Nick Cannon Calls Mariah Carey’s Hospital Trip ‘Nerve-Racking’

03/30/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

Following a recent trip to the hospital after expectant wife Mariah Carey experienced a bout of contractions, Nick Cannon is already getting a taste of late-night parenting shifts.

“They’re calling it a ‘scare,’ but really, it was just nerve-racking,” Cannon, 30, tells the Los Angeles Times. “We were in the hospital from 4 a.m. until I don’t even know.”

And although Cannon is clearly excited about impending fatherhood to boy/girl twins — and mom-to-be Carey, 42, is “super ready” to meet the babies — the singer admits he is hoping their arrival is closer to their May 14 due date.

“The thing with twins is that you want them in their natural incubator as long as possible,” he says. “They might be ready to come out, but we need them to stay in for a while.”

Until his son and daughter make their big debut, Cannon jokes that the couple are keeping plenty busy with their surplus of baby gifts — including their life-size variety of stuffed animals! “We’ve got so much stuff … There’s all these giant stuffed animals,” he reveals. “It looks like Noah’s Ark in here. There’s giraffes, polar bears, lions.”

That said, despite the babies’ large stack of cuddly gifts waiting to greet them, Cannon — who is helping launch the Stamp Out Hunger campaign — insists his children will not take anything for granted.

“One thing I want to make sure of as I raise my children, they definitely have to be involved in these types of things,” Cannon explains. “Just because they’re a little more well off — and lucky, really — I want them to be able to realize they need to do this.”

— Anya Leon

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mememe on

I dont think they’ve done too badly getting to within 2 weeks of their due date. More often than not in the UK, the mums are induced or sectioned early – i was!

alicejane on

I’ve never been interested in either Mariah or Nick individually but I love them as a couple! I love that people were so sure they wouldn`t make it a year after they got married and they are (so far) proving people wrong. I hope they have long and happy lives with each other and their little ones!

klutzy_girl on

That May 14th date doesn’t sound right. Mariah said two weeks left, so I think that’s a typo. Probably April 14th.

It definitely does sound nerve wrecking! I’m gald everything’s okay.

And I heard a rumor that Mariah was in the delivery room this morning.

Amy Y. on

I didn’t know much about him before he married Mariah and after I thought it was strange. But the more this couple talks about their struggle to get and stay pregnant and the more they talk about thier twins I can see they are a very loving and devoted couple. You get the sense it is not all about possesions and money with them, just their hard work and family.

Carol on

Mariah never said she had 2 weeks to go. In what she posted she said “we have a few weeks 2 go”. I think media saw the ‘2’ and took it as 2 weeks.

Chris on

She may have meant two weeks left until they’re comfortable taking the babies. Often with multiples they know you won’t go to 40 weeks so they set a goal of 36 or 38 weeks. Wondered the same thing myself when I read the initial report because it didn’t make much sense that they would take any measures to stop labor if she was only 2 weeks away, but now that they say the due date of May 14th it makes more sense that they would strive for a couple more weeks.

Beckaleigh on

Mariah never said she had 2 weeks to go. She said she had a few more weeks to go.

Angel on

Way cool! I adore Mariah! I wish her @ Nick nothing but the best!

sunshine on

but if she was only 2 weeks away then she wodl not be worried about them being early-2 weeks is a lot differenet than 6 weeks…

Lisabeth on

He sounds like he is going to be a good Daddy. That’s just one of those things I get a feeling about.

KT on

Many people thought these two wouldn’t last since they had such a whirlwind romance before getting married but it’s so nice to see them together. I hope their marriage lasts, it probably should since they don’t seem like the type to let ego get in the way. I can’t wait to see the twins!

ang on

I like Mariah as a singer, but she is too obnoxious as a person, contrary to Nick who is so cool and down to earth.
I am happy for her to have found someone so nice as Nick who help her balance her upscale life. People thought they will not last 3 months as a couple and they have made this far, and now they are ready to take parenthood as another responsibility.

Kimmy on

β€œThe thing with twins is that you want them in their natural incubator as long as possible.”
That is not just with twins, but with all babies. duh.

gagirl on

You can just see the love jumping off of these two. I love them together! I am Mariah’s biggest fan and was so shocked when they got hitched. Once you saw them together though, it just made sense. Nick is no slouch either. He may be younger but he can definitely hold his own. He’s a young mogul in the making. I am so happy for her as all of her dreams are coming true. She said herself to never give up on finding true love. She waited and chose to have children with a man she knew she could grow old with. Beautiful.

Debbie on

Many women experience Braxton Hicks contractions a week or so before the baby actually arrives. I am sure in her case, given the fact it is twins and her history, it is even scarier. Wish them the best.

baby lover! on

I think twins NEED to be inside the mom as long as possible because their chance of survival is much less to just one baby. I think that’s what he means.

Debbie on

Many women have Braxton Hicks contractors a week or two before giving birth. Not unusual, but in her case with her past history and twins, I am sure it was scary. Wishing them the best.

Roxy on

@ Kimmy-he probably said that because twins have a low birth weight to begin with. I understand why he said that.

marsha on

man..seems like shes been pregnant for over a year now!! i swear america’s got talent was on when they announced she was pregnant!! may 14 doesn’t seem right..

Jennifer on

He sounds like he is going to be a great dad!
Best of luck to him and his wife.

KP on

I’m currently pregnant with twins. According to both my OB and perinatologish, the goal is to carry twins to 38 weeks, which, if May 14th is her 40 week due date, would place her goal at early May. However, average twin gestation is 35-36 weeks.

Rebekah on

I have never liked her but I wish her and nick all the best,

Jillian on

Mariah said “They almost came on 3/27 – happy anniversary indeed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but – wow!!!:)”

So where are they getting the May 14th date???

Alison on

If anyone bothered to read the original article, it says:

“While the dad-to-be confirmed their official due date is May 14 (the day his new comedy album drops and his Feeding America-sponsored charitable initiative “Stamp Out Hunger” launches), he suspects they’ll arrive earlier.”

So that’s where the information comes from – Nick’s mouth. Also, Mariah never said “2 weeks” – she said “a few more weeks 2 go,” meaning to, not 2.

Brooke on

I am thinking that April 14th is more likely her due date, and that was what she meant by a “few weeks” to go.

Nan on

Kimmy I think Nick meant that it’s literally the goal with carrying twins to ” keep them in as long as possible” as they can be born about 4 weeks early. Most of us with single baby pregnancies dont walk around hoping and praying they don’t come early- as chances are they won’t be born a month early (although my son was! Lol)

Catrina on

I love Mariah an Nick I think the are a awesome couple an I wish them nothing but happiness =)

Shannon on

I hope the babies are healthy, whenever they arrive!

Marci on

I love Mariah!!!! So excited to see her babies. I don’t think we know the true extent of her history to have a baby. She pulled out of the Tyler Perry movie last April. I truly think that she had a miscarriage right about then. And I think that is why they didn’t want to confirm this pregnancy for so long. She and Nick are in my prayers!!!

Michele on

As a twin Mommy myself, I was told 38 weeks is considered full-term for twins. I had mine at 35 weeks after having gone into pre-term labor at 31. However, if Mariah’s due date is May 14th, that is still 7 weeks away, putting her somewhere around the 33 week mark. Glad they were able to stop her labor. Every week “cooking” in Mom makes an enormous difference. Good luck Nick & Mariah!

Jim on

This couple are trying to have a nice life, after working so hard. Let’s give them a break and mind our own business.
Let’s hope the twins are healthy and happy with two devoted parents, and not be jealous of people who rose to the top. OKAY????

Edith on

I love Mariah Carey,the diva.The lady with the golden voice.I have most of her releases,even the ‘Greatest hits’She is my all time favourite artist and will always be.I’m very excited of their twins.I remember, when I got pregnaned in 2005,my stomach was so big and I thought that it was twins,but-it was a boy.Was glad though.Nic is also a favourite of mine.She is blessed.Be strong gal an take it easy…..

lii on

mememe….you must have read incorrectly. The due date is May 14, making them about 6 weeks to go.

MD on

mememe: Actually, they’re 1.5 months away from their due date (not 2 weeks). Their due is MAY 14th, not Apr. 14th. The longer they stay in the womb to get stronger and bigger, the better.

Jackie on

I think Mariah will be the type to have nanny’s.
I helped my sister raise twins for 3 years when they were born and it is not easy. Mariah being such a Diva I cannot see her being very hands on.

Zee on

I think it’s hilarious when people end up getting oversized stuffed animals for babies’ nurseries — everyone knows that stuff is more for the parents to marvel over than the babies. Unless, of course, babies can comprehend oversized stuffed animals…in which case they’d probably find them pretty unnecessary, as I’m sure they weigh ten times as more and are just for show.

Regardless, I am super excited for the birth of the twins! My guess is that Mariah will incorporate the name “Butterfly” into her girls’ name in some way…maybe a middle name? I know it’s been a really important symbol in her life.

JC on

She’s been pregnant as long as a damn elephant, which makes sense………but anyhoo……

They’re so annoying.

Misty on

Good for them! I think motherhood will calm Mariah down some. I think they’ll be great parents. πŸ™‚

Laurie on

MAY 14th! Not April 14th, as the poster below said “two weeks from due date”. They would be 6 weeks preemie if born now. They would still be fine, I am sure, but the longer in the oven, the better πŸ™‚

Etsy on

She probably meant two more weeks until the worry of delivering too early is gone…if they need to be delivered early. I can’t wait to hear what they name these babies…I am bracing for something very ‘rock star/celebrity’!

frid on

I don’t think you can say that six weeks is the same as “few weeks”- When I read her message- I thought her due date must be april 14. (few weeks= two-three weeks)
Good luck to them.

Amanda on

Doesn’t it seem like she’s been pregnant forever! Wish them all the best!

susann on

be care ful- twins is hard be happy you too hope every thing find.

Jillian on

Mariah said herself she has a few weeks to go. I don’t believe the May 14th date. They announced in October they were pregnant. So then she wouldn’t even have been three months pregnant when they announced?….doubtful. She is due in a few weeks, like Mariah said and he is trying to cover it up now.

Jim….who is jealous????

tiffany on

Thats to bad ha,Im sure shell make it till may 14.Mariah used to be buitifull,and an amazing untill her new sex apeal issuie,Thats sad,I now change any chanell or raido staion when her mussic is on,

just sayin' on

Uhhh…”mememe”…May 14th isn’t 2 weeks away…try 6 12…just sayin’.

ken on

people are so rude, mean and hurtful when they know those they are emitting those attitudes towards will never see or hear about…..

best of luck to them and their babies….most if not all celebs have nannies and to say someone who has already experienced a difficult miscarriage won’t be hands on is a great cause to LMAO! How do you know?? do you know her personally….were you there when she lost her first baby?? Do u know what her twins mean to her?? Probably not…so to speak on her ability to be a mother is silly…

who cares if you dont like them…im not a “fan” of neither and didnt believe their marriage was real, but it doesnt matter much because i dont know them and will probably never be cool enough with them to care….

but i wish those babies the best of health and life…im sure they will be loved and adored by BOTH of their parents…and the nanny!

Mickey on

Women have been having babies for centuries…what makes her so special that it has to make the news….big deal! Time to focus on world problems….not celebrity problems.

Shyan Sandy on

I can’t wai till Mariah has the babies. Both of them are going to be wonderful parents! Lamb~4~Life

lizzielui on

Mickey then why on Earth are you on a CELEBRITY BABY website?

B.J. on

I am SOOO excited for “dem babies” to arrive!! Come on, MC! You can do it πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

her due date is may 14th.. which is clearly not two weeks away………..

Lisa on

Mariah has got to be the most annoying person on this planet.

Sandra on

Mickey you’re on the celebrity babies section of the People Magazine website and you’re complaining about “celebrity news” vs “world news”? Ever heard of CNN?

nan on
If we refer back to this article in People mag we can conclude two things :
she did not want to reveal an actual due date AND if they announced in Oct. they were pregnant, they had to have been at least 3 months. That would make her due in APRIL!!!! Not too mention photos of her wearing a maternity dress back in August!

Indira on

Who really cares when she’s due? They have to come out sometime.

Niche on

I can’t help but to LMAO at Mickey 8) She must have forgotten what site she was on.

Nick and Mariah make a sweet couple and I’m happy they have made it this far. I hope their relationship is strengthened when their babies come into the world. Its hard when you add children into your life but they waited a while so I wish them nothing but the best.

Jillian on

People care Indiria…..that is why we are talking about it. That is fine that you don’t.

Nella on

Mickey- If that’s what you’re looking for then clearly you’re on the wrong website haha.

Lot of people doubted these two, but things seem to be working between them and I’m happy for them. I hope the twins hang on for a bit more and come into this world healthy! I’m very curious to hear what the names will be!

Sheryl on

If her due date actually is May 14th, then I find it interesting that she was photographed in South America wearing a maternity maxi-dress back in August, which would mean she conceived during that month. For someone allegedly trying to keep any pregnancy news private for the first few months, I don’t understand why she’d advertise it in that manner, knowing the paparazzi. However, if she’s due sooner, then I could understand popping early, especially with twins, since I also popped early when I was pregnant.

Nicole on

Those of you that say you don’t care about when she is delivering or about her and Nick as people, tell me then why did you waste the few seconds or minutes it took you to write a response? It truly amazes when people say they don’t care about something but then waste so much time discussing it. LOL!! Can you say insane. Anyway, Congrats Nick and Mariah. I pray you have healthy babies. I truly hope Mariah you are staying off your feet and taking it completely easy so those babies can stay in the oven as long as possible.

Gisela McElrath-Eaton on

I wish them the Best and a healthy delivery.