Stacey Bendet Welcomes Daughter Scarlet Haven

04/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jason Kempin/Getty

Another daughter to design for!

Stacey Bendet welcomed her second child, Scarlet Haven Eisner, via c-section on Friday, April 8 in New York City, the alice + olivia designer announced on Twitter.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., 9 oz., Scarlet joins big sister Eloise Breckenridge, 2, Bendet’s elder daughter with husband Eric Eisner.

“I am definitely the only maternity ward woman in hot pink Louboutin flip flops and a custom neon and black lace alice + olivia kimono robe…” Bendet, 32, noted.

— Sarah Michaud

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shirabee on

wow congrats! and i love love love her name! eloise and scarlet sound great together!

Sydney on

Beautiful name.

mandii on

Fantasically wonderful name…I love it!! Congrats!

Luna on

Wow! Beautiful name1 She looks so young! Congratulations Eric, Stacey, and Eloise on baby Scarlet Haven!

Mallory on

BEAUTIFUL name! Congrats!

JM on

aw congrats to them. really don’t like the name at all. but that’s just me. i’m sure they don’t care.
anyway, i wish them health and happiness.

Kat on

I work near their offices and actually ran into her recently. She was all baby and soooo tiny! I’m surprised that the baby was that big! But congrats, she was super friendly and upbeat when I ran into her!

Mina on

I LOVE the name Haven! Always have. Scarlet reminds me too much of the fever lol. I like the name Eloise too. I bet that baby is beautiful like her momma.

Taylor on

Aww I was waiting for this one! Congrats Eric, Stacey, and Eloise! I love love love the name Scarlet, it’s one of my top 5 if I ever have a daughter!

Laura on

Cute names!

I don’t know much about her but her comment about her Louboutin flip flops and custom robe gives me a very snobby impression :/

Alexandra on

Scarlet is a great name! Congratulations!

Denia on

HAppy for the baby–but she is really conceited….about her attire…

Kate on

She was joking around people…She’s a fashion designer, what do you expect her to wear?

Erika on

I really like both of their daughters’ names and they go well with each other! Both are very unique, yet classy and not weird. Very pretty. Congratulations to all of them! It will be so much fun to have two girls, and for them to grow up as sisters.! I’m sure it is also fun for Stacey to dress them, especially since she is a designer!

Natty G on

Those are the names my husband and I picked when we found out we were having twins 4 years ago! We ended up with two beautiful boys but are still hoping there’s an Eloise and or a Scarlett in our future!

Congratulations to the happy family!

Jillian on

Great names. They go well together.

Mira on

Yes, great names that go together well. Funny, Luna, that she looks young to you. She actually looks much older than she is to me.

soph on

Scarlet and Eloise go well together? In what universe? (Not that I care if names “go together,” because they aren’t a pair of dolls.) One name sounds sweet and demure and the other one sounds like a 12 year old picked it out. Oh yeah, and a quick google search reveals a Scarlet Haven Home Health Care in Virginia. But whatever floats your boat…

Angela on

I agree, Mira. Maybe it’s just a bad shot, but she looks older than 32 here.

Jen DC on

Heh heh… I’ve always liked the name Scarlet, but I’m from the South so all I can think about is Scarlet O’Hara!

I gotta agree: I don’t think the names Eloise and Scarlet in particular “go together,” except that not everyone’s gonna have ’em!

SY on

I agree, I don’t think the names “go” together and it’s a big pet peeve of mine. There are sisters at my kids’ school and they are named Eloise and Charlotte, much better soundinig together in my opinion.

olivia on

i love the name haven!!!

JM on

i don’t understand this need for siblings names to go together. they’re not hamsters! surely you should just pick names because you like them….

Mira on

Why don’t they go together? (not that it’s important, actually, but I’m curious). To me both names sound classic, literature-inspired, but not over-used or super trendy names. Soph, Scarlet sounds like a name that a 12-year-old would pick to you? Hmmm, I think 12-year-olds would pick Jordyn or Madisyn or some made-up name like that or Miley or Justine, not Scarlet.

Becky on

Love the name Scarlett.. I have a great niece that is about 2 months old and her name is Scarlett..Have never heard that sibilings names need to go together..?

soph on

Mira, I think Scarlet/Scarlett IS very trendy and over-used now. Paired with Haven, it’s try-hard and even sounds a little trashy…but that’s just IMO.

KRS on

Soph, just wondering, but WHY are your posts always such a downer?? I’ve been wondering for awhile, after reading quite a few of them on different threads. We’re all entitled to our own opinion, but yours usually seem intended to nitpick or cause a fight, or just be plain NEGATIVE!

soph on

And you care why exactly, KRS? I’m not going to post according to your standards, so quit wasting your time.

brannon on

Was so excited for this baby name as I love Eloise Breckenridge … disappointed 😦 Not that they care 🙂 Congratulations on a healthy baby girl!

KRS on

OK, Soph, thanks for proving my point for me! Cheer up, why don’t you – you seem so agro all the time, and it’s just so sad.

soph on

Hey KRS, newsflash: I am allowed to be “negative” and the fact that you and so many like you get annoyed by it? Yeah, not my problem. You can fawn over every photo/story in this blog all you want–doesn’t mean I have to. And shockingly, this doesn’t make me a bad person. I know that must be difficult for you to grasp. Learn not to whine so much, why don’t you? It’s only the Internet.

Kate on

Soph, you’re a real ray of sunshine. No, don’t bother replying.

KRS on

OK Soph, you’re not a bad person. You might have a personality/mood disorder, though. Please, for the internet’s sake…chill out and have a good day!

meghan on

Why does everyone give soph and her foul attitude the power to derail a thread?

soph on

Aww, insult and run. How cowardly yet totally expected.

Audrey on

Eeew! Could her interview comment be more name-droppy? It never occurred to me while on the maternity ward to see what brand flip flops and robe others were wearing. Who is she, anyway? She sounds very insecure. Blech.

Mira on

Soph, maybe you’re right and Scarlet is getting a little trendy, but I don’t think it’s overused yet and it still sounds classic to me. I don’t like Haven either.

Btw, I’m with you on the “negative” comments. I actually think all the people who complain about negative comments are the uptight and irritable ones. Lighten up, people, and learn to respect diversity of opinions.

KRS on

Mira, I can’t speak for anybody else, but for me it’s not Soph’s(and certain other posters) opinions that are so objectionable- obviously everybody is entitled to their own. It’s the pessimistic, abrasive and just plan depressing way they’re stated. I guess I just can’t believe anybody could be so “glass-half-empty” all the time. Here’s hoping it doesn’t carry over into REAL life- Cheers!

soph on

Ah, more whining. Apparently, posters need to state things only a certain way or KRS isn’t satisfied. God, give it a rest…

KRS on

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed AGAIN, Soph? I can actually see you rolling your eyes when I read your last comment, and it made me laugh out loud! No, seriously, this is my last post on this extremely tired subject. I won’t give you a hard time anymore about your attitude, obviously it’s got nothing to do with me. Have a good one!

soph on

Please stop presuming you know anything about the people behind the comments, dear. THAT what’s tired. Maybe then you’ll find your peace, or something. Ta ta!