Benicio del Toro, Kimberly Stewart Expecting a Baby

04/11/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Graham/Boot/Allstar/Globe; Mike Marsland/WireImage

Kimberly Stewart is expecting Benicio del Toro‘s baby.

“Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive,” his rep confirms to PEOPLE in a statement. “Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

Stewart, 31, has worked as an actress and model and is the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, while del Toro, 44, is best known for his award-winning turns in such films as 2000’s Traffic (for which he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar), 2003’s 21 Grams and 2008’s Che.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Jennifer Garcia and Julie Jordan

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alyssa on

Well, if that’s not a WTF moment, I don’t know what is. But, congrats to them anyways!!

Mia on

I didn’t even know they knew each-other….seems like a strange match, but I love him + hope the baby is healthy.

Louise on

Most random pairing ever…

mary on

Um, OK Good Luck!

klutzy_girl on

Well, this is definitely random. At least Benicio is taking responsibility for the baby and not pulling a Jude Law.

Uh, congratulations to them.

And at least Rod’s youngest, Aiden, will have someone to play with.

Twyla on

Wow, first time I came on this site, saw an annoucement and said “OH NO! WHAT?!!” out loud.
This sounds like a horrible idea…

Shannon on

Wow. Never in a million years would I put the two of them together. Probably the weirdest celeb baby announcement that made me go, wha?!

Jace on

Uhm, what…?

Noelle on

What?? This was totally out of left field. Odd…but best wishes to them both.

Sierra on

woww…talk about a random pairing.

Molly on

um, huh? I have to say I’m kind of speechless about this one. What a random pair.

Olivia on

Interesting. Could a better pic of del Toro not be found? I know I find his looks iffy for my tastes, but that is a really bad picture. Like a mug shot of Gary Busey.

kim on

All I can say is: SHOCK!
Didn’t see that one coming. Let’s wait and see if this will be officially confirmed by both reps.

Jgirl on

Olivia, you made my day – that was hilarious.

Kim on

SHOCKED AND SO RANDOM! LOL. Well atleast the baby will have one talented parent! lol. Congrats to them!

MamaGarcia on

Im going to go with… holy crap? Um congrats? Wow thats a shockingly questionable pairing lol. Best of luck though on the baby.

momof3girls on

So….they hooked up at a party and she’s pregnant??

Catca on

Umm, aren’t one stands supposed to be random??? I don’t think this is shocking at all – both of them have a reputation for getting around. In any event – they seem to be taking responsibility for their night of fun so congrats are in order!

Frea on

wow this is what comes from a random drunken hookup. yeesh people wear a condom.

good luck to that baby. I’m sure it will have fun living in Rod Stewart’s pool house.

pam on

Ok the article states they are not a couple. Were they ever a couple or is this just a friends with benefits deal, or a one night hookup?

This is a WTH announcement for sure.

Olivia on

“So….they hooked up at a party and she’s pregnant??”

That’s kind of how it sounds. Must be weird to have your one night stand publicized.

krewcat on

ICK…I hate the “not together, but having a baby” thing…

Hope the baby is healthy…thats about I can come up with…

miameows on

@momof3girls that’s what I was thinking. one night stand?? how weird. and also USE PROTECTION!! lol

Megan on

I think i am with everyone else here and just like…ummm…uhhhh…ohhh…them? LMFAO I had to do a double take when I saw it…hope all goes well for them and the baby =)

Kay on

@alyssa – LOL!! I can’t say it better than that!

Jessica in TX on

That is the most random pairing!! All I can say is WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Rex on

Why is everyone so judgmental? Their relationship (or lackthereof) is their business, not ours. She’s happy, he’s supportive, so what’s the problem? There’s nothing to say these two won’t be wonderful parents, whether in a relationship or not.

Amanda on

Think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Allegra on

Well… okay then. Congrats!

Andrea on

Another out of wedlock celebrity baby. So let’s see, they demand millions per picture. Buy the most expensive fashions ever but they can’t afford to refill their bcp, buy condoms, or sterilize themselves. Pleasent.

Kristen on

Congrats. Better Benecio del Toro than Cisco Adler, Kim.

Shannon on

Talk about random!

Brianne on

He always struck me as an intelligent man, what was he thinking?!?!?

Marsha on

I hope the baby is healthy. I think that is the only positive thing I can say. I don’t necessarily have a problem with babies born out of wedlock. However, babies being born to irresponsible people who seem to get drunk, naked and land on each other is another story. And before I get the negative comments, it is just my opinion. Just because you have money and can financially support a child, doesn’t make you responsible and doesn’t make you a good parent. Maybe this child will have the same effect on Kim as a child did for Nicole Richie (not sure if I spelled her last name correctly). She did a complete 180 when she became a mom and I think she seems to be a great mom and has finally grown up.

Moo x on

Wow…random! Congrats though, i guess…never would have seen that coming!

dsfg on

A, maybe they don’t WANT to sterilize themselves. Maybe they WANTED to procreate. As long as we aren’t supporting the baby, it shouldn’t matter.

Toya L. on

I agree WTH? If they kept it under wraps that they have slept together prior to this pregnancy announcement, then we really can’t say if it was a one night stand; it could have been friends with benefits for a year or two, or a well kept under wraps relationship that just didn’t work out. Congrats to them.

jessicad on

What an odd announcement, but congrats to them I suppose!

mrs. r. on

A –
While I don’t necessarily agree with your comment, it made me laugh hard anyway 🙂 GREAT wit 🙂

kendrajoi on


Hea on

Congrats to them and I hope they figure it out and have a happy healthy baby.

Jen on

Wow…looks certainly are not everything, but this really could be the poster child announcement for “beer goggles.”

mks on

I saw this on another site and how they began that article sums up my feelings about this completely (and apparently everyone else on this site):

“Hands up if you saw this one coming. Are your hands up? Liars!”

I guess all there is to say is hope the baby is healthy and happy and I’m glad that it sounds like the child will have both parents in their life.

fuzibuni on

Well, after the initial shock wore off, I guess it makes sense because they are both big on the celebrity party scene.

If Benicio really is “excited and supportive” as his rep states, then I suppose he’s thinking, “Hey, I’m 44, might as well have a kid… and since we aren’t a couple I can keep playing the field!”
So, he’s got the best of both worlds! 😉

Wonder if Grandpa Rod is excited too.

MissMel on

@Rex-Not one person said they wouldn’t be great parents. I can’t speak for everyone,but my shock comes from the fact that I didn’t think these two exactly traveled in the same social circles. I can’t picture del Toro riding a motor bike on the red carpet and hanging out with Paris Hilton, so it came as a shock to me that they even KNEW each other.

Also,it is SUPER annoying when people come on celebrity news sites to read celebrity gossip and them get all snarky in the comments about how it’s no one’s business but the people involved. Obviously you think it is at least a little bit your business because you read the articles. If you were that strong in your convictions that celebrities are entititled to keep their business to themselves, you wouldn’t frequent sites like this.

Terri on

Well maybe she chose him to be the father and it wasn’t an accident? Congratulations to them.

Tess on

Marsha – great post. I agree with you.

Gaia and labans mom on

I love del toro he seems so dark and intelligent. I don’t know much about her but she seemed vapid whenever I saw anything about her.

Catca on

I think it is safe to assume it’s a one night stand folks. Benicio’s rep says they are not a couple which is quite different from saying they are no longer together – but that he’s supportive and excited. As far as being surprised they know each other? She’s the daughter of a famous musician who frequents Hollywood parties and Benicio is well known for hitting the Hollywood party circuit. I’d be more surprised if they hadn’t met.

Romy on

made me do a double take! at least she is 31, and not 21 though! It might make her grow up and mature. Hopefully she is clean and sober throughout the pregnancy.

blah on

@missmel TOTALLY AGREE!! people should keep comments like that to themselves or get off the CELEB SITE

anyway.. obvy a one night stand! good luck to them i guess..

nettrice on

These comments are heelarious and I think Benecio is sexy. LOL

Gaia and labans mom on

Its also safe to say that if a man doesn’t have a child at 44 , he must not Have wanted one at least until this point. I’m sure the gossip blogs will have interesting stories

Allison J on

Wow! Totally did not see this coming at all. What a random pairing of two people – I agree. I must say I’m curious (even though it’s none of my business) to how this all transpired. Was it a one-night stand? Were they a couple on the down-low from the paparazzi? Who knows?

I do pray for a healthy baby and for this child to have both parents in his/her life, which sounds like that is going to happen.

Best wishes to Benecio (such a sexy man!) and Kimberly.

Taylor on

Wow that’s an unattractive photo of Benicio! I didn’t see this one coming either at all. Congratulations Benicio and Kimberly!

Alexis on

How random. Every baby is a blessing though. “Congrats” to the pair, I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

Indira on

There goes my chance. DARN.

The day Leo’s on here, i’ll just die!

Tracy on

Indira – your comment made me laugh! I feel the same way about Ryan Gosling…

Jordan on

Neither is a gene pool to be dipped into looks wise. Too bad a commitment to each other instead of “Oops” came first.

nettrice on

Jordan: ditto for you! lol

Sus on

WOW- shocking!

Toya L. on

I think he’ll be a good dad, I mean he did step up to the plate after both of them are alleged to both sleep around, created a child from an alleged one night stand and his announcement via his rep, was still, “Kimberly is pregnant, Benicio is the father and is very supportive?” I guess he could have taken the David Spade route and publicly question his paternity.

Doreen on

He kinda looks cute but it always looks like he’s been through hell. LOL Wait till his kid comes along! He’s gonna age more quickly!! haha

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Yes, this is a weird pairing, but congrats to them both.

skunknuggets on

My first thought was: WHAT!? I thought maybe it was a belated April Fools Day joke. LOL Congrats to them!

Luna on

Wow. I mean, i was already all WTF about them as couple, but when i read that they’re NOT even a couple i got even more WTF!! lol. Casual sex i guess. Whatever, congrats on the baby though.

zappo on

Wow! I never pictured them to be in the same circle of friends so this completely caught me off guard! Whoa, this is QUITE the pregnancy year!

Tink on

I usually hate when people question a non-married couple’s decision to have a baby, after all committment is the most important thing…this story is totally the opposite and I’d be sooooo embarrassed to have my one night stand publicly outed like this…

Lyoness on

@Marsha – Couldn’t have said it better. Wrap it up isn’t just a cute tagline. I also agree with whomever said they were surprised that they traveled in the same social circles.

Elena on

Wow! So random! I like Benicio but Kimberly ummmm well….. One thing I know is I really REALLY can’t wait to see what their baby gonna look like!!!

Erica2 on

Crazy that Kim and her father will have children around the same age…Gross!

Tiffany on

As someone who struggled for 2 years to get pregnant w/ my husband of 5 years and is once again struggling to have baby #2, these stories are really hard to swallow. Two people who aren’t even in a relationship have one night of passion and BAM a baby is on the way. Ugh!

jen on

Frea, your post made me snicker. 🙂 That’s pretty funny about living in Rod Stewart’s pool house – I am unfamiliar with her work as a model/actress and somehow feel that freeloading off Daddy may not be out of the realm of possibility.

Good times!

Sara on

Get over it, Tiffany. Its no one’s fault that you aren’t very fertile. You sound like one of those crazy, infertile, pro-life losers who are against abortion because they are infertile.

Jen DC on

Really? REALLY? Nooooo… (REALLY?!?)

Indira on

Sara that was definitely a stretch.

Stella Bella on

Geez, Sara, nasty much?!

shannon on

I find it unsettling that this kid will be the same age as their uncle.

Sophia on

…What on earth? That is so random! Such a weird coupling! Good luck to them I guess, and congratulations!

M on

Are we being punked?

Molly on

First of all: Sara, your comment was one of the rudest comments I’ve read here. I think you need to apologize to Tiffany. She had every right to voice her opinion about how it’s hard for her to read this type of thing. *gives Tiffany a hug*
As for the story, I’m totally like WHAT? I think they will be good parents, and I’m not going to judge them over how this happened. I wish people would be happy for them and quit being so all mighty.

Cassandra on

There have been many times when I have come to this site and just gone “Really? Wow!” But this is something entirely different. I just stopped and literally went “what the fuck?” I am totally excited for them, but I don’t think I would have EVER seen that coming.

Sat on

Rofl, congrats!

Nella on

Hmmm what an odd pair these two are…very shocked, but I do wish them a healthy baby and hope both of them are committed parents. M- hahaha that’s what i was thinking when I saw this headline. Oh and Sara – your comment was really unnecessary and plain mean.

kristen on

Why would anyone assume that this was a one night stand? Not in a relationship is not the same as one night stand. Two people can have a sexual relationship without having to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Jeez people grow up. And why assume that he didn’t question the paternity? Any intelligent man should if he isn’t the only person she may be sleeping with. Maybe he did and found out that yes it is his kid and decided to make the announcement.

Sara’s comment was completely out of line but Tiffany’s was too. Again why assume it was a one night stand? I would have more of an issue with the Duggar family than this couple; they keep popping them out year after year which is great for ratings but not great for childrearing.

Jessie on

wow didn’t see this coming, but congrats

Jean on

Hollywood needs a sex ed lesson because apparently none of them can figure out what causes babies. Any moron can go buy a condom (or get one for free, for crying out loud) and these people can certainly afford birth control. But yet there’s random people who “aren’t even together” bringing kids into the world. Disgusting.

Capri on


Eileen on

They aren’t together? But they are having a baby?

m-dot on

I honestly thought I’d read something wrong. I have to say this make s me look at Benicio is a “new” light. lol

Jujube on

oh man, what a nightmare! Ewwww, I can’t believe he f***ed her! His wee-wee will fall off soon mark my words!

Catca on


A sexual relationship without a romantic relationship is a one night stand – even if it’s friends with benefits. It’s just a series of one night stands with the same person. I’m not saying there is something wrong or not wrong with one night stands – but I am calling a spade a spade.

As for the comment from Benecio’s rep that they are not in a relationship – that’s quite different from saying no longer in a relationship and believe me, any rep worth their salt would have been careful with the wording so yes, it is pretty safe to assume a one night stand here.

I also agree with people who say we shouldn’t judge these two. We really have no idea what kind of parents they’ll be, we only know they are bringing what hopefully will be a beautiful healthy baby into the world so a simple congrats to them would be in order. I wish them the best.

Momof3girls on

I figured it out!! He’s always been a fan of Rod Stewart..he’s 44 and wants a baby…maybe she wants a baby too at this point in her life…the opportunity presented they decided “what the heck”…

Lol…here’s hoping they have a healthy baby who can sing like Grandpa!!!

Mia on

I personally believe you should be married if you’re having kids-it’s the biggest commitment and really cements the unit of a family–but this definitely is a whole ‘nother aspect of lack of commitment, or people that have a kid and are only together for like 2 or 3 months + then break-up.

How do people not know how to be “safe” and they’re in their 30’s + 40’s…?

amazed ! on

Incredible how a grown up man is not able to wrap up his d**k and a supposed adult woman is not able to take the pill when spreading her legs. Uh.

Really, these people don’t care about birth control neither creating a life they certainly didn’t want.

Grace on

Nice, Sara. You managed to make huge, illogical leaps in your assumptions while intentionally trying to hurt someone’s feelings. Awesome.

I feel for anyone, Tiffany included, who’s experienced infertility. It must be incredibly painful to experience, made only harder by any pregnancy announcement, much less ones where it is a seemingly willy nilly oops (not judging them, though).

As for Benicio and this girl, I wish them a healthy baby. I am curious about how Benicio’s genes will play out in a baby.

Aimee on

WTF is exactly what i said out loud, while eating my breakfast

Millie on

I dont think Tiffanys comment was particularly friendly either, if you are struggling to get pregnant perhaps a website that is about babies and birth announcements is not the best place for you. Likewise saying someone else had it easy to concieve when you have no idea about their life is just as much of a leap, as those which Sara made.

And as this is a comments board; EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion, its tough if the next person doesnt agree with it.

soph on

“First of all: Sara, your comment was one of the rudest comments I’ve read here. I think you need to apologize to Tiffany.”

I wasn’t aware you were the mommy of CBB, Molly.

Leesha on

I wouldn’t be surprised if People were considering blocking posting on stories, in the vast majority of the stories I read posting just turns into fights with other users. It would be great if these posts were a forum for discussion, but let’s be honest when was the last time anybody saw “That’s a good point but I slightly disagree” etc. I know that’s a little contrived but honestly some of the comments I’ve seen written on this site are so mean. You can still hurt feelings online. I’m sure I will get my fair share of abuse for trying to live in a perfect world but honestly even when the news is as unexpected as this a little respect to each other and to the celebrity might not hurt.

As far as this birth announcement goes, it is perhaps the strangest story I have ever read on this site but good luck to them. If they’ve chosen to have this baby then I’m sure they will have thought about it long and hard. It would be interesting to know how far along she is.

*Prepares self for barrage of criticism*

Sara on

I won’t apologize. I know my comment was a little rude, but Tiffany’s comment was rude too! We don’t know the details surrounding Kimberly and Benicio’s relationship, so it is unfair to judge. Even if was just one night of passion, why would that offend an infertile woman? I am just sick and tired of hearing women complain all the time and always trying to involve others in their drama. What does Kimberly’s pregnancy have to do with Tiffany’s infertility? It sounds like Tiffany is jealous and bitter. Regarding the pro-life issue: I don’t know if Tiffany is pro-life or not, but her comment reminded me of infertile pro-life women who complain that they can’t have children yet other girls take their fertility for granted and “kill” their babies. Women are free to do whatever they want with their bodies whether it is get pregnant during a one night stand, or whether it is having abortions. People need to learn to mind their own business. Doesn’t anyone find it sick that a woman would bash another woman’s choice just because she is unhappy with her own life? By Tiffany’s logic, Kimberly shouldn’t be having children just because there are infertile women out there. That is selfish on Tiffany’s behalf! Mind your own business and let women do what they want with their bodies. Its nobody’s responsibility to please the infertile women of the world.

Romy on

‘hollywood’ can’t figure out what to do to prevent babies because a lot of Hollywood is high and drunk when these things happen. She probably doesn’t want to be on the pill thinking it might make her gain weight. or she is and just forgets because she’s not in a committed relationship where you’re thinking about birth control a lot.

Nickle on

The future of this child is as bright as as can be, because the world he will live in, there will be plenty kids born along with him to keep him or her from being the only child from parents who enjoyed a lifestyle of casual sexual and failed birth control. Not to mention divorced before birth, split before birth, etc. That’s the culture now!

soph on

The judgmental tone of your post is so strong I think I can smell it, Nickle.

Sara on

Just….yeah……um, wow is an understatement. They seem so different. I wouldn’t have ever seen this coming. This is why you don’t fuck around with someone you aren’t married to – it results in a child that you are obligated to. I actually feel bad for this baby, that he will be raised his whole life being shipped from dads house to grandpa’s beach house.

Terri on

A one night stand is a one night stand. It doesn’t have repeats. They could have been friends with benefits, but that’s defnitely something different. Anyhow, I’ll say it again. Congrats.

Jillian on

I am more in shock at the assumptions and how rude Sara’s comment was and then in her defense how she is very hypocritical.

Nothing in Hollywood surprises me.

Holiday on

Urgh he is gross to me!

LisaS on

Oh, wow. Not in million years would I have ever put these two together. Is it April 1st?

Whatever. Sounds like he’s stepping up to the plate anyway. So, um…congrats to the both of them.

Lee on

I hope the baby is healthy.

How far along is she?

alex on

No one uses condoms anymore?! Condoms people, they actually work! And i am not being judgmental. But, having children out of marriage, not alone not even being in a relationship is just backward. But you let the world tell it, it’s all good in the neighborhood. The world will fall on its own sword.

Stella Bella on

Well said, Jillian. Totally agree.

kai on

I used to be such a fan of him, this is incredibly disappointing.

molly on

Okay, the comments on here are pretty flippin funny! Agreed, super random and what? I actually always thought B-del-T was always kind of cute in a strung out-Latino-Brad Pitt look-a-like way!

But yes, hopefully this is a very loved child and they stay friendly towards each other. I know it is none of our business but it is on, I would love to know the back-story from this situation!

jenlong1981 on

wait? what?

Debra on

They are a striking pair, she is much prettier and those striking blue eyes, maybe she has grown up since hanging with the wild crowd and he is handsome and a good actor…who knows I am not surprised by anything I hear or see. Maybe it wasn’t a one night stand, they only know for sure.

Chloe on

When i first read this I read Kimberly’s name first…cep I read it as Kristen Stewart and was like “WHAT THE HELL???” the I re-read it and was like “WHAT THE HELL???”
I wish the best for them =D

Just me on

Wonder if either one of them remembered making a baby the next morning. This is just the most ODD pairing I’ve EVER seen … and just .. huh? WTF? and WOW! My capt’n crunch has left the tummy. I mean, really? really?

Betty Finn on

This is the same girl who randomly got engaged to a Laguna Beach reality star for about 5 minutes a few years back (until his 15 minutes of fame flickered out). I don’t know much about her, but what I do know makes me a little embarrassed for Benicio. As long as they plan to put their baby first and give him/her all their love and support, then… congratulations?

sara on

hollywood is so messed up. these people are spoiled. many of them aren’t even talented.. it’s all about who you know and such. who cares about the baby? kimberely apparently has no talent and is prob. just using the a publicity stunt. seriously…

Monica W. on

I wonder what the baby will look like?!?!

Julia on

Disgusting. How come we all are amazed when we see pictures of people who have gone from healthy to strung out, but, at the same time we applaud people like Benicio delToro and say he’s sexy? Yuck and double yuck. He looks like he’s a messy kisser who has a cloud of cigarette smoke surrounding him. Revolting.

Anonymous on

yay for them:)

Jenn on


Shalala on

LoL i didnt see this one coming.. I bet she didn’t Se him coming either LOL

lilahkel on

Wow! Never would have thought. He always looks like he is out of it. Hope they are both together enough to raise their child in a peaceful and safe atmosphere. I remember seeing Kimberly in a clip when she crashed a moped. Not a good look!

yummytater on

mmm, yummy. I hope for the child’s sake that it favors its mother. Best wishes for the child.

kayla on


Carmen on

God is he Ugly! I hope the baby looks like her.

M on

According to Stevie Nicks who just finished a tour with Rod Stewart, Kim is having a girl she’s named Sophia.

That’s what she just said on E! News anyhow. I bet Kim’s gonna be ticked off that someone spilled the beans like that.