Bridget Moynahan’s Son Approves of Her Red Carpet Wear

04/01/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Forget about the stylists and the floor length mirrors. When Bridget Moynahan glams up for red carpet events and Hollywood premieres, she turns to her own fashion consultant — her 3½-year-old son John Edward Thomas.

“My son does make comments when I dress up. I just wear my dress and he says, ‘You look pretty! That dress looks pretty,'” Moynahan, 39, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Ann Taylor Fall 2011 Collection preview party in New York.

“I trust his opinions. He always gives nice, mature comments and I appreciate it. It’s more than I get from most people.”

Besides having a keen eye for beautiful gowns, Moynahan’s little guy with ex-boyfriend Tom Brady has recently mastered the skills of riding a bicycle.

“He just learned how to ride a bike and he loves it,” says the Blue Bloods star. “The training wheels are still there but it’s a big thing. I’m so proud of him.”

Now that her son is zipping up and down the street on his bike, Moynahan is calm and not an overprotective mom about the potential dangers of the sport. “I’m not freaked out at all. It’s liberating. Now he’s mobile and he’s found another activity that he loves,” she says. “He wears a helmet and all the protective gear. He’s safe.”

“Now only if I can find a way to get him off it,” laughs Moynahan. “All he wants to do is ride his bike.”

— Paul Chi

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Rex on

“I trust his opinions. He always gives nice, mature comments and I appreciate it. It’s more than I get from most people.”

Has there ever been a time this woman doesn’t make some backhanded comment about others? She is so unlikeable.

Indira on

Rex I think you’re reading into it.

Erin on

Rex, having lived in L.A. all my life and having a career where I sometimes mix with celebrities (on a business level) I can tell you that getting compliments from “industry” people is rare. Everyone is dressed up, everyone looks good. People don’t bother to give you a shout out. So getting a heartfelt compliment from your son when you look especially nice is something to be savored! But you’ve pronounced Bridget unlikeable, so you might be predisposed to not liking whatever she says.

haris on

she is REALLY unlikeable rex.
mature comments? he is 3!If he is so mature maybe is because of his well structured family,the BRADY FAMILY!

erica2 on

Rex I was thinking the same exact thing!! Bridget needs to knock the chip off her shoulder.

mia on

Rex, you kind of just proved her point.

Lola on

Bridget is being nice, she is probably referring to how ever well meant,
friends and foe alike, say things to her that have not been helpful!

meghan on

Rex, Has there ever been a time where someone didn’t blow everything this woman says completely out of proportion? Good grief.

LRL on

this woman gives bad interviews.

Carrie on

Rex, seriously? She’s unlikeable because she says she values her son’s opinion more than other peoples? So what? I can’t speak for HER son, but my son, who’s about the same age, is VERY honest, and if he were to tell me I looked pretty, I’d certainly value that opinion more than if it came from someone else, only because I’d know it was truly meant. Maybe that’s all SHE meant. Sheesh.

LC on

I think that’s so cute! Her son is beautiful as well as his younger brother. 🙂

Jill on

I dread when she gives and interview, as well as Gisele, because it turn into a war with people who have nothing better to do with themselves but make obnoxious comments about people they don’t know.

alice jane on

It’s funny that some people find her so unlikeable, because I actually find her very likeable. I think she held her head high and did her best to move on in light of everything happening while she was pregnant with Jack, and while I know that people have taken issue with comments she’s made in the past I think she’s just proven how human she really is. Her heart might get the best of her head sometimes and the hurt might come through in her comments but she has always been very open that she’s not perfect and I respect that. You can’t say the same about every celebrity.

I actually really like reading interviews with her and Jack is adorable! No wonder she’s so proud. 🙂

Indira on

She probably means mature for his age. A kid that age might say “oh mom you look like a princess/fairy/unicorn/magical” a mature comment might be, “mom you look pretty/beautiful/great”.

Mira on

What Rex said.

Grace-2 on

@Rex: I agree. I’m struggling to remember a time when I’ve read an interview of hers where she didn’t make a passive-agressive remark, all the while pretending to be so classy. But, nope, I can’t think of one.

Celebsarah on

I’m not surprised to see this. Katie Holmes has always talked about her mature pre-K daughter and how she loves her fashion advice. Oh, wait…

Holly on

Geeze, no one can say anything without someone freaking out about a comment. Y’all don’t even know her, calm down and leave the woman alone. She’s done or said nothing to you and in no way could she have offended you by talking about HER son.

Janey on

yep, passive aggressive all the time

Kate on

For God’s sake, whatever she says, someone finds a reason to bash her…

CAB on

I don’t understand why anyone thinks her comments have anything to do with Tom Brady? She in no way eluded to that, more then some people is all she said, and they broke up like 4 years ago…leave her alone?

kay on

Um… what on earth did she say wrong? People are so mean-spirited.

Jillian on

I read the article and thought…nice. What a nice article. Nothing obvious to nitpick, maybe this wone will slide by without being critisized. Oh, how I was wrong.

t. on

1. No one said her comments were about Brady.
2. She is very unlikeable.
3. She seems very passive aggressive and she always has negative things to say about others.
4. If you don’t like my comments or the comments of others, oh well get over it we all have the freedom to comment what we wish just like YOU.

Grace-2 on

@CAB: No one here said they thought that her comments were about Tom

Gaia and labans mom on

This is a reach even for posters on here. I really don’t see how her comment was passive aggressive and if so passive aggressive and backhanded towards whom??

leigh on

Good Grief.. Ok, If you have children,you realize that they are brutaly honest. They say what they think. Adults will lie about anything. That is all she is saying. I agree.

Shannon on

She is pretty. Who cares about Tom?

Jen DC on

I think you Bridget-bashers have proved her point: None of you have given a mature comment about her nature. You can’t have, because a few quotes from an interview (or any interview) out of context cannot form the basis of an honest, mature opinion about who she is or what she means.

So she thinks her son’s honest opinions are more worthwhile than others’ possibly loaded opinions. And this is bad because…?

I’m glad she’s having him wear his helmet even with his training wheels. It KILLS ME to watch parents let their little folk ride around without the proper headgear. Having smashed in my own face as an adult, I have a more complete understanding of why helmets are important.

mary on

This woman is always very passive-agressive all the time when it come to others.good luck jack,you will need it!

nettrice on

Unless you know this woman you have no business commenting that she is unlikeable. I know some children who are authentic, with little or no ego who can make grown ups and their pettiness appear very immature. But this discussion seems to be lacking in perspicacity, so I’m out of here!

Cecelia on

It amazes me how far people will go to spin others’ comments into something negative. She said nothing wrong so this is really a stretch even for those who purposely look for something to bitch about in every article on this site.

Mira on

It’s very simple:

“He always gives nice, mature comments and I appreciate it.” = nice, normal statement about her child

“It’s more than I get from most people.” = This means that she thinks that “most people” are immature and not nice. This is the definition of a backhanded, passive aggressive remark.

I don’t like passive aggressive, bitter people, hence I find her unlikable. I don’t need to meet her and to know her to form this opinion. She’s shown this kind of behavior over and over in interviews.

Pauline on

Will you haters get a life!!!
Rex and that crowd are pathetic. I’m sure you would find something
nasty to say about Mother Theresa if she was alive. I know that because
your crowd are unlikable, passive-aggressive and bitter idiots.

meghan on

This woman is always very passive-agressive all the time when it come to others.good luck jack,you will need it!
– mary on April 2nd, 2011


Since Jack isn’t being raised by a nasty judgemental person like yourself, perhaps you should save your good luck wishes for your own kids.

torgster on

Why do we care one way or the other? She’s a lousy actress, in an even lousier TV show. Once it gets cancelled we’ll never hear about her again….let’s move on.

Melissa on

I think u people are crazy. The poor woman is just saying that her son says nice things to her andthat makes her unlikeable??? Growp up

SarahM on

I don’t think she’s being that passive aggressive – she’s being truthful. Hollywood (celebritybabies, apparently) is filled with people who just love to bring other people down.

Kids have no filter. They haven’t learned to lie to make others feel good, yet. So, yeah, I’d value a kid’s opinion over an adults when it comes to certain things because kids will be more truthful.

tracy on

What I see are a bunch of unhappy harpies who dont have lives of their own. This woman said nothing wrong. She has always been a class act. You “ladies” could learn something from her.

meghan on

This woman is so bitter,she is not likeable at all.jack is lucky he has brady and gisele (positive people)in his life.grow up bridget!

Terri on

Some people can manufacture something negative out of anything. What a miserable life.

martina on

This quote is completely benign. To interpret is as bitter, passive-aggressive, mean, etc. is a huge stretch. It makes me wonder whether people are projecting their own problems on this woman. I really find some responses disturbing.

Of course her son gives more honest opinions then adults – kids do. Adults filter their words through the lens of “yes” (not wanting to hurt one’s feelings) or “no” (conforming to unrealistic Hollywood standards). Kids just say what they think.

CF98 on

I don’t have an issue with what she said and I’m not really a fan of hers(although I think Blue Bloods is a great show)

People are making something out of nothing here. Really.

natalie on

wow you guys are rediculous! so judgement just like the people shes referring to! makes me laugh because you guys sound like you have aaaall the answers. being from cali, people, women especially have alot of pressure to look perfect. shes just appreciating the honest opinion of her son and not being critisized that her dress makes her butt look big!

meghan on

Ummm, torgster her show is a hit. I wouldn’t bank on it being cancelled anytime soon.

Taneka on

God bless her son and may he have a fruitful future in football.

BabyBlogAddict on

I don’t see anything wrong with her comment and I don’t understand how she can be called unlikeable from anything she has said in this interview!!!

So many of you are proving her point when she says “more than I get from most people”

Some people are just so negative on this blog – it is kind of sad! If you hate what the celebrities say so much then don’t read the blog!

Anna on

I was more surprised by “the potential dangers of riding a bicycle” part! Come on!

kimmie on

I think its very sad that beside her son, most don’t have anything nice or mature to say about her. All those negative comments, I guess she probably deserves them

Jessica on

Alice Jane,
I agree with you. I appreciate her showing her flaws and like the rest of us she sometimes allows her heart to overpower her emotions and she loses her mind in the process. but it does not make me think less of her, instead I find myself respecting her as a mother and as a human being. I like your comment 🙂

Grace-2 on

@Pauline: Your comment is so hypocritical it’s actually amusing. So let me get this straight, it’s wrong for other people to say that Briget is unlikeable, passive-agreesive and bitter, but it’s okay for you to call other people pathetic, bitter, a hater, unlikeable, and passive-agressive. I am always amused by the people like you who lecture other people about being too negative WHILE being even more negative than the people you’re lecturing. And the funniest part is that you “be positive” people never seem to see what enocrmous hypocrites you are.

Hea on

Anna – I guess you’ve never seen what can happen when kids ride their bikes in traffic without helmets on? I have. It’s not pretty and it can easily end up in a wooden box at the cemetery. A bicycle is a vehicle that you have to know how to operate for safety.

Jenn on

Wow the giselle – wannabes need to lay off, seriously Briget is a great mom and you need to stop hating. This world is a sad place. Moms should be united here but it seems its just full of judgemental people.

Amy on

I’ve always thought she seems ice cold/not nice. She does not radiate happiness. That said, I don’t care for Gisele and her arrogance either. Tom Brady has bad taste in women, apparently he only looks for surface things.

meghan on

Anna, spend a day in an emergency room and then see if you can laguh at the potenital dangers of bike riding. Funny every other post or pic were a kid rides a bike the ‘helmet harpies’ come out in force, but Bridget Moynahan takes responsible precautions and she gets people like you making fun of her.

Yeah right, NONE of this irrational hatred toward Bridget Moynahan has ANYTHING to do with the lunatic fanbase who think the sun rises and sets out of Giselle Bundchen’s bony ass. Grow up! You just make yourself sound like the childish idiots you are!

Toya L. on

Yeah right, NONE of this irrational hatred toward Bridget Moynahan has ANYTHING to do with the lunatic fanbase who think the sun rises and sets out of Giselle Bundchen’s bony ass. Grow up! You just make yourself sound like the childish idiots you are!
LMAO – Is the pot calling the kettle black? :>

I agree with Amy, to ME she comes off as cold too and I am not a fan of Giselle’s either. I don’t have to know them personally to make that observation and to give an opinion that they rub me the wrong way. I respect Donald Trump for all that he does for charities but he’s another one that rubs me the wrong way however they all could be the nicest people in the world, my personal opinion doesn’t mean it’s factual.

I think it’s absolutely adorable that her son gives his her compliments.

Etsy on

To the readers that find Bridget so unlikeable, I hope you raise your children to have better manners than you do! You do NOT know her! Your mean opinions are from a 1 page article! The world is so messed up because people are intolerant and have ignorant opinions about things and people they know nothing about!

amanda on

To the people calling her unlikable, do you all think you are so likeable yourselves? After all, you are bashing someone you don’t even know!

Alicia on

Good God people do you have nothing better to do than fight amongst yourselves over each others comments??? I think from now on as I scroll down to to Add a Comment, I’m going to ignore it all. That being said….
…. I think its cute that a little 3 plus years boy loves to comment about fashion. My friends son would come with us when we shopped & love for us to try on the clothes he chose.