Meet Josh Turner’s Third Son Crawford Marion

04/01/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
George Holz

Full belly, happy baby — at least according to father-of-three Josh Turner!

“First of all, the most important thing is just to keep them fed — if you keep them fed, they’ll be happy for the most part,” the country crooner, 33, tells PEOPLE.

However Turner — father to sons Hampton Otis, 4, Colby Lynch, 21 months, and Crawford Marion, 3 months — is the first to admit all the tips and tricks of parenting still couldn’t prepare him for life with a brood of boys.

“Two was a lot of fun. Hampton was more of a learning experience … when Colby came along it was a lot of fun because it gave Hampton somebody to play with and it was interesting to see how they interact,” he shares.

“Now with Marion on board, it’s made it a lot busier for me because [wife] Jennifer trying to feed a newborn takes up a lot of her time and takes away from her sleep time too. We have friends who have up to nine children and they say three is the hardest number. I told Jennifer, ‘We’re either giving one away or having another one!'”

Raised in South Carolina, Turner is determined that his sons have a sense of normalcy despite his high-profile lifestyle. Equally as important? Instilling good values in his little men.

“If they can see us trying to retain that sense of normalcy and staying grounded and humble throughout all of the photography, video cameras, microphones and crowds … that will be the biggest example for them, to know that that stuff doesn’t affect us in a negative way,” he says.

“Raising three boys is a huge responsibility for me, especially in this day and time when I look around and there’s a lack of good, strong, upstanding Christian men who are not afraid to be men and just own up to their responsibility.”

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Turner, who says the boys have definitely changed his life.

“I’ve never had the patience of a teacher. That’s one thing I’ve really had to work on — just being patient with them while they’re learning something and being understanding of their age. I have to back off and let them be little.”

While they’re still adjusting to their family of five status, the Turners manage to squeeze in time as a couple. That said, the evenings’ conversations almost always end up centering around the boys!

“We try to make time individually and time to be together as husband and wife. Even if we go away and talk about them the whole time we’re gone, we still realize that having that time to talk helps us to be better parents when we come back to the children,” he explains.

“It’s something we have to make time for. We’ve seen a lot of parents let themselves go and not pay attention to what they need as people and as a couple. We definitely don’t want to fall into that trap.”

Watch a video from the photoshoot here. For more on Josh Turner and all your favorite country stars, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE Country, on newsstands now. For free country music downloads, go to

— Anya Leon with reporting by Eileen Finan

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Tee on

What a great picture of Daddy and sons! Josh is right, there is a huge shortage of upstanding Christian men in this world. The fact that he and Jennifer realize this gives me a great amount of respect for them!

Annie on

I thought he’d be talking about how he was trying to help with the hunger problems in America.

Synia on

What a great pic!!

Jillian on

What a beautiful photo!!!!!

skidaddle on

I can’t wait to see him in concert. We need more upstanding men. Thank you Josh.

Kathy on

beautiful family….. handsome boys and dad. Nice to see a good man who wants to raise his boys with good Christian values… Keep up the good work Josh and Jennifer..

Amanda on

Such a great guy and such beautiful boys.

Jgirl on

I love this family. What a beautiful interview of a father doing the right thing. Many congratulations to this family.

Tina on

Wow, I thought I liked Josh Turner as a musician, but after reading this, he has really earned my respect as a parent! Best of luck to him and his growing family!

tillie on

very cute children

Sadie on

Cute picture of the boys with Daddy, but do you really have to call him Marion? Not digging that girls name for a boy.

JR on

Who the heck is Josh Turner?

Amy on

Nothing sexier than a good looking man with an armload of children! And so down to earth, too.

Carol on

How encouraging in this day and age to read about people who realize what matters. Also, it takes a person with real character to admit personal struggles instead of tooting one’s own horn.

Julie on

JR, try reading the article. It says he’s a “country crooner.” Does it need to be dumbed down more for you?

hilde on

Some happy picture!!! You don’t find that often anymore…
All my best!!

Sam on

@JR – I’m with you. Who is he? As for @Julie and your fine CHOICE of words in your reply, I am sure JR meant she had never heard of him before this article and neither have I. NOW we know. Guess Josh Turner is a real good guy because he’s going to raise his family as good Christians. Hmmmmm…..

Sankashi on

I too had 3 boys and loved every minute of it. It was never boring that’s for sure.

Adam on

I LOVE HIM! What an awesome picture~

Cecelia on

Sadie, actually Marion is orginally a male name. It’s John Wayne’s given name and there are a variety of athletes who share it as well.

Karen on

That is the cutest picture!!! I love how the middle boy has a car on his head! Adorable.

Tee on

Julie… Wow! Really harsh!

Rachel on

To those asking who Josh Turner is, he is a country singer with an amazingly beautiful and soulful voice (of course, I realize this is my opinion and not everyone has the same taste in music)… he’s been around since the early 2000’s and seems like a genuinely down to earth, nice guy.

Some of his hit songs include “Long Black Train”, “Would You Go With Me” and my personal favorite “Why Don’t We Just Dance”.

He’s huge in the country music genre. And his family is beautiful 🙂

Sat on

Lovely:) all the very best to your family & career!!

Taneka on

God has truly blessed him to have three sons to carry on his legacy.

Taylor on

I have been in love with Josh Turner since before Hampton was born! He is an amazing singer, incredibly good looking, and his kids are ADORABLE! What a great article!

Kellie on

Sam*roll eyes* Josh is a horrible person because he really wants the best for his wife and boys, and to try to raise them with the values he deems right for their upbringing. SIMPLY TERRIBLE.

krewcat on

I have been a fan of his for YEARS….even my girls love his songs “Long Black Train”, “Me and God”, and lots of others. He has a GREAT deep sexy voice and is one of my favorite singers!! He sounds like a great dad, and yes, the world needs more upstanding men!

sam and freya's mum on

Cute boys.
I’m sorry, that’s a pretty bizarre name his youngest has…. Crawford?!

stephanie on

What fantastic, original, masculine names his boys have – love them, especially Crawford! Thrilled to hear someone speaking out about raising upstanding christian boys – way to go. We never hear that in Australia – God is rarely mentioned.

Sam on

@Rachel – thankyou! I don’t listen to much country music so I didn’t know, and now I do. 🙂

Charlene on

beautiful, not American nor a fan of country music so didn’t know him before today…but gotta say, i’ve fallen in love! just a beautiful family!

Charlene on

beautiful! not American nor a country music fan, so didn’t know ’bout him till now but i think i have fallen in loVE! he’s so lovely and he’s got a beautiful family…i’m google-ing him ASAP!

SC born on

Francis Marion is a Revolutionary War General and hero, nicknamed the Swamp Fox. And he is from lower state SC just as Josh is.

Mira on

This is how you give an interview about Christian and conservative values without annoying non-religious, socially liberal people. Angie Harmon, take notice. I’m an atheist and probably share very little in terms of values with this guy, but nothing in this interview rubs me the wrong way. What a charming guy.

The oldest boy is so handsome, he’s going to be a real heartbreaker, so he’ll need “good Christian values” haha. I’m sure the younger ones will be good-looking too, it’s just a bit early to tell. Now, if only this guy picked better names for his kids and he’d be my favorite celeb 🙂

David on

This picture resonates with particular Joy for me, because JOSH is so spectacularly popular on stage & everywhere, now with his three sons that state of popularity has been upgraded to priceless!

Alli on

I love the family and the picture!

Steph on

Awesome picture! I love it when photographers opt for a “different” pose than the tradional ones. He seems like a very hands-on daddy. Congrats to them on another precious baby boy!!

Julie on

Tee, JR said “Who the heck is Josh Turner?” She clearly didn’t read the article, doesn’t know what the words “country crooner” mean or is just being insulting to be provocative. I don’t know who some people are on this site so I read the article to find out. I don’t shout out my ignorance and expect posters to dumb it down for me. Sorry if that’s harsh, but this is an adult site and I’m assuming JR is literate.

Brecken on

Mira, what a bizarre comment. As an atheist, you think people of different belief systems should be careful not to offend you, but do you censor yourself to avoid offending others? Or do you express your views freely and expect people to be understanding about the fact that everyone is different? If a Christian said the same thing you did, but switched roles, you’d find that annoying, wouldn’t you? I’ve always preferred insults to backhanded compliments and I think your comment toward Josh was the latter. Most of my atheist friends are cooler (and more freedom loving) than you seem to be, but maybe you’re a not one of THOSE kind of atheists. Huh.

Sam on

@Kellie – you talking to me? ‘Cause if you are you’re confused. I never said he was ‘terrible’ or ‘horrible’, so you can’t be talking to me.

There are many ways to raise children to be good, caring, responsible people, Christian isn’t the only or the best way, in my opinion. Of course it’s my opinion, it’s says ‘Sam’ up there. So Josh can have his and I can have mine. That’s ’cause it’s a free country. 🙂

Terri on

I had never heard of him before either. Cute boys.

Lisa on

Wow, what a wonderful post to read. They seem so down to earth, and they are teaching their children Christian values. Way to go, Josh!

B.J. on

Why can’t we all just keep our religion or beliefs (or lack thereof) to ourselves? Who cares if this guy is a Christian, or if I don’t agree with his views? He seems like a nice guy. Cute kids. Does it matter that he believes in Jesus? Would so many of you admire him if he hadn’t said anything of the sort?

Beliefs should be private. They shouldn’t matter. A non-Christian can raise a decent, moral child just as well.

Alisa on

B.J., I don’t think it’s your place to tell anyone that they “should” keep quiet about their beliefs. If someone wants to share their beliefs, great, if not, that’s great too. It’s great because we are lucky enough to live in a country where we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. 🙂

Anna on

I think just raising your sons as good upstanding citizens should be enough. Being Christian doesn’t make you any better than the rest of us.

Love this photo!

Sheena on

Brecken – Actually, YOUR comment was bizarre, and Mira’s was not at all. I totally get what Mira was saying about sharing your opinions/religion/values without shoving them down people’s throats. Obviously, you do not. And you sure are making a TON of assumptions about the previous commentor. How do you know if he or she would be annoyed if the roles were switched or if he or she censors themselves or not? You don’t. You sound like just another uptight, high and mighty Christian. The type that turn people AWAY from religion.

Mira – I feel you! Theres a non-offensive way to state your values without making others feel turned off by it, and clearly Josh Turner has done that with class.

Sam on

@Anna. Perfect post! 🙂

Jenny on

Isn’t it funny how people can read a story about a handsome, talented man, like Josh Turner, with high morals, that he and his lovely wife are trying to teach their three adorable children and still draw negative remarks from some people…. because of the names he gives his children, the fact that he is a Christian, because the hunger problems in America were not mentioned in the article and because some people who don’t like Country Music have never heard of him. Surely there are other things happening in the world today that these people can find to complain about.

Toya L. on

I have never heard of him but this was a great interview. I love the fact that he spoke on what he wants for his sons while not putting down others beliefs or stating that his Christian beliefs that he is instilling in his sons is the ONLY way someone can instill morals and values in their sons or that his Christian beliefs is a better way of raising his sons than someone who doesn’t practice/believe his same/any religious beliefs and choose to raise their children differently. Kudos again!

Amy on

Josh and family thank you for everything. Josh your music is a blessing to many people including myself. You have a beautiful family and I wish you all the best. God Bless!

eternalcanadian on

That is the most cute picture! And he is so right about parents needing to be a couple first and taking time to be together away from the children to reconnect. I believe that is what grounds parents and they don’t take each other for granted and really work at their relationship while they raise a family. 🙂

alicia on

He’s awesome and his kids are beautiful.

Abigail on

From what I have gleaned from reading the comments posted about this article is thus: it would appear that christian women lust after married christian men – and find them especially sexy if they have children AND are good-looking country singers who make a boatload of money. Self-proclaimed atheists are as annoying as all other self-proclaimed religionists. I must never read this crap magazine on line again. My bad.

FC on

His boys are cute, but I do have a crush on Josh. He’s quite cute, but that deep voice of his is what does it for me. I could sit and not listen to him sing, just talk. He could read me the phone book and I’d be happy, lmao. 😉

Dora Close on

@ JR. Josh Turner Is An AMAZING Country Singer. I LOVE HIS VOICE!

Sarah S. on

This photo makes me love him even more…sigh.

Jenna on

Geesh, you people need to get a life!

Juanita on

ohhboyy, I am inlove with this man. I have been ever since I first heard him. And I definitely love seeing this picture of him and his three sons, ohh am I jealous of Jennifer.. I love this picture. (:

Ezra on

Abigail is one of my favorite biblical names.

I thank God for men like Josh Turner. I wish all men were just like him.

mo on

The third child is the hardest only if the parents give him a classic GIRL’s name for his second name. What boy wants MARION for a middle name?! Wait for the girl, dude! Have a 4th or 5th or like your friends, 9th! But don’t lay it on the little dude.

Claire on

This is such a nice picture of Josh and his sons! His kids looks so adorable.

Anonymous on

i think that josh turner is a great guy. his wife is beautiful. his kids are gorgeous. plus i got meet him

KL on

Beautiful Boys!!