Family Photo: The Simpson-Wentzes Reunite

04/01/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Are Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz reconciling – or just very amicably split?

Dressed casually as they soaked up some southern California sunshine — with Wentz carrying 2-year-old Bronx Mowgli on one hip — the young family stopped by the Beverly Glen Mall in Los Angeles Thursday and picked up some coffee and iced tea at a Starbucks.

“Ashlee and Pete held hands, and Pete especially looked very happy,” an onlooker says. “While waiting for their drinks, Pete had his arm around Ashlee and they definitely looked like a couple again.”

Added the onlooker: “Ashlee kept smiling and lovingly leaned on Pete.”

Though they look friendlier than ever, this isn’t their first post-split outing. They’ve continued to hang out as a family, even after Simpson, 26, filed for divorce in February.

All along, sources have told PEOPLE the couple’s breakup is friendly, and that being good parents to their son is their priority.

But, despite their upbeat demeanor, another source tells PEOPLE that their outing Thursday doesn’t mean the two are reconciling.

“This is not a sign that they are getting back together,” the source says. “They both care about each other tremendously. They both love Bronx very much, and Ashlee has always called Pete her best friend. They are in the middle of still trying to figure this out.”

Reps for the two had no comment.

— Sara Hammel and Pernilla Cedenheim with reporting by Jessica Herndon

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Lady on

Here’s to hoping they work things out…marriage isnt easy…no use in rushing into a divorce. Their still so young…anyways, cute family!

Anonymous on

they need to make up there mind if there together or not

Rex on

Put some shoes on that kid! I don’t care if he’s being carried or not, it just looks trashy when I see children roaming around without socks and shoes on. Ever hear of dirt, grime, and the potential to step on something hazardous?

Olivia on

“they need to make up there mind if there together or not”

Ya think? That’s probably just what they are trying to do.

jessicad on

I’m glad they are at least still loving in front of their son, whether they end up back together or not, good for them.

sunflower on

yep, good to show caring and affection especially with children involved. Marriage isnt easy and always full of ups and downs, but thats why you commit to it, and perseve. Sometime, the pendulum will swing back to the upside again. Keep working through it guys!

meghan on

They were holding hands in public right up until they announced their divorce, so I wouldn’t put much stock in them holding hands now. They got married because she was pregnant, that doesn’t create a very stable foundation for a future.

Violet on

There, their or they’re??? Hmmm… Come on! We learn this in 2nd grade.

Jillian on

She was seen with another rocker a few weeks ago and they seemed more than friends (there are photos). I just hope they figure this out without confusing their child.

Tieraney on

I’m sorry, but these two look like they would stink. I don’t know why. Maybe like B.O. and/or cigarettes. They just always look dirty to me, like they need a shower. IMO

jeepers on

I don’t really care about these two people, per se, but it would be nice if they could make it work, as they do have a child. It seems like everyone just rushes into getting divorced nowadays. Life isn’t all happy days with no hiccups. Put in a little effort!

Lisa on

This picture gives me hope they maybe they can work something out because I do love Pete and Ashlee as a couple and they have an adorable son Bronx. Holding hands does show affection and I also noticed Ashlee’s twitter is still AshleeSimpsonWentz so maybe they are back together?

Kelly on

I hope they can work it out. Marriage is never easy..nothing worth having ever is…I liked them together.

hayley w on

tieraney – would rather have a bit of BO then your stinky attitude …because you can always have a wash where as what you suffer from…well chicky no amount of dove it going to fix that .

I think these are two young people trying to make their family work, if its together or apart and that is not only wise its brave, breaking up a family is hard to do but if your unhappy together your better off apart, even if you still love each other.

jessicad on

Didn’t realize bare feet were so offensive, that’s hilarious. I hate shoes and so does my 3 year old daughter. The first thing we both do when we get home is take off our shoes. I’ll even let her go barefoot in the grocery store or Target as long as she stays in the buggy, I’m such a trashy Mom! 🙂

erica2 on

Love pete’s haircut I hope they work things out!

Nicole on

This is a cute family picture of them! It’s nice to see 2 adults being mature in the situation that they are in, instead of being childish.

ReedFla on

Violet! That irks me to no end. Also your and you’re. It’s not that hard to understand!

Angel on

I hope they are able to work things out. It seems like they are such a sweet couple and obviously love one another. I myself can’t imagine filing for divorce and then being able to hold my soon-to-be ex-husband’s hand, even for my child, so I really think they must have something very special.

Sara on

It’s Southern California. It’s a more laid-back lifestyle. With beautiful weather like theirs all year long, children go barefoot – a LOT. Especially beach city people. Get over it. 🙂

nettrice on

@Tieraney: Your comment stinks and needs a shower. Yuck!

Sat on

Thank you Sarah, very well expressed. I’m glad this very sweet family pic was posted.

Shannon on

They probably only got married because of the pregnancy. Sad.

dsfg on

Violet, I think some of the people that post on here are in second grade, so please give them a break.

E on

Violet – hilarious! And I totally agree!

torgster on

Good God some of you people….get a freakin’ life !!!!!!

Hea on

They look like they stink?? Have you never seen people with alternative fashion styles? How very rude and prejudice.

Terri on

LOL, Hayley. I agree!

NickyAngel on

If they’ve reconciled…i’m glad for them.