Spotted: Mario Lopez and Gia – Sweet Cheeks

04/08/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Noel Vasquez/Getty

Love is in the air!

Doting dad Mario Lopez plants a sweet pucker on 6-month-old daughter Gia Francesca while filmingΒ Extra! Thursday afternoon at The Grove in Los Angeles.

“My mornings are better because I get to see her,” Lopez, 37, says.

“I enjoy coming home. No matter how hard of a day I had, I get to see her little face and everything works out.”

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Mira on

Oh, jeez, this flower in her “hair” is ridiculous.

Sarah S. on

Awww, love this photo of daddy and daughter–Gia looks precious!! πŸ™‚

Angela Lake on

She is such a cutie pie!!

B.J. on

That big ugly fake flower is a distraction from that beautiful little baby! AC Slater has a kid.. Who’d have thought it! She’ll be a heartbreaker for sure.

Aliya on

Handsome Daddy + Beautiful Baby Girl = Precious Photo!

Shannon on

Precious photo!

Jennifer on

not a fan of those bows on babies at all. they just look ridiculous…
she’s cute. looks very petite for a 6 month old.

ForeverMoore on

Yeah, I just don’t get the HUGE hair bows…a smaller bow that is more proportional would look really cute. Not sure how these things get sold! On another note, she is super cute!

Selena on

That stupid flower on the kid’s head is so big. It makes her head look so small. She way to cute to be wearing that.

heather on

that baby is adorable, but she looks part white. not 100% mexican/italian. cute baby – but somethings up.

Kelli on

He picked out the huge flower to take away from those adorably chubby cheeks. He doesn’t want his girls to be viewed as fat you know.

Sat on


tracy on

the big flower/hair bow is probably because she is bald!

i heart cbb on

If I can remember Courtney’s always had those bows on Gia’s head since she’s been born. i think their cute, a little big but, cute.

Moore on

I’ve always thought those headbows looked best in new baby photoshoots.

elle on

Awwww, what a sweet picture! The baby is beautiful πŸ™‚


elle on

On second thought, WHO CARES ABOUT THE BOW, people?!

It’s amazing how people can be soooo annoyingly critical, especially of something a baby’s wearing. Sheesh!

Wish I could see a pic of each of your mugs to find something ridiculous to point out.

hannah on

does Gia have down syndrome? She looks as though she does. Regardless she is a cutie (ignoring the huge flower.. lol)

Mira on

Jeez, heather, Italians are not white? Wow.

Jace on

What a strange, odd looking child. Blech…

Hea on

I think bows are pretty lame and they belong on a present rather than a cute bald little head. It’s obvious that Mario is in love with his girl though. Sweet.

JMO on

I hate big headbands like this on babies too! I don’t mind the small one’s but they always leave indents in their little fragile heads. She’s a cutie though!

Shannon on

that baby is adorable, but she looks part white. not 100% mexican/italian. cute baby – but somethings up.

– heather on April 8th, 2011

LMAO!! πŸ™‚ Mexican and Italian are nationalities that don’t preclude you from being white. But this comment was hilarious! Hopefully Mario won’t see it!

Jessica on

@ Jace, what a rude thing to say! Babies are beautiful and precious no matter what they look like. When you have children not everyone will think your child is adorable and cute, but YOU do, and that’s what matters. Clearly, Mario Lopez believes his daughter is the most beautiful little person he’s ever met. I’m in the process of teaching my 2-year-old daughter (who’s also adorable) manners, you apparently need to learn some too!

alyssa on

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever read more hurtful comments about a baby! Just because she doesn’t “look” like the ethnicities she comes from doesn’t mean anything. I have a friend who has a Caucasian mother and his father his from Mexico and he doesn’t have any of his fathers’ coloring. And the whole thing about Down Syndrome? That’s very rude. Just because she has big, beautiful eyes and some different facial features doesn’t give you the right to say she has Down Syndrome.

elle on


I think some people (cross-eyed Jace, for example) are making rude comments simply because they don’t care for the father, Mario Lopez, as a celebrity. That’s my hunch. Why else would a heartless being make such hurtful comments against him and his beautiful baby. Shame on you Jace, even if these are your true feelings, or if you’re trying to stir emotion here πŸ˜‰

Becki on

I am going to be the odd-ball who sticks up for Hannah’s comment. I also wondered if she had Downs syndrome. I have wondered that since we first saw pictures right after her birth. I don’t think it’s a rude think to ask. She does have some features that might hint at her having it. It’s not a big deal if she does…we’re just curious. She’s still beautiful.

Janna on

Actually, alyssa, the US Constitution gives people the right to say anything they want. Doesn’t mean that they should, but it means that they can.

I think the baby has Downs Syndrome features too. So what? Cute kid.

Amber on

@ Shannon, Latinos come in various colors. My sister is Latina and is light skinned, blonde hair. Genes are funny that way. Cute baby!

Ellie on

Everyone wondering aloud wether she has down syndrome should read this week’s statement by Nicole Richie on her alleged third pregnancy – “To publicly point out a change in anyone’s body is mean-spirited and cruel.”
In Gia Francesca’s case it would be pointing out differently looking features (different from what I may ask?).
It is rude and very hurtful – imagine someone wondering this about YOUR own child!!
She looks very cute and I can understand Mario’s urge to kiss these chubby cheeks…

elle on

“So what?” you ask Janna? If you met Mario in person would you be so inclined to ask him, or any parent for that matter, if there child has Down’s because of “certain facial features”? I think not. That’s what.

Mia on

Although technically Hispanics can have light skin/light hair + eyes, or brown/with brown eyes, or very dark–because it’s a mix of European (Spanish), African, and Native American features…Mexican would be considered Hispanic (or Latino), where has Italians are white, like Caucasian (anything that is European, Northern African, or Middle Eastern)–and can also come in a variety, either blonde/blue eyes, or very dark (depending on the region).

so yes-on the aspect of Caucasian-Italians are white (even though vary few Caucasians even come from the Caucuses).

That’s why on census forms it usually says White-Non-Hispanic or White-Hispanic…etc. The skin color can be very light (i.e white) but they are not actually Caucasian.

Bancie1031 on

Gia is precious πŸ™‚ I love how hands on and loving Mario is!

meghan on

Janna, try reading the constitution sometime. It doesn’t say we can say whatever we want, it protects you from goverment coming down on you for voicing an opinion. It doesn’t protect your right to say nasty things anywhere you please. Also if someone asked you if your kid looked like they have Down Syndrome, you would likely throw a fit. It doesn’t make you a bad person to admit that.

MG on

I think Gia is adorable, she does look exactly like Mario tho. So many assumptions get thrown around when pics of this baby are released. Genetics are awesomely funny & amazing. My grandma is full mexican & really light complected. Both of her parents are straight up from Mexico too. My 2 sisters & I are all half Mexican, half white & none of us have the same skin tone. My older sister is whiter than my caucasion mother, I’m in the middle & my younger sister is dark. As for the down syndrome comments. I actually think she has less DS features than when she was born. Either way, she’s a beautiful baby & it’s obvious her daddy loves her very much.

Romina on

Wow… Italians are not white? πŸ™‚ I think you’re a bit confused!
This is a normal little girl, I don’t think has down syndrome, maybe it’s just very tiny

jlove on

She looks 1000% beautiful and PERFECT! Some of you people are just sick.. That is one of the cutest, chubbiest little dolls I have ever seen.

Sarai on

I don’t understand why people find it so offensive when other individuals question whether a baby has down syndrome or not. My 2 yr old niece and 6 yr old nephew both have down syndrome, and I love them to death! However, I am not blind to other children with down syndrome. Gia Lopez and Vivienne Jolie Pitt are two celebrity children who look like they have down syndrome. They have distinct features typical of down syndrome and it is not my fault that I have eyes to spot them out. That being said, my nephew and niece are very loving and bright children given their condition. They bring a lot of joy to my life and I can’t imagine life without them. They may not have the mental capacity to become rocket scientists, but they will always have a lot of love to give.

Hea on

So she has big almond shaped eyes. I do too. I don’t see any epicanthic folds. I don’t see a significally small chin, flat nose, large tongue or any other specific feature that can mean Down Syndrome so what are you talking about? She has a chubby little face and big eyes that are clearly looking at someone or something and that signals a chromosomal condition to some of you?

Kelsie on

I personally think that she is an adorable baby! People are so rude. And I love the headband.

adri on

Heather, you are an idiot. Educate yourself before you make ignorant comments about race.

Indira on

I love big ridiculous bows on little girls. Not really the one she’s wearing which looks like a flower but, I think the ones Ali Landry puts in her daughter’s hair are too cute.

hannah on

I did not mean my question on DS to be an attack at all or be taken in the wrong way. I’m genuinely curious. I worked with DS children pre-kids and have found they are the most loving, genuinely sweet human beings I’ve met. I did say Regardless of whether she has it or not, she is a cutie.

nettrice on

No. This baby does not have Down’s Syndrome and it’s a FLOWER, not a bow on her head. It’s a good idea to raise children to appreciate and celebrate diversity and help them to understand that if you can’t say anything good about someone then keep it to yourself! No one but you (hateful) commenters wants to read or hear all the negativity.

Nella on

I think Gia is simply adorable!!! Look at those cheeks and cute eyes! I think she looks like a Gerber baby. I’ve seen plenty of babies that have a similar look to her and they don’t have down syndrome. I don’t think Gia has down syndrome. If she does happen to have it, it really doesn’t matter. I just don’t understand people that can say mean things about babies such as what Jace said! To me all babies are precious in their own way.

jessicad on

I can definitely see why celebs try to shield their kids from pictures, these comments are awful. I wouldn’t want my child to be posted on here.

Kate on

Are some people just blind? First, that headband is the stretch one, it doesn’t leave any marks, and you can clearly see it. Second, you can also see she has plenty of hair and far from bold like some people said. Third, she absolutely doesn’t looks like having DS. Oh, and fourh, that flower is adorable on her:) I love those hats with big flowers, my daughter has one, and it looks very cute on her.

Bella Mama on

what a sweet picture.. i love it..

tam on

Italians are white BTW. they’re from Europe

Hea on

tam – I don’t know if this is news to you but not all Europeans are white.

JM on

lol tam, do you really think all europeans are white? i mean ACTUALLY think that? wow.

me2 on

Another day, another staged photo op.

Capri on

Who cares about a stinkin flower…it’s THEIR child…not yours…geeze people!!!

Beautiful picute =)

ina on

In defense of the down syndrome comments, my friends daughter has down syndrome and she and mario’s daughter could be twins it’s scary. Not only the shape and spacing of the eyes but her hand is normal size but with very short fingers which is a characteristic of a child with down syndrome….I am not saying she has it, but I do see how someone could think she has it.