BumpWatch: Kate Hudson – Bienvenidos, Baby

04/04/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Mama-to-be Kate Hudson and her boys — son Ryder Russell, 7, and beau Matt Bellamy — check out local goods while touring the Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday.

The actress, 31, expects her second child — a delivery surprise! — in July.

“Kate is really happy. She was always excited to have kids again at some point,” a friend recently told PEOPLE.

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klutzy_girl on

I really like that dress! It’s pretty. (LOL, I probably think that way because blue is my favorite color.)

I think the baby’s a girl.

Selena on

Kate looks great. Ryder is an adorable little boy!

annie on

When does her son go to school?

Lucy on

@Annie- You know this was Saturday right? I mean it says it here “Mama-to-be Kate Hudson and her boys — son Ryder Russell, 7, and beau Matt Bellamy — check out local goods while touring the Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday.”

Jillian on

Annie, Many children are on or were on spring break as well.

Lau on

Cute, I didn’t know they were all here =)

Shannon on

Ryder looks just like his dad. Cute.

Mary on

Did anyone see the picture of her drinking wine? What the hell is she thinking. Has she never heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? What an idiot!

Mary on

Just saw a picture of her drinking wine while she is pregnant- has she never heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. What a self indulged idiot!

Beth on


It has been said by many physicians that a glass of wine once in awhile while pregnant will not harm the fetus. Now getting drunk everyday is a different story. I think Kate knows what she is doing.

Beka on

Well Mary,Some doctors say that one glass of wine every once in a while is okay.

showbizmom on

She has the glow! I want to be with child again.

I guess I’m an idiot, because I was in Paris when knocked up with one of my girls, and I had a glass of wine, couldn’t pass it up. My daughter is fine. If youre a knocked down drunk yeah, your kid can come out with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but a glass isn’t going to do it. Do some research folks!

mary on

I am one of those patients whose doctors have said a glass is just fine. You have to get pretty tipsy to have your fetus get the affect AND continue to do it over a long period of time. In fact one of the reasons they say no drinking is because moderation to certain people is not the same as moderation the FDA would call ok.

Kelly on

People that are judgmental and big mouthed are always going to find a way to throw stones at others. Grow up! My own doctor told me that when I visited Spain I was allowed to consume Sangria due to the low alcohol levels. Some alcohol has different levels and you can’t automatically think that every wine is going to have the levels of hard liquor or something. And who knows, it could have been non alcoholic? That DOES exist you know.

Alice on

That’s a lovely dress. Yay for Ryder’s hair getting longer 🙂

Jackie on

The reason why some doctors say no alcohol during pregnancy is that there is no way to figure out the exact threshold for harm. With some woman, even one glass of alcoholic beverage can trigger FDA. Higly unlikely, but still possible. So it is about taking chances. I personally wouldn’t take that chance.

jessicad on

I love that dress too, so pretty on her! I’m thinking girl for them.

I also drank red wine when I was pregnant, one or two glasses each month after my first trimester. It was weird because I never liked wine before and my body craved it during pregnancy, and of course I drank water with it as well. I went to the hospital at 38 weeks having major contractions and pain but I wouldn’t let the Dr. break my water because I wanted it to happen naturally, he told me to go home and have a glass of wine to calm the contractions and to help me sleep.

I don’t understand why people freak out over an occasional glass, unless she was doing a keg stand I don’t see the big deal.

Mary on

No amount of alcohol is safe- why would anyone take the chance. So sad that there are so many uneducated people out there who are harming their unborn babies. Physicians who recommend drinking should not be practicing medicine! I work with children who have been affected by alcohol exposure and “binge” drinking was not the cause it was from varying levels of drinking. Those of you who insist on drinking while pregnant may not see the signs at birth but when your child starts school and displays learning disablities you will know the reason.

Sus on

Kate is beautiful in blue! 🙂

Nella on

Kate looks great, she looks so relaxed and I happen to love her style! As far as the wine comment goes I heard that it’s okay to have a glass of wine while pregnant. Obviously it’s not okay to be drinking all the time and getting drunk. My friend got married while she was pregnant and she had a glass of wine at her wedding reception. Her doctor told her it was okay, and nothing bad happend, she had a healthy baby. Another thing , a lot of women may not find out they’re pregnant for at least two months or so maybe because it was an accidental pregnancy or whatever the reason, so what if they’re drinking during that time… If they don’t know and happen to have a few drinks while already pregnant, I’ve heard of that happening a lot! Obviously they would stop once they found out they’re pregnant. Anyways, i guess it’s just an individual choice.

Taneka on

May God bless them with a healthy son!

Doreen on

I wouldn’t take a chance on drinking the wine. Just in case. Better to be safe than sorry! I don’t think wine is important. To me, the health of the child rather is not self indulgent.

Molly on

Mary, so I guess the doctors are uneducated that have told women one or two glasses of wine are fine? I think you’re the uneducated one. I personally think women should ask their doctor’s advice before drinking a glass of wine or alcohol, but one or two glasses after the first trimester should be okay if their pregnancies are healthy.
And I love Kate’s dress and I think she’s having a girl. 🙂

Shannon on

Hey at least she wasn’t smoking. *cough*CatherineZetaJones*cough*

amanda on

For every child that turns out fine when there mom’s had an occasional drink there are 3 more who end up with FAS or learning disabilities. Life is hard enough to deal with as it is, why would you risk passing these hardships to your child? If you don’t have the willpower to abstain from booze completely, then you have no right to be having a baby.

Bancie1031 on

Kate looks great …. I think she’s carrying a little girl 🙂

poppykai on

It is such a relief to find so many medical doctors on here commenting on how one glass of wine is going to mentally and physically retard a child’s development!! It is not at all uncommon in western Europe to have an occassional drink while pregnant and I don’t know anyone whose child has been damaged by it. To me this is not a black or white issue; whether or not to have a drink when pregnant is not only a personal choice, but should also depend on a woman’s medical history. I’m sure I am just adding fuel to this fire, but I simply believe women should support each other instead of tear each other down or critique each and every choice!

Hea on

@ Mary – I sometimes drink alcohol free wine when I’m about to be driving a car or if I don’t feel like consuming alcohol. And, like some have said before me, some doctors say it’s OK to have a glass of wine or a beer for that matter.

I am no pro but I imagine a glass of wine with dinner is better than a glass of wine on an empty stomach too.

Mari on

@Mary: I guess maybe you should go and educate yourself a bit more, before you go down like a harpy on other people.

Do you know that some foods are likely to cause more damage to an unborn child than a glass of wine or beer once in a while? Or even some regular activities. Since you don’t know any of the people here on this board personally or Kate Hudson personally, you should really be careful what you say. Nobody likes judgemental people, especially when you get the feeling they don’t really know what they are talking about and just repeat things they have learned to be the absolute wisdom.

As for the article and picture. I like that dress because it manages to enhance the pregnancy and at the same time hides the bump a bit, if you know what I mean. 🙂

hayley w on

mary get a grip, really honey your telling me a single glass of wine in a whole 9 months is going to harm a baby , as opposed to all the fumes your breathe in from cars every single day , cleaning products , crap they put in foods….

ok people heres the thing, a few glasses of wine will not harm a baby, just like hair colour , microwaves , the odd glass of coke or coffee

i for one did all these things and im pregnant now and it was mothers day here on sunday and i had a glass of bucks fizz , and a can of coke and ……a peanut butter sandwich!! lmao

Hea on

Mary – What’s your stand on morphine and other narcotic drugs during labor? My friend got a morphine shot after hours of labor that progressed slowly. She got it so that she could sleep for a while. Having had one for different medical reasons myself, I can swear that I have felt such a buzz after a glass of wine. I bet my friends’ baby felt pretty cozy and extra warm and relaxed too! They say if a baby is born within a couple of hours of a morphine shot he or she can be sluggish and tired. Babies can forget to breathe properly…

Jessie on

I love that dress she’s wearing, and as far as the wine debate it’s her choice and it’s fine to have a glass of wine occasionally. What about women that drink before they know they’re pregnant like in the 1st trimster before you find out? everything could be considered a risk in that case

jeepers on

This has to be one of the most riduculous debates ever from a bunch of catty women.

Fact: Alcohol consumption can severely damage a developing fetus with lasting effects throughout the child’s entire life.
Fact: Noone really knows how much alcohol it takes to cause damage to the baby.
Fact: Not every baby exposed to alcohol in utero will present as severely disabled. There may be a spectrum of “challenges” that the baby may face.
Fact: Researchers can not study what level is safe, though it most likely will vary by the individual, because it would be unethical to expose pregnant woman to something we KNOW has the potential to do harm. (They can only perform retrospective studies on children already exposed).
Fact: If the mother doesn’t drink, there is no potential for FAS.

For all of you out there drinking while pregnant, it is obviously your choice, but there is always a risk, even if it is small. To act like that isn’t true is ignorant. None of you know the threshold for FAS. And then to post on this board, justifying drinking a glass of wine here or there while pregnant. And worse, bashing on posters for saying drinking is not safe as a means of covering any guilt you may have felt about drinking. Can one seriously not forgo alcohol for 9 months? What a dumb thing to debate.

(And because you are asking every other poster, my husband and I are both doctors.)

lilly on

Mary is totally right…when u do find out your pregnant, why even drink. I mean even if it is a glass of wine during those 9 months, if your not an alcoholic before u get pregnant, and most ppl say you shouldn’t when your pregnant, so why now take up a glass of wine and drink it when u have a child growing inside you, same as with certain foods you shouldnt eat, try staying away from it. When your pregnant your responsible for you and that child and i would think most ppl would do anything and everything to assure that baby is getting the best and going to be born healthy. So why not try to change habbits or try to do better when be pregnant, maybe a glass of wine is fine while being pregnant, but im not 100 percent on this and most ppl are unsure so why take that risk. Some people are just stupid, like i said if ur not alcoholic u shouldnt want to have a drink while being pregnant. im not judging kate though because that could be wine with no alcohol.

Rex on

Jeepers – THANK YOU! I’m appalled at the lackadaisical responses towards this careless behavior. How anyone can “debate” such an issue (and seemingly condone it), is terrifying to me.

SS on

are all you people in the USA like that? you’re so funny! FAS from a glass of wine… please, read something more than a Cosmo… on topic, Kate looks small, I’m also pregnant and my due date is July 3rd and my tummy is MUCH more noticable…

Jen DC on

I don’t think anyone has out-and-out DENIED that there is a risk or been “lackadasical” in their responses. It’s open for debate because while science has definitely stated that there is a RISK, the level of risk is unknown AND the risk depends on several factors, none of which can be adequately studied.

Furthermore, there is a risk to everything regarding pregnancy and child birth. It’s risky to get pregnant to begin with and frankly, in many senses, childbearing is detrimental to the overall health of the mother, be it mineral loss, weight gain, stress on the organs, potential for injury during delivery, etc. Mom DRIVING is more dangerous than a half glass of wine for a fetus safely past its first trimester. (But no one is screaming about mothers getting behind the wheel.)

I’m with those who drink once or twice during pregnancy: It’s a calculated risk. It’s ALL a calculated risk.

Dutch mom on

Why do you all assume that she is drinking something alcoholic? I am also pregnant and I like to drink berry or applejuice in a wineglass, especially on special occations when other people are drinking alcoholic beverages.

And I must say I find it shocking that you are so anti-alcohol but what about the negative effects of drugs during labor? Isn’t it ‘standard’ in your country to have an epidural?

hayley w on

jeepers –

In the uk i am a midwife i no all these facts however every thing you do while pregnant has risk factors, even a painkiller carries a risk, any things with any trace of nuts has risks , every time you step put side or come into contact with another human your risking catching something , every single thing we do carries small risks so for goodness sake cut women some slack , we are all aware of the fact we are carrying a child and that as i said every thing we do has some risk what women do not need is drs making them feel guilty every time they dare to do anything SOME drs disagree with.

we are not pods made to simply carry babies, we have rights and choices and most of all we are adults , i treat my ladies as such i make them aware that the odd small glass of wine is fine however mixed cocktails ect are best left till after the baby. it is our job to support ladies not judge them and quote scary misleading facts to them , by law yes we tell them the facts that we are aware of but not in a way that could cause them worry if they have already had the odd glass here or there or like myself got off my rocker before i new i was pregnant,

as a dr i am shocked shocked that your would call women dumb for having the odd drink, i suppose you think any one that drinks coke or coffee is the same??

ladies medical opinions and facts are ever changing , we are every day learning new things and disregarding things thought to be true and now we no are well rubbish.
its your baby your body and if your smart enough to get pregnant and have a chi i am sure you no your limits and what you feel is right for you.

mary on

And to think I clicked on the comment section to see why so many people are commenting on, her dress, her son or her boyfriend. And its totally something else. Boy I must be missing something. HUh

Erin on

hayley w., really well put. Any “doctor” (count me suspicious) who calls women she doesn’t know catty and ignorant while going under the name “jeepers” gives me the creepers. There used to be an rule on the old CBB site – don’t say anything on a post you wouldn’t say to a person’s face. I’m really hoping Dr. Jeepers isn’t a participating caregiver in my medical plan.

Nicole on

In Europe it’s perfectly normal to have a glass here and there, and FAS is not more common there. The problem is that Americans and Brits have no concept of moderation when it come to alcohol.

JMO on

Well this is MY OWN PERSONAL opinion.

Any assumption for me is not worth the risk even if a doctor says it’s okay. I also don’t believe you should be in smokey bars when your pregnant and risk the second hand smoke entering your lungs and possibly harming your unborn child. Sure drinkin a glass of wine and maybe 2nd hand smoke is not really fatal and most likely won’t harm your baby but once again why take the risk. Not that women who are pregnant should live in bubbles but I think you owe it to your baby to be as careful as possible.

Kate looks very healthy this pregnancy with Ryder she gained so much weight so fast!

Hea on

Nicole – It’s a big no no here in Sweden. I’m not sure about all the other countries here in Europe though.

Alice on

It’s a big no-no in France too. I’ve seen people doing it for a special occasion (eg birthday party) but there was a lot whispering of “is that wine? But… I thought she was pregnant?”. It’s common to drink wine with meals and everything, but NOT for pregnant women.

I admit that I hardly see how one glass could be harmful but I also don’t understand why you would absolutely want to drink wine? Unless it was a craving.

Audrey on

My mother drank when she was pregnant with me & my brother, and I turned out fine, but my brother didn’t. It makes me mad that a mother would take a risk, one I never did when I was pregnant. Drinking to me is the same as smoking -that may sound ridiculous but read on. Your unborn child is sharing your blood, why would it be so hard to give up just one glass of wine for your unborn child’s sake? I don’t care what any doctor says, a doctor also told my mother to abort me because she had contracted rubella, and I would turn out a vegetable – obviously I am not. You may say “its OK, because my baby is fine” but its not always that way, if you saw my brother you would understand. Seriously, its ridiculous reading women trying to justify drinking because its only “one glass”.

lilly on

totally agree audrey…why take a risk when u having child growing inside u….ppl are so crazy too take a drink…when it can affect the way ur child grows up. imagine u drinking while pregnant then finding out ur child has has fetal alcohol syndrome, i wouldnt take a chance on that.

Jillian on

I have learned to never assume anything by looking at a picture. Look at the rumors that flew with the Suri Cruise photo. People were saying that Kate Holmes bought the gummies and Suri was eating them, when it never happened. Point being we don’t know that it was wine, we assume it was. There is plenty of drinks you can order at a restauran that are non alcohlic.

Now, if she was drinking ONE glass of wine. There is NO problem with this whatsoever. For starters, her pregnancy no one elses. So for people to pass judgement on her, just makes no sense to me. I don’t get why people are bashing her, calling her a bad mother, or calling her names. There are actually risks that each mother goes through while pregnant. If her doctor told her she could drink then there is NO ISSUE. Period.

jeepers on

hailey w and erin,

A midwife is not a doctor. I did not call the women dumb for having a drink, I said the debate was dumb. Obviously, having one drink is unlikely to cause damage, but you never know which drink will, and therefore it a “dumb” risk. The arguement is: noone “needs” to drink while pregnant, so why risk it.

And Erin, you might want to follow your own advice. If you think that saying that you are suspicious that I am a “doctor” will make it less true, it won’t. If you walked into my office, would you say your comment to my face? The women on this site are very often catty, and that is the honest, to your face, truth. And acting like acting drinking while pregnant is responsible and justifiable is ignorant, that is not an insult, just reality. You might want to reconsider your misguided passion for defending alcohol consumption while pregnant.

hayley w on

jeepers oh your playing your not a doctor your a midwife card to me? well i have never had that happen to me before……

what is it with Drs and their god complex…any who maybe its not the same in america but in the uk its midwives women listen to and take advice from , we tell them the best way to stay happy and healthy while they are carrying their and i repeat their babies , we do not do as you clearly do quote scary misleading medical facts making women feel as if they have no option but to follow Dr orders or else!

ist one glass of wine , for goodness sake why not worry about something that would do real damage , real long term life changing damage , their is no medical study in the world that shows a single glass of wine has long term ill effect on a baby , there are facts about long term drinking yes, exposing your unborn every day or even every week , every month ect ect then yes but thats not what we are talking about are we .

i thank the lord the in the uk pregnancy is 80% of the time is midwife lead, lord no’s what it would be like other wise.

juju_bean on

hayley w……probably america god help us (JOKE!!)

i am also from ethe uk and studying to become a midwife 😀