Spotted: Jamie Lynn Spears Celebrates with Maddie

04/04/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jamie Lynn Spears

It’s been a big week for the Spears family.

Britney Spears performed two shows and released her new album, Femme Fatale. And now her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is celebrating her own milestone: Her 20th birthday.

Jamie Lynn, whose birthday is Monday, took to Twitter over the weekend to share some of her plans.

“What else do you do on your 20th birthday weekend?” she wrote Saturday and posted an adorable shot of herself giving a big hug to Maddie Briann, her 2½-year-old daughter with Casey Aldridge.

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Shawna on

Maddie is absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice to see that Jamie Lyn has been a good mom to her despite her young age.

daria on

adorable pic! such a lovely mommy-daughter moment.

Tess on

What an adorable girl.

Lady on

Sooo cute, she looks just like her dad!!

showbizmom on

I have much respect for the Spear’s family. They went through a difficult and sad time with Britney who seems to be doing better thanks to her parents and family. Jamie Lynn left Hollywood and took responsibility for her life choices and seems to be doing well. It all boils down to family the parents stepping up and not letting this machine that is Hollywood ruin their kids lives. The Spears girls should be proud. This picture warms my heart.

Brooke on

Maddie is a cutiepie. I love her princess dress.

JA on

Cute, but why do younger people insist upon making this ridiculous duckface in all of their photos? It looks so unappealing!

Selena on

@JA- I’m about 7 years older than Jamie Lynn. I also take “duckface” pics all the time with my 1 year old. It’s fun not ridiculous. Sheesh lighten up.

Selena on

Maddie looks so big! She has changed a lot! Love her smile!

Amanda on

I was wondering what she has been up to as since fell right off the Hollywood grid! Didn’t realize that she & bf broke up and she basically raising Maddie as a single parent. Looks like she’s doing a great job despite her young age…good for her!

saydee on

@JA & Selena – I’ve seen a lot of teens & young adults take duckface pics with their friends, too. It isn’t just a mom/child thing. I was wondering what the “duckface” was all about, too.

Shannon on

Maddie is cute. Looks like they are having fun together.

I thought JL and Casey got back together.

Sarah S. on

It’s so refreshing for a young starlet to be out of the constant Hollywood scene (aka Paps following your every move) to raise their child! Kudos to you, Jamie Lynn!! 🙂

Amanda on

I’m 25 and have never made the ‘duck face’ lol In Jamie Lynn’s defense it looks more like she’s trying to make a funny face than duck face, which is an unappealing way of trying to look better or something?? 😉

Holly on

I’ll be 23 next month, and totally know what you mean about the face lol, I’ve never done it but it irrirates me. I do however think she was just making a funny face with her little girl.

Anyway, love her and even though she got pregnant young, clearly stepped up, and did the right thing.

Alice on

She is making a kissing face towards her kid! It’s the “young people” who do this as a pose that are stupid/ridiculous… now you can’t even do it when it’s actually relevant.

Lovely picture, I was thinking that it had been a while since we had news of her and Maddie! Good for them. She’s adorable!

Mandy on

What else do you do on your 20th birthday weekend??

Hmmm Jamie Lynn, how about NOT sharing it with your 3 year old who you shouldn’t have had to begin with. How about actually being a good role model to your fans on Nickolodeon and not getting knocked up at 16. Wow…There’s a good point right there.

You should be celebrating with your COLLEGE friends and not your daughter.

That being said, her daughter is cute. Are she and the father still together? Gosh knows they aren’t married.

ÿELO on

Super cute photo! In regards to the “duck face”, I’ve always thought it was a “pucker up” face like you’re pretending to kiss somebody. Whatever it may mean, Jamie Lynn and Maddie look adorable.

JMO on

maybe I’m old in my late 20’s haha but have never known about this “duck face” thing but thanks to everyone I’ll now be looking for it!

And Maddie looks like her dad. But it’s good to see JLS took responsibility and moved out of hollywood to raise Maddie and put her career temporarily on hold. Good for her!

bex on

Wow Mandy, bit nasty.
Its nice to see that someone thinks that they are perfect and don’t make mistakes. Jamie Lynn would probably agree that 16 is not the age to have a child, but maybe she is actually doing the right thing and being a parent.. wonder what it would be like to have other people rub your mistakes in your face for the rest of your life. Saying that she should not have had her daughter is a bit much! Oh and the whole “they aren’t married” crap is ridiculous.. so apparently only people that are married love their kids and are good people? Some people are so ignorant!

Mandy, I hope that the people around you judge you just as much as your judging her!

Shannon on

Wow, Mandy. 😦

Alice on

Mandy, when I see what a lot of college kids are up to, I wish more of them acted like the adults that they ARE. Give me JLS any day, at least she stepped up to the plate and did the right thing by her baby. Many in her situation are indeed partying with their college friends instead of caring for their kids. And before you call me old and bitter, I’m 20 too.

mrs. r. on

Mandy! That’s so cruel!

She’s someone who has taken COMPLETE responsibility for her actions, and decided to leave the h-wood scene to raise her child in peace and quiet.

It’s her birthday. It’s Twitter. EVERYONE I know shares a picture of herself with her child on Twitter once in a while… why shouldn’t she?

Such an inappropriate comment from you Mandy! Shame on you!

Anonymous on

Mandy – That’s very cruel to say, I’m sure she never planned to have a baby at 16. She seemed to mature very well for having a baby and leaving Hollywood and staying out of the scene. College kids aren’t all they are thrown out to be. They drink, parties till the morning hours, etc etc. It’s not all study, learn & go to sleep. College is actually known for a lot of partying years…

But you should NEVER say someone shouldn’t have had a child that they had. Things happen and with those situations you just have to accept it and handle them the best you can.

—— Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn, welcome to the 20’s!

Amanda on

Mandy, how about the baby is already here and she is being responsible and raising her, and enjoying it apparently at that. She didn’t go and get an abortion and pretend it never happened, she’s not out partying, binge drinking and doing drugs like MANY college students without kids (and unfortunately many with). Becoming a parent in your teens is not ideal, but at least she did the right thing and grew up so she could be a good parent to HER child. More ‘adult’ parents should do that, by you know not letting a tv show be such a big part of their lives that they look at a teenager who may make human mistakes as a role model. I have 3 kids, my oldest is a 7 year old girl and I’m shocked at the shows some parents let their kids watch. No way would I let her watch any of those shows, good old cartoons it is for us.

lisa on

Mandy, You are an IDIOT! You can’t unring the bell and you must make the best of your situation. I wouldn’t wish teenage pregnancy and/or motherhood on anyone since it is soo hard but it is done and she seems to be doing a great job. Kudos to JLS and maybe she will enjoy college at a later date if she wishes but right now she is a MOM!

Bancie1031 on

It’s good to see Jamie-Lynn and Maddie, it’s definitely been awhile since we’ve seen them on here ….. Jamie-Lynn looks great! Maddie is such a cutie-pie! Love this picture 🙂

The “duckface” look is something like making a kissy face at the camera …. at least that’s my take on it …. if that’s not it then idk ….

Bancie1031 on

Actually when I first seen this, it took me a second glance to even realize it was Jamie-Lynn and Maddie …. they look so different …. Jamie-Lynn is definitely growing up 🙂

Mina on

Mandy, the party scene isnt for everyone. I went out the other night (first time in months) and as I sat there at the bar with my friends drinking, I found myself getting bored. We talked, drank, and then shot some billiards…and after an hour I was ready to go home. It was so lame. I was a young mom and I LOVE it. I have so much energy to give my child. I can relate to situations because I was in them not too long ago myself. I LOVE going places with him and seeing his face light up when he does new things. He just went on his first rollar coaster (I am a huge coaster fan) and it was AWSOME. The best experience EVER. I’d rather be a young mom ANYDAY then party with stoner college kids.

Anonymous on

I’m with Mandy. I don’t understand why so many people say the responsible thing was for her to have baby and relinquish her own childhood.
We have choices in this day and age, and sometimes the “responsible” thing is to not to have the baby.
Teenage parents most often lack the maturity, money, and stability that it takes to raise a child, and their parents are left to pick up the pieces. At least Jamie Lynn has the money to handle it, unlike many her age.

Kellie on

Mandy and Anonymous- I agree that teenagers should not be having babies…. but that being said it’s happens. Yes sometimes the best thing is for them not to raise the baby. As a daughter of a teenage mother, that wasn’t the option for her. She wanted to have me, not get rid of me, or give me up for adoption, but raise me. She matured quickly, and struggled terribly making ends meet. 22 years later, I am a college graduate and she is a lawyer.

I am not saying give her a medal or anything. If you ask her…well do you think having me early was what she wanted? The answer would no. Would she change how her life has played out, she would say Heck no.

I am her daughter and to frown upon her wfor anting the best for me, even if that meant giving up things she wanted to do is silly to me. Would you walk up to her and say, How dare you raise your daughter, trying to give her the best, and providing her with unconditional love when you should have been partying on your 20th birthday???

The fact is many parts sacrifice Lots for their kids. Does that make them any less of a parent?

Darla on

I completely agree with Mandy. Its NOT the right or responsible thing to do to have a child at such a young age. How can ANYONE say it is responsible to bring a child into this world when the mother is clearly not going to be a fit parent?

Abortion or giving her daughter up for adoption would have been a better choice.

I don’t care if SOME teen mothers are good parents, the truth is that MOST of them are not. Even the ones who are fairly good mothers are NOT going to be able to offer their child even half the things an older parent will be able to. Whoever denies this is delusional and lying to themselves. The best job a 16 yr old can get is a minimum wage job (unless of course they are rich like Jamie Lynn). A child can not be properly raised on a minimum wage job. A minimum wage job can not buy a house or even rent a decent apartment, it can not cover health insurance for the child, good quality food, enough clothes, extracurricular activities that require money (i.e. music, art, or sports lessons), tutoring, etc.

Its funny that most teen mothers end up having daughters (or even sons) who they themselves end up becoming teen parents too. This is a cruel cycle that needs to be STOPPED!

Elena on

kudos to her for keeping her baby! I got pregnant at her age and did the right thing for me and my boyfriend (now husband) and had abortion. She seems to be amazing mum.. I hate the eternal argument about teen pregnancies, some can handle it and some can’t. Having a baby in young age isn’t the end of world. But now i’m 21 and expecting much wanted baby..

Mari on

@Mandy: Wow, it is good that you are perfect then and will never get in a situation you will be judged for negatively by the people around you.

Cute picture of a young mother, who has fun with her daughter on her birthday. The kid looks healthy, she looks healthy.

We just have a case here in Germany where a mother starved her daughter to death. The poor girl had been so desparate shortly before she died that she even ate her pampers.

Those are the people I call names. Yes, it is not ideal to have a child with 16 but there are much worse things you can do to you and to other people.

collete on

i’m not on anyone’s side in particular. but there’s a reason our bodies are BUILT to have babies from such a young age.
saying it’s ‘wrong’ is denying biology.
then again i try to go by circumstance. and hey man, this kid had money! that’s probably the most important thing when it comes to raising kids!!

Lisa on

Well said Kellie!!!

Colby on

And it’s reasons like this that JLS won’t upload more pictures of her and her beautiful daughter. Thank you Mandy for being a negative nancy and showing us what little a human being you actually are. So rude. Happy Birthday JLS!

Tracie on

I didn’t know being a “normal teenager’ required being out partying and wasted on a college campus?

She should have had an abortion? Well eff you too.

You people are ridiculous. She is a well adjusted young woman who is raising an adorable little girl out of the public eye. Age doesn’t mean a damn thing. You can be 40 years old and still be a shitty parent.

Teenage pregnancy is not ideal, but it happened. Stop judging her because you are not person your self.

Gaia and labans mom on

The way our society is set up, we are emotionally and mentally maturing later and later sometimes not until our 30s. However look around the world and you’ll see good mothers in there early twenties and late teens. Married with children! These women have to mature and become matriarchs much earlier than girls in the west. It might not be our ideal but its not impossible for a young girl to grow up.

Tiff on

Hmmm Jamie Lynn, how about NOT sharing it with your 3 year old who you shouldn’t have had to begin with.

Wow, Mandy. You’re looking at this picture of this beautiful little girl and saying her mom shouldn’t have had her? YOUR mother shouldn’t have had YOU to begin with. Clearly you’re a failed experiment.

Anonymous on

I don’t think everything with college has to do with drinking and partying. I didn’t do any of that. Mandy was a bit harsh but she was being flat out. Its her opinion. I don’t think she should have gotten an abortion but adoption would have been a good choice. She had a lot of girls looking up to her and she should have kept the pregnancy a secret. It’s not like she was in the spotlight. And then quietly put the baby up for adoption. She was forced to grow up too quickly.

Tiff on

Anonymous, if she WANTED her baby and could afford to keep her, why on earth should she have given her up?! Yes there were young girls looking up to her, but who’s more important, them, or her own flesh and blood? Jamie has to live for herself, not for the girls who choose to look up to her. If she had given the baby up and years later Maddie tracked her down and asked “why didn’t you keep me?” what would Jamie say, “I had my image to protect?” How selfish is THAT? Come on, now. What’s done is done. Jamie had the right to choose her option, whether the public agreed with her or not. Why is this still an issue THREE YEARS LATER?!

Shelly on

I can’t believe that anyone, after seeing this picture, would say that Jamie Lynn should have aborted Maddie or given her up for adoption. That’s appalling to me.

Kelly on

Liberals like Mandy are the reason why celebrities and others shun being in the public eye and even being out in public altogether. I think that everyone should get together and make fun of Mandy just like she has done at JLS. Jamie Lynn is actually in many ways more mature than her big sister and she seems like a good mom. Her family are good people and she has been raised with proper morals unlike many celebrity relatives. Mandy had no business saying what she said. Can JLS undo the past and change the fact that Maddie is here now? No. I am SO glad that Mandy is “practically perfect in every way” and has NEVER made a mistake. Let’s congratulate her on her narcissism and knowledge that she has never done anything regrettable.

Bancie1031 on

Tiff – LMAO!!!!

daria on

@kelly, liberals? you don’t understand political affiliation at all. plus, mandy’s comment was horrible all around, why add politics into it?

why did this thread turn into a discussion of teenage parenthood based on an adorable picture of a young mother caring for her daughter?

Holiday on

She seems like a good mother and although its not ideal to have a baby so young, she seems to be doing a great job and seems more mature then lots of older moms that I know! Even when you use protection surprise babies do happen and she accepted her responsibilites as a mom instead of just aborting her baby like lots of other women do.

Selena on

@Tiff- THANK YOU! That was too too funny!

Dee on

Is Jamie Lynn working or studying now? She must do something else than being with her child.

lee on

What is Jamie Lynn doing nowadays? Is she working or studying?

Cecelia on

Excuse me, Kelly? What does being liberal and Mandy’s comment have to do with anything? What a weird assumption on your part!

Anonymous on

I will remain anonymous because I fear I’ll be bashed for what I will say. I was 16 when I became pregnant. My mother and father threw me out. They said I could come back home if I got an abortion. I refused. It was against what I believed in. I had done the deed and this poor innocent baby didn’t ask to be conceived by a 16 year old. I couldn’t end it’s life. So I moved in with a friend who’s mother supported my decision.

Today I have a beautiful 4 year old son and can’t imagine life without him. I still haven’t talked to my parents since. They act as if I don’t exist. Its fine. I don’t want my son around people like that. I want him to grow up knowing I made a mistake but I did what was best and made up for it.

The negative people on here have a right to their own opinions but they have obviously not been in this situation and need to keep quiet.

Jamie Lynn and her daughter are doing just fine. And they’ll have such a close relationship as Maddie grows.

Anonymous on

I’m not weighing in on whether or not she should have had the kid… I just don’t understand why some people say it was the responsible thing to have the child.

Mandy (the real one) on


It appears someone has been posting on here as me. That was not me. I would not say something like that.

I sincerely apologize for what was hurtfully said. A friend of mine that comes on here regularly like I do mentioned the comment to me. I was obviously confused and just got off work and came on as soon as I could.

It is not my right to judge another individual. Its no one’s right. Everyone has different circumstances and different lives.

Jamie Lynn stepped up and did the mature thing. Not every 17 year old could do that. Just look at that Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant show. A lot of those girls are not mature enough or responsible enough to be parents.

Abortion to me is wrong. I hope I don’t start a debate on that, it is not my intention. A baby does not have a choice on who their parents are. They can’t be conceived to a 27 yr old well off couple. They are born to all types of people. It is not their fault if the parents don’t want him or her. Instead of abortion, why not adoption? So many loving families are ready for a baby but can’t have one.

I’m not saying Jamie should have put her daughter up for adoption either. She had a supportive family and money to raise Maddie. That’s a lot more than a lot of people her age have.

Again, truly sorry for the awful post and the negativity that ensued.

Terri on

So apparently she’s moved to Nashville and is working on a country music album.

Maddie looks just like her daddy.

Mia on

She does look like her father-they seem happy!

However-I agree–when I first read “What else do you do on your 20th birthday?”…etc. and realistically,no-it’s not typically that you share it with your almost 3 year-old child. 20 is still really young-and yeah, you can be responsible, but most 20 yearolds are in college/school, making a more stable foundation for themselves-not having the responsibility of having/caring for a child.

Stella Bella on

The argument that has started on this thread is just cruel to Maddie. Awful.
Cute photo of Jamie and Maddie, btw.

Evalynn on

I was born to a teen mother, and I honestly think it would have been better if she aborted me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be alive now, but I did not have a good childhood, and it was irresponsible for my mother to have me and raise me. My mother gave birth to me when she was 3 months shy of 16. I only met my father a few times when I was little and haven’t seen him since. When my mom had me, she was in 10th grade in high school. She continued going to school, and she found a part time job working at a convenience store. For the first 6 years of my life, I was raised mostly by my grandparents when they weren’t working. However, my grandparents had jobs too so on many days I was left at home ALL ALONE as an infant and toddler. When my mom was around 22, she had saved up enough money to move out. This was a very sad and difficult situation for me, because I wanted to live with my grandparents since they raised me, but I was forced to move out with my mom. We moved into a tiny studio apartment in a poor area. I went to school wearing the same outfit every single day, and my diet consisted mainly of cheap fast food. About a year later, my mom got a boyfriend and we ended up moving in with him. She got pregnant with my little brother at this time, and she decided to look for a better job because she was only making minimum wage. She decided to enroll herself in Cosmetology school. Since she left her old job behind during this time, we were being supported only by my step dad. We moved FOUR times during that 2 year period until my mom finally got her beautician license and found a job. She was making decent money, but not nearly enough to support two kids. We lived on a budget. When I was 10 years old, I developed an abscess in my mouth caused by an infected tooth. The infection spread to my jaw and neck and caused extreme swelling in my face and throat/neck. I developed Ludwig’s Angina and I almost died. This is all because I had NEVER been to the dentist before and had only been to the doctor about 4 times in 10 years! I was hospitalized and the whole cost of my hospitalization and overall treatment was over $100,000 AFTER discounts (no joke) because I did not have health insurance, and we did not qualify for full medicaid.
I recovered just fine, but my family and living situation did not get any better over the years. I got pregnant at 17 years old, but I had an abortion and it was the BEST decision I ever made in my life.

Moral of the story: I had a BAD childhood and nobody deserves to go through what I went through. Many people could make the argument that my mother was responsible, got a job, and worked hard to support me and my brother. But that is NOT enough!!!! Yes she got a job, yes she did the best she could to support us, but sometimes the BEST is not good enough! For crying out loud, the ONLY toy I ever had in my life was a used naked barbie from a garage sale, my wardrobe consisted of two or three cheap outfits, I almost died because my mother couldn’t afford to take me to a dentist for preventive care, I was a D student in school because my mom was too busy to care about my grades and teach me how to study and she could not afford a tutor. The list goes on and on.
By most peoples’ standards, my mom would be considered a good mom. Yes, she was a good mom compared to other teen moms, but she was a horrible mother compared to adult moms.
I wish people would stop saying keeping the baby is doing the right and responsible thing, because it NEVER is. No matter how hard the mother works and sacrifices, it will never be enough to raise a child properly. Unless that mother wins the lottery or comes from a rich family, there is NO way it will be enough.
And don’t give me any of that B.S. and say “well some teen moms end up going to college and getting good jobs after. Yes, but in the mean time while the mother is getting an education, the child is mostly likely being raised by the grandparents or a babysitter. And even AFTER the mother graduates from college, it will take her a while to get a good job and earn a steady income. By that time, the child will already be older.

amanda on

I’m sorry that you had to go through that Evalynn. I think it’s good to have someone who has been raised by a teen mom step up and share their own childhood experience.

Holiday on

Thanks for sharing your story with us Evelyn. That was brave of you to do so. I agree most teen moms cant provide well enough for their children but obviously Jamie Lynn is a different story financially. I also had a 2 friends have babies at 16. One did very well and by 25 had a PhD and has always provided so well for her son. Granted she did have a lot of family support. The other lost custody of her child when the little girl was 3 because of neglect.

dsfg on

Holiday, how in the world can “most teen moms providfe well enough” for their children when they haven’t even finished school and aren’t even making a living wage? I agree that some do, but most? Come on, that’s just not true.

ST on

Mandy, what a ridiculous comment. She is an ADULT woman who is taking a nice picture with her daughter. In case you didn’t know, women have been having babies in their teens for a long time. It isn’t accepted anymore, but just because she happened to make a mistake doesn’t mean she needs negative comments about it for the rest of her life. Is she not supposed to ever have any fun with her daughter? Is she supposed to spend her life feeling terrible for being a teen mother? I feel sorry for someone with such a negative attitude.

Holiday on

Can you read dsfg? I wrote CANT provide well enough.

Jillian on

I HATE the duck face. I saw a picture of Vanessa Hudgens and her sister making it with each other at the Lakers game. I really can’t stand it, don’t think it is cute…..