Spotted: Tiffani Thiessen and Harper Park It

04/06/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Look Ma, no hands!

Tiffani Thiessen lets 9-month-old daughter Harper Renn ride front and center while exploring New York’s Central Park Tuesday.

“She loves the park, she loves the Hudson, she loves it all,” says the White Collar star, 37. “She just likes the activity. I think she likes the movement.”

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francesca on

Gosh, that child can’t possibly be comfortable hanging there like that?!

klutzy_girl on

I’m sure Harper’s fine there.

And LOL, neither she nor Tiffani look happy.

And White Collar needs to come back! I miss it.

denise on

thanks for this nice picture proving what rubbish baby björn carriers are… poor harper. front-facing hanging there. please get a better carrier tiffani…

B.J. on

So Tiffani gets sunglasses, but not Harper. Squinty baby!

Em on

Baby Harper looks quite uncomfortable, but very cute!

jessicad on

Jesus, if they were that freaking horrible they would be off the market. I’m so sick of every picture having negative comments, get a grip!

Renee on

It’s the wind. There has been some crazy weather lately. Does anyone know where this picture came from? Like are there more somewhere else? There usually is.

Anonymous on

ouch ! that baby doesn’t look comfortable at all ! she probably cant even get the pee out

Anonymous on

Tiffani doesn’t look happy at all. Didn’t CBB have a policy of not showing pictures if the parents weren’t happy and looked pissed? I though they did.

VJW on

I think she looks adorable. Harper looks so much like her daddy. 🙂

stephaie on

That does not look like Tiffani but I hate those carriers the baby always look uncomfortable to me but it is her baby so she do what she want.

Shannon on

Harper is the spitting image of her father!

gina on

Anonymous — It’s asking a bit much for a web site that procures and publishes paparazzi shots to have a policy of only showing pictures of happy, smiling celebrities. The whole point is to show celebs in “candid” moments — not necessarily “gotcha” shots, but not contrived shots where the celeb is actually posing.

anon on

poor baby in her crotch dangler

amw on

i feel like bashing Baby Bjorns is too easy. i am happy that even though Harper is almost 10 months old her mom is still choosing to carry her. i do wish it was in something that was more comfortable for both mom and babe, but thats just me. it looks like a big gust of wind was in their face as the picture was taken.

Jillie on

Ugh! WHY do people still use those horrible carriers? Not only is that baby literally hanging by her crotch, she is forward facing which causes tremendous overstimulation to the baby. She has no way of blocking out all the myriad of stimuli bombarding her vision. Crotch danglers like this put the baby in a straight-back position with overextension to the spine and place too much weight on the hips. Babies and young children should be carried in a carrier that keeps the back rounded and the knees above the line of the hips.

dsfg on

Anonymous, CBB used to have a policy about showing the CHILDREN upset or crying, not the parents. I don’t know if they still have that policy or not.

Cecelia on

I’m sure Harper’s perfectly fine.

As for the Bjorn, if you don’t want to use one, don’t. But which items another parent uses have no bearing on you. Really, it’s not a life or death situation.

gina on

Your comment makes a lot more sense, dsfg!

Tee on

One of the great things about living in this country is that we are free to make our own parenting decisions. I love seeing pictures of little Harper and her Momma! I do NOT like that type of carrier for numerous reasons and would never use one or encourage a person to use one. However, it’s not my decision to make. Maybe Tiffany will see some reasearch about how that position is bad for the baby and she will start using another carrier.

JMO on

“ouch ! that baby doesn’t look comfortable at all ! she probably cant even get the pee out”

wow some of these comments are making me LMAO!!

okay yeah I hate those things and would never use them mostly bc I find them uncomfortable! But perhaps the faces are the fact that it was really really windy the other day. So with that being said probably not best to have babies face exposed like that to such conditions if your walking into the wind. That being said Tiffani is the mom and she knows what’s best for her daughter. Perhaps Harper only likes this position so she can see her surroundings!

M on

“Jesus, if they were that freaking horrible they would be off the market.”

Because they would never sell anything that’s bad for you. Cigarettes? Hmm..

martina on

It was extremely windy in NY on Tuesday. My son actually cried for a second because of it. If anybody snapped our picture, we’d look the same way – uncomfortable and unhappy.

Cecelia on

M, you’re comparing an infant carrier to cigarettes? Really?

M on

Was just an example. There’s plenty other things out there proven to be dangerous but are still on the market.

Crotch danglers are bad for babies hips and spines.

meghan on

Well it was a ridiculous comparison. And stop calling them crotch danglers. You sound ignorant. No child has suffered hip or spine injuries from a baby carrier. I’m sick of seeing this debate every time a parent appears on this site using a certain carrier. It’s the same exact debate over and over again. A bunch of harpies who read an article or two and now think they are baby carrier experts. And guess what? It changes no one’s mind on the topic! And to top it off, anything you read on the subject will completely change within five years. So, you’re wasting your time and the time of everyone who just wants to enjoy a candid shot of mother and child.

M on

I did so much research when choosing a carrier. The one I chose was more expensive than the rest but seemed like the safest. Other people are too lazy to read up on things. Baby Bjorns and other similar carriers are popular and inexpensive so parents continue to buy them not doing any research. Who exactly is the ignorant one? Someone trying to do the right thing? Or someone who doesn’t research what they put their babies in? Or even worse the people who hear about such warning and continue to ignore them? Like you say it’s doesn’t change anyone’s minds…why is that?

I guess I should apologize to you. I some how made you look away from the candid mother/child shot and made you waste your precious time reading and commenting to me. I had no idea I was so powerful.

Appreciate on


jessicad on

That’s not the point, I’m just sick of so many negative comments. People act like she’s dangling her child off a bridge, it’s not that serious. I didn’t use carriers so I have no idea which are good, and I couldn’t care less what she puts her child in because it’s her choice, just hate the catty comments.

jillie on

Actually Meghan, they ARE that dangerous. Really they are. The babies ARE actually hanging by their crotch, seriously. The weight of a baby hanging in a straight backed position, with all their weight placed on the base of their spine DOES actually lead to nerve damage in the legs and hips, it DOES actually contribute to malformed position in the hips and pelvis and contributes to malformations in the spine. Really it does. Ask ANY chiropractor and they will tell you the same thing.

Instead of freaking out that people give their opinion on something that could be dangerous to their child, look at the information being presented…. no one is saying she is a crappy mother, we’re just saying she is using a crappy carrier. If no one talked about things that are dangerous for our children, we’d have a lot more accidents. Just look at the dangers associated with BPA in bottles, drop side cribs or baby walkers. People deserve to know the dangers associated with the products they use with their children. And jsut because Tiffani is the mother and just b/c she is proabably smart enough to do soome research and just b/c she deserves to make her own choices concerning her daughter doesn’t automatically make the Baby Bjorn some fantastic no-risk product.

meghan on

Really Jillie are they?!?!


M on

Dang, Meghan. You would think we personally offended you or something. Chill a bit k? Considering most the stuff that gets posted this is nothing. There may be some people who pay more attention to celebrity blogs than childcare blogs. So if one person reads about the dangers of these things here than what you consider a negative can turn into a positive. That is if they care enough.

If what people post really bothers you so much then I would suggest not scrolling down and reading the comments.