Baby No. 3 On the Way for Donald Trump Jr.

03/30/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Bobby Bank/WireImage

The Trump family continues to expand!

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa are expecting their third child, the Celebrity Apprentice advisor Tweeted Wednesday.

“Ok guys BIG NEWS (at least for me) my awesome wife Vanessa has another bun in the oven,” Trump Jr., 33, wrote. “Baby #3 on the way. Wish us luck!!!”

The couple, who married in May 2005 in Florida, are already parents to son Donnie John III, 2, and daughter Kai Madison, 3½.

Sharing in the good news was pregnant little sister Ivanka Trump, who Tweeted back, “Auntie Ivanka is so excited!”

— Sarah Michaud

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Natasha on

Yay ! So happy for them

Zoe on

good for them

Shannon on

Congrats! They make cute kids. Ivanka is pregnant, too, so this little one will have a cousin about the same age.

Winter221 on

Awww that’s great (and I forgot about that Shannon, I love when siblings have their kids close together). Can’t say I’m a fan of the name Donnie, but what else is there when your name is Donald? Haha

Denise on

Congratulations to all the Trumps present and future. Best Wishes to everyone.

Joanne on

Very happy for them. Congrats!!

Shan on

I quite like Don Junior, he seems like a very genuine person and not stuck up at all. I hear he is an animal lover also. Good for him but I would hope people with that kind of money would consider adoption as an option because there are so many kids out there looking for parents.

Nina on

Winter221: I’m thinking the little guy’s name is really Donald J. Trump III. Dad is called Donnie for short.

Lika on

oh shan you’re ridiculous. just because people have money is no reason for them to consider adoption. my god. sometimes we like having our own children rather than children of the heart.

what a silly comment.

Winter221 on

I agree Lika. It’s personal preference. Just because you have money doesn’t make you a good candidate for adoption, nor does it mean you should be “looking into it”. Adoption is not for everyone.

barb on

I must say, Donald Trump has raised nice kids. Good for him and Ivana, they did a good job.

Diana on

I really like the Trump kids. They seem like nice young people with their heads on right.

hannah on

Totally agree Lika. Adoption isnt for everyone.. and just because you have money doesnt mean you should have to adopt! Congratulations to the Trumps 🙂

Taneka on

God bless Mr. Trump and hopefully he has another boy. Boys are a blessing for a family to welcome in.

Nancy on

Lika, I agree with you however, be careful when referring to biological children as your “own” children. I have adopted children and they are my “own” children. As far as I know, nobody else volunteers at their school, feeds them, clothes them and cares for them when they are sick. It is just as offensive as saying “do you have any “real” children. Nope, just artifical ones.

marie on

Lika, I actually think your comment is silly. What’s wrong with wishing that someone with money and power would take that opportunity to positively influence other people? It doesn’t have to be adoption, but I just can’t think of anything the Trumps has done other than launching their new hotels/collections. When you are rich/famous it IS a moral/ethical responsibility to give back in some way.

dee on

Kai looks like her grandma in those glasses. lol

LeeAnn on

Wonderful news for the Trumps! Whether you like “The Don” or not, he and Ivanna raised all their children with a great work ethic. Sure they lived in plush surroundings and had designer clothes, but they all work too and they work very hard. All well educated and very intelligent. For that alone, I commend the Trumps!

As for that silly comment about they should “consider adoption” versus having their own natural children, seriously———-what is it your business??????

Just because Angelina Jolie adopts children like some people buy shoes and handbags, is certainly none of our business.

Grace-2 on

@Lika: While I agree that adoption is not for everyone – and I continue to feel frustrated every time someone tries to push adoption on others – I have to disagree with the part of your comment about “our own children.” I think a better term would be “biological children.” I consider my children who have been adopted as much my own children as those I gave birth do – some are biological, some were adopted, but they are all my own.

dsfg on

“Good for him but I would hope people with that kind of money would consider adoption as an option because there are so many kids out there looking for parents.”

Actually there are more parents out there looking for kids than there are kids looking for parents. So there’s no reason the Trumps or anyone should adopt if they don’t want to or don’t have to.

And Lika, any child a parent has is their “own” child.

RP on

That’s a strange comment about having money and adoption. So weird. Not everyone is meant for adoption. It’s always a selfless act adopting a child and making a family that way but just because you have a ton of money doesn’t mean you HAVE to adopt. That’s just an odd statement to make.

It actually kind of peeves me a bit more since these are obviously HEALTHY people who can “make” their own children biologically with no issues. I know so many couples who cannot conceive and have been through hell trying to adopt. I always think that it’s probably because they aren’t well-off and can’t pay their way to the top of some lists like celebs can do. I don’t know. I am ignorant in that regard but I just wish it were easier for eager parents who literally CAN’T make children to get first dibs on adopting (I hope that makes some sense).



Sam on

That little girl is adorable – looks a lot like Ivanka did when she was little.

@Taneka – what are girls to a family?

Nancy on

Yes adoption is difficult, but SO worth it. I couldnt imagine any other children in my family.

In this country, it seems like there are more prospective parents than children but sadly, in other countries it is the opposite. Other countries make it so difficult to adopt that it deters some from doing it.

I also know many couples who had bio kids and then decided to adopt even though they could “make” (as one poster put it) more biological kids. They love all of their children as their “own”

Nancy on

By the way, congrats Don and Vanessa!!

Taneka on

Girls are an asset to a family for future breeding purposes but not to support a family. A woman’s work is done by giving her husband son’s to carry on the legacy of the family. Donald Trump has done this with Donald Jr. and Donald III. This must be carried on to Donald the 4th in the future or his wife has not done her duty.

Nicole on

There are waiting lists to adopt! Why would they want to get in the way of someone who can’t have bio kids?

Macy on

Cute girl but she’s got one of the worst names possible. Kai Madison is 100% boy name.

Celeste on

Meh. I prefer the Smith family over the Trumps. Go Willow and Jaden!

Jillian on

Congrats!! What a beautiful family!

Sam, she doesn’t feel that families should have girls because they serve no purpose….a son is the only thing a family should have because they can do things in life. I summed up the stupid theory. Sorry if I sound harsh….

amy on


And WTH with the comment about adoption? This is a couple with two other healthy happy children, why on earth would they be expected to adopt and wondering what hangups this commenter has personally?

Adoption is fine, grand and wonderful. But why complain that this couple did not? Because they are wealthy? Just do not understand the logic of the commenter.

Wonder if this is their reaction to every newly announced pregnancy or if they are dealing with their own issues here.

Congrats to Trump Jr and wife!

Kellie on

Marie- Your comment is a bit silly in some ways. It is everyone’s Choice how they spend their money, influence, and time. It would be nice if Everyone in the world help each other but that isn’t the case.

I agree with Lika- Instead of being happy about someone’s new arrival, it is tainted with oh why don’t they adopt, they are rich etc…..maybe they don’t want to. It seems like some people don’t think of that. Even if they could adopt 50 children, they may not. So people need to stop pushing their stances on others.

JM on

although i don’t particularly like the trumps the comment that they should adopt instead of have biological children is ridiculous. what does money have to do with it? no one has cleared this up. raising a child costs the same whether you have adopted him or her, or not. so shouldn’t EVERYONE out there be adopting by that logic? i mean if you can afford to give birth to say two children, well raising those two children will cost you the same as raising two adopted children. so why shouldn’t you adopt? what a stupid and ridiculous comment.

in addition to this, i very strongly believe that people who don’t want to adopt really really shouldn’t. in the same way that people who don’t want children at all really really shouldn’t. would you feel better thinking “well, they didn’t really want to adopt a child but they felt they should because the have so much money”? come on don’t be ridiculous!


I agree! Why should I adopt because I have money…NOT. I think its great that they are having the time of their lives and if they want children, then they should have them. I love kids, but I’m not rich, so I had three girls and the “hand-me-downs” began.. Congrats you all deserve it!

Nancy on

JM, you are right, raising kids cost the same. However, adopting an American baby costs between 20 and 30 thousand for the attorney fees, homestudy etc… International adoption fees can cost upward of 60 thousand.

The difference is that adoptive parents don’t get help with the fees as most people who have insurance have 80 percent or more of their labor and delivery covered. Becomes a big difference to most people.

Diana MEYER on

That’s great news, Congratulations to the couple 🙂

kct on

tameka – girls are for future breeding purposes?? a woman’s work is done by giving her husband sons?? what planet are you from?

Kate on

Well all I will say is that I worked at the University of Penn when Ivanka was there and as much as I am not a big fan of Donald Trump, he and his ex raised a very smart, very well mannered and polite young woman. She never acted like just because she was well off she didn’t have to work. She worked hard, was a good student and a very well mannered young lady.

I work at a state university now because I had to move due to my husband’s job. I have met kids from lower levels of income that act like they are the queen’s bee and not as mannered as her. Good job parents.

Toya L. on

I just can’t think of anything the Trumps has done other than launching their new hotels/collections. When you are rich/famous it IS a moral/ethical responsibility to give back in some way.
Donald gives more money to charity then I will ever see in my bank account *unless I win the lottery*. = ) For like animals, cancer, homelessness, support for families, physical challenges, Aids, conservation and the list goes on and on…. He just donated 2 million dollars about 2 weeks ago. I watch his show “Celebrity Apprentice” faithfully and the entire show is so that the celebs participating on it can donate to their favorite charities as well as bring awareness to those charities. I respect his work ethics and the fact that he gives back SOOOOO much.

Congratulations to Donald Jr and Vanessa.

lilcakes on

The comment about adoption is tiring. Someone always brings it up whem it comes to celebrities or the rich and babies. Why does this always have to be a big debate? My take on it was that she meant since rich people have more money they can “afford” to adopt and so they automatically should? Please! People should have their children in the manner they chose that works the best for their family. Don’t make it sound selfish to have bioligical children instead of adopting just because that family can afford to go “buy a child.” Adoption shouldn’t be treated like making a purchase at a store. Adoption is a blessing for anyone with the love in their heart to do it. Any way that a child comes to a family is a blessing.

Angela on

That is really a stupid comment about money and adoption. Adoption turned out so well for Joan Crawford’s kid, NOT!

Amber on

The amount of people on here bashing adoption makes me sick. What’s even worse is that you people have probably bred and passed on your oh so lovely traits.

I agree that Trump should consider adoption if he wants to “make the world a better place”, and yes, it is mostly because of the money. GOD FORBID someone encourage lessening the misery of a kid who was brought into this world and abandoned. Also, that junk about how there realyl aren’t THAT many kids that need adopting is offensive and ignorant. The reason there is that “waiting list” is because most people want a pretty little white infant, for whatever reason, they can’t be bothered to consider a non-white child or one who is 1 or older. Considering what self-important, child obsessed some people become when they have kids, and go on and on about how wonderful it is to be a parent, why does it matter if the child doesn’t have your precious genes?

You people make me sick. Please don’t continue to breed.

Karolina on

Taneka – please, please tell me your just joking! Wait..maybe your drunk and don’t know what your saying???

Kristin on

I recently saw the Trump clan on Oprah and was really impressed! They are grounded and have their heads and hearts in the right place. They are not full of scandal and the kids were very complimentary of their parents, especially Donald. The more I see Donald the more I really like him and I never thought I’d say that 10 years ago. Best wishes to them all!

nettrice on

Wow! Many of these comments feel so 1950s-ish. This is the 21st century! I could go there about the Trump “birther” issue but I will only say the senior Trump’s recent comments about the President ensured that I will never watch his show again. It is unfortunate and taints the Trump name (further). I do not support opportunities, no matter how cute their kids are.

People who adopt are people who have the open heart and desire to do so. It has nothing to do with money.

nettrice on


Amelie on

I myself am adopted, but am a little confused about comment suggesting they should adopt instead because they have money(?). While adoption is a great and selfish act, it’s not a bad thing to give birth to your own children.

If you want to adopt, that’s awesome, but those who don’t shouldn’t be called out on it.

Amelie on

@Angela – What a ridiculous comment.

Mira on

@Taneka– you’re entertaining, stick around, please. Mwahahaha.

Amelie on

*selfless, not selfish


Tiff on

Taneka’s just a troll, people, nothing to see here. I’ve seen these asinine comments on other stories too. Please just ignore her, she’s just trying to get people worked up.

Julie on

kct, she’s not from another planet, but from a different culture. Do you know the world is more than western culture? I grew up in the west so I think like you, but I’m aware that Tameka speaks for billions of people and you should learn about the rest of the world too. Just because they’re different and their ideas seem offensive, we won’t sway them with insults.

I like the Trumps and am happy for their blessings. As for adoption, the push for people to adopt when they’re childless or if they have a few kids is weird. It’s like the way people push childless women and couples to breed or adopt when they clearly want to stay childless. I know a few friends who had children or adopted children because of pressure and they’re not very good parents because their hearts aren’t in it, but I’m sure they don’t even see it. I wish we could stop guilting people into have a certain kind of family.

Anonymous on

“When you are rich/famous it IS a moral/ethical responsibility to give back in some way.”

So, Marie, are the rest of us off the hook then? I didn’t know that being a nice person was relegated to the rich and famous 🙂

As for the adoption comment… if you think it’s okay to tell other people how to live, then you better walk the talk. Unless you have adopted on your own I think it’s very presumptious to judge other people for having biological babies.

Grace-2 on

@Amber: I don’t see anyone on here bashing adoptino. I see people pointing out that it’s not for everyone and that people have a right to form their families how they see fit. That is not the same thing as bashing adoption.

Winter221 on

Amber — umm. Wow. I can’t tell if you were laughing while you were writing that or not. If not, You need to re-evaluate your life and whatever issues you have. You obviously have had issues having children biologically. God forbid you do someday, I hope you can appreciate how special it is. Judging by your words, you should be adopting an entire country of children.

Sam on

@Jillian, Ket, Karolina – I am 100% sure this is
1. not a female talking
2. someone only posting here to get us going.
3. There is no way on this earth that ‘Taneka’ is ‘real’. Thanks for the laugh – jokes on you pal! BUSTED! lol

P.S. What Mira said – Mwahahaha! Good one! 🙂

Nancy on

Julie, that so sad and I hope your friends can thrive as adoptive parents. Sometimes, it takes a little longer for some to bond with their baby/child because we didn’t have the pregnancy experience and in my case, baby bonding experience. I adopted mine as toddlers and at first, I had a difficult time “owning” that these children were mine. It didn’t take long though and now it doesn’t even feel like they weren’t born to me.

All of you are correct—adoption is not for everyone. There are additional issues to be considered along with the day to day raising of a child. I would not want anyone to adopt if they felt pressured or were not pro-adoption. That would hurt the child.

BTW, I personally don’t know any rich people who have adopted. Yes there are challenging costs, but where there is a will, there is a way to do it.

Meghan on

Congrats to the Trump family!

Rhonda Bierer on

Donald Jr. you are one busy man. Where do you find the time to fit all of that in? Show, wife, kids, and more kids. Wow. I hope your wife has a nanny! I do express my congrats to you and your family. I bet your dad is beaming over the children. I guess he probably likes to help out there some too. Who could resist. I love babies.

Loving the show this season better than any others. GARY is all I can say. John Rich; WOW….. I love that dude.


Mrs. Rhonda Bierer

Jillian on

Oh Sam, I don’t believe that Taneka is real. I am just telling you what the deal is…. No one could believe the things spewed out if they tried. “She” doesn’t even keep track of what she says. It is hilarious to read.

Amber on


I am laughing at how idiotic your response is. Seriously , “You need to re-evaluate your life and whatever issues you have. You obviously have had issues having children biologically.” because I happen to think that people who bash adoption are selfish and ignorant? No, I have decided that with a population of 7 billion, that it is not only irresponsible to not adopt, it is downright selfish. Also, something that has been done 7 billion times (birth) is not a ‘miracle’ and regarding as such is just a delusion of grandeur. If you people think adoption is such a bad thing, why don’t you go explain to a foster kid why giving birth to your own genes is so much more special than giving a kid a home.


momma803 on

Adopted children are “our own.”

And, yes, some adoptions cost a lot of money but others don’t (there are very minimal fees to adopt through the foster care system). Being rich is not a reason to adopt. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if families with a lot of means donated funds for families who want to adopt but may not be so financially blessed.

Daniel on

The people deriding adoption as an option should be ashamed of themselves. Yeah, how dare some people think that perhaps helping children already on this planet and reaching out for someone to guide them is a good idea? Let’s just keep cranking out more and more new people! It’s not like there’s already 7 billion humans and counting…

Everyone has a choice, but everyone can also be called on choices that are selfish.

Tess on

I’m laughing at the idea that women are just breeders whose job it is to give men sons when Ivanka Trump is clearly the smartest in that family, IMO.

Ella on

Some people on here need to lighten up!

If people want to adopt, they should. If people want to have biological children, they should. If people want to do both, they should. And if people don’t want any children at all, then they shouldn’t have them.

No one should be guilted or bullied or harassed into doing things any one particular way. Everyone needs to do what they feel is best for them.

That being said – congrats to Don and Vanessa on baby #3!

Terri on

Taneka, you are ridiculous.

Becky on

Congrats on the new family member..As some others have said, your Mom and Dad did a great job raising y’all..Love that you are keeping that tradition with your kids..

dsfg on

Amber, you’re right, there are lots of older children and children in other countries who need homes. However, many of these children have physical and/or mental problems. Not every adult is capable of being a parents to a child with physical or mental problems. Having lots of money does not make you the right parent for these kids that need a home. If you feel so strongly about this, why don’t YOU adopt an older child?

Grace-2 on

@Daniel: Your post is a bit over-the-top. One poster made a negative comment about adoption (the person who made the Joan Crawford remark) everyone else has merely pointed out that adoption is not for everyone. And it’s not. Some people are not cut out for the additional challenges that raising an adopted child can present. Or they simply don’t want to take that on.

It doesn’t do a child any favors to be adopted by a person who adopted them out of obligation. And adopting in order to “save a child” is frowned upon with most adoption agencies. Most agencies are looking for an answer more along the lines of “we want to be parents” or “we want to have a family” and not “we want to save a child.” The children I’ve adopted are my children, not my charity projects – and I’m a mother, not a benefactor. I find it kind of cold and harsh when people try to reduce adoption down to the level of charity work.

Winter221 on


You can pretend that your deep anger issues are just because you “want to adopt”, because it’s clear that it’s much more than that. The fact that you think people who adopt are “better” than people who don’t is ignorant in itself. You need a serious reality check or a talk with your biological parents, asap. The people that gave birth to YOU obviously thought you were worthy enough to receive their genes, so is this an issue with your parents? Did they not love you as much as you deserved? You should really speak to someone.

Amber on


Just because I find those who deride adoption abhorrent, does NOT mean I have anger issues. I think YOU need to speak to some kids waiting to be adopted, and in the meantime, you need to grow a brain.


“However, many of these children have physical and/or mental problems.” Oh yes, that’s right, because there is no chance that someoen’s biological child will have issues? What a stupid comment. Also, I had ALREADY planned on adopting an older child, so shove it.

Nicole on

There are waiting lists to adopt infants of any race! The only children who need homes are difficult to place because of age(usually over 5) and special needs(often behavioral and mental issues). Most people aren’t up for that.

Mrs.B on

I think people who don’t have adopted kids should never suggest adoption to anyone else with or without money. If you haven’t experienced the adoption process you don’t know what you are talking about and is better to shut up. To adopt a human is not like adopting a pet from the shelter. It’s a very hard and emotional process that continues beyond placing a child in your home.

About the infant comment- btw it’s something that social workers suggest to adoptive family with no other children to adopt an infant. This kind of adoption is to build a family and it’s good to raise at least one child from early age. Adoptions of older kids and kids with health and emotional problems are humanitarian adoptions and people with older kids are better match.

At the moment very few countries are open for international adoption. A lot of the others had to shut down because of not following the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.

Congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

Amber… you sound like a joy 😉 It’s obvious you aren’t angry one bit.

Winter221 on

Exactly, Anonymous.

Amber, we can just agree to disagree. I don’t feel that the way others have their children is anything to be angry/upset about. I think you have issues somewhere related to your comments but as I don’t know you, there’s not much I can do about it. Good luck.

j on

Congrats to them. What is Ivanka going to name her baby…
Ivanaka, Ivaughn(Evonne), Boy-Ivan, Ivono (E-vaughn-no)
Nah I think she’s going to do something different.

Adoption is good if you want to do it.

shalay on

It seems like there’s a fight between two sides: those that believe people should adopt if they have the means, and those that believe people should choose to do what makes them happy. Sorry Amber, but people should definitely have the right to have children in whatever way works for them and NOT be judged for it. I agree with the other posters, in that I don’t see anyone bashing adoption at all. I think we all agree that adoption is a beautiful, selfless act that provides many people with loving families. However, it is not for everyone. See? Not bashing, just pointing out a fact.

It is deeply ingrained in people and animals to reproduce. It’s in our DNA. To call someone selfish for wanting biological offspring is pure ignorance. I respect that Amber loves adoption so much and apparently intends to adopt. That’s wonderful. But it would be nice if she could try to empathize with people who have biological children instead of adopting. What makes one person happy won’t make the next person happy, but we can at least have an understanding that we’re not all alike.

RP on

Did anyone else see the mention that Ivanka is having a girl? I saw that on another site and wondered if it was true. Seemed legit.

Jillian on

Macy, What names do you like you like? You seem to dislike every name and how is Kai Madison a boy’s name? Can’t remember the last time I heard a boy named Madison…..

Winter221 on

Jillian – I think Kai is a boy’s name and Madison sounds “boyish” with it. I don’t hate her name I just agree that it does sound like a strong boy’s name.

Grace-2 on

@Macy: Maybe the name Madison is still popular as a boy’s name in other countries – I don’t really know. But according to the Social Security Administration, Madison fell out of favor as a boy’s name in 1952.

Jillian on

Winter, I have never heard any boy named Madison. That was my point to Macy. Kai, can be debatable…..

Ryan on

I would take Kai for a boy’s name over Donald the 3rd anyday of the week! How pretentious is that!? Ick. But, congrats to them! They do seem like nice people.

dsfg on

“Oh yes, that’s right, because there is no chance that someoen’s biological child will have issues? What a stupid comment. Also, I had ALREADY planned on adopting an older child, so shove it.”

Of course there is a chance your biological child will have “issues.” But there is a far greater chance that an older child who has been neglected and/or abused, born with drugs in their system, etc. will have special mental or physical needs.

Maybe you do plan to adopt an older child, but it’s pretty obvious from your comments that you haven’t even started the process yet, as you seem to know very little about adoption. Also, calling my comment stupid and telling me to shove it is pretty immature. If you aren’t mature, you probably shouldn’t have children period. A mature adult can argue a point respectfully.

dsfg on

It seems very likely to me that Amber is a child/teenager, so maybe it would be better to just ignore her comments

annachestnut on

The child will never have to worry about money.

Sandra on

Kai (Kaj) is a Scandinavian name for boys.

And I have read that they named Kai after Vanessa’s maternal grandfather, who was Danish.

So yes, it is a bit odd for a girl considering it is primarily a boys name. But I do think it can be used for girls.

Jillian on

According to my baby book, Kai is a boys or girl name. Kai as a girls name is Hawaiian and means the sea.

Jennifer on

Interesting posts. I also think adoption is the way to go but other posters are right in that it is an arduous process. That being said, I don’t plan on having kids or am interested in adoption. There are already enough people on the planet as is.

Sat on

I concur, but congrats to the family. I know the Donald must be proud.

dsfg on

I agree that adoption can be wonderful, and it’s a great alternative to overpopulating the planet, but it isn’t as simple as some people on this site make it out to be. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you are a good candidate to adopt–adoption is about building a family, it is NOT charity work.

Flipper on

most people who adopt cant have their own children and thats why they adopt, the majoritys first option is a biological child, money doesnt matter why if your rich should you have to adopt?

Lily on

@LeeAnn: Sorry, but I can’t ignore your idiotic “adopts children like some people buy shoes and hand bags” comment. She & Brad haven’t adopted a child since 2007. Get over yourself.

dsfg on

Flipper, children you adopt ARE your own children. And most people I know who have adopted also have biological children. Many people adopt just because it’s the way they want to build their family.

But no one should feel obligated to adopt or give birth or welcome another child to their family when they don’t want to. That doesn’t make a good parent.

SS on

Their children look so well behaved 🙂

i need a name on

Congratulations. I really like Donald Trumps kids. Considering all the good and bad they have been exposed to due to their ‘position’ in life, they all seem very likable.
As far as the adoption remark, why do people think its their business to impose such a personal issues on people they don’t know – money or not. I would not consider making such a crass remark to anyone close to me for that matter.

donna morrison on

@those who replied to Taneka. Whether this person is for real or not, there are many Tanekas in North America, usually from another culture.

@all the Tanekas out there. In North America, women have fought long and hard for equal rights and were supported by men (not all) to achieve this. Women are also a blessing to the family and their job is not to simply pump out ‘sons’. Their job is to be the best they can be and if it includes having children, not having children or adopting children, so be it. Taneka….take a look at yourself in the mirror and repeat until you believe it……I am not a second class person or a servant to my husband but I AM EQUAL and have a duty to find and fulfill my purpose in this life.

donna morrison on

Got so caught up in Teneka’s philosophy that I forgot to say congratulations to the Trumps. Wishing you all the best that this life has to offer.

FC on

Oh, I didn’t know Don and his wife were expecting again. Hmm, so Trump will be getting two more grandchildren around the same time.

Best wishes to Donald Jr. and Vanessa!