Orlando Bloom: I Love Being a Father

04/07/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are feeling the joys of parenthood.

Since the January birth of the couple’s baby boy Flynn, Bloom, 34, says he feels like a different person.

“I love it,” he recently told Hollyscoop. “I hate that word, but I love being a father.”

Acknowledging that fatherhood has “changed everything in so many ways,” Bloom also praises Kerr, 27, for being “an amazing mother.”

“I feel so blessed and so lucky to just have a beautiful and healthy child,” Kerr also recently told the site. “It’s just incredible.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Ellie on

Oh well, I guess we are all amazing mothers and parenthood has changed everything too for us – so: why are these statements worth to be reported?

I don’t know, sometimes I get the impression that they think they are the only ones experiencing parenthood.

And who is not thankful for a healthy child?

Holly on

Whoa Ellie, negative much?

It’s amazing how bitter people can be an can find a problem with every little thing in life. What a miserable way to live.

Try smiling and being happy. It’s not all that bad.

SadieA on

Ellie, he’s just now joined the club, let him enjoy it!

JM on

erm Ellie, look up to the top of the page. it’s a celebrity baby blog, he’s a celebrity, talking about his baby. that might give you some clue as to why it is being reported….

Chloe on

It’s nice to hear a Dad talk like that, too.

Sydney on

Ellie – He’s just had a baby. Journalists will obviously ask questions about it. Would you rather he said he felt ambivalent about his child?

sarah on

ellie…there are plenty out there who aren’t even thankful at all for their children…get with the real world. and why make a negative comment? let him have his happiness without your pessimism…

Anonymous on

I just want to know why he hates the word love – got to be a story there

Elizabeth on

the report these things because this is people.com not the cnn.com

Lexi on

I’m just sad that I’m not the mother ;p

canada on

Ellie, Can I ask you something? What in the world do you expect him to say? That he thinks fatherhood is horrible, and that he wished it never happened to him? No, certainly not. He was asked a question, and he answered it from the heart… if anything, I think that when ‘celebrities’ have children and gloat and gush about parenthood, it’s a great reminder that they too, are human and they are just as proud of their bundle of joy(s) as enyone else in the world might be.

Chantal on

Totally understand what you mean, but then again, you are on a celeb baby blog…
Why visit this site if this is the type of material you don’t want to read?

nimeataur on

he seems like everyy new father i’ve ever met so ellie go stir you cauldron somewhere else

SadieA on

Anonymous, I thought that was a little odd, or at least an odd thing to say so nonchalantly lol, I guess we all have our quirks

jeepers on

Enough with jumping on Ellie. Geez, I completely understood what she is saying. She didn’t say that she begrudged him for liking his child. I also feel that celebrities are very self-important and give the impression that their experiences are somehow more unique and worth telling than others. Neither of their comments were unique or inspired, so it is a rather boring non-news story and doesn’t even have a new picture. However, the most annoying is when celebriities gush about how thier child is so precocious, how parenthood is so easy, how they can do it all without help, and blah blah blah. Not that is not endearing at all.

claire on

@anonymous: he might have just very simply meant that he hates the overuse of the word ‘love’. you know, people being all “I love this” and “I love that” and “omg I looooove this” and things like that. it diminishes the importance of the word, so he probably hates being cliche and using it.

kurdy on

The part that is newsworthy here is the part that a DAD loves being a father, acknowledges the baby’s mother in a positive light, and actually shows gratitude for the simple fact that the baby is healthy.

YES, today this is news….millions of men put kids in the world and don’t have a clue about what a precious gift the child is, much less show appreciation for the mother OR the child!!

Auriella on

Lexi- dont we all!lol
Baby Flynn is going to be a heart breaker!
Such a beautiful family 🙂

maya on

@Ellie If it bothers you so much then why bother to read – and comment – about it? I’m sure you say a lot of things that people don’t care about either, but they’re important to you. Let him be happy – it’s refreshing to hear from a male star who enjoys his family.

Cecelia on

Just when you think there’s an article that people can’t bitch about, you find posters who have to challenge that.

A reporter asked the man about fatherhood. He answered. End of story.

Emma on

@Anonymous on April 7th, 2011

“I just want to know why he hates the word love – got to be a story there”

If you check out the interview video he uses the word “awesome” just before he says he loves being a dad. Lots of people throw the word awesome around it doesn’t mean much. I think he means it’s an overused word, but here he really means it. Too bad the article left words out.

He was being interviewed about his upcoming movie. Then the interviewer just tossed in the baby question.

erica on

OOh, I love him and his wife is simply gorgeous. Cute family

Jezebelle on

@Ellie: I am totally with you – so not worth the article!!! There’s parents who face way more then they do, and those parents don’t make a big deal out of it.

Ashley on

Well said, kurdy. I would give anything in the world for my child’s father to acknowledge her existence. He left before she was born. She just turned five. He’s never seen her, never calls and asks about her. Nothing. To see a “self-important celebrity” be grateful to be a daddy is a reminder that not everyone is bad. There are good people in this world that do cherish the precious life of a child. The comment about them gushing about their children made me laugh. What proud parent doesn’t gush about their child and say that they are the most beautiful amazing child in the world? It’s human nature, duh! Celebrity or not, you’re always partial to your own kids and think that they outshine every other child in the world, whether anyone else agrees or not.

kc on

Really Ellie, do you not remember how amazing it was when you became a mother, everyone feels that way especially with your first. Geez lighten up.

cat on

he hates the word love?

Aly on

I suppose the Ellies and the Jeepers and the Jezebelles would prefer more stories about Charlie Sheen “winning” by neglecting his kids and sleeping with prostitutes. Not one of you gave an answer for what else you’d expect him to say about parenthood. I guess he could turn them away, but then you;’d call him a snob or say he shouldn’t be in show business if he doesn’t want to be interviewed.

ALL parents should make a big deal about their kids. Perhaps we wouldn’t have so many bitter, angry and screwed up people in the world if they did.

ecl on

Well said, Aly.

Jillian on

Cecelia, Exactly what I was thinking!!!!!

Kina on

I am not a celebrity but, I had my first baby in January too, and I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!!! My husband is an amazing father, and I think I am an amazing mom too. He did changed our lives for better, and I do want to make a big deal right here, right now, because I am a proud parent of healthy, funny, adorable, cute, lovely, precious and handsome baby Maks!!!

Jill on

He doesn’t hate the word love, he hates the word father. English major ftw.

Ellie on

Thanks jeepers, you got my point!
Aly, rubbish. I just do not like the “amazing” mom part and his exaggerating tone. What is an amazing mom? I care for my kids, I nursed them until they were 1 year old, wipe their bottoms, feed them well-balanced nutricious meals, am there for them 24/7 etc. BUT isn’t that what most moms do???
But you might be right, I should probably be harsh with the journalist who was satisfied with the gushing and who did not ask what it is that strikes Orlando as “amazing”!
That would be interesting – maybe we could learn sth from Miranda…

Tam on

I agree with Ellie. Seriously who cares about celebrities and being parents. They are normal people who should be left alone or if they seek the attention not to complain when they get it when they dont want it. They can not have it both ways.

Indi on

I love how he loves being a father!! But really is there any other photo of him holding his baby, because i am getting sick of seeing the same photo over and over again!!!

lily on

To Ellie, Jeepers and Jezebelle: It’s not the celebrities that make a big deal, it’s the media! Orlando just anwsered a question, they made the article. End of story.

CC on

I think he is just expresing the feelings that everyone has with the first child. This is their first child, so everything is amazing and unique. I experience the same and not only with my first child. Every parent should LOVE their children and pay attention to them. I congratulate them for being there and loving their new role as parents wich is difficult even if you are an actor.
I also celebrate that he is answering questions about his child in a natural way. He is one of the most normal behave actors.

areti on

one man after another become father!!!!even orlando has a child!!!!

Mimi on

Oy Vey. He doesn’t hate the word love. Listen to the interview. It’s the word awesome. Ahhh I’ve always had a thing for Legolas…

Mojo on

Oh get off Ellie’s ass…. you’re taking what she said COMPLETELY out of context. Maybe she thought he could have broaden his horizons a bit and used different words to describe how wonderful, exciting and mezmerizing it is to be a new Dad. Congrats to the new parents and CHILL PEOPLE!

Erin on

He didn’t say he hated the word “love”, he said he hates the word “parenthood”.

kate on

I’m astonished how someone can turn such a sweet, honest post into something negative. Why come in here and post, then??

Amelie on

This is an entertainment website and he’s a celebrity.

Of course entertainment news media is going to ask him about his new baby. I don’t get the impression that he thinks his baby is more important or that he’s the only one who has ever experienced it. They asked, he answered.

It’s great that he’s enjoying fatherhood. That was also a lovely thing to say about the mother of his child.

Luci on

Maybe it’s me or just how one looks at things. I LOVE this quote. I don’t know either of them but I love the pure unadulterated JOY they seem to be feeling about being parents. It’s great that they are in a space where the experience of being parents is pure joy ;-). I also love the fact that he acknowledges his wife.

Eline on

I completely agree with Ellie!

SadieA on

Okay, so he either hates the word parenthood, father, or awesome. I’m not sure which, but after re-reading it I do agree that he’s probably not talking about the word love.

daria on

what a loving statement, and a super-adorable picture. i am amazed that there are always negative comments for what can only be interpreted as sweet stories.

jessicad on

I don’t understand why you guys would come to a celebrity baby site then complain about a guy expressing his love for being a father….that seems kind of ridiculous.

Ashley I’m in a similar situation, my daughter will be 4 this year. I’m just glad Orlando loves his son so much and I love seeing Dads rave about their kids, because some couldn’t care less.

Lisa on

This is a bad story then because I also thought he was saying that he hated the word love. Sorry I didn’t watch the interview, nor do I care to. The STORY read that he hated the word LOVE.

mmh on

The definition of “news” does not apply to celeb blogs!!!!

Tara on

@Ellie: This is a celebrity gossip blog from a celebrity gossip magazine. If a celebrity chews gum it is newsworthy for a gossip magazine. If you don’t care why are you reading people.com?

Magnus on

It consistantly amazes me that people come here and gawk at the photos, pour over the stories and then snipe about it not being newsworthy. GO DO SOMETHING ELSE and leave us alone 🙂

Ellie on

@ Tara – you so did NOT get my point, well, well…

Mags on

Apparently there is a LOT of confusion about which “word” he hates! LOL! I’ve read he hates the word “love,” “father, ” awesome” and “parenthood.” Now which is it, because I’m confused? I will say that the first pic they released of Miranda nursing Flynn was spectacular and absolutely precious. I don’t know if that makes her an amazing Mom, but the pic was sweet. Congrats on a new life!

ummm on

“Thanks jeepers, you got my point!
Aly, rubbish. I just do not like the “amazing” mom part and his exaggerating tone. What is an amazing mom? I care for my kids, I nursed them until they were 1 year old, wipe their bottoms, feed them well-balanced nutricious meals, am there for them 24/7 etc. BUT isn’t that what most moms do???
But you might be right, I should probably be harsh with the journalist who was satisfied with the gushing and who did not ask what it is that strikes Orlando as “amazing”!
That would be interesting – maybe we could learn sth from Miranda…”

WTH??? So he can’t be proud of his wife? She is a mom and is doing exactly what moms do. He is a husband and saying exactly what husbands should say. He didn’t say that she is better than any other mom, he is saying that she is a good mom and that he is proud of her. Is that all of a sudden offensive? If you don’t like it, then ignore it and go read something else. It’s not like the website forced you to look at the interview. Or that someone made you read what he said.

Wow, so now it isn’t only a faux pas to be a dad who left their kid and baby momma but it’s also a BIGGER faux pas to be proud of your wife and to gush about your new baby. Oh and of course you should never answer any questions people ask. ESPECIALLY if they are about your kid. Goodness Mr. Bloom, get with the program! People these days.

Trish on

You ladies need to get a job or go do something else for heaven sakes! Get over the negative comments and add your own thoughts about the story PERIOD! Scanning through all of the comments made me laugh to the fact you ladies have nothing better to do, get a life. As far as the story, good for him and his lady, but people have children every day it’s not a miracle. AND who cares about what the “STARS” are doing….the fools who pay to go see them and make them rich and then sit around wishing they had more money. HA, what a joke! I’m not paying to make them rich(er), not thanks, I’ll keep my money and keep myself rich. Plus most of them are only in Hollywood making money because a relative made it easy for them. There’s a lot of people out there who are more talented then some of these so called “STARS”. The ones who’ve worked hard and truely have great talent, then yes, I’ll pay to watch their movie(s), but most of them, what a joke. The good ole days of true hard working stars, true talent and REAL BEAUTY are gone. Now we’ve got these disgusting lipo sucked, collagen stuffed, plastic surgeoned people who are not REAL what-so-ever! No thanks, I’ll take no TV and movies over that. Now go do something worth wild and productive for society!