Miranda Kerr Flaunts Sexy Post-Baby Body

03/31/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Talk about red hot!

A month after making her runway debut at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week, Miranda Kerr gave us another (better!) glimpse of her stunning post-baby body at the launch of Victoria’s Secret‘s 2011 swim collection in Los Angeles on March 30.

The always-stylish supermodel, who welcomed son Flynn in January, showed off her new mommy curves in a garnet-colored Hervé Léger by Max Azria zip front dress and black Yves Saint Laurent Tribute pumps.

Even though it’s only been 3 months, Kerr has more than bounced back to her slim and trim modeling size, which is all the more amazing because Flynn weighed in at almost 10 lbs at birth.

“I had a big baby. And I had him naturally,” she proudly revealed to Entertainment Tonight Canada at the event. “I’m really happy with him. It’s just so magical and every day it just gets better and better!”

So how is dad Orlando Bloom adjusting to the new baby? “He’s amazing! He’s really an incredible dad and he’s very hands on!”

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Amanda on

She looks beautiful with that little bit of hip curves. I think she looks better then before!

Cassie on

Absolutely gorgeous!

A. on

I love Miranda and her family! She looks gorgeous as usual! 🙂

sunflower on

Guess she’s breast feeding! Go girl with that dress and chest!

Co on

She is stunning! I’m so glad she is back.

Indira on

She looks great. Bandage dresses are actually really flattering. They work a lot like spanx!

Shannon on

She looks more curvy now. Hot mama!

Toya L. on

Hawt mama, she looks great.

excugoaway on

I totally agree, WOW!

Dee on

HOT DAMN alert….you go girl!!!

I will never look this good since giving birth but I will salute the women who do. Work it 🙂

Cyn on

She is stunning! Gorgeous!

Susan on

She looks great and I’m very happy for her and her family. However, I really dislike it when people say they had the baby “naturally”. It is condesceding to people who used medication.

Jillian on

Susan, How is that condescending? That is how she had her baby and if she wants to say it and is proud of it, she should say it. If asked she should shield the answer, to not upset those that had medicine? That doesn’t make any sense.

Lala on

Susan – I think what she means by naturally is not having a C section. You can have a baby naturally but use meds to kill the pain. I think thats probably what she meant when she said naturally, but don’t quote me on that.

Cindy on

Whether you choose to use it or not that is up to you, I didn’t see her saying anything to the contrary. She never insulted someone who did….not in the article I just read. Really Susan, are you just looking for something to argue about?! LOL

mahalia on

I think she meant she didn’t have a c-section, as everyone seems to be doing now.

cheri on

She looks great that’s for sure !! I bet she worked hard to get her body back in shape…I know I did. Even with a job and even a sick baby you can find a few minutes here and there to just jump on your treadmill, go for a jog, or just drop to the floor and do some exercises there. Good thing babies take lots of naps so us moms can have time to ourselves. In the decades of old, women did not retain weight like they do now, wonder why that happens so much these days?

Kidnurse on

Susan, she is just saying she had the baby vaginally which most people would say is “natural,” versus having a C section. She said nothing about medication. Don’t get so bent out of shape. Having a 10 lb. baby “naturally” is something to be very proud of.

tinkerbell on

cute dress and nice heals…

Sandra on

Wow, talk about looking great after giving birth. It seems these celebrities get back into looking great within a week after having a baby!LOL! Why do we have to suffer and try to get that baby weight off which doesn’t come off at all! Anyways, she looks fantastic and doesn’t look at all like she just had a baby just recently. Congratulations to the new parents!

M&M on

Beautiful and so what if she says she had it naturally. She is proud, I mean come on she had a 10 lbs baby with no pain meds and look @ her tiny figure! IT IS SOMETHING SHE SHOULD BE PROUD OF!

Lori A on

Go Girl! She looks stunning!

cmh on

Wow – I think she looks great.
And @Susan when she says she had the baby “naturally” she might just mean she did not have a c-section. Since the baby was so big I’m sure tons of people have asked about that – and she doesn’t want to say the v word.

cmh on

I think she looks great! Love the dress.
And Susan she might just mean she did not have a c-section – with a baby that big and her being small I’m sure she has been asked that question a lot…

cheri on

I agree Jillian, it’s not in any way condescending to say she gave birth naturally. She’s talking about her own experience and she is entitled to do that. Sorry if it makes you feel somehow inferior or guilty or exactly what ??..I don’t get it quite frankly. I suspect Susan is just looking for some reason to be negative since she can’t find anything else to criticize concerning this nice, succesful and beautiful lady who happens to be a good example of women who make the most of their God given assets without being arrogant.

Hillary on

Susan, Maybe what she means to say, is that she didn’t schedule a c-section…but went through the process naturally.
Congrats to her and the fam….she looks great!

wendy on

Susan I believe she meant that she delivered vaginally and not a cesarean birth. I believe thats what she meant when she mentioned how big her baby was.

Niki on

If she’s not wearing Spanx, then she is one lucky woman. She looks great!

Jennifer on

@Susan and @Jillian – I read her comment about “naturally” to mean that she didn’t have a c-section…?

Jehan on

I could care less if someone used meds or not during child birth. To each their own. She looks awesome and Im glad she’s happy and loving life

Susan on

Because….it is natural to develop and deliver a baby….how it is done doesn’t matter. Yes, I think it is wonderful to have done it unmedicated but that does not make it better. And while the person who says “natural” may not intend to say that they were better the use of the word does somewhat imply that.

cheri on

I agree, she’s not being condescending at all….just relating her own story as she was no doubt asked for comments on the birth. We all have our own story, why deny hers because it’s different from yours ?
I don’t get your hostility either.

A.S on

Woman have gave birth naturally for million of years. GOOD FOR HER FOR FIGHTING DOCTOR POWER. Do not bow down to the white coat, question their motives, have responsibility for your child’s birth. Take the woman’s RIGHT to a natural birth back!
Two babies, over 8.5lbs at home.

This does not apply to any woman who has justifiable, evidence based medical complications. This occurs at about 5 of all births. There are too many c-sections in this country. In fact, America has one of the highest c-section rates in the world and one of the lowest for mother/baby wellness rates.


Marie on

Maybe she meant that she had a vaginal birth instead of a c-section. I’ve heard many women say they gave birth the “natural way” – meaning no c-section.

dawn on

It’s taken me 20 years to lose all my pregnancy weight!!! She looks so good and if she is carrying a few extra pounds, she should keep them, very feminine looking. As for bragging that she had the baby natural, why shouldn’t she? I had all mine C-Section and only had to go through a small amount of the pain that one goes through with a natural birth, so hats off to those ladies! But we all know that is not what makes a great Mom. Some of the greatest Moms ever didn’t even technically give birth.

Lee on

I think “naturally” just means that she didn’t have a c-section.

MommyAnna on

I agree with Susan! I find it condescending as well. I remember supermodel Giselle bragging about her painless, natural birth, and later saying how she was up & around making pancakes immediately afterwards, lost all her baby weight, etc. Hm, made me dislike her even more.

Us “mere mortals” could never live up to the standards that these perfect beings & the media create.

Danielle on

She is my idol. The photo of her breastfeeding was one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen.

camilla on

Well then MommyAnna that makes both you and Susan hypersensitive, and I think a wee bit jealous. I’ve had two all natural births and one c-section. It is a huge deal for those who have accomplished natural birth. Stop choosing to feel “judged” by others voicing their own accomplishments if you have not achieved the same… it does not make you less of a person though it seems to bring out the nasty in you.

Clara on

I gave birth to my daughter vaginally and prefer to say it that way. Saying naturally makes it sound like a c-section birth is unnatural. Just my opinion.

Janelle on

Actually when she says that she had a natural birth she is not referring to the fact that she didn’t have a C-section, she’s referring to the fact that she didn’t use any medication or painkillers. She has talked about it very proudly in numerous interviews before.

amy on

um yeah she had a GIANT baby, I think she has the right to be proud of saying she did it without drugs lol, and she looks darn good.

Susan on

Really did she need to say she had him NATURALLY without Medication…basically its a put down to woman who have to have a ceasaran or epidural….just sayin….

Ali on

OMG! SHE LOOKS GOOD! I too had a 10lbs baby but I wasn’t a woman like her. I had meds . I wish I lost the weight like she did too.

Brooke on

To the ladies offended by her comments; I am sorry your feelings were hurt. HOWEVER you had your children; it was noble, brave, and amazing! I always thought “natural birth” was vaginal; when people say COMPLETELY natural that meant vaginal NO DRUGS. I think her point is first; she has a big baby and second; she wants it known she didn’t get a tummy tuck immediately after a c-section like so many women do these days.

Mira on

Well, a c-section is NOT natural. It does not occur in nature. It’s man-made. Do you not know the meaning of the word “natural”? Sheesh.

bb on

Heidi Klum was under contract with Victoria’s Secret that required her to be back to her modeling size within a very short time after childbirth. I assume Miranda has a similar contract. I liked how open Heidi was about it, even as a supermodel it was difficult to bounce back that quickly. She said she was working out 6 days a week and not touching a single carb. Miranda looks amazing, but I’m sure she’s really working at it.

dudley on

Who needs to brag and say I had the baby Naturally? I had 3 c-sections, oh and my first baby was over 10lbs too. 10lbs,9ounces.
I also had medication. This was done for medical reasons. I don’t feel better or worse for having 3 boys via csection. I’d be more concerned if the baby was healthy. And remember, just because the baby is healthy at birth, it doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong down the road.

Congratulations! Brag when you children go to and finish college and get a real job.

sara on

who cares if she had him naturally. He arrived healthy and that’s all that matters.

Old, Old 'Ole Mamma - on

WOW!!! I had my (kid)way back, and he is now in his late 40’s – vaginally and WITH meds.
Who knew that this generation considers anything other than “C-section”, a “natural” birth.
I just keep learning, learning, learning from you young folks.
To me, simply having a baby is a miracle, and regardless of how one accomplishes this magnificant task!
Personally, I think the ONLY consequence up for conversation and grabs is: BE A GOOD MOM, be respectful of this person you bring ito the world and teach them to be the same!

Andrea on

She can say she had him naturally if she wants to. Besides, we don’t know what the conversation consisted of before she said that he was big and she had him naturally. The interviewer could have asked her a specific question where giving that answer would have made sense without it being bragging.

I personally like it when people reveal that they had the baby naturally (as long as they aren’t being too cocky). It shows to others that it can be done, and it’s not nearly as bad as you might think (in most cases). When I had my first, I was definitely planning on an epidural and was terrified of the pain. I think I saw too many movies where laboring women act completely crazy. Those movies are huge disservice to women. I ended up not getting an epidural because it wasn’t optimal for me, and now I am so glad that I didn’t. For the record, though, I don’t look down on those who get epidurals.

Amy on

Well, I had to look this up because I think you are all wrong. Natural is without meds. The types of delivery are vaginal or c-section. Who cares if she’s proud that she did it without meds anyway? If you have given birth in any way you should feel proud. You carried a child in your womb for 9 months and delivered. That is a wonderful thing! Natural, Meds, vaginal or c-section who cares!? Pregnancy is a miracle!

S B on

ACTUALLY per her quote from when she had him…….When she said naturally she didn’t mean opposite of C section she DID mean no meds….just fyi:

“I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him,” she adds.

Hea on

She’s gorgeous as always but even more so now that she’s had a baby, I think.

Betsy on

She had the baby with no meds – it was stated in some other interview I read. That is why she is saying naturally. I don’t see anything wrong with her saying naturally – very few women give birth without drugs these days and it IS something to be proud of! It’s not meant to knock anyone who does get drugs, she is just telling people she didn’t and that she is proud of herself. Good for her!

Toya L. on

Condescending, worded wrong, vaginally, naturally, meds, no meds, c-section? Wow and my best friend since Kindergarten found out this year that physically she will never be able to experience any of those things.

CC on

I think “naturally” vs c-section, breastfeeding vs bottle, at the end these are options and no one is better or worse for choosing within the options.
A good mother is the one that give good values to her children, teach them to respect the others and gives them time-out (corrects)them when they do something wrong.

The REAL topic of the article is MK’s post-baby body. I have to say, I wish I also had a Baby sitter or someone to take care of my baby after birth, so I could also spend a lot of time in the Gym. Reality: it took me 1 yr to start looking the way I was without exercise.
I think gym hrs after birth should be included on the Medical plans. It helps you physically and mentally.

Invitro Mom on

Each Mother is amazing no matter how you achieved to have your child. I tried to get pregnant with four miscarriages before I decided to adopt. Twenty years later, I decided to give Invitro a try. After three attempts with one of them losing the baby in the 5th month, I can proudly say I gave birth to my son and it was by c-section not because that was my choice but because of how the baby was located to deliver without injuring him. The important thing is the baby arrived healthy and safely. Babies are miracles. And so are all the mothers who raise their children with love. I admire all mothers regardless of how they had their babies or how we all look afterwards.

Val on

While C-section and vaginally are terms used in the medical field, so it “natural”. Natural is also a term in society that relates to child birth. She did not coin the term so give her a break ladies.

Amanda on

If someone simply saying they had a natural birth makes you feel like they are being condensending than you have your own issues to deal with.
She looks fabulous!

Tammy on

Good for her. I had a 9 lb, 12 oz baby who’s now 6 and I’m still trying to lose that last five pounds!

I love hearing what new moms say about becoming a mom, especially for the first time. Every good mom can totally relate.

Kara on

She looks amazing!

Nancy on

She looks great! I hope she walks in the show in December because it wasn’t the same without her!!

samantha on

Natural childbirth mean just that!! Natural with no drugs! Duh!! Do some reading on it girls!!
I’m happy for their little family..good mommie, daddy and baby!!

sandra on

I had a 10 pound baby too. She looks great! She’s so beautiful.

canada girl on

She looks great and I am jealous 3 months after birth and she looks that good. I can not seem to lose the weight I want to lose and I have not had a baby!! More power to her!

TJ on

I had my first child “naturally” with no drugs at all. It was a long and painful process, but amazing how you instantly forget the pain once you lay eyes on your beautiful baby! My second was also delivered “naturally” but I had an epidural during labor. As for those women who have had a C-section, sometimes they are not scheduled, but they become necessary for a variety of reasons. Miranda is young, looks great and seems happy. Congrats to her family.

Mrs Mummytummy on

what pressure this puts on other Mothers of new babies – ones who don’t have a string of nannies nor professional trainers at their disposal. Has she spent more time at the gym than in nursing her baby? Enough of these unrealistic pictures.

KB on

She stayed active and healthy during her pregnancy. It makes it so much easier to lose the baby weight. And nursing certainly helps – burns an extra 500 calories a day. She looks better than ever. Good for her. And good for her achieving the birth she wanted with such a big baby.

Cecelia on

People can find something to complain about in every article.

Nowhere did she say, “I had my son naturally so obviously I’m a better person and parent than those who did not.” Instead, she’s just recalling her own, personal experience. Those saying otherwise either are allowing their own insecurities to creep in or just bored and looking to make a moutain out of a mole hill. How one mother chooses to give birth is no one else’s business whether it involves an epidural, c-section, or no pain medication.

Amanda on

Sorry Mrs MummyTummy, some women lose the weight with reasonable diet and exercise very quickly. I don’t have a team of nannies or anyone to help me with exercise. I exercise at home with DVDs and go for a walk when the weather cooperates, breastfeed, eat healthy and try not to gain excessive amounts of weight while pregnant and I’ve lost my baby weight by 3 months post partum each time too (3 kids so far). It’s really not that hard if you stay in shape while pregnant. Some women have a harder time even if they try their hardest, but you can’t automatically think someone who doesn’t have a hard time never spends time with their baby. I never spent a minute away from my newborns and still managed to take care of myself.

Alice on

I completely agree with Cecelia. There’s absolutely no reason to get act so offended by the fact that she said she had her baby naturally. And it was a 27 hour labor! To go through that without a c-section or drugs is impressive, but she’s not saying that others who choose or need those options are lesser beings or worse mothers. Calm down, people. No one is attacking your choices in this article.

L on

Why do people get bent out of shape when people say that they had a baby “naturally”? It’s healthiest for the baby & the mom. Read any article about the chemicals in pain medication used during labor & how drowsy & out of it they make an infant for up to days after they are delivered & it’s easy to see why some moms choose to not use medication during delivery.

I ended up with an emergency c-section because my son was facing my side, but I’m proud of the fact that I only got my spinal 30 min. before he was born so the drugs didn’t have much time to effect him. I would have been able to go natural if all our efforts to turn him had worked, but at least I can try for a VBAC next time. Labor wasn’t even the worst pain I’ve had in my life. I was sleeping in between contractions even when I was at 9.5 centimeters.

Breastfeeding has helped her look wonderful! It does for most women. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight & in my old clothes 2.5 months after my son was born without a lick of exercise. I’m sure she’s worked out, but really? Why do some people feel they have the right to get on celebrities for having surgery when there’s no proof that they did. She posted a pic of her breastfeeding her son after he was born. Maybe breastfeeding was all she needed to get back to looking fabulous. She’s obviously someone to look up to since having a baby naturally & breastfeeding can be very challenging. I think she’s a great role model for other mommies.

Gaia and labans mom on

She looks amazing! Long lean and curvier than before. It took me a month to lose the baby weight but almost a whole year to my stomach and body toned. Lots of volleyball and weightlifting and yoga. It was rough process for sure.

I had a natural birth both times. My daughter was close to nine pounds and my son was too, both 22 inches long. There’s nothing wrong with using drugs or having a c-section but, some posters seem insecure about their birth plans. If that’s the case do it differently next time around. If I had delivered a ten lb baby naturally I’d feel pretty accomplished too. Sheesh.

Terri on

She has a very straight up and down figure. Her figure certainly snapped back quick!

fuzibuni on

No one should ever talk about their accomplishments in life because it could make someone else feel bad.

And no one should dare to look sexy after having a baby because it will make other women jealous.

Just keep your mouth shut and be ugly Miranda Kerr!! 😉

Nancy on

Mrs. Mummy Tummy, I am friends with someone who had 6 kids, and each time weighed about 120 afterward. That was healthy for her height and bone structure. She also home schools her kids and is the primary caregiver to them since her husband works long hours.

She eats very healthy. Lean protein, few carbs, tons of veggies and some fruit. No refined sugar. She runs when she can but it is not every day. She is in her 40s and still looks this way. I truly believe it is about what we eat and drink.

dsfg on

Mrs Mummytummy, I always lose weight quickly, whether after giving birth or just when I need to lose some weight. I can get myself back to normal within 2-3 weeks without exercise or starving myself–I just eat normally (i.e., no dieting and no bingeing). Some people are like that and some people aren’t. Someone like Miranda who is normally thin and physically active is going to lose weight quicker.

Becky on

Wow so many mother’s getting bent out of shape by how she choose to give birth. Are you that bored and unhappy with your life that you need to take a comment such as “I had a big baby. And I had him naturally,” and turn it into her judging those who haven’t? For gods sake get over it. An article about how great she looks after the birth of her son shouldn’t have turned into this…grow up ladies.

Sun on

Miranda has gone on record as saying “He was born on the 6th Jan and I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication. Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it.”

The definition of a “natural birth” is a vaginal birth without any pain meds. A vaginal birth with pain meds is not a natural birth. From, someone who has had two natural home births

loren on

People,(Men + Women) have to learn to hear others truths without taking offense

mslewis on

Just keep your mouth shut and be ugly Miranda Kerr!!
HAHAHAHA!!! I know, right? Poor Miranda. She’s a beautiful woman who had a baby without pain meds and some people think she’s telling them she’s a better person than they are. I’ve always said, being ugly is so much better than being beautiful. Everybody loves ugly women!!! HAHAHAH!! Poor Miranda.

mimi on

its amazing how judgemental some women get over other women’s parenting and birthing choices. it displays such insecurity!

mrs mummytummy – dont understand how you would say miranda looks “unrealistic” when in fact that is how she looks in real life. she’s a model who is expected to stay in shape for her career, and her natural genes would dictate she’d bounce back to her pre-baby figure quickly. also, just because she is a new mother doesn’t mean she has to be attached to her baby 24/7, she is entitled to have an interest outside of her child and she is entitled to maintain her own health and fitness. why you would berate someone for doing so is beyond me.

miranda looks amazing and i think if she wants to talk proudly of her natural (no drug) birth, so she should. any mother should proudly discuss whatever kind of birth they had to joy and celebration, not nasty bitter judgement from troll mothers online.

mimi on

I agree. After I had my baby I lost all my weight after only 4 weeks and you should have seen the look on everybody’s faces! I was talked about because I looked after myself, ate well and exercised during my pregnancy. I felt so awful and embarrassed after a while telling people my daughter was only 6 weeks. They would look me up and down for telltale signs of surgery or an admission that she was, in fact, adopted. I am a model and feel very self conscious around other women who have had children and are still trying to lose the baby weight years later because I know they are talking about me, my friends have even told me what they say and it really upsets me. I’ve stopped putting on make-up and wear baggy clothes when I go out so I won’t be judged when I walk with my children. I’m being punished for taking care of myself…

Jen on

By naturally she means without any pain medication. I did read this in a magazine.

Natasha on

She had her baby drug-free…. she said so on her blog. A “natural birth” is a birth without interventions or drugs, which is different to a “vaginal birth”. People say “I had a natural birth” to be polite but it’s really not the correct terminology if you’ve had drugs or other interventions.

Natasha on

I think for everyone that is taking offence by Miranda’s comments you need to look inside yourself and discover why. You can’t give offence, you can only take offence. If you were unhappy with your own birth experience then maybe you need to work through those issues.

alisha on

FYI, Miranda means natural as in she gave birth WITHOUT any medication it doesn’t have anything to do with having a C-Section, she also gave birth inside a hospital not at home. She just to natural remedies (e.g rescue remedy) but not any medication. She does not mean natural by not having a C-Section. She gave birth threw her vagina without meds and with natural remedies.!

Spiritmom on

I was asked when my daughter was 3 months old “Is she yours? As in you had her?” because I had my figure back. Yes, with hard work it’s possible. And I had NO help, including from grandmothers.

whoknows on

of course it was “natural”…c section would require tummy tuck with a 9+lb baby to look like that! you go girl!

Kim on

Will you people stop it already? I agree that she looks great 3 months post partum, but people around the world give birth naturally (with no pain meds) every day. It is not a big deal…it is what nature intended. Don’t make it out to be a bigger deal than what it is…there are people who have had over 10lb babies naturally, Besides, when you are in labor you are not in pain the WHOLE time..

Cathy on

I don’t usually comment on articles but felt I had to on this one! I had three children who are now ages 21, 22 and 24. For the poster who said to comment on your kids after they graduate college and get a job – one has two more years until she is a teacher, another had graduated as a bio-medical engineer and is now attending optometry school and the third is studying for his PHD and working full time. I delivered all of them vaginally without medication. The smallest was 7 lbs. 13 oz and the largest 9 1/2 lbs. For me, this was a big deal – I am the worlds biggest baby! I always had to have gas when having my teeth cleaned. So my husband, myself and my doctor had concerns about how I would do with labor and delivery. The fact that I was able to deliver without medication was a surprise to all of us and I am proud of that. I also no longer have gas when I have my teeth cleaned! At the same time, I find nothing wrong with any mom who needs or wants to have pain medication – but that doesn’t negate my pleasure in not using any. The weight – that is another story lol!

Sarah on

By natural she means vaginally and no drugs. Miranda Kerr is very into an organic-type of lifestyle and her interviews post-baby always indicated that she didn’t use medication during labor (though she has never said anything along the lines of this being the way people “should” do it). This was just her choice. No one has to justify their decisions to anyone else, no one is more “right” than anyone lese. Not wrong, just different. I think some people just like to argue.

TK on

She should be proud she would have worked hard to get her figure back. I am not a model but got back to a size 8 with sensible eating and ballet exercises. But I would not say that it was easy. The biggest factor is that plebs like us cant afford organic food and a personal trainer, often cant afford the exercise and food we would prefer. Especially solo mums. Giselle seemed so arrogant, the tone seemed to taunt, but Miranda seems devoid of it, I love how she is not afraid to show her humanity; she admits it was painful and long and hard. Giselle seemed to me like she was trying to invoke jealously, and slandered other mums who are lazy but forgot that there can be more than just laziness that can get in the way. Some mums have post natal depression and low income problems to deal with; esp if solo. We also must consider that some people have very distressing circumstances or medical problems that can make getting your figure back a lesser priority. A VS model is not going to get paid if she doesnt work hard at getting her figure back, this is a much stronger motive than what the typical mother has. With Heidi and other VS mums setting the weight loss standard and the public interest it must be very high pressure. Good work Miranda, I had to have pain med cause of my heart problem but I dont feel guilty therefore I dont resent her comment. Giselle, you have a lovely ass but a dog face, before or after baby.