and Tory and their spouses, it was very well publicised, which had to be somewhat humiliating to everyone.
Each time that Dean and Tory make some sort of announcement the story comes back up.
for what reason?
If you were a true friend of his ex-wife you would want it to have died down so that she did not have to keep re-living it anymore.
If you are not friends with Tori and Dean then you should not be carrying so much anger that it needs to surface each time this comes up, so that you spead the infomation again.
the fact is, it happened, people were devestated, lives were forever altered, and it is no ones buisness but the 4 people involved.
each time a child is born their announcement should not be followed by this tid-bit of trash.
should Mary-Jo have more children or Re-marry, do you believe that she wants to have or deserves to have those details drug up and placed into the same articles as her nuptuals or the baby’s birth announcement?
why not put it in each time little Jack scores a goal in hockey?
see where i am going?

when it is not your buisness, it is time to bite your tounge, even if you feel close to the people, especially when it is OLD news

Mia on

@Sam-maybe they were originally adopting together–but according to various articles + info like here:

it states that DM originally dropped the adoption + his ex-wife adopted as a single parent.

Which is similar to what happend to Angelina Jolie-her + BBT originally filed for adoption of her son Maddox as a couple, but they ended up divorcing + she filed for adoption as a single parent once it was finalized.

Jillian on

Mia, that is what Sam said happened.

sally on

that’s great, i know they wanted atleast one more, i am sure the baby will be as cute and as happy as stella and liam, they are just adorable kids.
congrats tori and dean!

Elena on

Is it me or does Tori look more like a drag queen the older she gets? It’s just amazing to me how some women can look so masculine. Still, there’s something about her that I find likable and friendly. Can’t say the same for her hubby. I wish them well. Liam and Stella are such cuties.

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the whole family. I have liked Tori ever since I saw her on Beverly Hills 90210. I think her children are adorable, at least thye have normal names.

WMM on

Sweet there love just seems to grow and grow! I think they should name her Noval– backwards Lavon (loveon!)A boy Ever J. call him Ej for short because they are there loves is for Ever!

Anonymous on

oh no! not again!

PATTI Redfearn on

I LOVE Tori and Dean!! I’m 46 and unable to have kids of my own so I appreciate them sharing their little ones with the world! Tori and Dean clearly adore each other and without a doubt, they are head over heels in love with their kids! They make awesome parents, I mean the kids seem healthy, happy and safe. I can’t wait to see what baby # 3 will be…I kind of hope it’s another girl and that they’d consider naming her Shelby, Zoey, Landry or London….a boy could be named Aiden or Palmer or even Luke, although I am partial to Rowen, that could actually work for a girl. Oh well, there choice! Good luck you guys!!!