The Hot Mom’s Handbook: Another Great Guide for Moms on the Go

03/30/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy William Morrow

Last year, she taught us how to be the best mom-to-be, and now, Hot Moms Club founder Jessica Denay is back with a second tome: The Hot Mom’s Handbook.

“This is for every mom,” she tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “The whole book is written in bite-sized portions. It’s meant to make mom’s life easier and more efficient.”

Divided into chapters about beating the frump, making minivans cool and getting back in shape, it also includes personal, helpful anecdotes from Denay on topics like trimming her son’s nails (she turned it into an at-home spa experience!) and house cleaning when you don’t have a ton of time.

“Nothing makes me feel more balanced than when my house is in order,” she says. “So I got my son cleaning early! I put little socks on his hands, like a puppet, then sprayed Swiffer Dust & Shine on there and let him go. It’s my little trick.”

Denay says the months after her son Gabriel, now 10, was born, were difficult for her.

“It’s hot to be a mom now – it’s cool, it’s trendy,” she says. “It wasn’t back then. People looked at me like I didn’t have anything interesting to say anymore. So we started the Hot Moms Club because you still want to feel good about yourself. You’re not the best mom unless you’re the best you.”

Though the ‘club’ is all about empowering its 300,000 members, it also has celebrity involvement, which trickles into the book. “Lauren Holly wrote the forward, it’s endorsed by Natasha Henstridge and Eva LaRue, Alison Sweeney contributed,” she says.

“I went out to everyone. That’s why I started writing these books – I get the best advice. This way I can pass it on.” When she wasn’t calling on celebrities, Denay also garnered information from moms around the country – and even her own mother.

“The whole book is written in a really light tone, to make you laugh and smile. But it’s real,” she says. “That is what was most important to me.”

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Janine @ Alternative Housewife on

I hope that’s a joke about the Swiffer. Putting (toxic? certainly not natural) cleaner on kids’ hands – Great parenting. Also, why are there little baby bottles all in the margins of the book? (I took a peek on Amazon.) I see a page that mentions breast milk so I don’t get why the bottle imagery.

Red Haute Rock & Roll on

I can’t wait to share this book with all the “Haute” mom’s I know, great gift idea!

Leigh on

This book sounds great.
Janine- I agree about spraying kid’s socks with Swiffer Dust and Shine. I’m sure there must be an organic alternative instead of using all of those chemicals. Especially if your spraying it in such a close proximity to your child…or on them. As for the baby bottles, breast milk can be pumped and then put into handy baby bottles. It would probably be less acceptable to but imagery of breasts and nipples on the inside of a book.

Kewky on

@ Janine It wasn’t on her sons hands his hands were covered.

Anonymous on

“I see a page that mentions breast milk so I don’t get why the bottle imagery.”

I’m a working mom, so to keep my child on breastmilk she takes it in bottles during the day.

I like the sock ideas, minus the cleaner. Just let them dust with the plain sock to their hearts content!