Mariska Hargitay Welcomes Daughter Amaya Josephine

04/06/2011 at 08:00 PM ET
Antoine Verglas

Mariska Hargitay has a big surprise to share.

The Law & Order: SVU star and her husband, actor Peter Hermann, have adopted a baby girl, she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Amaya Josephine was born about a week ago and is from the United States.

“I’m deliriously happy,” Hargitay, 47, tells PEOPLE. “From the minute she was born, she was just surprisingly alert and so full of love.”

“We were considering both international and domestic adoption and we’re thrilled that this is the way our prayers were answered,” she adds.

“We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multi-racial family. We’re just so happy she’s here.”

And there’s one family member who’s more excited than anyone: Hargitay’s 4ยฝ-year-old son, August.

“He is over the moon,” says the actress. “He calls her his baby because he says the whole thing was his idea. He always talks about how he’s going to protect her. He’s going to be a great big brother.”

— Charlotte Triggs

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J on

Aww, congrats! She’s a cutie!

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

How wonderful! Congrats to the new family!

klutzy_girl on

Whoa! Congratulations to them!

Amaya is a pretty name. I love it!

Toya L. on

Awww Congratulations to them, what a sweet, sweet photo.

Shannon on

The comments her son made are beyond adorable. Only a week old and already her big brother is looking out for her. So cute. Congrats to the happy family!

Elle on

Aww, that’s such a beautiful picture. I am glad that celebrities are adopting children, it’s such a fantastic thing to provide a wonderful opportunity!

Hailey on

That baby is absolutely gouragous! I love her name. Congratulations Mariska, Peter, and August!

Taylor on

Awwww what a surprise! I love the name Amaya, it goes well with August! She’s adorable, congratulations Mariska, Peter, and August!

fuzibuni on

oh Wow!! That’s awesome! What a beautiful baby ๐Ÿ™‚
Congrats to Mariska and her family ๐Ÿ™‚

SadieA on

I love this family! Congrats to them!

Lexi on

Congrats Mariska and Peter and August Amaya is so adorable

Mallory on

What a beautiful name and an even more beautiful family!!! Just in time for SVU tonight! I LOVE Mariska! ๐Ÿ˜€

Amber on

I am very happy for her and her family. The names Amaya and August sound very cool together!

Congratulations on her beautiful daughter!

Brooke on

What wonderful news!!! She is absolutely precious.

S. Carter on

I am so very happy for their family! I also love how, even though she is a celebrity, she doesn’t put all of her family’s bsiness out. And when she does, she is always positive and it is nothing trashy.

I really hope that the public will give their family so time to adjust and enjoy this precious gift before they start on their hounding.

Congrats to my favrite actress and her family. What a beautiful blessing!

Shannon on

Beautiful! Congrats!

Allison J on

I’m so happy for this family! I’m a huge fan of Mariska, and wondered if she and Peter would have another child.

Amaya is just beautiful! Love her name. Much love to this blessed family.

Grace on

How wonderful! August’s comments made me teary. How sweet. Congrats to them!

Chloe on

Gorgeous baby and Mariska looks stunning. So happy for them!

Gina on

My first thought was WHAT?! How did I not hear that she was pregnant? LOL. I LOVE Mariska so this is fabulous news. I think she has such a big heart and is very grounded for being a celebrity. Congrats to the whole family and welcome baby Amaya!

Shannyn on

I love Mariska, Congrats to the family, little Amaya is gorgeous and so is August.

Jenny on

Great news! What a beautiful baby. I’m very happy for them.

LauraPalmer on

What happy news! Congrats to the family. Mariska looks just like her mom in that picture, which sort of makes this all the more sweeter.

Sara on

Very happy for them. The baby is as gorgeous as her name!

B.J. on

What a fabulous, beautiful name for a pretty little baby. Congrats! Best celeb baby name I’ve heard in a long while!

Erika on

What a beautiful baby! I think adoption is just wonderful and they seem like such a great family! Congratulations to all of them!

truehurt on

Looks like Sandra Bullock’s son.

Erin on

Joy! Very happy news!

KEM on

Awesome! Yay, Mariska and family! I’m so happy for them.

Nicole on

Congrats to Mariska, Peter, and August. So happy for them!

Susan on

Congratulations to the Hargitay-Hermann family on such a blessed event in their lives..much health and happiness to them…

Indira on

I really really life Mariska, she seems like a great great lady. Congrats to her family.

Alli on

Congratulations to the happy family! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a beautiful name!

Vanessa on

OH MY GOD! She’s just so adorable! So happy for Mariska, Peter and August.

Kaylie on

Yay! I love Mariska – she seems like such an awesome Mom! What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

Michelle on

YAY!!!!!!! I love her. Best suprise in a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky little girl has a fabulous family.

truehurt on

Everyone is obsessed with race.
Sandra Bullock is also.

Jessica on

Awesome! A U.S. child in need of a home finding a loving family. Love the name, flirty first name and classic middle name.

Amaya is in great hands, Mariska is kind and smart and August is so well behaved.

Nancy on

Congrats to her and the family. It is another wonderful surprise coming up with all of these adoptions and surrogacies. Keep them coming!!

Molly on

Mae, you’re the only one who is bringing up the race of the baby, there is always one in the bunch to spoil the happiness. ๐Ÿ˜›
That is a beautiful baby and I’m thrilled for them. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ella on

What a beautiful little baby. I’ve been a fan of Mariska’s for a long – so happy for her, Peter and August. Congrats to them all!

Julia A on

Wow this is so exciting. August is a beautiful little boy and now he has a beautiful little sister too. I wonder how the name Amaya was chosen. I’ve heard it before as a Japanese-origin name, but I wonder if a similar name also has originated from other cultures as well. Also, how lovely is that photo? Anyways, congrats to the Hermann family!

Allegra on

Mae: It’s not like she’s pointing out that her caucasian baby is actually Polish as opposed to Scottish. She’s stating the obvious. She adopted a black (or partially black) child. Nobody else seemed to care about her comment, not sure why you do.

Congratulations to the Hermanns!!

Shannyn on

Oh my!!! Congrats to the Hermann Family on their newest addition!!! Little Amaya and August….Mariska’s got Double ‘A’ Batteries now LOL!!

JC on

Very happy for her since she had been trying for awhile for a second child!

Indira on

I think Amaya is an Arabic name. Could be japanese or both.

SAR on

This is such wonderful news! Mariska is such a sweet person and has talked quite a bit about making August a big brother…it’s just that she’s in her late 40s, so time was against her. I hoped she and Peter would adopt, and I’m thrilled that they did!

Amaya “has a heart full of love” — just like her parents!!

Ivey on

I can’t imagine being 47 with a newborn, but I’m happy for her none the less.

daniela on

Love, love this family!!! What happy news! I always hoped she would give August a sibling. Congrats to them!

Mickie on

what a beautiful little girl! and what a lovely name. I’m so happy for all of them!

Mae, you can’t adopt a baby of one race into a family of another race and expect that nobody is going to bat an eyelid. If the world were like that it would be a much better place, but it’s just not (not yet anyway). People were going to talk about this little person’s race whether Mariska mentioned it or not. I think the statement she made was just acknowledging that fact.

Jen DC on

Mae: I didn’t get that it was “about race.” I’ve never in any other interview read her mentioning a WORD about race. This is positively the first time that I’ve read her mentioning it at all and frankly, considering both she and her husband are caucasian, it’s obviously something they would *have* to discuss. As in, how are they going to make sure she’s culturally aware? Is this something they can do on their own or are they active enough socially to have sufficient and close enough black friends to help their new child adjust? Who is going to style her hair past infancy? Etc etc. In this scenario, why WOULDN’T they discuss race?

There is nothing wrong with discussing race or ethnicity, as long as its done respectfully and consciously. The more we as a society discuss it, the easier race relations will become. At least they know enough to recognize that it IS still an issue – a black baby in a white family. They are going to catch all kinds of h*#@ and they need to know how they are going to respond. Why are *you* making an issue out of it?

Grace: I totally teared up too reading about August’s excitement! Oh, I can’t wait to see the obligatory pic of him holding her. He always seemed like such a sweet boy in pictures…

Tee on

Knock me over with a feather! Didn’t see that one coming at all! Congratulations ya’ll… your daughter is beautiful!

Lacey on

Great news!! I’m so happy for them, especially since she was so open about her desire for a second child. I was actually expecting an adoption or surrogate announcement.

Minami86 on

For those bringing up the race issue, it’s common knowledge that babies of color are huge numbers in the American adoption system. Mariska bringing awareness to this face is awesome & even though I support international adoptions, I’m glad she adopted stateside. There are SO many kids here at home that need love too.

torgster on

Such a lovely little thing!

Shelly on

I have admired Mariska for a long time and think she is a beautiful and wonderful mother. You can just feel how much love she has for her son when she talks about him, and I am overjoyed at the news she is a mother again to such a beautiful baby girl. I am an adoptive mom also, with a biracial son, and I couldn’t be happier for Mariska and her beautiful family. Truly, congratulations!!

LoOLOo on

Awh, how very precious they both are! Amaya is simply beautiful, and Mariska couldn’t look more blissfully in-love with her newest angel. Congrats to the Hermann family.

Elizabeth on

Congrats on the new addition, she is precious! I do however think it is caddy that some people try to make something out of nothing. They jump on a kick because you mention the child is a different race….so, she also commented that they thought about international adoption. Is that something to gripe about now too? I don’t get how everyone wants to be equal and then when you make a stand to make the world equal and dissolve race lines, someone still has something to say! I’m so happy for Mariska and her family but more happy for sweet Amaya because she now has a family and never has to wonder why someone put her in foster. Again Congrats to Mariska and her family, Amaya has a wonderful home that is evident in the love you see coming from her brothers words!

sinclair on

“Looks like Sandra Bullockโ€™s son.”

Um, not really, and not at all. They’re just both African-American…Not all AAs look alike.

Hea on

Ugh what is it about the US and “race”? We’re all just people and thankfully we don’t all look the same. What would be the fun of that?

However, that aside, that’s a beautiful picture and I hope they get to stay this happy. And I hope Amaya’s birth parents are happy too.

Mia on

Congrats to her + the whole family!

Nella on

Awwww this is such great news!!! So happy for them! Amaya is a beautiful little girl and I love her name! The comments about what August said are precious! Anyways, After reading some of the comments I just have to point out one thing: stating someone’s skin color isn’t a bad thing,after all it’s part of us and nothing to be ashamed of….unless it’s used to offend someone/or used inappropriate words for it and in this particular article it wasn’t used in an offensive way at all.

Maddie on

I literally squealed outloud when i saw this! I absolutely adore Mariska, I always wondered if she’d have another after August was born. What a lovely name too. Congrats to Mariska, Peter and August!

Nancy on

Mae, I am actually glad she mentioned that “they talked a lot about mixed race adoption” Adoption is a very difficult process. The social workers make very certain that you have thought it through and prepared for the differences you may have with your child. Again, lots of people could not or would not adopt a child of a different race. It is important to incorporate their child’s culture into their own family. Takes lots of thought and prayer.

Anonymous on

Mae, not addressing the fact that her child is black would just be ignoring the elephant in the room. She simply said they discussed adopting a mixed-race child and decided that they were open to it. Quite frankly, it is incredibly irresponsible to adopt a child of a different race without having lengthy discussions. They are a lot of things to consider when adopting a child of a different race/ethnicity/culture. Making sure you know what you’re getting into is not being obsessive.

Marlee on

Pretty name. I wonder if “Josephine” is in honor of a family member…

Shawna on

trueheart – Could you be any more transparent with your racism? She doesn’t look anything like Louis. But of course to you all black people look alike right? Disgusting.

molly on

Yay! Good to hear this wonderful news. My husband and I are awating the adoption process to go through for a domestic mixed race child and it is such a nervous but heartwarming experience thus far!

She is already such an amazing woman; as a mother, actress, and for what she does with her charity work. That is so incredibly exciting for her and her family! Congratulations to them and may all the blessings and joys come their way!

Liv on

I’ve never been this ready to start my day!!! I think I’m going to make this my homepage for awhile so every morning I’ll get this giddy feeling right when I wake up. Love, love, love her!!! Yay for the new family of FOUR!!!

Kristen on

Congratulations! I hope everyone who has been saying on the posts of Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Stafford and Alexis Stewart are happy, a star adopted. I think the only reason she mentioned the child was possibly of another race and made the comment about having a multi-racial family is that people were inevitably going to wonder if the little girl is in fact African American, African (the reason she mentioned it was a domestic adoption considering Madonna and Angelina Jolie have children who were in fact born in Africa), or biracial. And the people who regularly comment here are prone to making suggestions when the star tries to protect possible details like this. For example, commenting about Niki Taylor’s daughter Ciel and saying, “I think she has (insert disorder here) because of her facial features.” So, don’t read so much into it people. Just be happy a child has a good home.
I also think Mariska has had a healthy attitude about children saying if she and Peter were to conceive another child, it would happen but it might not. I suffered from infertility for years before being able to have a child. I dealt with some insufferable people who kept telling me I needed to go through some kind of reproductive technology before “resorting” to adoption. ART is a grea way for many people to start a family but it is not for everyone. It wasn’t for us. The same can be said of adoption. I am glad it worked for the Hargitay-Hermann family. I am glad ART worked for Elizabeth Banks and her family. We should focus not on how a family came to be but that it is and respect the decisions of others.

jessicad on

Awe!! She’s so precious and Mariska looks so happy, love the name Amaya.

Sidjazz on

That baby is not partially black she’s black and so what if Mae has an opinion she entitled to one. Some white people like to believe that they don’t see color and that if they don’t speak about it that, then it’s better. Wrong, we all see color, and that’s okay, no harm. What’s harmful is acting like it’s not there.

I love Mariska, she’s fab and beautiful and a great actress. Congrats to her and her beautiful children. August is a stunner and Amaya is gorgeous.

Julia, Amaya is a big name in African American/Black Western culture for little black girls.

loveddbst on

Another surprise but a delightful one. Congrat!

Chantal on

Great news! Such a cute baby. But is it just me or does the baby look very wise? Like it’s an old lady’s soul in a tiny little body. I always find it fascanating when I see babies who look very wise and even a bit old in their first months.
I don’t mean that in a bad way! Don’t get me wrong please. It’s just that some little once look like very little once and others have this older face.
Young and Old souls ๐Ÿ™‚

Olivia on

Mae, she’s simply acknowledging the facts, and there’s nothing wrong with saying you are proud to have an interracial family. My family is such, and it’s something we find neat and interesting.

Congrats to their family! Amaya is a beauty and I love her name.

gina on

She’s a lovely person and deserves to be happy. Congrats, Mariska!

Molly on

Absolutely gorgeous photo of mother and daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m actually surprised they didn’t name her Amaya Jayne. I almost like the ring to that better, despite my love for the name Josephine!

Congrats, Hermann family!

J-Lin on

I love Mariska! I’m so happy for her and her family.

Mae, I think it’s unhealthy when differences are not acknowledged. She had adopted a black child and it sounds like she has the right attitude. If it’s not discussed at home, it will be discussed outside the home and how disabling that would be to Amaya to not be able to deal with the societal issues that are involved with multi-cultural families.

Capri on

Wow, what a pleasent surprise!!!! Im sooooo happy for them, love the name too, beautiful, CONGRATS!!!!

Jamie on

I too am glad Mariska brought up race. She is bringing awareness to adoption, particularly the adoption of minority children (as did Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock – people I also have tremendous respect for). There are more minority children in need of adopted parents than White children, so congratulations to Mariska for being proud of the fact her family is multi-racial!

I also agree with Kristen – I love how Mariska has always had such a healthy attitude about having more children.

LPW on

It’s unfortunate that there are a few ignorant comments on this board. I’m just glad to see that the positive, enlightened comments outnumber the ignorant ones. Congratulations to this lovely family.

Bridget on

I remember reading an interview with Hugh Jackman about his adopted children and how he and his wife were asked if they were open to multi-racial children. I think they were told something along the lines of how it might take longer to get a “white” baby because that’s usually what couples are looking to adopt, and therefore there are usually more multi-racial babies waiting for families. He said this immediately made he and his wife WANT to adopt multi-racial children.

The article just really made me like him that much more because he and his wife wanted to adopt any child that needed a home, not a “specific type” child. I like to think that’s what Mariska and Peter thought too…

Meghan on

Congratulations!!!!! I love the name Amaya as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Those comments by her big brother are so precious, what a sweetheart!

Cassie on

Congrats to Mariska and her family – what a wonderful and joyous thing to happen to their family!! Best wishes!!

As for Truehart and Mae – they are just sad, sad trolls…. much like a misbehaving child – just ignore them.

AB on

So happy for them! As for her comment about race, she probably said it because she knew not every media outlet would publish the picture of the baby. Other sites I’ve seen the story on just have a standard picture of Mariska.

Jamie on

Bridget – I too remember reading that article about Hugh Jackman and how he had heard there are more multi-racial children in need of adoption which made him immediately want a multi-racial child. I also ended up liking him so much more after hearing this, and I too would like to think Mariska and Peter were thinking along those same lines…

CDS on


JMO on

Does anyone ever stop to think that the interviewer asked about the race but when it’s put into an article context you only get pieces of what someone says?! Geez!

And yes it’s obvious the child is black (or mixed) and of course people would be curious so she didn’t hide the fact that she and her husband CHOSE a mixed child.

The baby is beautiful! Congrats to the family. And I don’t think a little boy gets any more gorgeous then little August!!

Niche on

This is one of the most heart warming stories I’ve read on this site in a long time. Not because Amaya is a black child welcomed into a white household but because she seems to not make it a big deal. She’s just another baby in need of a loving home.


Even before I had my own child, I always wanted to adopt and I still do. I get the feeling the process may be a bit more difficult for a single (non-celebrity) woman though.


J.J. on

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is surely one cute family!!!

olivia on

i agree with Liv. I am going to make this my homepage. I opened the page today and saw tina fey was pregnant and thought.. hmm i wonder if mariska can still have a baby.. but then realized she is 47.. but then i scrolled down and saw mariska welcomes amaya.. i am sooooo happy for her. i am a huge fan and i think that amaya will be in a very loving home. i also dont know why people have to make it about race. mariska did not say “she is black”, she said we considered mixed race and international adoption. I think it is lovely that she has a mixed race baby.


Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

mae so what if she talked about race?…why so sensitive? dont not make it a big deal the most important thing is that she didnt say anything racist!

Angelia Mohan on

Congratulations Mariska and family!….Amaya Josephine is adorable…and so is August…

Manal from Jordan Middle East! on

oh and i forgot to add what a beautiful baby!! I just love it when ppl adopt! God bless them all!

Jane on

Beautiful baby. As his child is one week old, I don’t think this happened overnight. Like Bullock, I would think it was an arranged adoption as she also received an infant and infants, no matter what the race, are hard to adopt as that is what, it appears, most people want. This type of adoption is difficult for those who are not necessarily well off enough, but, it is still great that this child is heading to a family that wants her.

Rosalie on

Congrats to them, she is gorgeous โค

Mom Of Twins on

It another baby not left in a trash can, or in a toilet bowl somewhere. No matter what race, it’s a childs life SAVED!!! AND THAT’S ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER….

lindsey on

amazing news so happy for them all xx

Kat on

I’m so happy for them! such a wonderful thing that they were able to open their home and their hearts to a baby in need of a forever family!

Carla on

Congrats to Mariska and her family! Someone said Amaya looks like Louis (Sandra Bullock’s son)–not even close! Aside from both being Black and adorable, they don’t look anything alike. Adoption is a wonderful, fantastic thing. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s going to leave Law and Order: SVU since she has two children now! I know it’s selfish, but I love that show.

Sunny on

Oh my goodness, what wonderful news!! I am so happy for Mariska and her family!

nettrice on

What’s wrong with talking about race? I think SOME people need to talk and learn more about how to embrace diversity.

Nis on

I’m very happy for her family.

Pauline on

What a beautiful photo of mother and baby.
Congratulations to the Hermann family

Stevie on

I am thinking back to when Sandra kept Louis a secret and now Mariska did it..Congrats Mariska I wish you and your family good.

Amanda on

That baby has beautiful lips!

dsfg on

MomOfTwins, just because Amaya was adopted doesn’t mean she was “saved.” There very well could have been many other couples or single people trying to adopt her. Adoption is not charity work, it is a way to build a family.

Mom Of Twins on

@- dsfg, I see you don’t read very well or at all. What I said was that she was saved from being left in a trash can or a toliet bowel. She could have been born to a young women who felt she had no way to provide for her child and disguarded. I’ve read of and heard of babies being left in trash can and toilet bowels. I said nothing about her being charity work. Maybe you should read my orignal post again. OH, LET ME POST IT AGAIN FOR YOU TO READ AGAIN….It another baby not left in a trash can, or in a toilet bowl somewhere. No matter what race, itโ€™s a childs life SAVED!!! AND THATโ€™S ALL THAT SHOULD MATTERโ€ฆ.

– Mom Of Twins on April 7th, 2011

Mom Of Twins on

@dsfg, Where did I say she was a charity case? I was addressing the color issue so many posting have. READ MY ORIGINAL POSTE………… It another baby not left in a trash can, or in a toilet bowl somewhere. No matter what race, itโ€™s a childs life SAVED!!! AND THATโ€™S ALL THAT SHOULD MATTERโ€ฆ.

– Mom Of Twins on April 7th, 2011

Mom Of Twins on

@nettrice— You are so right.

Bancie1031 on

WOW! Another well kept secret! Congratulations to Mariska, Peter and August!

BellaDonna on

Congratulations to the family! I’m a huge fan of Mariska and this happy news has put a huge smile on my face – I wish them all the very best for the future. What a beautiful photo, Mariska is a stunning woman and you can clearly see the love in her eyes, I am sure she is a fantastic mama!

My friends have a six-month-old daughter named Amaya, too – according to them, the name is Japanese and means ‘night rain’ (hope that helps some of the people speculating about the origin of the name).

Mina on

Race aside…how come nobody cares that Mariska is 47 and adopted a newborn but eveyone was in an uproar about Kelly Prston becomming a mom at 48?!

Britt on

She is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mommy, and what a beautiful name! I love Mariska and I am so happy for her and the family. What an incredible blessing. August will be a wonderful big brother. Stunning picture, and I wish them all the best!! Can’t wait to see she and August grow up ๐Ÿ™‚

Giselle Barros on

Iยดm really happy for Mariska and Peter!! Such wonderful news! May God bless this beautiful family!I absolutely love and admire Mariska!Sheยดs really a great human being!

olivia on

mina- it is differant because kelly was pregnant, which has health risks for mom and baby, but mariska adopted not gave birth

Lorri on

What a Blessing! A new addition to the Hermann Family.
Mariska looks so happy in the photo… Love her!

Sara on

That baby looks like an alien…

lisa on

What a beautiful child&name. Funny how we were watching svu last night&I was wondering if she’d have any more kids. Anyone know how to pronounce her name? Is it Ah-my-ah or Ah-may-ah?

Toya L. on

I’ve noticed you said adoption is a way to build a family in this post and another one. While that may be true for some circumstances that is absolutely UNTRUE in ALL circumstances. I know of a handful of people, but 2 are just within my own family that have adopted not because they wanted to build on to their family but because of circumstances.

Example: My aunt’s daughter got pregnant and she was REALLY young and wanted to live her life as such, so she “my aunt” adopted her grandson to ensure he had a “normal” and safe childhood and I also had/have a cousin who was hooked on drugs so her older sister adopted her son and not because she wanted to build on to her family (she hadn’t had any children because she wasn’t ready to) but she adopted her sister’s son so he wouldn’t become a member of the state.

Jillian on

I didn’t have an issue with Kelly having a baby, but Mina I wondered the same thing. Olivia, the main issues people had with Kelly were not that she was pregnant. They were that she “wouldn’t be around” and that “she is old.” I actually don’t remember reading once about how her age was a risk to the baby or her while pregnant.

I don’t care about the race or that she mentioned it. People need to realize that when a celebrity says something it is because they are asked a question. So, she was asked a question and she answered. Not sure why people need to make it about race. Sigh….so annoying.

Ximena on

Why do many of you continue to respond to Mae’s comment? She said what she said, and she has the right to say it.

Anyway, I must be strange, but I do not find that child cute.

dsfg on

Mina, Kelly also has a husband who is almost 60 while Mariska’s husband is only 43. I think that makes a difference.

dsfg on

MomofTwins, did you read MY post? I said adopting a baby does not SAVE the baby, because she would have been adopted anyway! There are plenty of people in the US trying to adopt healthy infants. So yes, they are not saving a baby, i.e. they are not adopting her for charity reasons, they are adopting her so that they can expand their family! Saving a person IS doing charity work. Obviously the birth mother didn’t want to abandon her in a trash can, which is why she gave her up for adoption; if Mariska hadn’t adopted her someone else would have.

dsfg on

Oh and MomofTwins, maybe you should calm down. No reason to get angry and write in caps lock. And no reason to double post. Sorry if I upset you! I’m just respectfully disagreeing with you. Please try and have a nice day:)

MiB on

What a lovely picture! And what a lovely big brother!

Jamie on

There is nothing wrong about mentioning the baby’s race. Both Michelle Pffeifer and Hugh Jackman spoke about mix-race adoptions and mentioned that most people are not open to that. Most people do not consider that option. That’s why, if you are open to this option, you increase your chances for a baby as well as decreasing the awaital time. When more people mention pursuing mix-race adoptions, like Mariska did, it helps to raise awareness. Maybe, some other prospective adoptive parents would consider doing so. It is important to keep in mind that there are many babies out there waiting to be adopted regardless of their race.

Jessie on

Congrats to them. as far as mixed adoptions i think it’s fine if people adopt babies of different races as long as they teach them about their culture. btw i think the baby is just black not biracial and she said mixed adoption because they are now a mixed family with a black baby in it.

romie on

She is such a cutie. Congrats to Mariska, Peter and big brother August

queenofhearts on

Congratulations to the family! Love the name Amaya, and what a cutie!!

Terri on

Amaya is beautiful! She looks like she’ll have big beautiful eyes.

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Toya, I agree with what you said! However, even in the circumstances you listed, your relatives were still building their family. It may not have been something they planned or even really wanted, but they were still expanding their family. I think in the best circumstances, adoption is the way adults choose to expand their family. It’s sad when people have to adopt a family member so that that family member isn’t placed in foster care with strangers, but hopefully the people who do adopt those kids are happy with their decision to adopt in the end.

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Jessie, I think it’s great that parents teach an adopted child about the culture they were born into, but I think they also need to include them in their family’s culture. If an Italian family adopts an African-American baby, that child should be taught that he/she is, culturally, Black AND Italian. Black because that is her genetic makeup and Italian because that is the environment she is growing up in.

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“It is important to keep in mind that there are many babies out there waiting to be adopted regardless of their race.”

Actually, there are way more people trying to adopt babies than there are babies available, regartdless of race. There are many OLDER kids out there waiting to be adopted, regardless of race.

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I saw the photo the other day, and I am still excited for Mariska, Peter and their bigger family that now includes little Amaya. I love her name, by the way. She is adorable, and I love how August has ready slipped into the doting big brother role. That is just adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy on

Congratulations to Peter, Mariska, and August! Amaya is a beautiful little girl and she is very lucky to be born into a family who have so much love to give. I can’t wait to see how August protects her!

I have seven adopted children and I have been blessed beyond measure. I know Amaya will bring Peter and Mariska so much happiness.

Stephanie on

Congratulations to the Hermanns! What an absolutely beautiful addition to an already gorgeous family! I could not be happier for them. And Amaya is a lovely name.

I don’t think one should assume she’s “just black”. I have cousins who look “just black” and they’re half Mexican-American. You can’t judge a book by the cover. ๐Ÿ˜‰

August and Amaya are two lucky little individuals.

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Congrads to Mariska and her family!!! Amaya will make a beautiful addition to a beautiful family!!!

Martha on

Congratulations to all of you. With love, a big fan.

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hey girl she is such a cutie and you look great i will be praying for you

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Congratulations to Mariska, Peter August and the Hargitay family!!! I found it sooo cute to hear that August thinks that Amaya is “his” baby and wants to protech her!! They def will be best buddies when older!! Both August and Amaya are just beautiful!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy for the family!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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How precious is that photo…so happy for Amaya Josephine and her family…

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i love the name amaya

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congratulations to the family! I love Marishka on law and order. And very happy to hear they adopted a baby in the U.S. May god bless you and your new addition. you deserve all the happiness in the world!!!

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OMG, congratulations, I’m so happy for you and your family , you make a beautiful family. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Congratulations to this beautiful family. Mariska Hargitay is an extraordinary human being who is using her talent to make this world a better place for so many children.
It is so wonderful to read about this beautiful family.
Mariska is really an inspiration to the world.
May God Bless this awesome family.

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Nice picture