Tina Fey Expecting Second Child

04/06/2011 at 09:30 PM ET
Jemal Countess/Getty

Tina Fey has some big news to talk about!

During a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday, the 30 Rock star, 40, revealed that she’s expecting her second child.

The mom-to-be is five months along, a rep for the actress confirms to PEOPLE. Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, also have a 5Β½-year-old daughter, Alice.

Fey shared the news during an appearance to promote her new book, Bossypants, and an upcoming Saturday Night Live reunion. Oprah’s chat with Fey is scheduled to air April 12.

-– Julie Jordan

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Ana on

Another funny baby on the way!

Alison on

WOW!!! I really did not think she would have another child. Congrats!! 30 Rock baby boom right now with Elizabeth Banks’ new son Felix and Jane Krakowski having her baby later this month!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her!

I think my favorite movie with her is “Date Night”.

Grace on

Yay! I love this woman, who is undoubtedly one of the funniest, most talented, brilliant people in the entertainment industry. Congrats to her and her family.

Allison on

This is fantastic news! I absolutly love her and wish her nothing but the best :).

October on

Wow, was not expecting this one! She’s said in a few interviews that they weren’t having more kids. Congrats to them, I really like Tina!

Elle on

Shocked! It must be something in the water, lol

Taylor on

I love her so much, she’s hilarious! I didn’t see this coming, congratulations Tina, Jeff, and Alice!

Laura on

Seriously said “awww” when I saw this. Congratulations to her and her family!

Sat on


Allegra on

Seriously how many celebrity babies will be born before the end of 2011? Just the ones CBB has announced anyways. Anyone keeping count!? This is gonna be a wild end of the year.

Em on

Awww finally more baby news. Congrats!

Meghan on

Oh my goodness my jaw dropped when I saw this!!!!! I am so excited, this is probably my favorite baby announcement. Absolutely LOVE her! And I’m so glad they announced it a little further along in the pregnancy so less time to wait!

Indira on

My friend worked with her daughter and met Tina Fey. She said that the daughter was well behaved/adorable and that Tina was very nice/shy woman. It’s cool to here about nice celebs! Congrats to them!

B.J. on

How exciting!! Tina Fey is amazingly talented. Also, Alice is a great name!

ForeverMoore on

Haha Laura, I did the same thing. I had such a huge smile on my face! She seems like she would be SUCH a cool mom.

Brooke on

I really though Tina was always going to be one and done. This one surprised me….

anonymous on

Very rarely am I this excited by an announcement. I’m seeing her on her book tour in a few weeks, can’t wait!

amw on

woohoo! happy for them. after the new yorker article she wrote about being a working mom i was wondering how things would pan out. so happy she is gonna have another.

Stella Bella on

Congratulations! So surprised by this one as I didn’t think she’d have a second.

Sarah M. on

Allegra – There are a ton! According to another site that gets their info from CBB and several other places there are: March – 5, April – 22 (1 set of twins), May – 27, June – 18, July – 21, August – 15 (2 sets of twins), September – 13 and October – 2. This doesn’t include Tina Fey or Mariska Hargitay, though. So that’s 125 with those 2 added!! That site does celebrities from countries other than the US and sports stars much more often, too. That’s more than I thought there were, wow!!!

Mia on

OMG!-so excited for her!!!!–Congrats to her + her family.

Nella on

Yay! Congrats! Weird thing is I was watching one of her movies today and I thought maybe she’ll anounce another pregnancy since so many celebs are pregnant now and now she announced it! Hahah how weird! I love Tina Fey, she’s hilarious and her daughter is adorable!

Maddie on

Wow, i thought Tina wouldn’t have any more kids, but this is great news – so happy for her and her husband! And Alice gets to be a big sister πŸ™‚ These baby announcements just keep on comin’ do they?

Jessica on

I have always liked her a lot. Congrats!!

Alexandra on

Yay, Tina!!!!! Congrats! Maybe we’ll have the same due date. I’m so excited for her πŸ˜€ Love this woman!

loveddbst on

Shocking! I thought she was a 1 and done type of woman. Congrat to her and family.

gina on

Her other child is 5 — that’s a large gap between the 2 kids. I wonder why she left it so long (unless it was unintentional, of course).

megan on

Gina–every family is different. We are also waiting 5 years between kids. I like to ENJOY my babies:) My sisters and I are all 5 years apart as well…worked out wonderful for my mom cause one of us would be in kindergarten before a new baby came into the family. PERFECT! And I don’t buy the whole…they won’t be close thing either….my sisters and I are all very close…and one is 10 years older than me:)

Sarah S. on

Wow, this came out of left field! I am really happy for her and her family–congrats! πŸ™‚

Cassie on

Aww yay!!! I love Tina Fey! Congrats to her and her family!!

JMO on

oh wow I actually didn’t expect her to have another after all this time! But congrats!!

J.J. on

Surprise surprise!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FAMILY!!!! Oy..it’s gonna be so cute to see Alice be a big sister!! I actually was pretty sure she was going to be the only one hehe…but this is so exciting!

@Gina..that’s a very insecure statement..you really think 5 years apart is a big age gap? It’s really nothing now. As a pp had said, it’s unique to see very diverse and different kinds of families, rather than seeing all these traditional two kids, boy and girl 2 years apart thing. Plus I know age gaps b/w siblings that are much more. My oldest aunt and my youngest aunt are 18 years apart..but they are very close. I know ppl who have had 10 years, 5 years, heck a girl in a training course I was with last summer is one of 11 and the gap b/w her oldest sibling and youngest is 22 years! I think it’s pretty awesome for the most part to see all these unique kinds of families! πŸ™‚

tam on

Another Greek baby on the way! Great news!

Allegra on

Thanks Sarah. That’s crazy!!

lc on

I was waiting for this announcement! Congrats to Tina & her family! πŸ™‚

Rosalie on

Congrats to them, how very exciting!

Erika on

Congrats to them! I was hoping that they would have a 2nd child.

Not that there is anything wrong with an only child, but I know a few couples who were on the fence about having a 2nd, didn’t end up having another, and then later on wished that they had. I think it’s hard when your not 100% sure what you want! I’m sure it has happened the other way around too, just what I have noticed!

annachestnut on

That’s great. I am happy for everyone concerned!

Mia on

My brother + I are 6 years apart. My parents wanted to wait at least 4 years before having me, and it took another 2 years to convince my dad. Therefore, in Fey’s new book she said she took a while to decide if she wanted to have another child–and she did.

Alexandra on

@Gina – my sister is ten years younger than me and we’re very close. I think with our similar personalities we wouldn’t have been as close if we were only a couple of years apart. Growing up we never fought over anything, and my parents had a built in babysitter! On the other side of that, I have cousins who are only a year apart and are the best of friends as well. It’s different for every family.

Mina on

I agree that age difference doesnt matter. My sister and I are only 4 years apart and we dont get along at all. But my one friend and her sister were 12 years apart and always got along. From childhood into adulthood. And we both have other sibling too so its not we “counted” on each other or anything.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Tina, Jeff and Alice! Wish them the best of luck πŸ™‚

Nella on

The age difference really doesn’t matter, my sisters are 9 and 11 years older than me and we get along really well. Some people just like to have a larger age difference between their kids and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

JChicago on

She once said in an interview a few years ago that she only planned to ever have one child. This must have either been a happy accident or she and her husband changed their minds. Regardless, this will be a very lucky baby to enter what seems to be such a nice family. I also appreciate how well Tina shields her daughter from the public. So sad that next season will be the last of 30 Rock 😦 She better do something else because I can’t imagine her disappearing.

Kim on

5 years is not a big gap.. thats ridiculous. How some women have kids back to back amazes me… that is too hard on someone. Alice will be in school and Tina will have lots of time to tend to the little one… makes perfect sense.

Anomynous on

my favourite movie she was in might just have to be ‘Baby Mama.’