Laila Ali Welcomes Daughter Sydney

04/04/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

It’s a girl for Laila Ali!

The former boxer and Dancing With the Stars alum welcomed daughter Sydney J. Conway on Monday, April 4, Ali Tweeted.

“I had my baby girl this morning! Sydney arrived on her due date at 3am!” wrote Ali. “Everyone is happy and healthy.”

Ali, 33, and husband Curtis Conway are also parents to son Curtis ‘C.J.’ Muhammad Jr., 2Β½.

— Sarah Michaud

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Tee on

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Lorelei on

What a beautiful family! Congratulations!

Selena on

Love the name! Congrats! You get one of each. I always wanted a boy and a girl. I have my boy now I’m hoping a girl.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I love the name Sydney!

Ashley on

LOVE the name Sydney, very beautiful πŸ™‚

Niche on

Congratulations to Laila, Curtis, and CJ! Love the name… I know she’s beautiful.

Nella on

Congrats!! I love the name Sydney, very cute! I’m sure she’s a little cutie, just like her brother.

Sarah S. on

How wonderful–congrats to the Ali-Conway clan!!

Shannon on

So happy for them! Beautiful family!

KikiOttawa on


What’s the ‘J.’ stand for?

Allegra on

Not a fan of the name Sydney. I’m not really sure why. Either way, it flows really well with Conway. Congratulations to the family!

Sidjazz on

Love the name Sydney, that’s my 21 month old name, however I spelt her’s Sidney because I wasn’t fond of the two “Y” spellling. I wonder what the J is for,could it be Jade…my little girl is Sidney Jade!

Bree on

Congrats!! I love the name Sydney for a girl πŸ™‚ Unfortunatly it is not even a possibility for hubby and I because I have a great uncle Sydney πŸ˜›

Cant wait to see pictures of this latest cutie pie!!

Macy on

Sydney is an atrocious name on a girl, its all male to me.

T.U.M on

I come from Sydney. So it sounds strange to me. Equivalent to naming my daughter New York!! lol

Tess on

Isn’t Sydney the correct spelling for a girl? Sidney is for a boy. Sidney Poitier?

Jillian on

Macy, I am shocked you don’t like the name……

nelly on

Congrats to Laila and her husband the name Sydney a favorite of mine for a girl..

lisa on

Sydney is ALL girl and a fabulous name. I have a teenage girl Sydney and it is the perfect name for a quirky, strong and independent girly girl. You wouldn’t want a boy named Sydney (or Sidney) IMO.

Anonymous on

I love that name Sydney. Plus I don’t think anyone else should judge what people name their kid’s. Congrats to Laila, Curtis, C.J. and Curtis’ other two daughters on the birth of their daughter and sister!

Allegra on

Lisa, I think you’re very biased. Sidney/Sydney can just as easily be a strong, solid name for a boy.

Ingrid Schneickert on

Congrats to such a wonderful family. Our daughter Sydney is now 6 years old.

J.J. on

CONGRATULATIONS CURTIS, LAILA AND BIG BROTHER CJ!!!!!!!!! Sydney is just an adorable name and I’m sure the little baby girl is too! I agree that even though Sydney is unisex, it’s much more suitable and cuter for a girl than boy..just my honest opinion, though there’s nothing wrong to have a son named Sidney. Just like with Elizabeth Rohm’s daughter’s name..Easton can be unisex, however, I feel in that case the name Easton and more suitable and cuter for a boy than a just doesn’t seem to suit a girl IMO.

Sydney on

I love the name. Although, I am biased as I am a Sydney.

I have found it to be a very unusual name for a girl in the UK (where Sidney is mainly used for boys), but much more common in the US.

cΓ©cile on

“You wouldn’t want a boy named Sydney (or Sidney) IMO.”

I guess poor Sidney Poitier has no other choice than to crawl under a rock right away!!Sidney Pollack has already left us and it shouldn’t be too long for the almost 90 year old Sidney Lumet.

Maybe you wouldn’t want a boy named Sidney, but it has apparently been given to some fairly talented people through the years.

queenofhearts on

Congrats to Laila and family!! Love the name Sydney!!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see her … I’m sure she’s gorgeous just like her big brother …. I wonder what the J. stands for though

meghan on

I certainly would not refer to Mr. Poitier as “girly”. To this day, he is all man!

Cecelia on

Lisa, I would actually say it’s completely unisex. As previously mentioned, Sidney Poitier is a distinguished bearer of the name. In addition, I’m a hockey fan and Sidney Crosby is the current face of the sport. No one bats an eyelash where he’s concerned.

Sidjazz on

I think the name is perfect for a girl or boy but I liked it for a girl more, so I choose it for my 2nd daughter. Yes, the girl spelling is usually spelt Sydney but I just didn’t like the two “Y” in the same name…just my choice. I figured since we “girls” already choose to take the name from little boys (Sidney was originally an english boy’s name, just like Ashley,Shannon, Tracy”) then I can use the original spelling for a girl also πŸ™‚ Sidney Poiter is originally from the Caribbean where alot of the names are english in origin.

Sidjazz on

Not mention he’s a Canuck (Canadian) like me, Sidney Crosby that is. Go Sidney Go!!!

Terri on

I love the name Sydney.

JM on

cute and original name. very pretty. congrats to them.

Jen on

Wow, I’ve never heard anyone say Sydney was an “atrocious” name for a girl! I have never heard Sydney as a man’s name, only as a woman’s…might be a cultural difference? Is Sydney a popular man’s name in other cultures?

Anyhow, this is THE most adorable family ever! So happy for them πŸ™‚

Jill on

I have a beautiful daughter that we named, Sydnee. I just loved that name!! You go, girl. Congrats!!

Sidjazz on

Jen, Sidney was originally a man’s name, it’s origin and English and it’s was very popular for boys in England and the Caribeean until the girls took it over in the 80’s. I think mostly North American girls(Canada and the USA)

Cathy on

Why does it matter about the name. They chose it and they like it. It is no one elses business. To have all this discussion over a name is ridiculous. Put all that energy into solving world hunger or something beneficial.

Mia on

I like the name Sydney for a girl,but it also sounds a lot like the name Cindy. Sidney is the common boy spelling + it makes me think of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols (UK)–Johnny Rotten would sometimes call Sid Vicious “Sidney” (real name Simon).

Anyone see the Alex Cox movie-Sid + Nancy?-LOL.

Eily on

Congratulationssss… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

juliahoolia on

I love the name Sydney as well…. that’s what I named my daughter 4 years ago! I cannot believe people would criticize a name that’s already been given to a baby!

Melissa on

I love the name Sydney. I gave my first daughter that name and it fits her perfectly. I’m also a fan of Alias and the main character’s name was also Sydney. Congrats to the family!

Taylor on

Congrats Laila, Curtis, and CJ! I’m sure she’s adorable like her brother! Not a fan of the name Sydney, but Sydney J. Conway sounds very sophisticated and flows well.

kaycee on

Congratulations to the beautiful family !!!! I think Sydney is a wonderful name, it is the most normal “Hollywood” baby name I have heard in a while, besides it is their business, no one tells you people what to name your children.

barbara grosso on

My beautiful sister’s name is “Sydnee Conway”… the name!