Katie Holmes Explains Suri’s X-Rated Gummy Candies

03/31/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

This one’s not in the parenting handbook. What do you do when your not-quite 5-year-old daughter grabs some gummy candies off a shelf – and it turns out they’re shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy?

It happened to Katie Holmes and daughter Suri recently, at a place Holmes didn’t expect it to.

“I took her to get ice cream in New York at this place called Serendipity that we go to all the time. It’s for kids. The clientele is children,” Holmes, 32, says in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“We go in, and we are waiting for a table, and she grabs some gummies that are boy-part gummies. I was horrified.”

“Boy part?” DeGeneres replies.

“P-e-n-i-s gummies,” The Kennedys actress says, spelling it out. “I said, ‘Oh, wow – those aren’t Swedish fish.'”

Suddenly, it was a parenting crisis, made all the worse by the cameras that follow Holmes around constantly.

“She was holding the box, and I was like, ‘Okay, wow, we don’t need that right now,'” Holmes says.

“Because I thought if I said, ‘Put that back,’ then she’s going to say, ‘What is this?’ And I really didn’t want to have that conversation. I was like, ‘Why are they selling these here? This is for kids.’ And then it was on the cover of a magazine that I’m giving her those gummies.”

And of course, someone did get a photo. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, no,'” Holmes recalls. “We put them back.”

— Tim Nudd

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A parenting crisis I’m sure most parents have!! Lol! Poor Katie! She must have been mortified!!! 🙂

saydee on

I still don’t quite understand why that place was selling those gummies to begin with.

Tee on

Goodness, that is a hard situation when you have cameras following you around! One thing I don’t understand, though… why is such a young child out so late at night? Katie and Suri are spotted out and about late at night all the time, even at this ice cream parlor. I don’t get it.

Shannon on

LOL! How embarrassing! 🙂

truehurt on

Those gummy men parts are harmless. Taste just like gummy bears.

Ivey on

First of all I would have complained to the management, I hope she did. Secondly I would tell her to put them back I would say we are here for ice cream today and not have to mention the gummies.

And BTW why would a childrens store order those in, ridiculous!!

Lena on

You know….I’m just not “buying” that it’s a store where “the clientele is children.” Seriously. NOT. AT. ALL.

I mean ok. Kids will pick up candy…but she HAS to be lying about the part where she says Suri got them from a store “for children”.

Good that she didn’t make a big deal about it and draw her child’s attention to something that she is lightyears away from needing to be cognizant of…yet unfortunate that the kid was photographed eating them out of the box.

“Buyer beware!” Celebrities beware….and for us “normals”; Children eat the darnedest things! LOL.

Toya L. on

LOL If I had seen the camera’s I would have just opened the box and ate one. :> I don’t understand why they would sell those if the clientele is children either. Wow!!

Shannon on

Suri doesn’t know what a penis is? No wonder adults are so squeamish about their bodies? *shrugs*

Jennifer on

That place shouldn’t sell gummy candy like that! That is just inappropriated. But, I do think Katie could have put them back and just said, “We’re not getting gummies today.” Done. You really don’t have to explain. But, I am sure she was just caught off guard. I wonder too why they have her out so late. And she sure does love her sweets! 🙂

Alison on

I wouldn’t really say Serendipity is geared towards children though. Personally I’ve been there on dates for dessert. I mean, kids are welcome but it’s not like it’s a playroom…

Luna on

I’ll compare this to when you swear and then realize the kids are there. There is no right way, wrong way. There is just your way and everyone else’s way. I respect Katie for handling it how she saw fit.

Lauren on

Serendipity is NOT just a childrens place.

Mina on

Shannon I agree. My son knew what a vagina was since birth, having gone pee in front of him. He asked questions and I answered that boys have those and girls have these. He has seen me without a bra too and asked questions. It was ok, cuz like a week later some lady was breast-feeding in public and while other kids stared, he was just like whatever. This was all at the age of 4. Now he is 8 and he knows what a period is too. He didnt knock one day and say the blood. He was scared at the sight of blood so I explained it to him, and he is cool with it. Now he fetches me my tampons lol. Human anatomy is really ok to discuss without it having to be sexual.

t on

That store actually is not geared to children yes it is an ice cream shop but it is for adults. Ice cream prices range from $8 for a plain dish on ice cream to a &1,000 sundae, yes $1,000. The have a caviar hamburger and meatloaf for $18.50 not a kid place in my book.

Jillian on

From what I understand about the place is that many children are seen at this place….even have birthday parties here. So much that people complain about the noise volume of children (in many of the reviews I have read.) But that there is also a store where you can shop, that is not only for children. When looking for places in NY, this is suggested as a good place for children.

I think how she handled it was great! Such a shame that she had to address it at all. There was not one photo of Suri eating them, yet people were saying that she fed them to her child and the stuff I was reading was horrible. People even brought it on to this site. It just goes to show, you should not make assumptions based on photos.

mypiecesandbits on

Wonder why a 32 year old didn’t feel comfortable saying “penis” on television?

Moo x on

The thing that disturbs me most is that Katie seems unable to say ‘penis’ without prompting, even then she has to spell it out rather than say it. i worry about Suri’s later sex-ed, lol.

That thought aside: leave the poor woman alone. I’m not a fan but she is literally criticised for every damn thing she does – personally i feel sorry for her! x

Also…i like her jeans!

jessicad on

I taught my daughter the word penis, but told her not to use it in public…some people(especially where we are in the South)find it inappropriate and while I don’t really care I’d hate for her to repeat it to a child with a parent who does! I don’t see why people are harping on Katie for saying boy parts, she can’t win no matter what she does.

Hilarious story though:)

ecl on

Been to Serendipity and while it’s not a kid’s place, it is definitely geared towards kids. The gift shop area is also where you wait for a table and it has the same kind of stuff as a novelty shop. I think it’s weird they have stuff like that. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest – just a penis – but so many people are uptight that you would think they would have gotten enough complaints by now. Maybe they don’t care about all the prudes. And yes, Katie should be able to say penis.

Capri on

Oh, was this when she took her for ice cream at midnight?!

Lauren on

What bothers me more about this is that this photo was taken at midnight (according to TMZ). Who takes a five year old out for ice cream at midnight?

Jillian on

Maybe she didn’t say penis because she was on NBC and she wasn’t sure if she could say it. I have heard other people on tv have a similar response to similar words. I wouldn’t say it if I were here on NBC. If she did, there would be those who feel so strongly against it saying, can you believe she would say that on daytime tv….. She can’t win.

Naomi on

While I agree that children should be taught about all body parts, we’re talking about gummies here. They are not shaped with that much detail, and it’s quite possible that Suri knows what a penis is but didn’t recognize it.

I admit to being quick to criticize Katie and Tom’s parenting, but I feel bad for her on this one. I really do think that there was no winning for her. I cannot think a scenario where she wouldn’t have been criticized.

Alyssa on

Why couldn’t she say penis on camera? Is that considered a R-rated word now?

Tess on

I think the bigger issue is that the kid was out so late, not some stupid candy.

Miche on

My 3 year old knows what a penis is. But when I showed her this picture and asked her what the candy was, she said “rocketship candy!”

The concept of penis-shaped candy is so beyond her. Kids are used to candy shaped like hearts, cars and fairies.

Poor Katie.

Maddie on

considering it was midnight when Katie took her daughter to get icecream, maybe they put the ‘adult rated’ stuff out on the shelves past a certain time? That would seem appropriate to me, as kids should be in bed by then. I found it weird that Katie couldn’t say penis on tv… its just a word

Toya L. on

My daughter would definitely not be out at midnight *especially eating sweets* but….
How is Suri going out at midnight for ice cream an issue/problem if her MOTHER doesn’t seem to think there isn’t anything wrong with that? An issue/problem for whom?

SAR on

Personally, I think the worst thing that Katie did in this whole situation was make a mistaken assumption about the clientele of the place being kids. And that’s hardly something to snipe at her for. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her not wanting to say “penis” on the air. Network TV can be censorious of that, unless the show in question is on after 10 pm — especially so soon after Melissa Leo dropped the F-bomb in her Oscar acceptance speech.

I’m not a fan of Katie, or Tom Cruise, but neither do I think they’re horrible awful parents and horrible awful people.

Dee on

I guess I’m a lil out there because I dont understand what the whoopla is about! So its shaped like a penis…have you seen tv today. There are more racy things on stations geared towards kids than anything.

As a kid I can imagine all they are thinking is CANDY!!!! YAY!!!!

But hey….maybe that’s just me. And it’s a PENIS Katie….PENIS…let’s say it P-E-N-I-S. I wish we weren’t so traumatized by the human body as a society that we grow our kids describing body parts w/ funny words.

Just say it like it is…PENIS. There…that didn’t hurt, did it?

Mrs.B on

Dark doesn’t mean midnight 7pm was dark few weeks/days ago. TMZ are disgusting so as the person who took the photo and sold it to them.

Everyone should give this family a break. Tom’s older kids are great so stop worry about his(and Katie) parental skills.

Over the summer there were a lot of kids at Serendipity.

Erika on

I think it’s embarrassing for her, but funny. And it is *not* her fault- it could happen to anyone. Serendipity is not really just a kids place, but is certainly welcome of young children, and I would not expect to see them there. Like someone else mentioned, kids wouldn’t really think of anatomy shaped candy, so she probably saw the bright colored box and gummy candy, and thought they were something else. As for it being midnight, that isn’t necessarily true. This was from a few weeks ago, I believe and it has been dark pretty early. TMZ is not always that reliable and often embellishes stories.

I feel that there is a double standard on this site as well. People are entitled to their opinion, but it just seems that some celebs get off easier than others. I’m sure if we saw Gwen Stefani or Heidi Klum (both of whom I really like, but less controversial than Tom and Katie) with this same story, more people would just be laughing it off. It seems like everything that Tom and Katie do is criticized more harshly than other, less controversial celebrities. It is the same for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen(sp?).

Michelle on

So what if she’s up at midnight? Maybe she sleeps til noon. It’s not like her mom and dad need to be up by 6 to get her to daycare so that they can be at work.

meme on

I think this is a funny, cute story that everyone is over analizing and critisizing. It is an ice cream parlour. Generally ice cream places are aimed to familys and kids. It is funny. She grabbed penis candies. I would of thought it hilarious. My daughter is a month younger than Suri, and although she knows what a penis is, I am sure she would not have clued in that candies are in the shape of a penis.
Give them a break.

mia on

I feel for them….they camera taking a shot and making their own conclusions….

joy on

Serendipity is an a little restaurant/ice cream shop. It’s geared more toward adults than children.

JM on

🙂 i do find it funny that people think a girl her age doesn’t need to know what a penis is. that’s just ridiculous, like saying we shouldn’t teach children about sex and contraception. what’s the big deal? better they know the facts and aren’t embarrassed to talk about it.

anyway, to me it sounds like the kind of situation that is only bad because you’re a celebrity because you have the world’s media sticking their noses in and judging you. in reality, this is a non-issue.

Diann283 on

I just think that its a funny story thats all. So what if Katie didnt say penis… big deal. My thinking would have been that she has a child who is probably at that age where whatever is being said would be repeated endlessly.

Added to that is the fact that the paparazzi follows them everywhere… then she says it and headlines reads ….

Whatever people, thats the life they live shops opening at all hrs to facilitate them. whether or not she has given Suri a anatomy lesson is her choice and can be done when she wishes…

I just wished we could have just laughed at the story and hope it never happens to us with our kids…

martina on

I would hate to be followed by the paps all the time. As parents, we all experience embarrassing moments. We are just lucky not to have them captured on film, published and discussed by strangers.

I take my son to Serendipity all the time. While it’s not Kidville, there is a ton of kids there. I don’t know why they would carry a product that’s not appropriate for young children. I am pretty grossed out by the fact that they’d even sell something like that.

Anonymous on

I don’t think you can say penis or vagina on daytime network tv, with the possible exception of medical shows.

JMO on

Just because a place sells ice cream doesn’t mean it’s soley geared to children!

I’m sure Katie was too busy to know she picked them up and I’m sure Suri had no idea what they were.

Also she was on tv. Yes I believe you can say penis on tv but this is a daytime show that believe it or not families w/ children watch so perhaps she was just spelling it for the sake of other parents. Now granted I think it’s fine to use the correct grammar esp. to your children. My mom actually had a nickname for our parts and today I think back and think how ridiculous! My nephews know they have a penis (and as little boys will be they think it’s funny to talk about it)! But I think it’s a riot that people feel they can’t speak about the private parts by using the correct terminology!

Lacey on

Kate probably had bought them from somewhere else and Suri found them in her bag.

M on

At first I though it was ridiculous/questionable parenting/etc etc that Katie had Suri out at midnight too- but then it just occurred to me that they have been in L.A. for a while and Suri is probably jet lagged and still on CA time, which would make it about 9pm. So yeah, it is late either way, but I don’t think it is too crazy that a 5-year-old would be up for ice cream at 9pm.

Lucy on

First of all, Serendipity is not just for kids. Anytime we were there, the clientelle was definitely adults. Second of all, how about teaching kids that they’re just not allowed to grab things off the shelf? I’m pretty sure in Suri’s over-exposed celebrity life, that she’s already seen and heard many things that weren’t age appropriate for her…didn’t she start wearing makeup and heels at her very young age already? Third…her “candy choices” aren’t nearly as important in the news as say Japan, Libya, etc. Oh right…her mom’s mini-series starts soon though!

Jane on

Penis, vagina and breast are not dirty words. They are anatomical realities and just becuse it is daytime, does not mean they should not be spoken, nothing wrong with those words. The rest is just too much, and Katie is such an easy target, so I won’t pile on.

Indira on

Yeah, I have to agree Serendipity ain’t really geared towards kids. It’s not chucky cheese! It’s actually a really hip place that people my age go to(I’m in my 20s). Theres more than one location tho so maybe i’m mistaken.

Names4Real on

I don’t think its a big deal that Suri was out so late. I used to babysit for a family (dad was a professional baseball player) and Paxton didn’t go to bed until 11 at least. He was two. They would go to late games and their schedule was different than most people’s. Their house didn’t wake up until ten or eleven. It worked for them.

Plus, Suri lives in Los Angeles where it is three hours earlier so it wasn’t so late for her.

Jordan on

Serendipity is not for children. Not saying Kids can’t go there but it is not aimed at children by any stretch.

Frida on

I don’t think she’s saying that Suri doesn’t know what a penis is, it’s just that she certainly doesn’t want her munching on them in gummy form in front of the cameras–or, I think it is safe to say, at ALL since it is an unnatural/man-made object made to focus on a body part, an odd concept no matter what the body part. (I like the berry shaped ones, fruit juice sweetened–yum!) Four year olds often/generally can’t read yet, so I’d bet that Suri just picked up something candy from the candy shelves, and on goes the rest of her funny story.

Also, with all the outrage about the late times that Suri is up–it is common, when you travel with children, to keep a regular schedule to a particular time zone. It’s safe to guess that their regular time zone is PST/Los Angeles, so they’re operating on a schedule 3 hours earlier than New York time. Still late for a little one, but I travel a lot with my daughter and her bed time is a bit later than most also…

Live and let live!!!

Frida on

Oh, and Serendipity is much more like a kid zone during the day, when moms are out with their little ones. Great place!

mmh on

Maddie — Exactly what I thought when I heard this — maybe they put that kind of stuff out about oh, say 10 p.m. when you would think all kids would be in bed =)

Olivia on

I am so glad I don’t have to parent in front of cameras all the time.

heather on

Serendipity is not for children . It’s a restaurant. It’s not even geared towards children. They have lots of kitschy items for sale in there. I for one love it there and can not wait to go back.

marion on

OMG, happy days. This is the first time i have read a Katie/Suri post where the comments are mostly POSTIVE. I can’t belive it, they are being defended instead of derided. It took four years but FINALLY, it happened YEAH :]

Shannon on

Suri must not be able to read yet. The children in my family start reading at age 2.

Jennifer on

selling penis shaped gummy candy in an ice cream shop where kids and their parents go to is just weird. I would be complaining to the management.

yo on

I think this story is a fib. I need someone to go to Serendipity and prove they sell penis candies.

tlc on

I think no matter what Katie (or Tom) do or don’t do, they will always be criticised for it. The woman cannot win for trying. TMZ isn’t the most credible blog/site out there so I wouldn’t even believe it was midnight and if it were, maybe they are still on LA time? People are so quick to jump all over Katie and judge her. I agree with whomever stated that if this were Gwen or Heidi or Angelina, the comments would all be “lay off her” or “It’s just a box of candy..leave (insert other celeb mother) alone!!! Katie is so harshly judged and anyone can see that Suri is healthy and happy and isn’t that all that matters?

*****Kate probably had bought them from somewhere else and Suri found them in her bag.****

Why is it so hard to believe that Suri picked them up? Why do you automatically assume Katie is lying? Seriously?

I think this is made to be a mountain out of a molehill…but then again, nothing surprises me on this site anymore. Especially when it comes to the Cruise family. :S

Em on

Okay first, I think the situation is hilarious. If I were a parent, I’d be laughing about it and telling her that these candies are not age appropriate. If she asked questions, just answer them appropriately to her age!

That being said, I don’t know that restaurant. But it’s a little weird that a children restaurant would sell penis-shaped gummies.

Terri on

It’s not a children’s place per se, but it attracts a lot of children. I would have been embarassed to have my child photographed holding those gummy candies as well, but kids aren’t harmed by knowing what body parts look like.

JC on

The place isn’t geared towards children but it also isn’t a adult store where those things are typically sold.

Linda on

ok so why was an ice cream shop whose cliental is children carring penis gummies?

IndustryNose on

Personally, I think Tom would love them. And Katie has probably not seen one in so long, she can scarely remember what one is called. Contract marriage. Just like the Preston/Travoltas. Travolta would love those candies, too.

Crystal on

Katie was being respectful to people who are offended by hearing such words on tv especially so early in the morning. Give the women a break. She did nothing that most mom haven’t done before. And yes you know you don’t always have your kids home before bedtime when your traveling.

dsfg on

Certain stations will not allow you to say penis on air. She may have been unsure of whether she was allowed to say it or not. I agree that penis is not a bad word, though.

Jillian on

Great interview. Ellen didn’t say the word either. This is daytime television. While they did take direct quotes from the interview, when I watched the whole interview, I got a different explanation of what happened. Sometimes things are so taken out of context. For example, I didn’t get the impression that she was saying that only children go there. I think she was saying that children DO go there, so she was surprised to see the penis gummies at the place.

I also felt that if I was in her shoes I would have handled the box they same way. I don’t think I would have discussed penis’s and gummies while at a restaurant with my daughter. I would have put it back and moved along. Of course, my daughter would know what one was, but I wouldn’t have an in depth conversation at that time.

Dori on

People are making SUCH a big deal out of this! Like someone pointed out… they are from LA. Midnight in NY is only 9 in LA. And my son, who is two months younger than Suri, gets to stay up until 11 sometimes for special things, and on a non school day.

Also, who cares about penis shaped candy. Have none of you seen the Banana flavored marshmallows Easter candy at Wal-mart (with those HOP characters on the bag)? Those things look JUST like penis’s! And they ARE geared for kids! If these looked the same, just didn’t sat penis on them, not one person would question it!!!

missnorcal on

Katie spelled the word penis because ELLEN is a daytime talk show. Many, many kids watch these shows with their mom or, if not watching, are in the area playing and can listen. While I might not have a problem with my child hearing the word penis, many other parents might not like their child to hear a word that they don’t yet know the meaning of.

Many kids like to repeat a new word and use it a ton when they realize it makes mommy and daddy get a weird look on their face. If you are someone who does sex education early on for your child, then you have no issue. But it is important to respect the preferences of parents who do not. Her spelling the word penis showed that she was aware of the potential audience at home and that she was very respectful of parents who do not want their child to hear about penis candies on tv.

I think that, for whatever reason, some people seem to have a hatred for Katie Holmes and as a result of that, anything she does or says is disected and given a negative spin.

Doreen on

OK, if Suri ate these penis gummies…that is just….let me spell it out….W-R-O-N-G!!

Kim on

I think that its not a place just for kids but okay kids go there so why were the gummies in a spot kids could reach??

Also if she doesn’t know what boy parts are already, like she’s 4 how does they explain distinguish the difference between boys/girls and she has a father and a brother, doesnt need to be in a sexual context!!

I also read in some magazine Katie ended up buying them, so who knows. Plus she was out really late with her? isn’t there such a thing as bedtime for her? Kids need some structure like if this was a one off okay, I’ve had my kids out late on very special/rare occasions but this seems to be a regular thing for them.

TJ on

I think this has less to do with teaching kids about body part names and being inappropriate for kids for consuming. I wouldn’t want my child eating penis shaped candy. Come on!

Indira on

It’s so funny that in the Elisabath Rohm blog post so many parents were saying they use the correct anatomical word with their kids. I don’t see how the word penis is inappropriate for daytime television. If anything she should have said phallic-shaped or something. Spelling it out just looks so juvenile.

Jillian on

Doreen, she didn’t buy them…..or eat them.

Kim, That is just another rumor. She didn’t buy them. She never said that Suri doesn’t know what a penis is, she said she didn’t want to explain what the gummies were at that point at the store.

Tj, no one does, including Katie, which is why she didn’t buy them.

Indiria, when is the last time you heard the word vagina or penis on daytime tv on a local channel? I don’t believe that I ever have. The word is inappropriate for television, which is why they don’t say it.

Jillian on

Actually it may be a channel thing, instead of a daytime thing…..I know CBS doesn’t allow the word to be said. It also doesn’t allow many other words to describe penis. This is on ANY show on CBS.

Annie on

What’s the big deal?!! It was a little gummie penis, NOT an edible machete, or machine-gun!!—those would’ve been more acceptible, I suppose.. I, like a lot of people here, am not a “Katie Fan” per se, but I know she can’t help but go about in public like a deer caught in the headlights, and I’m sure it can’t be easy with cameras and mics in your face constantly.. You’re bound to have fuzzy, flawed, and frazzled perceptions at times. But Kaatiee, daahrling, pulleease don’t tell us you haven’t even introduced the word, {gasp!} PENIS to your 5-year-old daughter yet!!!! Sheeesh! ..As little kids, my cousins and I were often given baths together after playing in the mud outside. We learned the difference, then, between little girls and little boys, and the words that made the difference…not a thing dirty about it, except the mud! We were 3.. 4.. 5 YEARS OLD for Pete’s sake! Nobody turned into a pervert! — Get a grip on yourself, Katke….We’d hate to see you have an early coronary when Suri comes home–not that many years in the future–reporting what she learned in Sex Ed class one day!

sarawara on

Another week, another “What was Katie Holmes thinking?” article.

molly on

Her daughter picked up penis shaped candy- who cares? Tell your child they aren’t going to get them and put them back on the shelf and move on…and she just might not have been comfortable saying penis; which is totally ridiculous because my 2.5yr son knows he has a penis and it just isn’t made to be a big deal. I don’t really see the issue here at all.

Also, where did it say she was out at midnight anyway? I must have missed that part!

eternalcanadian on

This is a candy, coffee, and ice cream restaurant and with tons of children there daily why are they even selling anatomy or vulgar candies in the first place? They are to blame, not Katie. She handled a difficult situation in public very well.

Annie on

re: missnorcal, April 2nd, entry,

PLEASE tell me you’re kidding about parents, watching Ellen not wanting their children to hear the word {*GASP!*} “penis”. Among ‘children’ there are a high percentage of little BOYS! ..Tell me some {ignoramous} parents consider “penis” a naughty word.. or that little boys don’t know what a penis is. “….Um….Mommie? ..What’s this thing down here I go pee-pee with called??”. Puhhlleeease!!! One of the biggest rites of passage for a male tot is going pee-pee in the BiG people’s toitie with Daddy showing him how it’s done!

It’s really ridiculous, how our nation supports such backwards, generational ignorance. It’s noo wonnder we’re the most perverted country, with the highest sex-crime rate of any nation worldwide! ..It’s OBvious that keeping mum, and hush-hush about ‘such a naughty thing’as the human anatomy, DOESN’T WORK!

nicole on

Why are so many people worried about why Katie has HER child out at midnight? I’ve had my almost 5 yr old out at midnight more than a few times in his life and I’m not quite sure what the big deal, especially given that it has nothing to do with all of you random people. You parent your way, Katie parents her way, stop analyzing it so much. I’m not a fan of her or Tom really, but I don’t see why people freak out all the time when they take Suri places late… maybe she’s a late sleeper, my 5 yr old is. He goes to bed at 10 and sleeps until 9 or 10. Big deal.

I think the gummy thing is funny. But like Katie, don’t understand why they have those just laying out, yk? I wouldn’t think of it as a big deal, but unlike Katie, I don’t have annoying paparazzi following me.

wtv on

Those gummies are only available in sex-shops in Canada. I’m quite surprise a restaurant would hold them on their selves!