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04/04/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Niche on

I was hoping People would include the story about Abbie Dorn, the severely disabled mom that recently won visitation with her triplets. Its a sad situation how the husband divorced her after she suffered brain damage during childbirth and took the babies and doesn’t want her to see them/ them to see her. I hope the judge in this case does what is right and grants permanent visitation. Although she is disabled, love does miraculous things and keeping her children from her is just heartless. Not to mention walking away from the marriage… What ever happened to “through sickness and in health”?

Erika on

The story about David Beckham’s son wanting to name the baby Justine Bieber is cute, though you don’t hear of too many boys who like Justin Bieber. I’m sure whatever they name the baby will be very trendy and unique!

And Niche, I agree that the Abbie Dorn situation is just so sad. I tried so hard to understand where the husband was coming from but I just can’t understand how someone would divorce their ailing wife, and not allow her to see her own children. I could maybe see if he divorced her for the sake of medical decisions (allowing the parents to make them) while maintaining contact, including between her and the children. But making the committment to spend your life with someone, then breaking off all contact when they are no longer ‘desirable’ is something I will never understand. And it’s disgusting.

Janna on

Niche: The judge has already ruled that she’s entitled to vistation.

Alice on

I don’t care that he divorced her – after all, I can’t say for sure what I would do until I have been faced with such a hard situation. But keeping a parent from their kids is just wrong, unless they are a danger to the children. I can *never* understand why so many parents try to cut the other parent from their children’s lives when the relationship goes wrong. Don’t they love their kids and want the best for them?

Niche on

Erika, I was also trying to find some logic in the ex husband’s decision, but I came to the conclusion that there just isn’t any. Ever since I heard about the story, I wanted to know what other people thought about it, especially other moms. I just think its incredibly sad, heartbreaking even.

Janna, correct me if I’m wrong but its just a temporary visitation order as of now. I believe it needs to be permanent and I hope the upcoming ruling is in her favor. She deserves to spend time with her children.

Alice, I agree! I really can’t say what I would and wouldn’t do if faced with a situation like this. What I do know is children should come first and I don’t think keeping the children away from their mother was in their best interest. They need to know their mother.

Its just unfortunate.

mary on

My heart goes out to all the Japanese. When I see the photos I just want to hold everyone from the Babies, toddlers, teens, adults and especially the elderly. It breaks my heart. No one should be alone, especially at a time like this. If I could I would adopt them all, at any age!

Allegra on

I do agree that the children should get to visit their mother but as she’s in a vegetative state — cannot move at all on her own — it would be silly to suggest equal custody with the children being with her 50% of the time. By all means, convince me otherwise! I just can’t see how it would work out that way. As I said, I 110% agree that they should have visits with her but I think their father should be keeping primary custody.

Niche on

Allegra, no one said the mom should have custody… she’s incapable of having custody. I said she should have permanent visitation where the children are allowed to visit with her every so often, as part of a court order. Without that, the dad won’t let the children visit their mother. I think its important they form some type of bond so they grow up knowing they do indeed have a biological mother and maternal grandparents.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if he has remarried?

Allegra on

Yes I agree with having visitation also and I can’t see why the court wouldn’t allow that. I remember reading somewhere that he has remarried and the kids now have a stepmother. There’s a slight chance I’m wrong but at one point I read a lot of articles about it!

Jillian on

The mom’s mother is actually not allowed to be around the children because of the nasty things she has said to the children. That is beyond horrible.