Willow and Jaden Smith’s Kids’ Choice Awards Style

04/05/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Jim Smeal/BEImages

We are family! (And a stylish one to boot!)

Willow and Jaden Smith made a fashionable pair at Nickelodeon‘s 24th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. But each tween star stuck to his and her own personal style.

Willow, 10, wore a belted gold romper with white gladiator sandals and a bouffant updo, while Jaden, 12½, rocked a baseball cap, black leather blazer, graphic tee, gold studded stonewash jeans and tribal-print hi-tops to the star-studded show. Talk about cool kids!

It was just another big night for the talented brother-sister duo, who were accompanied by always-supportive dad Will Smith.

Jaden picked up an award for his film, Karate Kid, where he thanked co-star Wenwen Han for “giving me my first kiss my parents know about,” while Willow performed “Whip My Hair” and “21st Century Girl” for the screaming crowd. The best part? Both kids avoided the show’s infamous green slime!

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Brooke on

YEAH!! They both look like kids and are dressed appropriately. Well done.

Selena on

Willow looks much more normal(my normal) than usual. Jaden looks great too.

laura on

i am sick and tired of will and jada “whoring” there children out, they should be in school and playing barbie and trucks, not posing on the red carpet and releasing songs/films
i am a big fan of will smith but letting his children do these things at such a young age as really put me off him

Sharon on

I think these are two of the cutest, most normal kids in Hollywood.

Brooklyn on

Jaden is wearing a Vancouver Canucks hat! The question that comes from that is does he even know who the Canucks are or do the colours of the hat just match his outfit? Anywho, Go Canucks Go! Heh, just had to sneak that in there! ;P

jana on

sorry to be rude but what is wrongwith those kids? they look frightening

Nella on

They look cute,and age appropriate. They’re not the only kids to be starting their young careers as children. Who knows, maybe they won’t even be doing that 10 years from now.We shouldn’t assume that they will turn out badly just because they started their careers as kids, not every child actor/singer is a trainwreck as an adult. My main thing is that I hope this is something they want instead of their parents. I don’t like when parents insist on making those decisions for their kids and i hope that’s not the case here. For now It seems like the kids like the entertainment industry. Honestly, they’re 10 and 13, so they don’t bother me at all!

Ashley on

Laura and Jana: I couldn’t agree with you more. These two are just….well, ridiculous. What a family 😦

Jace on

Didn’t I tell you Smith kids to go the hell away?

bevvie on

They look fine for their ages and interests! Their parents appear to be keeping tabs on them.

Lora on

Agreeing with the above post and all I can say is the same thing, they look very frightning. Something is not right… Yuck…

Sidjazz on

Brooklyn, I’m answering this as a canuck. He is very close to Justin Bieber who is Canadian so I think he might know 🙂

Toya L. on

These two are adorable, dressed age appropriate and are living out their dreams; a lot of people NEVER achieve that. Kudos!!!

Lisa on

A lot of people complain that they’re only “famous” because their parents are. Well, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez are famous because their father is. Eva Amurri is famous because her mother is. Michael Douglas? His father. Keifer Sutherland? His father. Emma Roberts? Her aunt. Miley Cyrus? Her dad. Jennifer Aniston? Her father. Following in their parents’ footsteps is a ridiculous reason to dislike these kids. The fact is Jaden’s quite a good little actor. Willow hasn’t shown me much yet, but she’s 10!

Terri on

Kind of wish these two could live their childhoods out of the spotlight. But they are very cute kids.

melissa on

dont critisize the kids for the sins of their parents! they are KIDS how would any of you like it if these comments were directed @ YOUR children? about how YOUR kids dress or look? you may not be a celebrity & neither might your kid but that dont mean that you or
kid(s) wont be talked about in life!

Shi on

I really wish that you would stop featuring these kids on this site. I have no problem with them but the comments are getting ridiculous. Most of the people on this site do not care for these kids and their sometimes hateful comments reflect that. If they were adults, whatever. But these are CHILDREN. And these comments will remain out there forever. It is baffling to me that the perfect parents that frequent this site would write such negativity about a child. However perfect some of you think you are, your comments say something entirely different about your character. They are kids for goodness sake…why would they bother you? If you don’t like these kids, what they do or the way that they dress then that’s your prerogative and you are free to express that. But still you should take cognizance of your words when referring to these CHILDREN or any child for that matter.

Sidjazz on

Well said Shi, well said!!!

meghan on

Lisa, most of the people you mentioned pursued entertainment careers as adults without their parents producing films for them and sending their demos to Jay-Z. Also most of the people you mentioned are actually talented. For most celebrity kids, talent may get you a foot im the door, but if you don’t have the talent to back it up, you won’t get far. Unless your parents bankroll all your projects.

Toya L. on

Get ready for the “they chose to put themselves out their as child celebs, so it comes with the territory” angle. I agree child celebs or not, I don’t understand how ANY adult could say mean and hurtful things about children, it’s absolutely disgusting to me and some people wonder where child bullies come from; probably from their vile, mean spirited towards innocent children, parents.

JM on

Jace, well you sound like a treat don’t you? seriously, so mature! they are children for crying out loud.
whatever your personal opinion of these kids may be, i am shocked that some people on here really consider themselves to be superior when they the supposed adult are saying things like that ^^.

Sam on

The children are cute, but I agree, something just doesn’t ‘feel’ right with these two little ones.

Jaden toured with Justin Bieber, but Justin is from Ontario and is a LEAFS fan, like ME! GO LEAFS GO! hehehe

Amber on

I don’t find these two be neither dressed cool or in an appropriate way for their age. Their dress screams look at me, look at me in the same way Taylor Momsen’s outfits do, and that just makes me sad.

Mama on

“fashionable” Really????

J on

Shi, when Karate Kid had its media tours, Jaden had a smug attitude and had some snide comments for adults as well during interviews and the lot. Respect works both ways.

Toya, they did choose to get out there as child stars, it’s not some excuse, it’s the truth. Hollywood is apparently a tough place to get started in and when you have the snide attitude Jaden has where you act like you actually worked hard for years to get there and you have te right can treat others, especially adults, like they are peons because daddy got you in a couple movies then don’t get fussy when adults put you in your place.

Niche on

I love it! Willow and Jaden look great and they know it. Mean spirited people can state their poor opinions all they want but it definitely won’t take away their confidence.

Some people will always go out of their way to say something negative about these kids when none of it makes sense. Like Toya said, bully kids are the spawn of bully parents.

Carry on!

Delilah on

I would never let my daughter go out like that. I have a feeling they are headed down the wrong path with those two. Poor kids.

Chris on

No one said anything about Miley or other child stars being on the red carpet at their age. I don’t get it.

chloe on

Someone needs to feed Willow. She looks like she’s about to snap in half!

Sidjazz on

Its called “white priviledge”Chris. These guys have black parents so they must be doing something wrong. Now don’t go assuming that I’m black and not white because I wrote this. Maybe I’m just honest and see things the way that they really are.

Sam, I’m from Ontario too but I know the other hockey teams out there. Also they are friends not just tour mates.

amanda on

Jaden ruined Karate Kid, can’t act his way out of a paper bag and Willow’s “songs” are so very annoying. Noway would they have made it on their own without having famous parents. Those who say otherwise are delusional.

chloe on

Why is it that every post about these kids left on any website, there’s people that sound like they’re coming straight from the Smith “camp” leaving comments?? Has anyone else noticed this?

Toya L. on

Toya, they did choose to get out there as child stars, it’s not some excuse, it’s the truth.
I didn’t say that it was an excuse, I said be prepared for people to use that angle/perspective. I’ve never personally seen them be disrespectful towards an adult interviewer/host, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t though. I have, on maybe 20 or less occasions told children to watch who they were talking to, or said “excuse me”.

don’t get fussy when adults put you in your place.
I would never condone disrespectful behavior to an adult by ANY child. If any child disrespected an adult I would absolutely see nothing wrong with THAT adult reprimanding them/putting them in their place *on an ADULT *not a CHILD*, “name calling, hateful and negative words” level*, unfortunately the adults on here and other forums have never been personally disrespected by these two in interviews, so why the negativity/down right nastiness towards them? It’s just not these kids, I swear if I seen someone say something nasty to your kids *especially an adult* I would absolutely 100% say something and I have before!! I’m never going to be okay with adults talking negative about children.

hannah on

Thank god they’re (particulary Willow) dressed reasonably age-appropriately! Poor kids :/

chloe on

These kids are being pimped out by their parents. I mean these “parents” let their daughter be filmed grinding up and down and shaking her “booty” like a 50 cent hooker for her song whip your hair, because sex sells. Will has also said that the kids are in the industry because they (he and Jada) want to build a Smith Family empire, like the Jacksons. The kids didn’t have a choice. Willow has even complained that she hates being dumber than her friends because they know so much more than her from going to school. She said she hates that she doesn’t get to go to school very often because she’s always got to work, which is ironic since her parents own a school! Then Jada and Will realize that Justin Beiber is the most popular kid around so all of a sudden, Jaden’s his best friend, and the next thing you know, Willow’s touring with him. It’s really pathetic. And anyone who wants to see the horrible attitude of these kids, with their parents full support of their bad behavior, should watch the couple of Oprah episodes they were on.

chloe on

Anyone who’s met these kids or seen them perform, as I have a few times through my work, will know that these are two of the most conceited, arrogant little brats you’ll ever meet. Jaden once told an interviewer to shove his questions up his *** because he didn’t like that they were more focused on questions about the movie rather than just strictly himself, and Will laughed like it was the funniest thing he’s ever heard. On another occasion, Willow acted like a diva, demanding certain types of drink and food at a certain tv show that she was to perform on, and when they couldn’t get that particular type of drink that she was asking for, she threw the biggest hissy fit you could imagine, and both Will and Jada were again laughing and looking at her in pride saying to the poor producer who was trying to get her ready to go on stage that “isn’t it great that she’s so comfortable with herself that she can be so assertive”. It was unbelievable!

Toya L. on

Shouldn’t you be ironing your school clothes and getting ready for bed? Statistics show that kids that don’t have the proper amount of rest tend to be a little cranky.

Lena on

They look like 30 year old fame whore midgets to me.

nettrice on

1) “be in school and playing barbie and trucks” What?! In school I never played with barbies or trucks. I was busy making As and playing with chemistry sets… and dreaming of becoming an art STAR.

2) Yes. Several of the commenters are posting hateful messages about black children and families. These same people would never do that in real life which makes them COWARDS.

3) I have no problem with Jaden’s attitude. He’s going to NEED that attitude to deal with people like several hateful commenters in this thread. His parents are preparing him well!

When I was growing up adults said that we were stuck up and needed to be brought down a peg or two but it was the same qualities that people criticized that enabled us to lead positive productive lives as adults. Meanwhile, those who made those nasty comments back then… well their “well-behaved” and “disciplined” kids didn’t always do so well. I’ll leave it at that! 🙂

Mira on

I think Jaden’s comment about the first kiss his parents know about is quite inappropriate.

Amanda on

If they are dressed age-appropriate I do NOT want to see what you all consider age appropriate for 16 year olds. My daughters would never be allowed out of the house in that or anything close to it. Then again we teach our kids that fasion is about the clothes, not the skin and modesty = self-respect. As for those complaining that nobody said anything about Miley, ect….I did! Skin color doesn’t matter, parents selling out their children is WRONG. It especially doesn’t make sense to me when the parents are successful, why not let your kids be kids and once they’ve had an education and developed some self-esteem…then let them do what they want and I don’t even care if they help them along the way. These kids are way too young to face the criticism that comes with childhood fame and we have all seen how that works out in the majority of cases. Why put your kids through that?

Indira on

I actually don’t mind Willow’s outfit but, Jaden looks a mess. Acid wash jeans are a no.

Melissa on

Way to go Jayden. Go Canucks Go !!

biscuit on

Both of them look hideous, the girl looks like a hooker.

Sam on

@Chris – the picture up there (see it??) we’re commenting on is about Willow and Jaden. Miley is not in the picture. I’m sure that’s why the talk here is about Jaden and Willow. Just a thought.

@Sidjazz – Leafs are the ONLY team that matters, lol. As for Justin and Jaden/Willow being friends, I am sure they are after the Smith kids performed at Justin’s concerts.

Marie on

They dont look like kids 😦

Sam on

P.S. Sidjazz, words like ‘white privelege’ is just another excuse for the comments here. My comments have nothing to do with their race, but rather thier attitude. Thankyou very much.

@Chloe – your post was a good one, I’ve heard the same things that you have just described. Saucy and demanding, is not cute, it’s rude.

amandamay on

@Nettrice – You said “Yes. Several of the commenters are posting hateful messages about black children and families. These same people would never do that in real life which makes them COWARDS.”

–Where are these comments? I read all of them and not one says anything like that. Or are you implying that anyone who says something negative about Jayden and Willow is racist and/or saying “hateful” things about black families? I think it’s possible to not like these kids and not be racist.

As for “When I was growing up adults said that we were stuck up and needed to be brought down a peg or two but it was the same qualities that people criticized that enabled us to lead positive productive lives as adults.”

— I don’t know anyone who was a snotty/entitled/egotistical kid who turned out to be a nice, kind, well-mannered adult. Most people who act entitled/snotty/egotistical as a child end up with the same personality as an adult (As they tend to be so self-absorbed they don’t see a reason to change) – Yes, some of them might end up successful and productive, but that doesn’t make them any more pleasant to be around.

M on

They look exactly like their parents! Willow has the smile and eyes her father has, while Jaden resembles his mother in the same way.

Hea on

I just don’t get it. They both look like mini-adults but they are kids. Kids who probably still play, cry over nightmares and wet the bed. Why try to make them into something they’re not, yet, but will be if you give them some time? I wonder if they have real friends, like from school and neighbors and such or if they have each other most of the time?

Jamie on

Considering their father Will Smith’s arrogance, I am not surprised by what @Chloe wrote.

Daisy on

I know these two are just kids, but they look weirdly short in this photo o.0

criticaleye on

Call me old fashioned but I would not like my daughter to wear a dress like that when she’s only 10 yrs old.

Everybody is complaining about kids growing up so fast nowadays, here’s the answer, why. Because these are the role models they get.

PS: I really like the Smith family and Willow is very talented, her 21st century girl is an earworm, however…let kids be kids, not fake teenagers who burn out before they get there.

Sandy on

OBNOXIOUS!! That’s all I can say about these two.

Diana on

I don’t know anything about their attitudes but regardless of their attitudes they are kids and I can’t believe all the hate directed at them. From some of the comments here you would have thought they had personally offended some of you.

Halley on

There’s nothing wrong with the way either are dressed. Maybe you dont like their outfit choices, but they are not age inappropriate at all. Willow isnt wearing heels, or makeup, she isnt showing her stomach or her behind, she looks fine.

These kids are getting certain breaks because of who their parents are, but so what? I saw Karate Kid with my son, and Jaden was wonderful in it. He was also wonderful in The Pursuit of Happyness. He is a genuinely talented kid. I wish people would get off their case. As parents, we all support our children’s dreams. Because their parents have the power to make big stuff happen isnt their fault. And Will Smith is plenty famous without having to “whore” his children around. He is not famous because of his children, so I am pretty sure they’re doing this because THEY want to and not because their father is making them. Sheesh.

LPW on

So glad to see Willow in a cute outfit with a nice hairdo for a change, and looking like a sweet child. Jaden’s posture is unattractive, though. Good luck to them both.

Catca on


You say you’ve encountered these kids through work yet you’re comments are worded in a way that indicate these are things you’ve heard rather than witnessed directly. I have seen Will and Jada Smith interviewed a number of times and have always been impressed by them as people. I’ve never seen them or their children behave inappropriately. You say it seems any comments that are not criticizing their CHILDREN must be coming from their camp. Why do you think that if someone sees these kids as nice talented kids must be a plant. Is it so hard for you to believe someone out there may have a different opinion than you? Really, your comments are nothing more than cyber bullying children – and you an adult and should know better.

Clara on

Being that my daughter is part African American is nice to see kid’s in the entertainment industry that look more like her. Unfortunately they aren’t to many. I hope they have long successful careers like their father.

Marilyn on

Considering the fact that thre are no rules in their house (says Jada Pinkett), I’m not surprised at how they act sometimes.

chloe on

2 different chloe’s Catca

Toya L. on

I 100% agree with your post. Anybody with an IQ over 2 can read Chloe’s posts and tell that they are made up. If anybody believes that she worked with those kids and saw their behavior, then I have some gold to sell you and for less than a fourth of what you could sell it for. There are REAL articles from people who have REALLY been around them though and NONE said the things she posted.

Eilly on

it’s crazy how jealousy makes people nasty, i mean realy naw how could you hate on innocent kids… its not their fault, your parents arent wealthy and famous as theirs. First of all those kids dont even know, secondly your bad opinion doesnt add value to their lifes, thirdly who are you to judge them..if you dont have anything good to say about sme1 then its better you dont say anything at all, i bet you wouldn’t like it if some1 was saying bsd things about you or your family..STOP JUDGING N CRITISISING people, thats a very childish behaviour n shows lack of maturity GROW UP, get a life n stop makin this kids’s lifes your entertainment… to Lisa, Shi, Toya n Nella i give you 10\10 ^^,)

Niche on

Whenever there is a post about the Smith kids, I always find it hard not to defend them. Its a shame that adults have nothing better to do than spew hatred and venom to them and their family.

And yet, with all these negative comments, no one has said anything remotely logical as to why they dislike them so much.

Either way, I’m all for them following in their parents footsteps and doing what comes naturally to them. I’m a grown adult so I’m definitely not a fan but I am a supporter.

nettrice on

@amandamay the hateful comments are disproportionate for Jaden and Willow since their pics have been posted on this blog. I took notice of it when the Karate Kid came out and when Willow stepped into the spotlight. For the record, you (or others) can dance around it all you want. The evidence is all over this blog re: posts about these black children and their parents. Since there are so few black celeb children and families featured here it stands out. Others have pointed it out and then commenters turn and justify it with more hateful comments. Do even know what racism is?

“Snotty/entitled/egotistical” is b.s. to me, especially from commenters have never met these people. And, yes, people did say that about us growing up and we worked hard for what we have now. In spite of how we were treated we grew up to be positive, productive (and respectful) people. Many of those people who called us names back then cannot say the same about their children as grownups. People often criticize what they are either threatened by or don’t understand and I don’t mean constructive criticism, either.

JM on

Niche possibly the best comment i have read on this thread and i so agree. i am an adult so also not their target audience, but i don’t really understand why grown women seem to hate (and it DOES sound like hate) these two kids so much.
so they had it easy in life, so did the trump kids and their threads are never slaughtered like the smith kids’ threads are. what about nicole ritchie or the kardashians or jamie lynn spears (i could go on) who are famous because of someone in their family?

as far as their attitude goes. there doesn’t seem to be anyone here who has interacted with them personally to know what they are really like. and yes, they may be a bit precocious but that is not a quality singularly reserved for famous kids. i often meet kids who have a similar kind of attitude, outgoing and a little precocious. that doesn’t make me feel i am better than them. just that they are kids and still have a lot to learn. let them, and let them make mistakes and grow.

i just find it surprising that adults can get this upset about two kids who really haven’t done anything wrong as far as i can tell.

LauraPalmer on

@Lisa – You could not be more wrong! Both the Estevez/Sheen boys, Kiefer Sutherland (and his one time room-mate Robert Downey Jr, also the child of a famous person), and Micheal Douglas worked hard to get where they are today! Kiefer Sutherland lived in his car for a time when he couldn’t get work in the early 90s, not with his famous dad. A lot of ‘Famous Kids’ work very hard, and refuse hand-outs because of their names and DNA.

Hea on

Eilly – How can you mistake common sense and regular opinions for jealousy? That is so OLD.

Jillian on

jealousy…eh, wrong
because they are black…eh, wrong again