Drea de Matteo, Shooter Jennings Welcome Son Waylon Albert

04/08/2011 at 01:05 PM ET
John Shearer/WireImage

It’s a boy for Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings.

Waylon Albert ‘Blackjack’ Jennings has arrived,” Jennings, 31, Tweeted, announcing the birth of his son Thursday morning, April 7. “Thanks for all the kind words folks! We’re super lucky to have so many kind friends!”

Baby Blackjack joins big sister Alabama Gypsyrose, 3, and carries on his father and country crooner grandfatherΒ Waylon Jennings‘ first name.

Jennings and Sopranos alum de Matteo, 39, have been together nine years and wereΒ engaged on stage in New York in June 2009.

— Sarah Michaud

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Katy on

No WAY?!!!!!

Congrats to them like but goodness gracious me what a name!

J on

Aw congrats!

JMO on

That seemed like a quick pregnancy!!

I kinda like Waylon goes good with Alabama.

Brooklyn on

I’m glad that Blackjack is just a nickname and not his real name. (At least it appears that way.) I’m not really a fan of the nickname or the real name, though.

Anyways, Congrats to them.

JMO on

I however don’t like the nickname “blackjack” lol

Shannon on

Waylon! Yes!

tracy on

not a fan of the name. Is it possible he is named after thee Waylon Jennings? (I think there is a singer with that name) BUT… I think it’s adorable how they keep the same genre for their kids. Blackjack Jennings is a very strong name!

aurora mia on

what else would be expect from them. At least it’s nickname.

Tracie on

Tracy, Waylon Jennings is Shooter’s father, and so baby Waylon’s Grandaddy! Am loving the name.

Michelle on

Tracy….Waylon was Shooters dad and Waylon is Shooters real first name. πŸ™‚

I LOVE the name and cant wait to see him. I love them as a family and they are great. Lucky Alabama. πŸ™‚ Little brother will be fun for her.

jessicad on

Waylon was Shooter’s father right? I like the name either way! I forgot she was pregnant, haven’t heard about her in awhile, congrats to them!

Alexis on

Tracy – He is named after his grandfather, Waylon Jennings, and his father, Waylon “Shooter” Jennings. Congrats to the family on their new arrival. πŸ™‚

Jilliane on

LOVE the name Waylon!

Molly on

Normally I’m not a fan of carrying on names, but for them I love that they used Waylon. At first, I questioned the nickname Blackjack, but considering the baby’s father goes by Shooter, I guess it fits.

Norwegian Girl on

Congrats! Love his name! I kinda love the nickname!

TC on

As a HUGE country fan I just had to smile at his name.

Congrats and I can’t wait to see pics of the cutie.

Michelle on

I can appreciate them wanting to give him an unusual nickname, but i applaud them for giving him a normal, respectable first name. He could wind up as an accountant out of the public eye for all we know.

soph on

Seriously, Tracy, read the article.

ForeverMoore on

My friend just had a baby 5 days ago and his name is….Waylon πŸ˜€

sara on

I really like the name Waylon.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the name, and I think it’s sweet that Blackjack was named after his father and grandfather.

Curious about how he got his nickname, though!

Alice on

I like the name and nickname. It’s nice that he has the choice to go by Waylon if he ever wants to.

Alison on

Albert is/was Drea’s dad’s name, so they’re honoring both grandfathers. Very sweet.

dsfg on

There’s nothing wrong with an accountant named Blackjack! But I like the fact they gave him a normal first name so that if he does grow up to prefer his real name to his nickname, he has either Waylon or Albert to fall back on.

B.J. on

I love when names honor family members! But Blackjack is an awful nickname… It could digress to Blacky very easily!

laurelcanyonprincess on

love it! love the name! congrats!!! so cute!

Annie on

Congrats! I was wondering when their baby would come! If felt like forever to me (and someone said it felt quick to them – so funny). πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

Love the name Waylon! My BFF had that on the short list for her son’s name.

Congrats to them!

ELO on

Congratulations! I think Waylon Albert is a great name choice.

Lexi on

aw congrats i was hoping she was going to have a girl i wanted to see what the name would of been but im sure this little boy is very cute and Waylon is such a cool name Alabama and Waylon cute names for cute kids

Dedria on

waylon albert also follows his dad,his real name is waylon albright and his fathers name was waylon arnold all initials are w.a.j.

Rex on

I like Waylon, especially considering its history with the family, but “Blackjack”, even for a nickname, is ridiculous.

Mira on

If you want your child to have a unique name, this is how you do it! You give him/her a normal name they can use if they grow up into a more conventional personality and then you give them a crazy nickname that reflects your own crazy personality. Love it, love it, love it!

Blackjack is so badass, it’s perfectly suitable as a nickname for a dad who goes by Shooter!

Taylor on

I am a huge fan of Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings! I also don’t like carrying on family names, but I love the name Waylon so I don’t mind it as much. Congratulations Shooter, Drea, and Alabama on baby Blackjack, I’m sure he’s adorable! (:

Grace on

THis brings a smile to my face because I love “old school” country music. And I also love to play blackjack πŸ˜‰ Congrats to the happy couple.

Holly on

Adorable name.

Sus on

Do you think he got the nickname “Shooter” at birth? Like “Blackjack”?
Does Alabama go by “Gypsyrose” or is that her nickname?

Just curious.. πŸ™‚

Macy on

I like Waylon, but their nicknames Shooter and Blackjack are beyond stupid

Erynn on

@Sus: I’m pretty sure Gypsyrose is Alabama’s middle name, and most likely not used in daily practice. I would assume she goes by Alabama. But, baby Waylon Albert is the third Waylon in the family. His grandfather I am guessing actually uses the name, while his father goes by the moniker “Shooter”. Clearly, they have dubbed their son “Blackjack”, but his full (legal) given name is Waylon Albert Jennings while older sis is Alabama Gypsyrose Jennings.

Allison J on

Congrats on the birth of their new baby boy! Love his “real” name, but the nickname “Blackjack” just doesn’t do it for me. Oh, well. To each, his own.

Corrie on

Mira, I totally agree with you!

Totally called it that if it was a boy, they’d go with Waylon. No surprises here! πŸ˜€

I also love the nickname Blackjack – with a dad who goes by Shooter and a grandpa who was one of the original Outlaws, it works perfectly.

Brooke on

I am with Mira…..I love the name, and love even more that they are going to give him the nickname of BlackJack.

Well done, Shooter & Drea!!!

Sophia on

I thought it would be a boy called Waylon! Congratulations to Drea, Shooter and Alabama, and welcome to the world baby Blackjack!

Mimz on

I read somewhere that they call Alabama Bama for short. Bama & Blackjack is cute! Love Shooter & Drea!

ladonna on

B.J., what is wrong with the nickname Blacky (Blackie) if he should choose to go by that? I don’t see how that would be digressing if he chose to go by Blacky. Granted I wouldn’t personally use any of those nicknames, but it is their choice. I think choosing Waylon as a name is a great way to honor Shooter’s father who passed away 9 years ago.

Paige on

Congratulations to Drea, Shooter, and big sis, Alabama on the arrival of Waylon. So sweet he’s named after his granddaddy.

Rosalie on

Congrats ro them, i knew it was a boy πŸ˜‰

Hea on

That’s wonderful news! I bet he’s cute as a button and I really like his name. I think the nickname is quite charming. πŸ™‚

Selene on

SO happy to hear this. I love Shooter and Drea and of course Grandpa Waylon and Grandma Jessie.

Shooter got his name when he was a baby and was one for peeing on his dad.

Kewky on

@ Mira exactly!! congrats to alabama, drea and shooter

B.J. on

ladonna – I had a cat called Blacky and knew a dog named Blacky as well, so… It’s tough for me to imagine a child being called that, hence the digression (IMO). They could always call him B.J. as a nickname to the nickname Blackjack! πŸ˜‰ hehe. But I’m sure people would think that was bad too (and yes, I’m well aware of what it could stand for!)

Lyoness on

I knew his name was going to be Waylon. Waylon III aka Blackjack. Cute little nickname. Congrats to the family!

Bancie1031 on

Isn’t there a famous singer named Waylon Jennings?
Anyways Congratulations!

Mia on

Maybe they’ll call him Jack for short-it works! They’ve been together 9 years, and are engaged…when’s the wedding?

Congrats to them!

celeste on

@ Bancie1031 – The famous country singer Waylon Jennings is Shooter’s father and baby Waylon’s grandfather! Shooter’s real first name is Waylon, as well.

Evie on

I just love how when one person asks a question, like Tracy did, or the usual “I wonder how you pronounce that name”?…the next 15 posts are answering the EXACT same thing. Seriously, people…do you really feel the need to after the six previous comments are addressing the question? Um, I think they got it the first three times. Are we stupid or feel the need to chime in with your knowing the answer, too?

Shelley on

@Bancie1031 yeah it’s Shooters dad and Blackjacks grandpa πŸ™‚
love the name waylon ❀ and blackjack is a really cool nickname, i think πŸ™‚
congrats to Drea and Shooter!
can't wait to see a pic of lil' blackjack, bama and their parents ❀

amy on

If you aren’t a country music fan you wouldn’t really get that this is not an “off” choice for a name at all- what a perfect tribute to grandpa Waylon and Shooter’s country roots!

Stella Bella on

Love all the names!

Abby on

@ Evie – aren’t those that ask questions just as guilty of not reading every single comment before posting their own comment? I mean, in both cases where someone here did not know that Waylon Jennings is Shooter’s father, the proof was already IN the comments before the questions were asked.

So let’s all calm down and have a cupcake πŸ™‚

ladonna on

B.J., I hadn’t thought of that, so I can see what you were talking about now!

MiB on

@Evie, that’s because the comments are moderated, so they don’t show up directly, therefore people don’t always know that a question has been answered since they may only see the question, but not the 14 other answers awaiting moderation.

miameows on

@MiB the comments are NOT moderated – I tried a couple of weeks ago and just wrote a bunch of swears and it posted.

Congrats to the adorable couple!!

Jillian on

MIra, GREAT post!
Mia, Is there a time limit that you are suppose to be married by? Not everyone feels the need or wants to be married. It is not a necessity.
Evie, breathe…..breathe….. This site doesn’t push through all comments the second they are submitted. So that would explain the multiple comments about the same topic. No need to insult people.

Marie on

I love it!!! Best news ever!! A new little Waylon πŸ™‚ Great!! πŸ™‚

common sense on

What is the point of being engaged for 2 years or more I can see a year or two especially if your in school or something but especially having been together for like 7 years before getting engaged you really need to take 3 more once engaged?

tortalinni on

what happens when he turns “21”??

Jana on

Horrible name but I’m sure it’s a cute baby.

Mags on

The given name is expected…and will carry on the “Waylon” tradition. And Albert is a nice, normal name. But Alabama’s middle name is Gypsyrose and this baby boy is going by Blackjack. How white trash, but so appropriate for these two.

MiB on

@miameows, there is at least a delay between writing a comment and publishing, at least if you write outside of “office hours”. Trust me, I live in a totally different time zone, and my comments never get published before a certain time in the afternoon if I write them in the morning. Coments I write in the afternoon get published quite promptly. So, comments may not be moderated anymore, but there is definitely a delay between writing and publishing, at least during certain times of the day.

Evie on

Sorry, Abby, an entire plate of cupcakes wouldn’t make the redundancy any less annoying. You do not even need to fully read the comments, even just skimming through would easily remove half the question and answer posts on here. It just really seems that posts on here are either snarky, nasty comments or moronic asked and answered questions. As a woman, I think I’d prefer to be represented a little better, rather than bitchy or stupid!

Maggie on

Shooter’s dad gave him his nickname because he peed on the nurse right after he was born. Wonder if Blackjack did something to earn that nickname? πŸ˜‰

Becky on

Loved Waylon Jennings..Don’t really know that much about Shooter, but congrats to him and Drea, I love the name..

@Maggie, I read Waylon’s bio and I was just aout to post the same thing about how Shooter got his name..

linda on

Congratulations! Love the name Waylon-grandpa is smiling from heaven!

jaQ on

yay!!! i love her! and on my daughter’s 5th birthday, too! congrats to them during this dpeacial, wonderful time, hehe